Hackers Target NFL Teams On Twitter Ahead of Super Bowl

CaptainDork shares a report from CNET: The Twitter accounts of several NFL teams were hacked on Monday ahead of this weekend's Super Bowl game. Around 15 teams, including the Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers, were all targeted. The accounts had their profile images removed and some included messages from OurMine, the Saudi Arabia-based hacker group that appears to be responsible. "We are here to show people that everything is hackable," a message on a hand...
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Sandy Hook Hoaxer and Fake InfoWars 'Expert' Arrested Over Online Harassment Campaign

Lake County, Florida deputies arrested a former contributor to Alex Jones’ conspiracy theory hellhole InfoWars, 73-year-old Wolfgang Halbig, on Monday after he waged a relentless campaign of online harassment against the families of Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre victims.Read more...
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Watch This Veteran Collapse on Antiques Roadshow When He Learns His $345 Rolex Is Actually Worth $700,000

There’s rarely as satisfying a moment on TV as watching someone strike it rich on Antiques Roadshow when a random item turns out to be worth a fortune. That’s exactly what happened on when an Air Force veteran learned a rare was worth upwards of $700,000.
Tags: Gadgets, Wearables, Science, Watches, Antiques Roadshow, Air Force, Antiques, Rolex, Paul Newman, Rolex Daytona, Rolex Oyster Cosmograph

Lithium-Ion Batteries: Expecting More (Energy)

Iphone lithium battery Photo by Tyler Lastovich Last year, the Nobel Prize for Chemistry was awarded to three men who have been attributed with the creation of the Lithium-ion battery. "Lithium-ion batteries are used globally to power the portable electronics that we use to communicate, work, study, listen to music and search for knowledge." the Nobel committee said of the battery. The remark speaks to how the lithium-ion battery has, since its invention, altered the potential of design as we k...
Tags: Mobile, Design, US, Samsung, Tech, Sustainability, Nasa, Earth, Chile, Argentina, Democratic Republic Of Congo, Tesla Gigafactory, Reno Nevada, Northern China, Jens Johnsson, Tyler Lastovich

Employee Activism Brings New Brand Challenges

A post on shares more than 350 statements from workers that focus on the company’s climate practices. The post comes weeks after allegations that Amazon threatened some employees with termination as they were in violation of policies on workers speaking to the press and media and is creating a public feud between management and an alliance of concerned employees. Back in September, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced an initiative aimed at making the brand a net-zero carbon emitter by 2040. The...
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A Robot Hand That Uses Acoustic Levitation to Move Objects Without Touching Them

A couple of months ago, we saw UK researchers levitate a 2mm polystyrene bead using ultrasound waves. They then manipulated that bead through space and projected onto it, allowing it to "draw" like a 3D pixel.Now a separate research team at Switzerland's ETH Zurich is also experimenting with this "acoustic levitation" trick, in this case for manipulation. ETH Pioneer Fellow Marcel Schuck has created a robot arm that can grab and transport delicate objects without actually touching them. This co...
Tags: UK, Design, Tech, Switzerland, Eth Zurich, Schuck, Marcel Schuck

Detection of Terahertz Magnetic Resonance Could Revolutionize Electronics

fahrbot-bot shares a report from Phys.Org: A team of physicists has discovered an electrical detection method for terahertz electromagnetic waves, which are extremely difficult to detect. The discovery could help miniaturize the detection equipment on microchips and enhance sensitivity. The finding, reported today in Nature, is based on a magnetic resonance phenomenon in anti-ferromagnetic materials. Such materials, also called antiferromagnets, offer unique advantages for ultrafast and spin-bas...
Tags: Tech, Santa Barbara, UC Santa Barbara, Shi, University of California Riverside, UC Riverside, Jing Shi, Institute for Terahertz Science and Technology, Terahertz Facilities

Ring doorbell app packed with third-party trackers

[My EFF colleague Bill Budington has a fantastic report on all the ways that Ring surveils its own customers. Caveat emptor, indeed. -Cory] Ring isn't just a product that allows users to surveil their neighbors. The company also uses it to surveil its customers. An investigation by EFF of the Ring doorbell app for Android found it to be packed with third-party trackers sending out a plethora of customers’ personally identifiable information (PII). Four main analytics and marketing compan...
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Google's January 2020 Core Update: Has the Dust Settled?

