Cringely Predicts IBM 'Disappears Into Red Hat'

Tech pundit Robert X. Cringely has been sharing technology predictions every January for over two decades -- and he made another big one on Friday: IBM has three divisions — Global Technology Services (GTS), Global Business Services (GBS), and Red Hat. GTS is the legacy IT business, GBS is the professional services business invented by Lou Gerstner to save IBM the last time it was in huge trouble, and Red Hat is Linux. GTS — that part of IBM most of us still think of as IBM — will probably be so...
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Does a Vegan Diet Affect Your Intelligence?

"The vegan diet is low in — or, in some cases, entirely devoid of — several important brain nutrients," argues the BBC. "Could these shortcomings be affecting vegans' abilities to think?" omfglearntoplay shared their article: According to the latest statistics, there are around 375 million vegetarians on the planet. In the West, veganism has ditched the hippie stigma to become one of the fastest-growing millennial trends; in the United States, it grew by 600% between 2014 and 2017. Meanwhile i...
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What do celebrity deaths tell us about ourselves?

“Kobe Bryant killed in crash with eight others.” So read the shocking headlines here and around the world. We soon learned among those “eight others” was Kobe’s 13-year old daughter, Gianna. A day later, we knew the names of everyone who plunged to their deaths into a Calabasas hillside on an eerily foggy Sunday morning. It is not Kobe’s fault his fame hogged the headlines, that eight lives were reduced to “others.” While we tell ourselves, “every life matters,” in reality, some lives matter mor...
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Programmer Moneyball: Challenging the Myth of Individual Programmer Productivity

Slashdot reader jbmartin6 summarizes a new article from Carnegie Mellon's Software Engineering Institute: An academic study challenges the notion that "some programmers are much, much better than others (the times-10, or x10, programmer), and that the skills, abilities, and talents of these programmers exert an outsized influence on that organization's success or failure." Instead, the author shows productivity variation is often a result of poor-performing outliers and some wide variation in ...
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The World's Largest Solar Telescope Snaps Its First Photograph

sciencehabit quotes Science magazine: A new close-up of the turbulent boiling plasma of the solar surface is the debut image of the largest telescope ever built for staring at the Sun. Sporting a 4-meter-wide mirror — twice the size of any existing solar scope—and a vantage point 3000 meters up on the summit of Haleakala on the Hawaiian island of Maui — the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope (DKIST) will reveal unprecedented detail of processes that channel energy from the Sun's interior into its ...
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Swansea copperworks: Industry was 'Google of its day'

The Hafod-Morfa works is undergoing a fingertip search to uncover lesser-known gems.
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Linus Torvalds Pulls WireGuard VPN into Linux 5.6 Kernel Source Tree

"The WireGuard VPN protocol will be included into the next Linux kernel as Linus Torvalds has merged it into his source tree for version 5.6," reports TechRadar: While there are many popular VPN protocols such as OpenVPN, WireGuard has made a name for itself by being easy to configure and deploy as SSH... The WireGuard protocol is a project from security researcher and kernel developer Jason Donenfeld who created it as an alternative to both IPsec and OpenVPN. Since the protocol consists of aro...
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Hisense A6L, with Google Play?

It says here: "Sometimes when you use the Google Play store it may ..." Okay. Does this mean it usually works just fine, but sometimes ... I have only seen A6 threads, hence I made a A6L thread. 23 seconds into this video you can see the Google Play icon.
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Apple temporarily closes all 42 stores in China as coronavirus spreads

Apple is temporarily closing all of its stores in China because of the coronavirus outbreak.
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Move Over, Silicon Valley: St. Louis, Atlanta, Small Cities Gaining Tech Jobs

Slashdot reader SpaceForceCommander shared Dice's new annual report on America's tech industry salaries based on a survey of over 12,800 "technologists": Columbus and St. Louis enjoyed double-digit year-over-year growth in salaries (14.2 percent and 13.6 percent, respectively), and other cities such as Denver [7 percent] and Atlanta [10 percent] also experienced an ideal mix of growth and high salaries. These up-and-comers benefitted from the presence of key employers such as Amazon and IBM; i...
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Apple Is Closing All of Its Stores and Corporate Offices in China Because of the Coronavirus Outbreak

