36 Years Ago Today, Steve Jobs Unveiled the First Macintosh

An anonymous reader quotes a report from MacRumors: On January 24, 1984, former Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the first Macintosh at Apple's annual shareholder's meeting in Cupertino, California, debuting the new computer equipped with a 9-inch black and white display, an 8MHz Motorola 68000 processor, 128KB of RAM, a 3.5-inch floppy drive, and a price tag of $2,495. The now iconic machine weighed in at a whopping 17 pounds and was advertised as offering a word processing program, a graphics p...
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Type more efficiently on the go with these Bluetooth keyboards

Laptops are great when it comes to getting work done on the move, but sometimes you need a better and more responsive keyboard in order to get your work done away from your desktop. Here are six top-rated Bluetooth keyboards that will help you power through your tasks both at the office or while you’re traveling. 1. Gotek Voyage Ergonomic Bluetooth Keyboard MSRP: $89 | Sale Price: $72 (19% off) Get your work done faster and more efficiently with this V-shaped keyboard that offers Bluetooth conn...
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Trump speaks with Boris Johnson about security as Britain nears Huawei decision

Trump discusses concerns over Chinese telecoms giant’s role in Britain’s future 5G network Donald Trump discussed the security of telecommunications networks with Boris Johnson, the White House said, as Britain closes in on a decision on Huawei’s role in the country’s future 5G network.“The two leaders discussed important regional and bilateral issues, including working together to ensure the security of our telecommunications networks,” the White House said in a statement on Friday about the ph...
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Gabrielle Union Claps Back at Terry Crews After He Threw Her Under the Bus by Saying He Never Witnessed Racism on “AGT” Set

Gabrielle Union is not too happy with Terry Crews at the moment. In fact, she feels her former America’s Got Talent colleague just threw her under the bus. In a series of tweets on Friday (Jan. 24), the actress seemingly responded to Crews’ recent comments in which he contradicted her allegations of racial insensitivity behind the scenes on the reality competition show. She wrote in part: “Truth telling, wanting change & having MULTIPLE witnesses who bravely came forward to let EVERYONE know I d...
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Clayton Christensen, author of “The Innovator’s Dilemma,” has passed away at age 67

Clayton Christensen, a longtime professor at Harvard Business School who became famous worldwide after authoring the best-selling business book, “The Innovator’s Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail,” passed away last night. The Desert News reported earlier today that the cause tied to complications from leukemia treatments that Christensen was receiving in Boston. He was 67 years old. Clayton had suffered from ill health for years, always battling his way back. By the age...
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Facebook and YouTube moderators sign PTSD disclosure

Content moderators review hundreds of disturbing images each day for social media sites.
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GE Fridges Won't Dispense Ice Or Water Unless Your Water Filter 'Authenticates' Via RFID Chip

JustAnotherOldGuy writes: Count GE in on the "screw your customers" bandwagon. Twitter user @ShaneMorris tweeted: "My fridge has an RFID chip in the water filter, which means the generic water filter I ordered for $19 doesn't work. My fridge will literally not dispense ice, or water. I have to pay General Electric $55 for a water filter from them." Fortunately, there appears to be a way to hack them to work: How to Hack RWPFE Water Filters for Your GE Fridge. Hacks aside, count me out from ever ...
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Here's How to Customize App Icons on an iPhone - All It Takes Is a Few Clicks!

The inside of my phone is about to become an aesthetic wonderland because this superasy iPhone hack lets you customize all of your app icons with just a few clicks. It's so easy, I'm truly wondering how I didn't think of this before. According to the video, all you have to do to change your app icons is head to the "Shortcuts" app pre-installed in your iPhone and select "Create New Shortcut." From there, you select the app you want to change the image for, and in a couple clicks, your apps will ...
Tags: Tech Tips, Digital Life, Gadgets, Hacks, iPhone, Tech

Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Featured Snippet Deduplication, Data-Vocabulary Deprecation, Google Datasets Search & More

This week in search Google deduplicated, as they are calling it, the featured snippets URLs, so if you have a featured snippet...
Tags: Google, Seo, Search Buzz Video Round Recap

Apple TV Plus Reportedly Has More Subscribers Than Disney Plus

If a report from The Wall Street Journal is correct, Apple's TV Plus service that launched late last year has 10 million more subscribers than Disney Plus, which launched at a similar time but with access to almost every TV show and movie Disney owns the rights to. For comparison, Apple TV Plus launched with only 11 titles. Fast Company reports: According to the Wall Street Journal, an Ampere Analysis study found that Apple's fledgling Apple TV Plus service garnered an astounding 33.6 million su...
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YouTube Moderators Are Being Forced To Sign PTSD Forms

According to The Verge, content moderators for YouTube are being ordered to sign a document acknowledging that performing the job can cause post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). From the report: "I understand the content I will be reviewing may be disturbing," reads the document, which is titled "Acknowledgement" and was distributed to employees using DocuSign. "It is possible that reviewing such content may impact my mental health, and it could even lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD...
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YouTube’s Content Moderators Are Asked to Contractually Acknowledge the Job Can Give Them PTSD

