Get Android 10 on Redmi Note 8 with DerpFest ROM

Xiaomi’s Redmi unveiled the Redmi Note 8 series in the country back in October running MIUI 10.3 Global Stable on top of Android 9.0 (Pie) and later rolled out MIUI 11 update to both the smartphones. The Pro variant has been the talk of the town since it is superior to the vanilla Redmi Note 8 in every aspect, but Redmi Note 8 has better custom ROM and mods support compared to its Pro sibling, thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC. Redmi Note 8 started receiving Android 10 in China last month...
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Russian Trolls Now Just Push Divisive Content Created By Others

"Americans don't need Russia's polarizing influence operations. They are plenty good enough at dividing themselves," writes the Atlantic's national security reporter, arguing that "the new face of Russian propaganda" is just a carefully-curated selection of inflammatory content made by Americans themselves. Citing the Mueller investigation, the article notes the irony that America's two front-runners for the presidency are now "both candidates Russian trolls sought to promote in 2016," calling...
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Production of cheaper AirPods Pro reportedly moving forward amid coronavirus

Suppliers are reportedly preparing to start production of the cheaper version of Apple's AirPods Pro earbuds.
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Microsoft Defender antivirus software to roll out to iOS, Android this year

Phones are pretty safe, you say? “Pretty safe is not the same as safe,” they reply
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Google’s Message to Huawei Device Users: Do Not Use the Side Door to Install Google Apps

Google wants to clear things up for Huawei device users: Google’s apps and services cannot be preloaded on new Huawei devices and are not available due to U.S. government restrictions. If users try to download Google apps and services through a side door, or essentially download them from somewhere other than the Play…Read more...
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Are APIs Putting Financial Data At Risk?

We live in a world where billions of login credentials have been stolen, enabling the brute-force cyberattacks known as "credential stuffing", reports CSO Online. And it's being made easier by APIs: New data from security and content delivery company Akamai shows that one in every five attempts to gain unauthorized access to user accounts is now done through application programming interfaces (APIs) instead of user-facing login pages. According to a report released today, between December 2017 a...
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Amazon Is Collecting Donations For a Scientology-Linked Anti-Drug Charity

An anonymous reader quotes the Guardian: Amazon has agreed to channel funds to a controversial drug rehabilitation charity linked to the Church of Scientology, the Guardian has learned. The web giant will make donations to Narconon — which runs programmes for drug addicts based on the teachings of the Scientology founder, L Ron Hubbard — when supporters buy products through the site, with shoppers able to pledge 0.5% of purchases to selected charities under Amazon's "Smile" feature... Experts ...
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Bernie Sanders wins Nevada caucuses, takes national Democratic lead

LAS VEGAS — Bernie Sanders scored a resounding victory in Nevada’s presidential caucuses on Saturday, cementing his status as the Democrats’ national front-runner amid escalating tensions over whether he’s too liberal to defeat President Donald Trump. The 78-year-old Vermont senator successfully rallied his fiercely loyal base and tapped into support from Nevada’s large Latino community as the Democratic contest moved for the first time into a state with a significant minority population. The wi...
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Fog Armed Security Systems – They Can’t Steal What They Can’t See !!!

Fog Armed Security Systems – They Can’t Steal What They Can’t See !!! Facts: A burglary occurs every 13 seconds in the U.S. 88 % of all burglaries are residential in nature. 77% of all crimes are property crimes. 3 out Read more… The post Fog Armed Security Systems – They Can’t Steal What They Can’t See !!! appeared first on Internet Marketing, Guest Post, B2B Marketing, Latest Technology, SEM, SEO Tips.
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Wine Marketing 101: 5 Tips to Sweeten Your Wineries Sales

by Robert Clough Marketing a winery and making it stand out in a crowded field is a tough ask.  There are over 10,000 wineries in the United States. Your marketing needs to be flawless to sell your wines. Read on to learn the top wine marketing tips that you can implement right away to boost your wine sales. 1. Have a Great Story People are naturally drawn to stories. Stories are the reason why some wineries do so much better than others. People care about where and how the grapes are ...
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City Sues Drug Manufacture Mallinckrodt Over 97,500% Price Increase

McGruber quotes Atlanta TV station WSB: The city of Marietta, Georgia is suing drug manufacturer Mallinckrodt after Mallinckrodt increased the price of the drug Acthar by 97,500%. The lawsuit, filed in federal court, claims one city employee needs the drug Acthar, which is used to treat seizures in small children. "Acthar used to cost $40, but Mallinckrodt has raised the price of the drug to over $39,000 per vial," the city claims in the lawsuit. "This eye-popping 97,500% price increase i...
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Cat Backpack

Unique backpack designed to look like realistic cat that jumped on your back. Cat backpack created by Japanese designer Pico, maker of Cat Bags. Also check out: Angel Wings Backpacks
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Did 'The SImpsons' Accurately Portray STEM Education and the Gig Economy?