Apple announced that it would close its official stores, corporate offices and contact centers in mainland China until Feb. 9 due to the coronavirus outbreak. The company stated that it was taking this action “out of an abundance of caution.”Read more...
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Go 1.15 Planning Will Not 'Try' Error Handling

The Go team is planning for a February release of Go 1.14, and "Per the process outlined in the Go 2, here we come! blog post, it is again the time in our development and release cycle to consider if and what language or library changes we might want to include for our next release, Go 1.15, scheduled for August of this year." The primary goals for Go remain package and version management, better error handling support, and generics. Module support is in good shape and getting better with each ...
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Facebook commitment to free speech will 'piss people off', Zuckerberg says

CEO defended Facebook’s decision not to ban political ads and said company will ‘stand up for free expression’Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook chief executive, has unveiled a new approach to political advertising which he described as a stand for the principles of free speech, but also one that will “piss off a lot of people”.In a candid discussion at the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit 2020 in Salt Lake City on Friday, Zuckerberg said that since his company is criticized for both what it does and does ...
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Ginni Rometty leaves complex legacy as she steps away as IBM CEO

When Ginni Rometty steps down as CEO at IBM in April and her replacement Arvind Krishna takes the helm, more than eight years will have passed since she took the reins at Big Blue. The executive helped lead a massive transformation, but IBM has had a bumpy financial ride throughout her tenure — at one time recording an astonishing 22 straight quarters of declining revenue. To be fair, Rometty took over at a tumultuous time when technology was shifting from on-prem software stacks to the cl...
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At CAA, Michael Yanover is still betting startups can change Hollywood’s agencies

In a large office scattered with drums, family mementos, and a well-used whiteboard, on the second floor of Central Artist Agency‘s Los Angeles glass, steel, and marble headquarters, Michael Yanover is busy plotting which CAA-repped talent could be the next big entrepreneur. Over a seventeen year career at one of Hollywood’s biggest agencies, Yanover has developed various strategies to align Silicon Valley’s tech industry with the star-making machine in Hollywood. It’s a bid to keep agencies rel...
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Elon Musk Releases an Electronic Dance Music Song

CNET shares "the latest, strangest news from the world of Elon Musk...electronic dance music?" It's the second song he's released on Emo G Records' Soundcloud page following 2019's RIP Harambe. On Thursday, Musk posted a series of tweets suggesting he'd written a song he was calling "Don't doubt yer vibe" and was releasing it on Emo G Records. There was a hint that we should expect some EDM coming our way. Never one to shy away from a meme that will undoubtedly be plastered across the interne...
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The best Android games currently available (February 2020)

The Google Play Store is loaded with both terrific and terrible gaming titles. We found the best for you.
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Travel bans plunge China into deepening isolation over coronavirus

Australia and other countries follow US in imposing near-total travel ban as foreign companies scale back activityThe growing coronavirus epidemic is isolating China as other countries trying to ward off infection or contain their own smaller outbreaks bar entry to travellers from China, and companies including Apple scale down travel and business there.The UK announced on Saturday it had withdrawn all but essential staff from embassies and consulates in China, as authorities at home dealt with ...
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New York Tech Event Introduces Emerging Products to Business Leaders

With 2020 fully underway, next-generation advances in technology are being introduced with new innovation across different industries. TECHSPO New York 2020 is a technology expo specifically created to bring industry leaders and innovators to showcase next-generation tech and emerging products. If you are a small business owner looking to get that competitive edge, this expo will have Internet, Mobile, AdTech, MarTech & SaaS Technology exhibitors. In addition to showcasing the technology, TECHS...
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Joel Hodgson Tours America in His Final Live Shows With 'Mystery Science Theatre 3000'

With some help from his robot (puppet) friends, TV's Joel Hodgson will heckle the movies "Circus of Horrors" and "No Retreat, No Surrender" live in San Francisco today -- before heading out to 26 other American cities (including Austin, Denver, Boise, and Salt Lake City). It's a final farewell tour, as local media outlets try to find an appropriate appreciation for his legacy: These days, the act of reacting is everywhere. Twitter is essentially one giant stream of people's snappy takes on curr...
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MEPs vote for universal charger for smartphones