Posted by Dr-PeteOn January 13th, MozCast measured significant algorithm flux lasting about three days (the dotted line shows the 30-day average prior to the 13th, which is consistent with historical averages) ... That same day, Google announced the release of a core update dubbed the January 2020 Core Update (in line with their recent naming conventions) ... On January 16th, Google announced the update was "mostly done," aligning fairly well with the measured temperatures in the graph abo...
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Apple's stock has doubled in the last year. Here's why a longtime investor says it's not time to sell. (AAPL)

Apple's stock has essentially doubled in the last year, giving it a price-to-earnings valuation at the high-end of its recent range. But that doesn't mean it's overpriced, said Dan Morgan, a senior portfolio manager with Synovus Trust. Apple's stock sold off in late 2018 and early 2019 after its sales plunged in China and overall, but its overall business has stabilized and certain businesses are showing strong growth. Plus, compared with those of other tech companies, Apple's valuation looks ...
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Practice Fusion, once backed by top VCs, pushed doctors to prescribe opioids in kickback scheme

Practice Fusion, a medical records startup that attracted more than $150 million from VCs, including at Founders Fund, Kleiner Perkins, and Artis Ventures, has received its share of negative press since selling to its older, publicly traded rival Allscripts in a $100 million cash deal in early 2018. Yet it appears that Practice Fusion, founded in 2005, was run even more poorly than has been previously reported. In fact, the company was just tied to same drug overdose epidemic that has killed ...
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H1 Insights is giving the healthcare industry the ultimate professional database

“ I want to build a business which profiles every single researcher and healthcare professional in the world and I want to sell it to industry,” says Ariel Katz, the co-founder and chief executive of H1 Insights.  With the healthcare industry on a mission to digitize and analyze every conceivable datapoint it can to wring more efficiencies out of its incredibly fragmented and broken system, for Katz, there’s no opportunity that seems more obvious than giving the industry data on its own profess...
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Google May Revert Favicons & Black Ad Label On The Desktop Search Results

A couple weeks ago, Google launched the mobile search interface design it had since May 2019 on desktop. It brought the favicons to the snippets and the black ad label for the desktop search ads. This design release, like the mobile released caused a huge number of complaints within the search community but more importantly, unlike with the mobile release, it caused a huge number of complaints outside of the search community.
Tags: Google, Seo, Google Search Engine

Albatrosses Outfitted With GPS Trackers Detect Illegal Fishing Vessels

schwit1 shares a report from the Smithsonian: Capable of following fishing boats into remote regions out of reach of monitoring machines like ships, aircraft and even certain satellites, these feathered crimefighters could offer a convenient and cost-effective way to keep tabs on foul play at sea -- and may even help gather crucial conservation data along the way. [...] On top of their stamina and moxie, albatrosses also have a certain fondness for fish-toting vessels, says study author Samantha...
Tags: Tech, Amsterdam, University Of Liverpool, Patrick, PNAS, AIS, Crozet Kerguelen, Samantha Patrick

What is Dynamic Tone Mapping?

Apple has introduced several computational imaging technologies to the iPhone imaging system. What is dynamic tone mapping, what does it do and how does it work?If you’re shooting photos or video with a recent generation iPhone, then you’re seeing images that have been finessed into their final form by a lot of clever post processing. Much of this processing is a highly automated form of the manual adjustments a professional photographer will make to raw images. These adjustments are normally ma...
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Maryland Bill Would Outlaw Ransomware, Keep Researchers From Reporting Bugs

A proposed law introduced in Maryland's state senate last week would criminalize the possession of ransomware and other criminal activities with a computer. However, CEO of Luta Security Katie Moussouris warns that the current bill "would prohibit vulnerability disclosure unless the specific systems or data accessed by the helpful security researcher were explicitly authorized ahead of time and would prohibit public disclosure if the reports were ignored." Ars Technica reports: The bill, Senate ...
Tags: Maryland, Tech, Ars Technica, Senate Bill, Katie Moussouris, Luta Security

Microsoft Advertising Ads Label In Bing Search Blend With Organic Also

I am always beating up on Google, so let's give Bing a hard time as well. As Scott Jackson pointed out to me on Twitter this morning, the Microsoft Advertising labels in the Bing search results are incredibly hard to notice as well. Those ads use to be way more visible, now there is this tiny "ad" label, in small font, in a tiny box outline.
Tags: Google, Microsoft, Seo, Bing, Scott Jackson, Microsoft Bing Ads (formerly adCenter

Hundreds of workers defy Amazon rules to protest company's climate failures

Employees ‘needed to stand up for what’s right’ despite policy barring workers from speaking about businessHundreds of Amazon employees defied corporate policy to publicly criticize the company for failing to meet its “moral responsibility” in the climate crisis.More than 340 tech workers at Amazon used the hashtag #AMZNSpeakOut in public statements that condemn the company for not taking sufficient action on the climate crisis. Continue reading...
Tags: Amazon, Technology, Activism, Protest, Internet, Climate Change, Environment, E-commerce, US news

How microwaves and electricity are killing weeds

Electricity and microwaves are being used to kill weeds as alternatives are sought to chemicals.
Tags: Tech

Twitter and Facebook accounts for 15 NFL teams hacked

The American football teams were targeted by a group that said the accounts had lax security.
Tags: Facebook, NFL, Tech