The contractors charged with keeping YouTube clean from the vilest forms of content that surface on the platform are reportedly being coerced to sign agreements acknowledging that the job could have a severe impact on their mental health, seemingly making any job-related fallout the responsibility of those workers…Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Labor, Youtube, Mental Health, Content Moderation

Google's Having Second Thoughts About Its Dogshit Redesign

Over the years, Google’s become somewhat notorious for killing off its projects, beloved or otherwise. The most recent casualty happened today, with the announcement that the company’s backing off of a controversial search engine update—one that made organic search results and paid-for placements Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Search Engines, Monopolies Are Bad

Watch Dogs Legion: Click goes inside the post-Brexit game

In a world first, Marc Cieslak interviews the creator of Watch Dogs: Legion inside his own game.
Tags: Tech, Marc Cieslak

Vine reboot Byte officially launches

Two years after Vine’s co-founder Dom Hofmann announced he was building a successor to the short-form video app, today Byte makes its debut on iOS and Android. Byte lets you shoot or upload and then share six-second videos. It comes equipped with standard social features like a feed, Explore page, notifications, and profiles. For now, though Byte lacks the remixability, augmented reality filters, transition effects, and other bonus features you’ll find in apps like TikTok. What Hofmann hopes wi...
Tags: TC, Twitter, Tech, Vine, Dom Hofmann, Byte, Hofmann, Colin Kroll, Rus Yusupov

Have a Search Warrant for Data? Google Wants You to Pay

The tech giant has begun charging U.S. law enforcement for responses to search warrants and subpoenas.
Tags: Google, News, Privacy, Police, Social Media, Search Engines, Google Inc, Prices (Fares, Computers and the Internet, Subpoenas, Search And Seizure, Fees and Rates

As the venture market tightens, a debt lender sees big opportunities

David Spreng spent more than 20 years in venture capital before dipping his toe into the world of revenue-based financing and realizing there was a growing appetite for alternatives to venture capital. Indeed, since forming debt-lending company Runway Growth Capital in mid-2015, Spreng has been busy writing checks to a variety of mostly later-stage companies on behalf of his institutional investors. (One of these, Oak Tree Capital Management in LA, is a publicly-traded credit firm.) He expect...
Tags: TC, La, Funding, Tech, Davos, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Spreng, David Spreng, Growth Capital, Runway Growth Capital

Support Grows For Unionizing Video Game Industry, Survey Finds

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Hollywood Reporter: Ahead of the Game Developer's Conference (GDC) -- which is dedicated to the art and science of making video games and set to take place March 16-20 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco -- the results of the organization's eighth annual State of Industry report were released Friday. Surveying nearly 4,000 video game developers with the intent of highlighting industry trends and forecasts for the future of gaming, this year's repor...
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Google backtracks on search results design

Earlier today, Google href=""> announced that it would be redesigning the redesign of its search results as a response to withering criticism from politicians, consumers, and the press over the way in which search results display were made to look like ads. Google makes money when users of its search service click on ads. It doesn’t make money when people click on an unpaid search result. Making ads look like search results makes ...
Tags: Google, TC, Washington Post, Virginia, Tech, Warner, District Of Columbia, Mark Warner, Don, Ginny Marvin, Harry Brignull, Brignull, Google For Google

'There's Nothing Wrong With My No-Email Policy'

Julian Lewis MP responds to criticism over his refusal to use email for constituency correspondence, and says letters, phone calls and surgery appointments are "perfectly adequate." He writes: There is nothing "mysterious" about the fact that I do not use email for constituency correspondence: it is openly stated on the homepage of my -- very extensive -- website, and has been remarked upon in the press from time to time previously. Nor am I in the least "uncontactable," as Bridget Craig (Letter...
Tags: Tech, Julian Lewis, Bridget Craig

VMware exec says the tech backlash facing companies like Google and Facebook is actually an opportunity for industry leaders

Sanjay Poonen, VMware's chief operating officer, said he sees an opportunity for enterprise companies like his to set a better example amid the backlash against tech. His company is focused on reaching sustainability goals for 2020. "From the get-go, VMware has been focused on building a sustainable data center by reducing a massive amount of carbon," Poonen said. "The whole proposition of virtualization is you can replace a ton of hardware with software." Click here for more BI Prime stories....
Tags: Google, Amazon, Facebook, San Francisco, Trends, Palo Alto, Davos, New York Times, Silicon Valley, Vmware, Google Facebook, Big Tech, Sanjay Poonen, Poonen, Business Insider at the World Economic Forum

