When Financing Equipment, Beware of the Dreaded Blanket Lien

By Chris Fletcher Let’s meet John. John owns a tree cutting service in Pennsylvania. He took it over from his father about 20 years ago, and over the years, built the business to be the largest service in the area. On any given day, he can have two to three crews working, and owns several pieces of expensive machinery, including two bucket trucks; a large crane; dump trucks of various sizes; woodchippers; stump grinders; chain saws in any size, shape, and color you like. And more. About a year a...
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Catch more fish with this underwater camera attachment

Anyone who’s ever been fishing can attest to the fact that it can be mind-numbingly boring at times, which is where the intrepid GoFish Cam Wireless Underwater Fishing Camera comes into play. This WiFi-enabled camera will help you catch more fish and have more fun while you’re doing it, thanks to a 1080p lens that delivers HD footage from underwater directly to your smartphone. Compatible with both Apple and Android systems, the GoFish Cam sits on your fishing line and captures all of the und...
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Boeing's New 777X, the World's Largest Twin-Engine Jet, Completes Maiden Flight

Today Boeing's new 777X aircraft completed its maiden flight, reports CNBC: The plane is the largest twin-engine jet ever built and has a wingspan so wide — more than 235 feet — it features folding wingtips that reduce that width by more than 20 feet so the plane can fit into various airport taxiways and gates. The 777X-9 is slightly longer than Boeing's most iconic plane: the hump-backed 747, which is fading away as airlines opt for twin-engine aircraft that require less fuel... The 777X, whi...
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2009 Crash of Boeing 737 NG Now Receiving New Scrutiny

Slashdot reader JoeyRox shares a disturbing story about a Boeing 737 NG flight carrying 128 passengers that crashed in 2009, killings its three pilots, another crew member and five passengers. But "the Dutch investigators focused blame on the pilots for failing to react properly when an automated system malfunctioned and caused the plane to plummet into a field," the New York Times reported this week. "The fault was hardly the crew's alone, however. Decisions by Boeing, including risky design ...
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Is Technology Improving or Sabotaging Your Productivity?

When it comes to technology, most of us are grateful for it. Computers make everything easier—from researching information to communicating with friends and colleagues—and even once basic devices like phones and cars are getting high-tech makeovers to do more, faster and better. At the same time, there are critical drawbacks that occasionally prevent technology from working in our favor. When you lose your Internet connection, you’re practically helpless. When you do research, it’s easy to get d...
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Apple Watch wearers may track workouts, earn rewards in new program with gyms

The Apple Watch Connected program launched with four partner gyms, offering Apple Watch owners various rewards.
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What Happens When 'Ring Neighbors' Are Always Watching?

The New York Times reports on "Ring Neighbors," a local social networking service launched by Amazon in 2018 where users "share videos of delivery people carelessly throwing packages, or failing to wait for an answer at the door; others share footage of mail people navigating treacherous ice, or merely waving at the camera." On a U.S. Postal Service forum, a mail carrier asked: "Anyone else feel kind of creeped out that people are recording and watching you, up close, deliver mail to their hous...
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Samsung Galaxy Fold review: The future is an ugly disappointment (ars technica)

The Galaxy Fold, screen off, featuring the big crease down the middle. [credit: Ron Amadeo ] The Galaxy Fold was supposed to be The Future™. Samsung, the world's leading display manufacturer, invested six years and $130 million to birth its ultimate creation: the flexible OLED display. And with the holy grail of display technology under its belt, Samsung would revolutionize the smartpho...
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Google’s Featured Snippet Changes & Impact on Organic Traffic [STUDY] via @MattGSouthern

A new study from seoClarity examines the changes to organic traffic following Google’s featured snippet update on January 22.The post Google’s Featured Snippet Changes & Impact on Organic Traffic [STUDY] via @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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Consider Switching From Internet Explorer, Says US Homeland Security