Long-time Slashdot reader theodp writes: On Sunday, The Simpsons aired The Miseducation Of Lisa Simpson, an episode in which Marge — with the help of a song from John Legend ("STEM, it's not just for dorks, dweebs and nerds / It'll turn all your dumb kids to Zuckerbergs") — convinces Springfield to use a windfall the town reaped by seizing shipwreck treasure to build the Springfield STEM Academy to "prepare kids for the jobs of tomorrow." All goes well initially — both Lisa and Bart love their...
Tags: Tech, Vr, Silicon Valley, Woods, Bart, Springfield, Slashdot, Lisa, Norma Rae, Lisa Simpson, Zach Woods, Marge, EEP, Zuckerbergs

City Sues Drug Manufacturer Mallinckrodt Over 97,500% Price Increase

McGruber quotes Atlanta TV station WSB: The city of Marietta, Georgia is suing drug manufacturer Mallinckrodt after Mallinckrodt increased the price of the drug Acthar by 97,500%. The lawsuit, filed in federal court, claims one city employee needs the drug Acthar, which is used to treat seizures in small children. "Acthar used to cost $40, but Mallinckrodt has raised the price of the drug to over $39,000 per vial," the city claims in the lawsuit. "This eye-popping 97,500% price increase i...
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Startups Weekly: What the E-Trade deal says about Robinhood

[Editor’s note: Want to get this weekly review of news that startups can use by email? Just subscribe here.]  How well do Robinhood’s financials stack up against incumbent online brokerages? While we wait for the seven-year-old company’s long-planned IPO, Alex Wilhelm examined Morgan Stanley’s big $13 billion purchase of E-Trade for fresh data comparison points. Robinhood has 10 million accounts — twice what E-Trade has — but it also appears to make much less money per user and has far fewer ass...
Tags: Apple, Startups, TC, La, US, Tech, Tesla, WeWork, EC, West Coast, Morgan Stanley, UC Berkeley, Alex, Robinhood, Alex Wilhelm, Wallace

Apple Maps vs. Google Maps: Which one is best for you?

Apple Maps and Google Maps are now similar, but which one is better? We explore some of the key differences.
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This Week in Apps: HQ Trivia’s dramatic death, Android 11, Apple mulls a more open iOS

Welcome back to This Week  in Apps, the Extra Crunch series that recaps the latest OS news, the applications they support and the money that flows through it all. The app industry is as hot as ever, with a record 204 billion downloads in 2019 and $120 billion in consumer spending in 2019, according to App Annie’s recently released “State of Mobile” annual report. People are now spending 3 hours and 40 minutes per day using apps, rivaling TV. Apps aren’t just a way to pass idle hours — they’re a...
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'Hutter Prize' for Lossless Compression of Human Knowledge Increased to 500,000€

Baldrson (Slashdot reader #78,598) writes: First announced on Slashdot in 2006, AI professor Marcus Hutter has gone big with his challenge to the artificial intelligence [and data compression] community. A 500,000€ purse now backs The Hutter Prize for Lossless Compression of Human Knowledge... Hutter's prize incrementally awards distillation of Wikipedia's storehouse of human knowledge to its essence. That essence is a 1-billion-character excerpt of Wikipedia called "enwik9" -- approximately t...
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A Ransomware Attack Shut a US Natural Gas Plant and Its Pipelines

Long-time Slashdot reader Garabito writes: The Department of Homeland Security has revealed that an unnamed U.S. natural gas compression facility was forced to shut down operations for two days after becoming infected with ransomware. The plant was targeted with a phishing e-mail, that allowed the attacker to access its IT network and then pivot to its Operational Technology (OT) control network, where it compromised Windows PCs used as human machine interface, data historians and polling server...
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Original Content podcast: Netflix’s ‘Locke & Key’ offers spooky delights

At times, it can be hard to tell exactly who “Locke & Key” was made for. Adapted from a comic book series written by Joe Hill and illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez, the show tells the story of the Locke family after they move into the mysterious Keyhouse, where they soon discover hidden keys that can be used for a variety of magical purposes. With its emphasis on adolescent romance and magical powers, “Locke & Key” often feels like a young adult adaptation, but it also strays into darker territor...
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Fintech startups raised $34B in 2019

Financial services startups raised less money in 2019 than they did in 2018 as VC firms looked to back late stage firms and focused on developing markets, a new report has revealed. According to research firm CB Insights’ annual report published this week, fintech startups across the world raised $33.9 billion* in total last year across 1,912 deals*, down from $40.8 billion they picked up by participating in 2,049 deals the year before. It’s a comprehensive report, which we recommend you read...
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Co-Creator of the First Star Trek Convention Has Died

