In India, Apple now has 76% market share in Rs 35K+ phone category

According to a report by IDC, in Q4 2019, Apple garnered an impressive 75.6% market share in the premium (Rs 35,000 and above) segment. Apple is also the number one player — beating Samsung in the process — in the premium smartphone market. This growth is largely due to Apple's aggressive pricing strategy, followed by deals and bundle offers. The post appeared first on NextBigWhat.
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California Apple Stores Must Pay Workers During Bag Searches

SACRAMENTO (AP) — Employees at Apple stores must be paid for time they spend waiting for managers or security guards to search their bags to make sure they’re not stealing anything, the California Supreme Court ruled Thursday. What’s more, the justices said their class-action ruling is retroactive, covering all Apple California rank-and-file employees who were subject to the bag-search policy from July 25, 2009, to the present. Apple has 52 stores in California, but didn’t immediately comment or...
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Stephanie Yung of Smart Design Predicts the Most Promising Future Design Trends in Health & Wellness

For this year's Core77 Design Awards, we're conducting in-depth interviews with some of our 2020 jury captains to get in a glimpse into their creative minds and to hear more about what they'll be looking for in this year's awards submissions. Stephanie Yung is Design Director at Smart Design in New York City, a leading company in the product development space. Yung's design experience over the years expands across industries far and wide, but she has dedicated a particular, passionate focus ove...
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500 Chrome Extensions Secretly Uploaded Private Data From Millions of Users

More than 500 browser extensions downloaded millions of times from Google's Chrome Web Store surreptitiously uploaded private browsing data to attacker-controlled servers, researchers said on Thursday. Ars Technica reports: The extensions were part of a long-running malvertising and ad-fraud scheme that was discovered by independent researcher Jamila Kaya. She and researchers from Cisco-owned Duo Security eventually identified 71 Chrome Web Store extensions that had more than 1.7 million install...
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App developers are growing wary of Apple's stringent store guidelines: 'Who's going to want to build the next giant innovative app on the platform?'

Some app developers are increasingly wary of working with Apple, thanks to its stringent set of rules that govern the App Store.  Developers for products like parental control app Boomerang are recommending their customers buy Androids, not iPhones, for their children.  After an antitrust hearing in January in which Tile accused the tech giant of using the Store to enable its alleged anticompetitive behavior, these complaints have grown louder. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more storie...
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Netflix Loses Bid To Dismiss $25 Million Lawsuit Over 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch'

On Tuesday, Netflix lost a bid to escape a lawsuit brought by the trademark owner of "Choose Your Own Adventure" over the 2018 immersive film Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. The series' original publisher, Chooseco, sued the company early last year for $25 million in damages, as the company says that Netflix's new movie benefits from association with the Choose Your Own Adventure series, without the company ever receiving the trademark. From Hollywood Reporter: According to the plaintiff, it has bee...
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Innovaccer wants to be the service that unifies all healthcare data

The holy grail for technology companies working in the healthcare industry is becoming the gateway for all healthcare data. Big legacy providers like Epic and Cerner are trying to reach out to hospital networks to hoover up all of their data. Google is interested in it. Salesforce is interested in it. Everyone wants to be the resource that organizes and manages healthcare data for physicians and hospital providers — everyone including the San Francisco-based startup Innovaccer, which has r...
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The world’s thinnest truly-wireless earphones don’t feel like a floss-box in your pocket

In the interest of consumer-friendliness, someone designed what is arguably the most satisfying pair of truly wireless earphones. The CARD20, as they’re called, come with a coveted iF 2020 Design Award for being incredibly slim, pocket-friendly, yet as robust and long-lasting as other truly wireless earphones on the market. They feature a capsule-shaped design that measures a stunning half-inch in thickness, allowing them to slide right into your pocket without creating that unsightly bulge. T...
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Maniv Mobility General Partner Olaf Sakkers is coming to TC Sessions: Mobility

In case you haven’t heard, TC Sessions: Mobility is back for second year. This one-day event, which will be held May 14 in San Jose, promises to feature some of best and brightest engineers, policymakers, investors, entrepreneurs and innovators, all of whom are vying to be a part of this new age of transportation. Attendees of TC Sessions: Mobility can expect interviews with founders, investors and inventors, demos of the latest tech, breakout sessions, dozens of startup exhibits and opportun...
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Fishing and Travel: In-depth Travel Advice for the International Angler

Fishing and Travel: In-depth Travel Advice for the International Angler Why do you travel so much just to catch fish? This is one of the commonly asked questions us travelling anglers get from friends and family. In this post, I like to share why travelling has become such an important factor in fishing or angling, and why you should travel more too if you are still hesitant to do so. Do the Research Most start off by choosing their targeted species,...
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Would you trust a vet to diagnose your pet by video?