Slashdot reader SmartAboutThings writes: While Microsoft Edge is right on track to replace Internet Explorer, it seems that the last one is a bigger security liability then you may think. In a newly released advisory, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) [an agency within America's Department of Homeland Security] is warning users about an IE vulnerability. To keep your personal data safe and don't expose your PC to dangerous malware, the agency further recommends "Consid...
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Fake Window Night Light

Creative ambient lighting projects the impression of sunlight shining through glass window onto interior wall. REVEAL – fake window night light designed by Adam Frank comes with 5 window slides and 5 different views. Also check out: Night City Window Blinds
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Report: Russia Says Smartphones Sold in the Country Must Have Software that Supports Traditional Russian Values

Months after Russia banned the sale of gadgets that aren’t pre-installed with Russian-made software, government officials in that country have drafted new guidelines on what types of software companies may have to install.Read more...
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Coming Soon: an Open Source eBook Reader

Electronic component distributor Digi-Key will be producing a small manufacturing run of the "open hardware" ereader from the Open Book Project, reports Gizmodo: The raw hardware isn't as sleek or pretty as devices like the Kindle, but at the same time there's a certain appeal to the exposed circuit board which features brief descriptions of various components, ports, and connections etched right onto the board itself for those looking to tinker or upgrade the hardware. Users are encouraged to ...
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KIndle Keyboard browser bookmarks

I have several “restored” Kindle Keyboards. I’ve held onto them because I can use the free 3G to check my email when I am in the mountains without internet or cell phone connection. The other night, my main Kindle froze. I could see my home page, but if I moved from one title to another the only option I had was to delete books – there was no way to open one. After several restarts, I decided to plug my Kindle into my computer to try Kubrick and to move my documents folder to another Kindle, but...
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Utah Man Builds Bulletproof Stormtrooper Suit With 3-D Printer

schwit1 quotes CNN's report on a software engineer who who really loves Star Wars costumes: "I kind of incorporated all of the things that I've learned in 3-D printing and DIY into this project," said Nils Rasmusson. Over the course of nine months, he printed the suit and put it together. "I had to figure out — how do you put all of these pieces together? There's no tutorial or instructions on this," he said. The helmet alone is made up of 19 different pieces fabricated on the printer. Rasmuss...
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PlayStation VR 2 Coming in 2020

A “sequel” to PlayStation’s virtual reality device has been confirmed to be coming sometime this year, with consumers of the expensive device likely expecting to dish out exorbitant amounts of cash every few years whenever the technology makes slight advances. Publisher Immersive VR Education (who has made Apollo 11 VR and Titanic VR) made note […]
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Outdoor Photographer’s New Travel Columnist… Me!

The Write Stuff As with most years, 2019 was a roller coaster ride in so many ways for me and one of the best highs from the year had to be that I started to do some writing for one of my all-time favorite photography magazines, Outdoor Photographer. I was also fortunate enough to get one of my photos to grace the cover of this prestigious publication and I still smile each time I think about that. Fisherman at Inle Lake in Myanmar   My first article titled Take Better Travel Photos was a com...
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Jury Orders Apple to Fork Over $85 Million in Royalties for Wi-LAN Suit

A San Diego jury ruled this week that Apple must pay Quarter Hill Inc.’s Wi-LAN a cool $85 million in a patent infringement case that’s been ping-ponging around the courts since 2014, Bloomberg reports.Read more...
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Alan Turing's Doctorate & Knighthood Medal Recovered 36 Years After Theft

Slashdot reader McGruber shares the news that several of Alan Turing's historic personal effects have been recovered nearly 36 years after they were stolen. From a report: In filings in the U.S. District Court of Colorado Friday, federal officials say they seized the British mathematician's Princeton University degree, his Order of the British Empire medal and several photos, school reports and letters from his time at Sherborne School, a boarding school in Dorset, England. According to the se...
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Everything coming to Apple TV+ that we know about so far

there’s an impressive lineup of original series and films in the works
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‘Microsoft Millionaire’ Chris Peters Lists Celeb-Pedigreed Bel Air Estate

A lovingly preserved Spanish Colonial-style home sited in prime East Gate Bel Air has popped up for sale, flaunting a hefty $17.45 million asking price. Sited just a short hop above Sunset Boulevard and originally built in 1928, the estate was co-designed by Wallace Neff and John Byers — two of the most acclaimed architects […]
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What is a pulse oximeter and why should you care?

