Working on slide searching and tagging

Some of the world’s major artists got popular because they documented their life and motivations for their work in letters (Van Gogh etc.). Maybe the same will happen with this blog, and my journey from helping 1 client at a time to get better presentations, to hopefully thousands/millions eventually.So finally, finally, I got a tool in my hands that I wish I had 5 years ago already:Create slide layouts and variations super quicklyAll in a consistent formatSome way to store and organise all the ...
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357 Amazon Employees Launch Mass Defiance of the Company's Communications Policy

357 Amazon employees have now "violated the e-commerce giant's communications policy Sunday in an unprecedented public display of support for colleagues who were warned that they could be fired for speaking out to criticize the company's climate practices," reports the Washington Post: Amazon Employees for Climate Justice, a group of workers concerned about the company's business with the oil and gas industry as well as its carbon footprint, published quotes from the workers in a post on Medium...
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Overwatch League, Call of Duty League to exclusively stream on YouTube

Activision Blizzard and Google have entered a multi-year partnership to 'power new player experiences.'
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Doomsday Clocks, Particle Physics Quandaries, and a Talking Mummy: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

Give yourself a pat on the back, folks, because we’ve almost made it through the first month of 2020. For those of you still grinding hard at your New Year’s resolutions, congratulations! As for those of you who’ve already flung yourself hurdling off the wagon, you’re still just as valid and lovely and tomorrow’s…Read more...
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MIUI Launcher Alpha version brings App Drawer support

Xiaomi’s MIUI is well-known for the customizations it offers, despite being user-friendly and customizable, people had some complaints with MIUI such as Notification Shade and MIUI Launcher. Xiaomi hugely improved the notification shade with the last two iterations of MIUI but MIUI Launcher didn’t get much improvements and features. Last year, Xiaomi introduced Hidden Apps feature on MIUI Launcher and also introduced App Drawer on MIUI China ROM. A few weeks ago, MIUI launcher received an upd...
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20 US States Want to Stop the Posting of Blueprints For 3D-Printed Guns

An anonymous reader quotes the Associated Press: Attorneys general in 20 states and the District of Columbia filed a lawsuit Thursday challenging a federal regulation that could allow blueprints for making guns on 3D printers to be posted on the internet. New York Attorney General Tish James, who helped lead the coalition of state attorneys general, argued that posting the blueprints would allow anyone to go online and use the downloadable files to create unregistered and untraceable assault-s...
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Theranos' Elizabeth Holmes Represents Herself at Trial After Lawyers Say She Stiffed Them

McGruber quotes the Mercury News: In her regular attendance at the San Jose federal courthouse for hearings in her high-stakes criminal fraud case, Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes has been flanked by expensive lawyers. But in an Arizona civil case, she took part in a hearing this week representing herself, and by phone, according to a report Friday. Holmes has seven lawyers preparing for the August trial start in her criminal case in U.S. District Court, and fighting federal prosecutors over...
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'Rocket League' To Drop Linux and Mac Support

Long-time Slashdot reader Motor writes: Rocket League — a very popular multiplayer game — will no longer "be patched" for Linux and the Mac after March — say the publisher, Psyonix... The publishers say it's motivated by the need to support unspecified "new technologies". Thanks Psyonix. The announcement says their final patch "will disable online functionality (such as in-game purchases) for players on macOS and Linux, but offline features including Local Matches, and splitscreen play will...
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‘Escape from Pretoria’ Trailer: Can Daniel Radcliffe Escape a South African Prison?

Daniel Radcliffe escaped the threat of Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter franchise, and since then, his career has been on an eclectic path. The actor has appeared in movies like the dark comedic thriller Horns, the indie romantic comedy What If, the oddball Sundance selected Swiss Army Man, the TBS anthology comedy series Miracle Workers, and the upcoming bonkers-looking Guns Akimbo coming next month. But this year will also see Daniel Radcliffe breaking out of a maximum security prison, and ...
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Players need to re-confirm Final Fantasy VII Remake pre-orders to not lose them

Some players who pre-ordered the Final Fantasy VII Remake will need to re-confirm, or else they will lose their slots.
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UK sovereignty in jeopardy if Huawei used for 5G, US warns

