7 Years Later, Emergency Alert Systems Still Unpatched, Vulnerable

chicksdaddy writes: The Security Ledger is reporting that more than 50 Emergency Alert System (EAS) devices made by Monroe Electronics (now Digital Alert Systems) are un-patched and accessible from the public Internet, seven years after security researchers alerted the public about security flaws in the devices. More than 50 EAS deployments across the United States still use a shared SSH key, a security vulnerability first discovered and reported by IOActive in 2013, according to a warning poste...
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Apple reports $22.2 billion profit on $91.8 billion revenue in FY Q1 2020, biggest quarter ever

Apple has reported quarterly revenue of $91.8 billion, up 8.89% over last year with a net profit of $22.2 billion, up 11.1% YoY, fueled by iPhone and earnings per diluted share of $4.18 for the financial year Q1 2020 that ended December 28, 2019. During earnings call Tim Cook said that it was Apple's biggest quarter ever, which set new all-time records in both revenue and earnings. "Geographically, we set all-time records in the Americas, Europe and rest of Asia Specific and saw Greater China ...
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Google is working on another chat app because it hasn’t failed enough already

I shouldn’t be surprised I’m writing this article in 2020, but Google is preparing to release another communications app. According to a report by The Information, Google’s new app – no name was provided – will bring together various parts of G Suite, including Gmail, Hangouts Chat, Hangouts Meet, and Google Drive. Here we go again. Add it to the long list of Google’s attempts to get people to talk to one another. Off the top of my head, there’s Gmail, Hangouts, Google+, Gchat, Allo, Duo, Spaces...
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Apple HomePod launched in India for Rs. 19900

Apple has finally launched HomePod, its Siri-powered smart speaker in India. The company has also pushed iOS and iPadOS 13.3.1 update that brings support for Indian English Siri voices for HomePod. To remind you, it was introduced at WWDC 2017 and went on sale in Australia, the UK and the US from February 9, 2018 priced at US$349 (Rs. 24,860 approx.), and got a price cut to US$299 (Rs. 21,300 approx.) in April 2019. It rolled out in Canada, France, and Germany in June 2018 and in Spain and Me...
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The Missing CAD Link for Furniture Designers Working With Wood and Composites: Woodwork for Inventor

"The furniture industry is quickly evolving, fashion trends are changing almost daily, and customers are demanding evermore complex solutions. Meanwhile, project implementation deadlines are shortening. To keep pace with these trends, design tools must be highly tailored to meet the needs of the designer." --Celi Automated Design SystemsIf you design furniture, case goods or interiors, chances are you're working with wood. Whether it's for a home, hotel, hospital, office, shop or retail chain, c...
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Six years ago, President Trump bragged that he sold his Apple stock. If he had held onto it, his money would have more than quadrupled. (AAPL)

Apple reported quarterly earnings that blew away Wall Street expectations on Tuesday. Six years ago to the day, a pre-presidential Donald Trump said on Twitter that he sold his Apple shares, complaining about the fact that the company at the time didn't sell an iPhone with a smaller screen. Assuming Apple's post-earnings stock gains holds through the open of the markets on Wednesday, its price will have gone up 356% from the day of Trump's tweet in 2014.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for...
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Current Model For Storing Nuclear Waste May Not Be Sufficiently Safe, Study Says

pgmrdlm quotes a report from ABC News: The current model the U.S. and other countries plan to use to store high-level nuclear waste may not be as safe as previously thought. The materials used to store the waste "will likely degrade faster than anyone previously knew" because of the way the materials interact, according to research published Tuesday in the journal Nature Materials. The research, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science, focused primarily on defense waste, the le...
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Magway's Underground System is Like Hyperloop for Packages

Since moving from New York City down to the rural South, I've learned a lot. In general service is slow, and unlike in New York, people waiting in line will talk to each other. Recently, at the DMV I was in line with a young man who had just earned his CDL (Commercial Driver's License), and an older man who had had his CDL for years, and I got pieces of their stories.For lots of young men (and increasingly women) without much education, earning a CDL is a path to a better life. The hours are lon...
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The Indian journalists fighting fake news