New video services allow pet owners to get expert advice 24/7, but they still have limitations.
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Andy Rubin's Essential Products is shutting down; So is Newton Mail

Andy Rubin, the man behind Android is shutting down Essential Products. While the smartphone did not sell well, it was one of the first devices to feature a minimal notch for the front-facing camera. It was also applauded for getting fast Android updates, though that is ending today. Essential acquired Newton Mail last year, which will also be shutting down. As part of the company wind down, the security update for PH-1 released on February 3 is the last update from the Essential software team. ...
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The best prepaid cell phone plans for 2020

Looking to spend less on your cell phone? We run through the best pre-paid plans and what each has to offer.
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Apple's Mac Computers Now Outpace Windows In Malware (slashdot)

According to cybersecurity software company Malwarebytes' latest State of Malware report, the amount of malware on Macs is outpacing PCs for the first time ever. Recode reports: Windows machines still dominate the market share and tend to have more security vulnerabilities, which has for years made them the bigger and easier target for hackers. But as Apple's computers have grown in popularity, hackers appear to be focusing more of their attention on the versions of macOS that power them. Malwar...
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Apple Liable For Millions In Unpaid Wages After Court Rules Retail Worker Bag Checks Illegal

The California Supreme Court in a decision (PDF) delivered on Thursday found Apple broke state law by not paying retail workers for the time they spent participating in mandatory bag and device searches, leaving the company liable for millions in unpaid wages. AppleInsider reports: In a unanimous ruling, the court holds employees were and are in Apple's control during mandatory exit searches of bags, packages, devices and other items. As such, Apple is required to compensate its employees for ti...
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7-month-old Simsim secures $16M for its social commerce in India

Simsim, a social commerce startup in India, said on Friday it has raised $16 million in seven months of its existence as it attempts to replicate the offline retail experience in the digital world with help from influencers. The Gurgaon-based startup said it raised $16 million across Seed, Series A, and Series B financing rounds from Accel Partners, Shunwei Capital, and Good Capital. (The most recent round, Series B, was of $8 million in size.) “Despite e-commerce players bandying out major d...
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Tim Sweeney: Android is a Fake Open System, and iOS is Worse (slashdot)

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney opened a game event in Las Vegas today with a call to make the industry more open and liberate it from the monopolistic practices of platform owners such as Google and Apple. From a report: In a talk about his vision for games in the next decade, Sweeney alternated between criticizing all of the big players in the game industry to criticizing specific players with examples of how their behavior isn't good for consumers or for competition. [...] Sweeney called Android a...
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YouTube Censors Senate Floor Speech With Whistleblower's Name

SonicSpike shares a report from The Hill: YouTube has removed a video from its platform that shows Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) stating on the Senate floor the name of a person who conservative media have suggested is the whistleblower whose complaint triggered the impeachment inquiry of President Trump. The company, home to millions of hours of video content, said in a statement on Thursday that "videos, comments, and other forms of content that mention the leaked whistleblower's name" violate its co...
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The rise and fall of Andy Rubin, the former Google executive accused of sexual misconduct whose new startup, Essential, just shut down for good (GOOGL, GOOG)

Andy Rubin is the creator of Android and a former Google executive. Rubin's career seemed to be on track — software engineering in Silicon Valley in the 1990s, founding Android, being a top dog at Google for a decade — until he was let go from Google after a sexual misconduct investigation, according to multiple news reports. Rubin has been accused of having inappropriate relations with a subordinate, allegedly coercing a woman into oral sex (an allegation that Rubin denies). And recent unseal...
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Google ordered to reveal author of Australian dentist's bad review

The Australian court ruling forces the US firm to hand over details about the anonymous poster.
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How to jailbreak your iPhone on iOS 13: A beginner’s guide