Long-time Slashdot reader sandbagger shared this report from the Hugo award-winning science fiction fanzine File 770: North Bellmore, New York fan Elyse Rosenstein, 69, died suddenly on February 20th. She had been undergoing rehabilitation after suffering a broken leg. At the time of her death, she was a retired secondary school science teacher. With Joyce Yasner, Joan Winston, Linda Deneroff and Devra Langsam, she organized the very first Star Trek convention, held in New York City in 1972. The...
Tags: New York City, Tech, Star Trek, Slashdot, Isaac Asimov, New York Academy of Sciences, North Bellmore New York, Elyse Rosenstein, Joyce Yasner Joan Winston Linda Deneroff, Devra Langsam, Long Island Physics Teachers Association

Human emotions must adapt to thrive in the machine age

Did you know TNW Conference has a track fully dedicated to bringing the biggest names in tech to showcase inspiring talks from those driving the future of technology this year? Tim Leberecht, who authored this piece, is one of the speakers. Check out the full ‘Impact‘ program here. “If there is pain, nurse it, and if there is a flame, don’t snuff it out, don’t be brutal with it. Withdrawal can be a terrible thing when it keeps us awake at night, and watching others forget us sooner than we’d wan...
Tags: Startups, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Tim Leberecht, Syndication

Violent men are to blame, not Tinder. But online dating comes with risk | Barbara Ellen

After the horrific murder of Grace Millane, it’s worth reflecting on safety measures for datingWomen, please never feel that you have to be “cool” about dating strangers you meet online.The killer of Grace Millane has been jailed for life, a minimum of 17 years, for strangling her to death in a hotel room in Auckland, New Zealand, after a Tinder date, the night before her 22nd birthday. Afterwards, the man, whose name has been suppressed, watched porn and took intimate “trophy” photos of the Bri...
Tags: Technology, Tinder, Life and style, UK News, World news, Asia Pacific, New Zealand, Online Dating, Auckland, Barbara Ellen, Auckland New Zealand, Grace Millane

Nevada results live: track the votes as they come in

Get the latest numbers as Democrats back their candidates in the crucial early voting stateHelp us cover the critical issues of 2020. Consider making a contributionDemocrats in Nevada will caucus for their chosen candidates this evening, as the third state in the primary season speaks its voice. Nevada is the first majority non-white state to vote, so the contest will be closely watched to determine how candidates perform among a much more diverse electorate than Iowa or New Hampshire.Following ...
Tags: Google, US news, Democrats, US politics, New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada, Nevada Democratic Party, US elections 2020

Breach of MGM Hotels' Cloud Server Exposed Data on 10.6 Million People

Personal information from more than 10.6 million people was published online this week, reports ZDNet -- all from people who'd stayed at MGM Resorts hotels (which include the Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, and ARIA): Besides details for regular tourists and travelers, included in the leaked files are also personal and contact details for celebrities, tech CEOs, reporters, government officials, and employees at some of the world's largest tech companies. ZDNet verified the authenticity of the data today...
Tags: Nbc News, Tech, Dhs, Justin Bieber, Secret Service, Tsa, Jack Dorsey, MGM, MGM Resorts, Zdnet, Kela, MGM Hotels, ZDNet Twitter, Bellagio Mandalay Bay, Irina Nesterovsky Head

Do phones need to fold?

As Samsung (re)unveiled its clamshell folding phone last week, I kept seeing the same question pop up amongst my social circles: why? I was wondering the same thing myself, to be honest. I’m not sure even Samsung knows; they’d win me over by the end, but only somewhat. The halfway-folded, laptop-style “Flex Mode” allows you to place the phone on a table for hands-free video calling. That’s pretty neat, I guess. But… is that it? The best answer to “why?” I’ve come up with so far isn’t a very sati...
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Who made and owns TikTok?

With 1.5 billion users, this makes TikTok the most popular social media app in the world right now, but who owns the short form video sharing app and is your personal information on the app safe? TikTok is the number one (non-gaming) app in the world, but the app largely remains a mystery to those outside of Gen Z. After the death of Vine in 2016, ByteDance were quick to fill the void with a similar short form video app, largely focused around lip-syncing. Chinese company ByteDance, ...
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The real test of an AI machine is when it can admit to not knowing something | John Naughton

Mark Zuckerberg and Brussels both have ideas on AI regulation, but it’s a Cambridge statistician who has produced something intelligibleOn Wednesday the European Commission launched a blizzard of proposals and policy papers under the general umbrella of “shaping Europe’s digital future”. The documents released included: a report on the safety and liability implications of artificial intelligence, the internet of things and robotics; a paper outlining the EU’s strategy for data; and a white pape...
Tags: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Europe, Technology, Eu, Computing, Cambridge, European Commission, Consciousness, Brussels, John Naughton, Artificial intelligence (AI, Nicholas Clegg

How Artificial Shrimps Could Change the World

Singaporean company Shiok Meats aims to grow artificial shrimp to combat the negative environmental effects associated with farmed shrimp. An anonymous reader shares an excerpt from The Economist: For a long time, beef has been a target of environmentalists because of cattle farming's contribution to global warming. But what about humble shrimp and prawns? They may seem, well, shrimpy when compared with cows, but it turns out the tasty decapods are just as big an environmental problem. The issue...
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