Indian journalist Bharat Nayak knows misinformation can have dangerous consequences. He’s witnessed it too often in his home state of Jharkhand, India. According to Bharat, “Indian society has been gravely affected by ‘fake news’, which has  contributed to a rise in hatred and violence, and horrific incidences of lynching.” Concern about misinformation was especially pronounced around last year’s Indian general election—where more than 600 million people voted in the biggest democratic exercise ...
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Asian stocks rise as Apple drives tech gains, virus worries ease

Asian shares rose on Wednesday as better-than-expected Apple Inc earnings drove some regional tech gains although broader confidence was capped by worries about the economic impact of China's virus outbreak.
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Google: Loretta

Part of Collection 28 Ads in this collection.
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Likebook Mars adding apps

I feel as though this question is probably answered in a thread somewhere, but my search skills here and my Google search are failing me. I would like to add the Kobo app to the Likebook. How do I do this? Also, can Calibre Companion be added directly to the Likebook? If so, how? So I suppose the overall question is: how do I add non-native apps to my new Likebook? Thank you!
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Apple blamed China's coronavirus for a 'wider-than-usual' $4 billion range in its revenue forecast. But the weird thing is, a $4 billion range is not actually unusual for Apple. (AAPL)

Apple offered what it called a "wider-than-usual" revenue forecast for its current quarter, attributing it to the uncertainty over the impact of the deadly coronavirus on the company's business. But the spread in its range was actually the same as what it offered in three of its previous five quarters. Apple officials do seem wary of the outbreak, which has been making its way through China, and said they are already seeing some effects from it. The company and some of its retail partners have...
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Andy Samberg’s ‘Palm Springs’ Breaks Sundance Sales Records — By 69 Cents

Andy Samberg’s Palm Springs just broke the nicest records at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival this year. Hulu and Neon acquired the romantic-comedy for $17.5 million…and 69 cents. The number broke Sundance sale records for the biggest acquisition deal, sailing past Nate Parker’s 2016 film The Birth of a Nation by, yes, 69 cents. And while Hulu and Neon made a historic deal worthy of a few winks and nudges, Apple and A24 celebrated a more serious record-breaking deal in their acquisition of Boys ...
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Clearview AI Is Struggling To Address Complaints As Its Legal Issues Mount

An anonymous reader quotes a report from BuzzFeed News: Clearview AI, the facial recognition company that claims to have amassed a database of more than 3 billion photos scraped from Facebook, YouTube, and millions of other websites, is scrambling to deal with calls for bans from advocacy groups and legal threats. These troubles come after news reports exposed its questionable data practices and misleading statements about working with law enforcement. Following stories published in the New York...
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US Colleges Are Trying To Install Location Tracking Apps On Students' Phones

Some U.S. colleges are now apparently requiring students to install a location tracking app to track attendance. Sean Hollister writes for The Verge: The Kansas City Star reported that at the University of Missouri, new students "won't be given a choice" of whether to install the SpotterEDU app, which uses Apple's iBeacons to broadcast a Bluetooth signal that can help the phone figure out whether a student is actually in a room. But a university spokesperson told Campus Reform on Sunday that onl...
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Apple's iPhone back to growth as company braces for coronavirus impact

The iPhone is back. But Apple is girding for more disruptions in virus-hit China.
Tags: Apple, Money, businessNews

A top Unilever exec explains why the CPG giant is working with tech platforms to combat harmful content after threatening to yank budgets from them

Unilever once threatened to pull ads from Facebook and Google over fake news and extreme content, but it's begun taking a more collaborative approach. Business Insider spoke to Luis Di Como, Unilever's EVP of global media, last week after Davos, where it joined an industry collective to combat harmful content online. Di Como said Unilever realized it couldn't tackle problematic online content on its own and that an industry-wide solution was needed. Click here for more BI Prime stories. Consu...
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Google To Translate and Transcribe Conversations In Real Time

At a press event in San Francisco today, Google announced a feature that'll let people use their phones to both transcribe and translate a conversation in real time into a language that isn't being spoken. The tool will be available for the Google Translate app in the coming months, said Bryan Lin, an engineer on the Translate team. CNET reports: Right now the feature is being tested in several languages, including Spanish, German and French. Lin said the computing will take place on Google's se...
Tags: Google, San Francisco, Tech, Sundar Pichai, Cnet, Pichai, Lin, Google health, Bryan Lin

