Thursday Feb 27 Grand Cayman Island

Hello from Grand Cayman Island the largest of three Cayman Islands. You can Google the other two island names if you are interested but this is the one where we are today. And we got a very early start on our activities for the day.We had to meet in
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We Should Prepare For a US Outbreak of Coronavirus, Not Because We May Feel Personally at Risk, But So That We Can Help Lessen the Risk For Everyone.

Zeynep Tufekci, writing for Scientific American: Preparing for the almost inevitable global spread of this virus, now dubbed COVID-19, is one of the most pro-social, altruistic things you can do in response to potential disruptions of this kind. We should prepare, not because we may feel personally at risk, but so that we can help lessen the risk for everyone. We should prepare not because we are facing a doomsday scenario out of our control, but because we can alter every aspect of this risk we...
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Polish Potato Pancakes

These Polish potatoes pancakes are also known as placki ziemniaczane. You can serve them with sour cream, sprinkled with sugar or with Apple sauce. [Author: Super Madcow]
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I Pray Apple's Rumored iPad Pro Keyboard with Trackpad Ditches the Fabric

Apple really, really wants you to consider the iPad a MacBook replacement, so after adding cursor support in the latest version of iPad OS, the company reportedly has a reimagined Smart Keyboard with built-in trackpad on deck.Read more...
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Apple Plans To Release an iPad Pro Smart Keyboard With Trackpad in 2020

Apple is working on an iPad keyboard that includes a built-in trackpad, reports The Information, citing a person familiar with the company's product roadmap. From a report: Apple has reportedly been experimenting with trackpads for the iPad for a "number of years." Some of the prototypes have featured capacitive keys, though it is not known if this feature is in the finished product. The Information's source says that the keyboard will be made from materials similar to those in Apple's current S...
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Subsidized Apple Watches for an Early Stroke Risk Detection Trial

Atrial fibrillation is the most common type of heart arrhythmia. If you have it, your chances of having a stroke are five times higher than average. Unfortunately, detecting atrial fibrillation typically requires that you notice something's amiss, and go see a doctor to confirm the condition with lab tests or imaging. And of course, by then it may be too late.Last year Apple did a study of 400,000 Apple-Watch-wearing subjects to see if their device could passively detect atrial fibrillation. Tur...
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Let's Encrypt Has Issued a Billion Certificates

Let's Encrypt, writing in a blog post: We issued our billionth certificate on February 27, 2020. We're going to use this big round number as an opportunity to reflect on what has changed for us, and for the Internet, leading up to this event. In particular, we want to talk about what has happened since the last time we talked about a big round number of certificates - one hundred million. One thing that's different now is that the Web is much more encrypted than it was. In June of 2017 approxima...
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Real estate stocks slammed amid coronavirus market woes

Days of coronavirus-induced stock selloffs have driven the share price of numerous companies, including many in the real estate industry, plummeting.
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The Moorgen Smart Remote’s design is weirdly attractive… but why?

It may appear hostile, with the way it takes on this scaly armadillo-inspired aesthetic… but that hostility doesn’t translate to you wanting to avoid the Moorgen Smart Remote. It makes you curious, it makes you practically want to pet it. There’s something unexplainable about the Moorgen Smart Remote’s strange allure, but I’ll try my best to justify why I can’t stop staring at it!The smart remote was designed not for television, but rather for operating smart lights and curtains around the house...
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SXSW Pitch Finalist: Flugauto

Flugauto Co-Founders (left to right): Frank Noppel, CEO, Gerrit Becker, CCO, and Alexander Xydas, COO. The Forrest Four-Cast: February 27, 2020 A B2B tech company, Flugauto is developing a world-class UAV platform for aerial delivery of industrial cargo for the energy industry. For businesses that want to transport cargo, they offer the benefits of a helicopter, including speed and access to remote locations, but at the cost of ground transportation.They have an end-to-end solution, from oper...
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Install Nginx with Brotli on Ubuntu 18.04