Bitcoin Gold Hit By 51 Percent Attacks, $72,000 In Cryptocurrency Double-Spent

Malicious cryptocurrency miners took control of Bitcoin Gold's blockchain recently to double-spend $72,000 worth of BTG. The Next Web reports: Bad actors assumed a majority of the network's processing power (hash rate) to re-organize the blockchain twice between Thursday and Friday last week: the first netted attackers 1,900 BTG ($19,000), and the second roughly 5,267 BTG ($53,000). Cryptocurrency developer James Lovejoy estimates the miners spent just $1,200 to perform each of the attacks, base...
Tags: Tech, BTG, Bitcoin Gold, Binance, James Lovejoy

Why the smartest AI is still dumber than a toddler — and how we can fix that

Artificial intelligence is, undeniably, one of the most important inventions in the history of humankind. It belongs on a fantasy ‘Mt. Rushmore of technologies’ alongside electricity, steam engines, and the internet. But, in it’s current incarnation, AI isn’t very smart. In fact, even now in 2020, AI is still dumber than a baby. Most AI experts – those with boots on the ground in the researcher and developer communities – believe the path forward is through continued investment in status quo sys...
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Apple Imagines iMac Built Into Curved Sheet of Glass

Apple applied for a patent for an ambitious design for a new all-in-one computer which integrates both its keyboard and screen into a single curved sheet of glass. The Verge reports: The patent application, which was first spotted by Patently Apple, and which was filed in May last year, describes how the iMac-like computer's "input area" and "display area" could be built into a single continuous surface, while a support structure behind the display could then contain the computer's processing un...
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Google is shutting down a tool for non-programmers to make apps, in a move that shows it's getting more strategic in the cloud wars with Amazon and Microsoft (GOOGL)

Google is shutting down App Maker — a tool to make it easy for non-programmers to make simple apps — a week after it acquired Seattle-based startup AppSheet.  AppSheet and App Maker have some overlap in functionality, and Google is encouraging users to make the switch after App Maker fully shuts down in 2021. Some users aren't happy about that. However, by shutting down App Maker, Google can put more resources into building out AppSheet and double down on its larger ambitions in the market for...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Trends, Gartner, Seattle, Amazon Web Services, Business Insider, Newman, Wong, Daniel Newman, Google Sheets, Google Cloud, Jason Wong, G Suite Google, Futurum Research

Intel Is Patching Its 'Zombieload' CPU Security Flaw For the Third Time

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Engadget: For the third time in less than a year, Intel has disclosed a new set of vulnerabilities related to the speculative functionality of its processors. On Monday, the company said it will issue a software update "in the coming weeks" that will fix two more microarchitectural data sampling (MDS) or Zombieload flaws. This latest update comes after the company released two separate patches in May and November of last year. Compared to the MDS flaws ...
Tags: Tech, Intel, Engadget, MDS, TAA, Microarchitectural Data Sampling MDS

Meadowhall facial recognition scheme troubles watchdog

Regulator calls for inspections after details of police tie-up with Meadowhall scheme emerge.
Tags: Tech

Low code? Low usage, more like: Add G Suite's App Maker to the Google graveyard, it's switching off next year

Dun-dun-dun, another one bites the dust Google App Maker, which lets people build simple web-based applications using a graphical user interface, will be axed early next year.…
Tags: Google, Software

‘Star Trek: Picard’ breaks streaming records on CBS All Access

CBS’ streaming service, CBS All Access, credits a trio of high-profile events — including the premiere of its new Star Trek series, “Star Trek: Picard,” as well as the 62nd annual Grammy Awards, not to mention a busy month of football — with helping it to achieve a new record for subscriber sign-ups in a given month. The company says January 2020 surpassed the service’s previous record in February 2019 for subscriber sign-ups. In addition, last week was the second-best sign-up week ever, closely...
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GM To Invest $2.2 Billion In First All-Electric Vehicle Plant, Create 2,200 Jobs

An anonymous reader quotes a report from NBC News: General Motors confirmed Monday it will invest $2.2 billion to convert an aging Detroit assembly plant into the manufacturing heart of its "all-electric future." The Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Plant was one of five North American factories GM said it would close in November 2018 but the automaker reversed course as part of an aggressive plan to launch more than 20 battery-electric vehicles, or BEVs, by 2023. The first to roll out of what is know...
Tags: Nbc News, Tech, General Motors, Gm, Detroit, Hummer, Lordstown Ohio, Reuss, United Auto Workers Union, Cruise GM, Lloyd Reuss, Detroit Hamtramck Assembly Plant, First All Electric Vehicle Plant Create, Poletown Plant

NASA taps startup Axiom Space for the first habitable commercial module for the Space Station

NASA has selected Houston-based Axiom Space, a startup founded in 2016, to build the first commercial habitat module for the International Space Station (ISS). This module will be used as a destination for future commercial spaceflight missions, potentially housing experiments, technology development and more performed by commercial space travellers taking rides up to the ISS via human-rated spacecraft like the SpaceX Crew Dragon and Boeing Starliner, once those start regular operational serv...
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