Apple Posts Record Revenue As iPhone Sales Smash Expectations

Apple reported revenue and profit significantly higher than what Wall Street analysts expected. According to CNBC, "Apple's revenue was up 9% to $91.8 billion," thanks in large part to iPhone revenue, "which was up 8% on the strength of new iPhone models." The report also that Apple's "Other Products" did $10 billion in sales during the quarter, and that Apple Watch, AirPods, and Beats headphones alone would be a "Fortune 150" company. Here's how Apple did compared to Refinitiv consensus estimat...
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Facebook's Jay Parikh, the veteran datacenter exec who helped the company cope with explosive user growth, is the latest insider to leave (FB)

Veteran Facebook executive Jay Parikh, who helped build out company's global technical infrastructure, announced Tuesday that he will be stepping down. Parikh oversaw the massive expanse of software and hardware that allows Facebook to operate and also ran its internet drone project. He is the latest in a string of veteran executives to leave the social network in the past 18 months. Parikh did not say when he will step down or what he plans to do next, only that he'll be focused on transition...
Tags: Apple, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Instagram, Trends, Zuckerberg, Chris Cox, Jay Parikh, Parikh, Dan Rose, Veteran Facebook

Apple CEO Tim Cook says 5G is still in its 'early innings' even though rivals like Samsung are already selling 5G phones (AAPL)

Apple CEO Tim Cook told Wall Street analysts that 5G wireless networking technology is still in the "early innings," and sidestepped any questions on a potential 5G iPhone. His comments came on Apple's earnings call, in the wake of announcing a blockbuster quarter that far surpassed analyst estimates. 5G networks are still scarce even in the United States, but major smartphone makers like Samsung, Huawei, and LG have already launched phones that support the next-generation wireless network. Co...
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Despite Apple’s record-breaking revenues, the Mac continues to struggle

Apple announced impressive quarterly earnings for Q1 of 2020 — except for the Mac.m
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Apple scrambles to reduce coronavirus impact on Chinese gear

Apple found backup suppliers to mitigate negative effects from the coronavirus outbreak
Tags: Apple, Mobile, News, Trends, Computing, Foxconn, iPhone 11, Coronavirus

Apple reports record profits amid concerns over economic impact of coronavirus

China, an important market for Apple products and critical part of its supply chain, has been rocked by the outbreakSales of the iPhone 11 propelled Apple to all-time record revenues and profits for the final three months of 2019, a strong performance that comes amid concerns over the impact of the coronavirus on the Chinese economy.Apple’s $91.8bn in quarterly revenue topped analyst expectations thanks to $56bn in iPhone sales. The strong performance marks a rebound for the company, which suffe...
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Apple TV Plus Had ‘Immaterial’ Revenue in Launch Quarter Amid One-Year Free Deal

Apple reported record-setting sales of nearly $92 billion for the three months that ended 2019 — but Apple TV Plus, the flashy new subscription-video service it bowed last fall, wasn’t part of the tech giant’s growth story. Apple TV Plus revenue “was immaterial to our results” for the period, CFO Luca Maestri told analysts on […]
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Apple 'closely monitoring' coronavirus

The outbreak has clouded the firm's forecast for the upcoming quarter.
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New iPhones Fuel Strong Profit for Apple

Apple found renewed growth with an increase in phone sales as well as younger products, like the Apple Watch, AirPods and its subscription services.
Tags: Iphone, Apple, News, Apple TV, Apple Inc, Company Reports, Wearable Computing, Apple Watch AirPods, Apple TV Plus

Apple's banner holiday-season quarter tops projections

Apple is still reaping huge profits from the iPhone while mining more moneymaking opportunities from the growing popularity of its smartwatch, digital services and wireless earbuds.That combination produced a banner season for a... [Author: [email protected]]
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Apple to start online sales in India in Q3 this year

Apple’s much-awaited online store in India will be operational starting Q3 this year, a little longer than previously expected, a source familiar with the matter told TechCrunch. The iPhone-maker said in August last year that it was “eager to serve [customers of India] online and in-store with the same experience and care that Apple customers around the world enjoy.” While the company never shared a firm timeline on when the online and brick-and-mortar stores would be set up in India, it was ...
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