The decision may frustrate Apple which had cautioned against such a decision.
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Apple Will Temporarily Close Stores In China Amid Rapid Spread Of Coronavirus

As officials struggle to contain the outbreak of the respiratory disease, Apple said it will close all 42 of its stores in mainland China until Feb. 10. (Image credit: Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)
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Startups Weekly: One Medical IPO raises unicorn hopes

Maybe ‘tech-enabled’ is good enough for public markets? Everybody’s talking about revenues after WeWork, but maybe you still don’t need to have all the right numbers in place to achieve a strong IPO? That’s the initial takeaway Alex Wilhelm has after One Medical’s successful debut this week. One might think it looks like a tech-enabled unicorn, that doesn’t generate the recurring revenue and margins of a true tech-powered business. But, the doctor-services provider closed up almost 40% on a som...
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The best iPhone apps available right now (February 2020)

The iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the world. Bring out the best in yours with these top 100 apps.
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Kindle 3rd Gen Experimental Browser Https no longer works on most sites.

It's a 3g 3rd Gen Kindle - I occasionally use the experimental web browser but can no longer access most sites that use https. Google, wikipedia etc. They all give the same error "Web Browser is unable to establish a secure connection with this web site" I can connect to though so ssl is still working for some sites at least. Non secure sites work fine. It makes no difference if I am using wifi or 3g Is this fixable? I suspect it is due to certificates expiring or some ...
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Spitzer Space Telescope Turns Out the Lights

Long-time Slashdot reader Kreuzfeld writes: Thursday marks the final mission of NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope. Conceived of as an infrared-optimized "Great Observatory," Spitzer has spent the last 6002 days providing Earthlings with an unprecedented view into other galaxies, our own solar system, and (unexpected to its designers!) planets around other stars. But in its Earth-trailing solar orbit, Spitzer is now over 1.5 astronomical units from the Earth: radio transmissions are increasingly d...
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Rethinking Capitalism: How the 2010s ruined the American Dream — and what should be done in the 2020s to bring it back

This article is part of BI's project "The 2010s: Toward a Better Capitalism." Over the past two months, we have explored the ways reforming capitalism became the defining debate in America for the past decade. It has set the stage for the policies we'll see in the 2020s. In the series, we explore the relationship between taxes and inequality, the renewed antitrust movement, turning talk around sustainability into action, labor rights, and what investments will best help the economy. Regardless...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Florida, Justice, Labor, Germany, Elizabeth Warren, US, America, Barack Obama, Trends, Walmart, United Nations, B Corp, Patagonia, Warren

Should Huawei Just Abandon Android?

Due to a U.S. government ban on sales to Huawei, Google revoked its license for popular apps last spring (including Gmail and the Play Store). But this week Huawei executive Fred Wangfei suggested that even if that ban is lifted, Huawei would continue developing its own app ecosystem instead to avoid the possibility of future political complications. The vice president of risk management and partner relations at Huawei later called those remarks "incorrect," while elsewhere Huawei issued a sli...
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Watch 57,000 planned satellites swarm Earth within 9 years in a stunning new animation

SpaceX, Amazon, OneWeb, and other companies plan to collectively launch as many as 57,000 new satellites before the end of 2030. A new animation by aerospace data firm Analytical Graphics, Inc. shows the year-by-year rollout of all the new satellites.  Although all of these satellites are unlikely to launch, every new satellite compounds the likelihood of close encounters between spacecraft and space junk. An aerospace engineer behind the work says satellite operators will need to deeply colla...
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Justin Kan opens up (Part 1)

Greg Epstein Contributor Share on Twitter Greg M. Epstein is the Humanist Chaplain at Harvard and MIT, and the author of The New York Times bestselling book "Good Without God." Described as a “godfather to the [humanist] movement” by The New York Times Magazine in recognition of his efforts to build inclusive, inspiring and ethical communities for the nonreligious and allies, Greg was also named “one of the top faith and moral leaders...
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