Install Brotli with Nginx on Ubuntu 18.04. Brotli is a lossless compression algorithm which is developed by Google for the compression of static resources like HTML, JS, CSS and JSON.
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Clearview said its facial recognition app was only for law enforcement as it courted private companies

After claiming that it would only sell its controversial facial recognition software to law enforcement agencies, a new report suggests that Clearview AI is less than discerning about its client base. According to Buzzfeed News, the small, secretive company looks to have shopped its technology far and wide. While Clearview counts ICE, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York and the retail giant Macy’s among its paying customers, many more private companies are testing...
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Apple may develop an iPad keyboard with a built-in trackpad

A rumor indicates that Apple could be planning full mouse support for the tablet
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Google Lets People Customize Their Profile Cards For Search Results via @MattGSouthern

Google is testing the ability for people to customize their own Knowledge Graph cards that are displayed in search results.The post Google Lets People Customize Their Profile Cards For Search Results via @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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Latin America roundup: SoftBank adds $1B, Stori raises $10M and Grow Mobility puts on the brakes

Sophia Wood Contributor Share on Twitter Sophia Wood is a Venture Partner at Magma Partners. Sophia is also the co-founder of LatAm List, an English-language Latin American tech news source. More posts by this contributor Latin America Roundup: XP’s chart-topping IPO, Wildlife becomes a unicorn, SoftBank backs Konfio Latin America roundup: Neobanks raise $205M+; Softbank backs VTEX After invest...
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US Health Workers Responding To Coronavirus Lacked Training and Protective Gear, Whistle-Blower Says

Federal health employees interacted with Americans quarantined for possible exposure to the coronavirus without proper medical training or protective gear then scattered into the general population, The New York Times reported Thursday, citing a government whistle-blower. From the report: In a portion of a complaint filing obtained by The New York Times that has been submitted to the Office of the Special Counsel, the whistle-blower, described as a senior leader at the Department of Health and H...
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Board Question #92946: Dear Sunday Night Banter, How do you survive the newborn ...

Q: Dear Sunday Night Banter,How do you survive the newborn stage?-Dying A: Dear you, Take a deep breath and realize that if I can survive the newborn stage, then anyone can. Seriously though. A little part of me died during the newborn stage. When my daughter was a newborn, I hardly got any sleep and it was in the middle of finals week....for me and my wife. Yeah, it was EXHAUSTING! Fortunately, my mom practically moved in with us so we could finish our finals. She is a saint and deserves all ...
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SeeHow helps cricketers train smarter

Like baseball, cricket relies on grass, dirt, wood, cork, spit, spin, drop and rise en route to either victory or loss. And like baseball — and just about any other sport, really — cricket coaching staffs and their players worldwide are looking for more ways to track every move. Tracking statistics is nothing new. With each action, a player produces a stat that can be used to track improvement or struggle over a given period of time. But as players get stronger and stakes — financial and otherwi...
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Facebook, Google and Twitter Rebel Against Pakistan's Censorship Rules

When Pakistan's government unveiled some of the world's most sweeping rules on internet censorship this month, global internet companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter were expected to comply or face severe penalties -- including the potential shutdown of their services. Instead, the tech giants banded together and threatened to leave the country and its 70 million internet users in digital darkness. The New York Times: Through a group called the Asia Internet Coalition, they wrote a scathing...
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Senate passes ‘rip and replace’ bill to remove old Huawei and ZTE equipment from networks

The U.S. Senate today voted unanimously to pass the Secure and Trusted Telecommunications Networks Act. Written as a response to recent concerns around Chinese hardware manufacturers, the bill would ban purchase of telecom equipment from embattled Chinese manufactures like Huawei and ZTE. H.R. 4998, which passed the House last December, would also include $1 billion in funding to help smaller rural telecoms “rip and replace” existing equipment from specific manufacturers. The bill still needs...
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DocuSign acquires Seal Software for $188M to enhance its AI chops

