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When FBI complained, Apple dumped plans for encrypted iPhone backups: Report

Apple abandoned its plans to allow iPhone users to fully encrypt backups of their iOS devices in iCloud after the FBI complained that full encryption would harm investigations, Reuters reports, citing “six sources familiar with the matter.” What could possibly go wrong? From Reuters: More than two years ago, Apple told the FBI that it planned to offer users end-to-end encryption when storing their phone data on iCloud, according to one current and three former FBI officials and one current a...
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Watchdog cracks down on tech firms that fail to protect children

Sites must assess content for sexual abuse and suicide risk or face fines of up to £17mTechnology companies will be required to assess their sites for sexual abuse risks, prevent self-harm and pro-suicide content, and block children from broadcasting their location, after the publication of new rules for “age-appropriate design” in the sector.The UK Information Commissioner’s Office, which was tasked with creating regulations to protect children online, will enforce the new rules from autumn 202...
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Adblock Plus’s Till Faida on the shifting shape of ad blocking

Publishers hate ad blockers, but millions of internet users embrace them — and many browsers even bake it in as a feature, including Google’s own Chrome. At the same time, growing numbers of publishers are walling off free content for visitors who hard-block ads, even asking users directly to be whitelisted. It’s a fight for attention from two very different sides. Some form of ad blocking is here to stay, so long as advertisements are irritating and the adtech industry remains deaf to genuine p...
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"Edge AI": encapsulating machine learning classifiers in lightweight, energy-efficient, airgapped chips

Writing in Wired, Boing Boing contributor Clive Thompson discusses the rise and rise of "Edge AI" startups that sell lightweight machine-learning classifiers that run on low-powered chips and don't talk to the cloud, meaning that they are privacy respecting and energy efficient. Thompson focuses on Picovoice, which makes a speech-recognition system that has a limited vocabulary and whose per-unit hardware costs are "a few bucks apiece" -- cheap enough that you can embed one in a coffee-mak...
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