There's a new wearable health sensor in town called the Pulse Oximeter. We've got the lowdown on what it does.
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Interpol Arrests 3 Indonesian Credit Card Hackers for Magecart Attacks

The Indonesian National Police in a joint press conference with Interpol earlier today announced the arrest of three Magecart-style Indonesian hackers who had compromised hundreds of international e-commerce websites and stolen payment card details of their online shoppers. Dubbed 'Operation Night Fury,' the investigation was led by Interpol's ASEAN Cyber Capability Desk, a joint initiative by [Author: [email protected] (Unknown)]
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NASA's Curiosity Rover Recovers From Glitch on Mars

NASA's Mars rover Curiosity "lost its orientation...partway through its last set of activities," reported a planetary geologist on the rover's team Monday. Curiosity had lost track of its position in space and the position of its various parts like its robotic arm. "Thus, Curiosity stopped moving, freezing in place until its knowledge of its orientation can be recovered. Curiosity kept sending us information, so we know what happened and can develop a recovery plan...." now shares t...
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Google Is Going to Charge Cops for Your Data

Google announced that it was going to start charging law enforcement authorities for legal data disclosure requests, such as subpoenas and search warrants, related to its users. The company receives thousands of petitions from authorities every year and has decided to charge to help “offset the costs” associated with…Read more...
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New Trailer, Gameplay Videos Released For Upcoming 'DOOM Eternal'

Id software has released a new trailer for their upcoming Doom sequel set on a demon-infested planet Earth in the year 2151. And GameSpot has uploaded a 10-minute clip of gameplay while Collider released 15 minutes. Collider writes: Doom Eternal takes everything that was gloriously batshit about Doom 2016, throws it in a Lamborghini full of Slayer albums and catapults it into the sun. This game is out of its goddamn mind in the best possible way, and I literally cannot wait to get my hands on ...
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If we help your ministry – consider making a donation

So what’s the catch? What’s the story? That’s what I always think when something is offered “free of charge.” In short – God’s been doing something special through this website and I need readers to share in that work by making a donation. Here’s the story…. My name is Tony Kummer and I started as my personal blog back in 2007 when I was starting my journey as a children’s pastor. That was before Facebook and I just wanted to connect with other peo...
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This website is 100% free – but your can help

We never charge for our ministry resources. Instead we depend on sponsors and reader donations to keep the website growing. God’s been doing something special through this website. You can help by making a donation. Here’s the story…. My name is Tony Kummer and I started as my personal blog back in 2007 when I was starting my journey as a children’s pastor. That was before Facebook and I just wanted to connect with other people doing ministry. I also thou...
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Framework Developer 'Ragequits' Open Source Community, Citing Negative Comments, 'Very Few Provide Help'

The maintainer of the popular Rust web framework Actix has quit the project -- though he's backed off threats to make its code private and delete its repository, instead appointing a new maintainer. "Be a maintainer of large open source project is not a fun task," he'd complained last week on GitHub. "You alway face with rude and hate, everyone knows better how to build software, nobody wants to do home work and read docs and think a bit and very few provide any help... "You felt betrayed afte...
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Xiaomi to partner with Nikon, Canon or even Hasselblad for their next camera array, report suggests

The competition is fierce among smartphone brands. The camera and camera features are now a critical aspect in phone marketing. More megapixels, more cameras, and better software are key features when it comes to market strategies. R&D is expensive so establishing partnerships with other manufacturers makes sense twice: Firstly, it saves on development resources.  Secondly, […] The post Xiaomi to partner with Nikon, Canon or even Hasselblad for their next camera array, report suggests appeared f...
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