Contract management service DocuSign today announced that it is acquiring Seal Software for $188 million in cash. The acquisition is expected to close later this year. DocuSign, it’s worth noting, previously invested $15 million in Seal Software in 2019. Seal Software was founded in 2010, and, while it may not be a mainstream brand, its customers include the likes of PayPal, Dell, Nokia and DocuSign itself. These companies use Seal for its contract management tools, but also for its ana...
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LinkedIn Tests Snapchat-like Stories

If you thought LinkedIn had already reached peak undesirability, you were wrong: the company is now planning to add Snapchat-style Stories to its platform. From a report: Yes, the business-focused networking app that fills your inbox with recruiter and PR spam may be getting Stories. Social media users have been suffering from Stories exhaustion for years at this point. It's a feature that works great for its pioneer, Snapchat, and for Instagram... and pretty much nothing else -- I mean, have yo...
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Apple reportedly plans to release an iPad keyboard this year with a built-in trackpad, moving it one step closer to a true laptop alternative (AAPL)

Apple is planning to release an iPad keyboard later this year with a built-in trackpad, according to The Information. The built-in track pad would bring the iPad one step closer to becoming a true alternative to traditional laptops. Apple is looking to unveil the new accessory alongside its new iPad Pro model, which is also expected to launch in 2020, the report said. However, the company's supply chain has been significantly hit by the coronavirus outbreak, raising questions about whether it ...
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Stem is offering cash advances to help musicians stay independent

Stem, a startup that helps independent musicians get paid, is expanding with a new financing program called Scale. Co-founder and CEO Milana Rabkin Lewis described the company’s core offering as a way for collaborators to “memorialize the split” of the proceeds from a song — once they’ve uploaded a track, Scale can automatically handle splitting the payments among those collaborators. It also offers a broader suite of tools, including revenue data, to help musicians manage the financial side of ...
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Fear and liability in algorithmic hiring 

It would be a foolish U.S. business that tried to sell chlorine-washed chicken in Europe — a region where very different food standards apply. But in the high-tech world of algorithmically assisted hiring, it’s a different story. A number of startups are selling data-driven tech tools designed to comply with U.S. equality laws into the European Union, where their specific flavor of anti-discrimination compliance may be as legally meaningless as the marketing glitter they’re sprinkling — with eye...
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Rolls-Royce’s Whispers App Offers Customers Exclusive Experiences, Products And Each Other

Double-R owners engage with the brand and its partners through a luxurious new community platform Owners of a Rolls-Royce from 2003 onward now have access to their own online community, Whispers, that connects them to content, experiences and products, other owners and company employees. All owners are welcome to join, but if you sell your (only) Rolls you’ll have to give up your membership in the …
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Amazon bans 1+ million coronavirus products for false claims, addresses price-gouging for masks and sanitizer has banned the sale of over a million products in the last few weeks for inaccurate coronavirus health claims, the company told Reuters on Thursday. The struggle is real. If you search for "Purell" or "N95 mask" on Amazon in the USA today, the supplies are gone, or the offers are ridiculously higher than normal. Excerpt: Amazon also removed tens of thousands of deals from merchants that it said attempted to price-gouge customers. The world’s largest online retailer has faced scruti...
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The Dow Jones drops nearly 1,200 points as coronavirus fears batter stock markets

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped nearly 1,200 points today to close at 25,766.64, marking the worst intraday point decline in the history of the Dow. The Nasdaq stock market fell over 400 points. Behind the collapse was a growing realization that COVID-19, the coronavirus strain sweeping across the globe, has indeed landed on U.S. shores and will likely have a much stronger effect on the economy than analysts and investors initially predicted. Morning trading showed that economists an...
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The Dow Jones drops nearly 1200 points as coronavirus fears batter stock markets

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped nearly 1200 points today to close at 25,766.64, marking the single worst week for the index since 2011. The Nasdaq stock market fell over 400 points. Behind the collapse was a growing realization that COVID-19, the coronavirus strain sweeping across the globe, has indeed landed on U.S. shores and will likely have a much stronger effect on the economy than analysts and investors initially predicted. Morning trading showed that economists and investors w...
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