Mike Pompeo makes last-minute plea to ministers ahead of ‘momentous’ decision Britain’s sovereignty will be in jeopardy if the UK allows Huawei to develop its 5G infrastructure, the US secretary of state has warned.In a last-minute plea to senior ministers, who are expected to decide on Tuesday whether to use the Chinese company, Mike Pompeo described the decision facing Britain’s national security council as “momentous”. Continue reading...
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Currencycloud nabs $80M from Visa, World Bank Group and more for cross-border payment APIs

Sending money from one country to another — either because you are a business paying someone for a service, or a family member working abroad and sending money back home, or something in between — is a huge business, worth some $700 million annually. Today, a London startup called Currencycloud, which has built a set of remittance APIs that let any financial business integrate money transfer services into its platform, is announcing that it has raised $80 million to tap into that opportunity, an...
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Currencycloud nabs $80M from Visa, World Bank Group and more for its cross-border payments API

Sending money from one country to another — either because you are a business paying someone for a service, or a family member working abroad and sending money back home, or something in between — is a huge business, worth some $700 million annually. Today, a London startup called Currencycloud, which has built a set of remittance APIs that let any financial business integrate money transfer services into its platform is announcing that it has raised $80 million to tap into that opportunity, and...
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Tech and business giants mourn the unexpected death of NBA legend turned investor Kobe Bryant, who was known for his 'obsessive' work ethic and used to call leaders like Tim Cook for advice

Tech and business leaders from Apple and Microsoft as well as high-profile investors reacted with shock, sadness, and respect for Kobe Bryant's legacy on Sunday, following the news that the NBA legend Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash at age 41. Bryant may be best known for his achievements on the court, but he became a savvy investor in his later career. The former NBA star is also said to have sought advice from business leaders like Oprah Winfrey, Apple CEO Tim Cook, and former Nike CE...
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Here’s a First Look at Google’s Version of AirDrop for Android

Apple’s AirDrop, the feature that lets iOS users seamlessly transfer files across the company’s devices, has been the envy of Android users for a while. Don’t worry: Google listened, and is working on its own version of AirDrop called Nearby Sharing. Although the feature hasn’t been released yet, we now have an idea…Read more...
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Technology is anthropology

The interesting thing about the technology business is that, most of the time, it’s not the technology that matters. What matters is how people react to it, and what new social norms they form. This is especially true in today’s era, well past the midpoint of the deployment age of smartphones and the Internet. People — smart, thoughtful people, with relevant backgrounds and domain knowledge — thought that Airbnb and Uber were doomed to failure, because obviously no one would want to stay in a st...
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The Upcoming Trends in Telecom Industry

This year, telecom businesses are preparing for some of the most significant technological advancements the market has seen in years. Patterns such as the 5G transformation and the improvement of the internet of things (Io T) will reshape the telecom Read more… The post The Upcoming Trends in Telecom Industry appeared first on Internet Marketing, Guest Post, B2B Marketing, Latest Technology, SEM, SEO Tips.
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Do Proof-of-Concept Exploits Do More Harm Than Good?

secwatcher writes: When it comes to the release of proof-of-concept (PoC) exploits, more security experts agree that the positives outweigh the negatives, according to a recent and informal Threatpost poll. In fact, almost 60 percent of 230 security pundits thought it was a "good idea" to publish PoC code for zero days. Up to 38 percent of respondents, meanwhile, argued it wasn't a good idea. Dr. Richard Gold, head of security engineering at Digital Shadows, told Threatpost that PoC code ma...
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Cycling Through Water Bridge

Breathtaking nature inspired bicycle path network in Bokrijk, Belgium allows people to stay dry and cycle through the water. “Cycling Through Water” bike path designed by Burolandschap takes you through the pond with the surface of the water at eye level on both sides. Also check out: Van Gogh Bicycle Path and Moses Bridge
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Cisco Warns: Patch This Critical Firewall Bug in Firepower Management Center

"Cisco is urging customers to update its Firepower Management Center software," ZDNet reported Thursday, "after users informed it of a critical bug that attackers could exploit over the internet." Like many Cisco bugs, the flaw was found in the web-based management interface of its software. The bug has a severity rating of 9.8 out of a possible 10 and means admins should patch sooner rather than later. The vulnerability is caused by a glitch in the way Cisco's software handles Lightweight Di...
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The Doomsday Clock Is Now Closer to Midnight Than It's Ever Been