Here's a guide on how to jailbreak your iOS device running iOS 13 or earlier. It's easier than you think!
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How to Optimize AMP Stories for Google Search Results via @MattGSouthern

An official set of recommendations concerning SEO for AMP stories is now available from the AMP Open Source Project.The post How to Optimize AMP Stories for Google Search Results via @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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Not a Genius move after all: Apple must cough up $$$ in back pay for store staff forced to wait for bag searches

California Supreme Court skewers iGiant for stiffing loyal drones Apple will have to pay its retail store workers back wages after the California Supreme Court ruled staff should be compensated for the time they spend every day having their bags checked by security.…
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Trafficking industry hit as ‘sex worker’ chatbots fool thousands

Campaign to lure men seeking to buy sex triggers big decline in online searches in SeattleSex trafficking in a US city was significantly disrupted by a non-profit group that deployed decoy chatbots in conversations with tens of thousands of men.During a two-year period, Seattle Against Slavery posted fake online adverts that connected people with chatbots that initially posed as sex workers, before delivering a deterrence message. The campaign, which also involved placing more than 2m Google adv...
Tags: Google, Science, Technology, Prostitution, US, Society, World news, US news, Seattle, Sex trade, AAAS, Chatbots, SeattleSex, Seattle Against Slavery

Fishing and Travel: An In-depth Travel Advice for the International Angler

Fishing and Travel: An In-depth Travel Advice for the International Angler Why do you travel so much just to catch fish? This is one of the commonly asked questions us travelling anglers get from friends and family. In this post, I like to share why travelling has become such an important factor in fishing or angling, and why you should travel more too if you are still hesitant to do so. Do the Research Most start off by choosing their targeted speci...
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Google Servers – Not Enough for Venue

In re Google (Fed. Cir. 2020) In a mandamus order, the Federal Circuit has ruled that Google cannot be sued in E.D. Texas for patent infringement — holding that the district is an improper venue under TC Heartland LLC v. Kraft Foods Group Brands LLC, 137 S. Ct. 1514 (2017). For most Federal Causes of action, venue is deemed proper if the court hearing the case has personal jurisdiction over the defendants. However, patent infringement cases are different.  Patent cases fall under a more specific...
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Qualcomm Makes Case To Appeals Court That It Didn't Hurt Competition

Qualcomm is making the case for why it didn't hurt competition in the smartphone chip business. "The company, represented by attorney Thomas Goldstein of the firm Goldstein & Russell, on Thursday appeared before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in downtown San Francisco," reports CNET. "Qualcomm is hoping the appeals court will overturn a ruling by a district court judge that declared it to be a monopoly and ordered it to renegotiate its licensing contracts." From the report: Qual...
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Parasite Translator.

No, not an interpreter of parasites, but Darcy Paquet, the guy who did the English-language subtitles for Bong Joon-ho’s movie Parasite, this year’s surprise Oscar winner; Lee Hana had a nice interview with him last year for, and I’ll quote the most linguistically interesting bits here: – For “Parasite,” you and Bong jointly revised the final version of the subtitles. What was that process like? I typed up the subtitles for about a week and half. We sent some emails back and forth. Aft...
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Two years ago Microsoft launched a special program to help startups get off the ground and use its cloud, and now it's giving them access to two of its fastest growing apps (MSFT)

Microsoft for Startups is Microsoft's program for enterprise startups that gives them access to use Microsoft's Azure cloud, helps them sell to business customers and gives them access to Microsoft's customer base. On Thursday, Microsoft for Startups announced it will give startups access to GitHub Enterprise and Microsoft Power Platform. Microsoft for Startups is also a way to help Microsoft take on its cloud rivals Amazon Web Services and Google because it helps enterprise startups get acqua...
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Getting tech right in Iowa and elsewhere requires insight into data, human behavior

Hollie Russon Gilman Contributor Share on Twitter Hollie Russon Gilman is a Fellow at New America's Political Reform Program, Lecturer at Columbia University, a Non-Resident Fellow at Georgetown's Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation and is the co-author of Civic Power: Rebuilding American Democracy in an Era of Crisis. More posts by this contributor What can cities learn from Amazon HQ? Millennials c...
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