Weekend reading: Double trouble, or the lure of active investing

What caught my eye this week. T he IT Investor has a honeypot of a post up this week for active investing junkies. He’s dived into his investment trust data to sieve out what he’s calling ‘double doublers’ – investment trusts that doubled their share price in the first half of the last decade, then did it again in the second. It sounds spectacular – it is – but qualification requires ‘only’ about a 15% return a year. You could have got a slightly better return from a US S&P 500 index fund, and...
Tags: Google, China, Africa, Marketing, US, Eu, Hmrc, New South Wales, Bank of Scotland, Robin, Ted Baker, Jordan Belfort, Santa Clara University, Tom Burgis, Other sites, Weekend Reading

EPA Reasoning For Gutting Fuel-Economy Rule Doesn't Hold Up, Senator Finds

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: The Trump administration has for several years been working to weaken federal vehicle fuel-efficiency standards. To justify these changes, regulatory agencies argued that more stringent standards would both cost consumers more and reduce road safety. A draft version of the new final rule, however, seems to directly contradict those lines of reasoning. The draft of the Safer Affordable Fuel-Efficient (SAFE) Vehicles rule has not been released...
Tags: Obama, White House, Tech, Ars Technica, Epa, Trump, Carper, Sen Thomas Carper D Del

Google is testing how to make ads sneakier in search results

Last year, Google introduced a small but meaningful change to the way it presented search results on mobile – it started to display favicons. This would,  in theory, make it easier to visually distinguish trusted sites from shady ones and ads. But when the company started to implement a similar change on its desktop site this year, people were not happy. Now it appears the company is having second thoughts. Where ads used to be highlighted in green at the top of search results, the change made i...
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Spot the Robot Dog Trots Into the Big, Bad World

Boston Dynamics' creation is starting to sniff out its role in the workforce: as a helpful canine that still sometimes needs you to hold its paw. From a report: This autumn, after years of dropping view-amassing videos of Spot the robot dog fending off stick-wielding humans and opening doors for its pals, Boston Dynamics finally announced that the machine was hitting the market -- for a select few early adopters, at least. BD's people would be the first to tell you that they don't fully know wha...
Tags: Tech, Adam Savage, Boston Dynamics

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things, also known as IoT, is an interconnected system of computing devices and digital machines that communicate with each other without requiring human interaction. This includes smart home devices, wireless networks, thermostats, and even smartphones. Digital Trends offers in-depth coverage of this expansive topic, providing news, analysis, and explainers on everything from […]
Tags: Apple, Android, Mobile, Wearables, Internet Of Things, Cars, Trends, Web, Home Automation, Computing, Home Theater, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Iot, Nest, Smart Home

The Pentagon pushes back on Huawei ban in bid for ‘balance’

Huawei may have just found itself an ally in the most unexpected of places. According to a new report out of The Wall Street Journal, both the Defense and Treasury Departments are pushing back on a Commerce Department-led ban on sales from the embattled Chinese hardware giant. That move, in turn, has reportedly led Commerce Department officials to withdraw a proposal set to make it even more difficult for U.S.-based companies to work with Huawei. Defense Secretary Mark Esper struck a fitti...
Tags: Google, Mobile, Hardware, Fcc, Government, White House, China, Tech, Pentagon, Huawei, Wall Street Journal, Commerce Department, Trump White House, Mark Esper, Google Huawei, Huawei Defense

YouTube moderators must sign contract acknowledging job could cause PTSD – report

Moderators required to sign form before accepting a job with subcontractor Accenture, according to report from the VergeContent moderators for YouTube have received legal warnings the job may negatively affect their mental health and cause post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a new report from the Verge found.Social media sites are increasingly informing employees of the negative effects of moderation jobs following several reports on harrowing working conditions, including long hours viewing ...
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YouTube Scores Exclusive Streaming for Activision Blizzard’s E-Sports, Including Overwatch and Call of Duty Leagues

YouTube landed a multiyear deal as the exclusive live-streaming partner for Activision Blizzard’s e-sports events worldwide, including Overwatch League, Call of Duty League, Hearthstone Esports. The agreement (which excludes China) promises to give a big boost to YouTube Gaming, the video giant’s dedicated home for all things related to games. It’s also a loss for […]
Tags: Google, News, Youtube, China, Activision Blizzard

YouTube just scored a major victory in its battle with Amazon's Twitch for esports supremacy, thanks to the company behind 'Call of Duty'

Google and Activision Blizzard just announced a new multi-year partnership that will make Activision's popular esports broadcasts exclusive to YouTube. The deal follows a two-year, $90 million deal Activision Blizzard signed with Amazon's Twitch in January 2018 to make Twitch the official streaming platform of the Overwatch League, a professional gaming circuit with 20 international teams. Activision Blizzard will also use Google Cloud services to provide network infrastructure for its games. ...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Youtube, US, Trends, Twitch, Youtube Gaming, Activision Blizzard, Activision, Google Cloud, Call of Duty and World of Warcraft, Overwatch League, Call of Duty League, Call of Duty League Activision, Ryan Wyatt Head of YouTube Gaming

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