Long-time Slashdot reader Drakster writes: The Doomsday Clock, run by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, has moved forward to only 100 seconds to midnight, the closest it has ever been since its launch in 1947. The lack of action on climate change and increasing threats of nuclear war were the primary reasoning for the move. They cite the weakening of several major arms control treaties in the last year -- and wrote Thursday that the lack of concrete international action on climate chan...
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Fiber Network Services for Business and It’s Advantages

For any business to survive in today’s scenario, it is essential to have an uninterrupted network connection. While the other aspects are equally important, technology has become an integral part of our lives and an active network connection is the Read more… The post Fiber Network Services for Business and It’s Advantages appeared first on Internet Marketing, Guest Post, B2B Marketing, Latest Technology, SEM, SEO Tips.
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Gauging email success, invite-only app launches and other growth tactics

Julian Shapiro Contributor Share on Twitter Julian Shapiro is the founder of, the growth marketing team that trains startups in advanced growth, helps you hire senior growth marketers, and finds you vetted growth agencies. He also writes at More posts by this contributor Decrease user churn by better managing expectations Direct mail still works if you avoid common mistakes ...
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UK won't implement Article 13 law Quote: The UK may borrow some aspects of European Union law after Brexit, but the approach to digital copyright won't one of them. Universities and Science Minister Chris Skidmore has indicated that the UK won't implement the EU's Copyright Directive once it's out of the Union on January 31st. This will let British internet companies and users avoid contentious aspects like Article 13 (renamed Article 17), w...
Tags: Google, Europe, Books, UK, News, Youtube, Eu, European Union, Boris Johnson, Susan Wojcicki, Brexit, Tim Berners Lee, RTE, Vint Cerf, Julia Reda, Pirate Party

Is PHP Still a Worthwhile Language To Learn?

mbadolato (Slashdot reader #105,588) shares this post from Belgium-based programmer Brent Roose: It's no secret among web developers and programmers in general: PHP doesn't have the best reputation. Despite still being one of the most used languages to build web applications; over the years PHP has managed to get itself a reputation of messy codebases, inexperienced developers, insecure code, an inconsistent core library, and what not. While many of the arguments against PHP still stand today, ...
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Supporting future history makers with NAACP

When I was in the 11th grade, I had the opportunity to write my first screenplay through NAACP’s Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics (ACT-SO) program. The program provides a platform for Black high school students—more than 300,000 to date—to bring their ideas to life and kickstart their journeys to becoming leaders in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), humanities, business, and the arts. ACT-SO gave me the confidence to pursue my dream of working in the...
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How to change Your Apple Watch band

If you're wondering how to swap out an Apple Watch band, here is the lowdown on how to do it, step-by-step.
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Facebook Gives Unintelligible Response to Jeff Bezos Hack, Deciding to Blame iOS

The news that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman personally sent malware to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, which led to the compromise of massive amounts of data from Bezos’ phone, has taken the tech world by storm. While the spotlight has been focused on the plot’s outlandishness, in recent days the attention has shifted…Read more...
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Waze Mistakenly Directed Hundreds of Drivers to a Remote Wildlife Preserve

"No, the luxurious Borgata Hotel, Casino and Spa isn't located in a central New Jersey wildlife preserve," reports a local news team in New York. But an ad for the casino in Waze was apparently tagged with the wrong geographical coordinates, CNN reports, and.... The Jackson township Police Department's public information officer Lt. Christopher Parise said the police department found out about the error when one his officers was out assisting a stranded car. The driver told the officer they wer...
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Original Content podcast: Apple’s ‘Little America’ chooses uplift over anger

“Little America,” a new anthology series on Apple TV+, has been widely described as the best show on the fledging streaming service. Here on the Original Content podcast, we aren’t ready to go quite that far, particularly since a couple of us are big fans of “See.” But we were pretty impressed. The series, which counts “The Big Sick” writers Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani among its executive producers, tells eight separate stories (all based on real-life profiles in Epic Magazine) about ...
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