America's Coronavirus Testing Lags Far Behind South Korea and China

The news site Axios (founded by former Politico staffers) reports on an issue discovered at an Atlanta lab for America's Centers for Disease Control that was manufacturing "relatively small amounts" of coronavirus testing kits for laboratories around the country. Sources familiar with the situation in Atlanta tell them that manufacturing has now been moved to another lab. FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn confirmed to the site that there had been problems with "certain test components." The Commis...
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Visser, a parts manufacturer for Tesla and SpaceX, confirms data breach

A precision parts maker for space and defense contractors has confirmed a “cybersecurity incident,” which TechCrunch has learned was likely caused by ransomware. Visser Precision, a Denver, Colorado-based manufacturer, makes custom parts for a number of industries, including automotive and aeronautics. In a brief statement, the company confirmed it was “the recent target of a criminal cybersecurity incident, including access to or theft of data.” The company said it “continues its comprehensive ...
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Major Republican Donor Seeks Ouster of Twitter's CEO

Jack Dorsey co-founded Twitter in 2006, coding up the first prototype (with the help of a contractor) when he was still in his 20s. Dorsey's now it's CEO -- but "A major Republican donor has purchased a stake in Twitter and is reportedly seeking to oust him," reports the Guardian. Bloomberg News first reported that Elliott Management has taken a "sizable stake" and "and plans to push for changes at the social media company, including replacing Dorsey". Paul Singer, the billionaire founder of E...
Tags: Twitter, Tech, Jack Dorsey, Gizmodo, Donald Trump, Dorsey, Reuters, Elliott Management, Guardian Bloomberg News, Dorsey Paul

Why the Success of The New York Times May Be Bad News for Journalism

In his debut, our new media columnist says The Times has become like Facebook or Google — a digital behemoth crowding out the competition.
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The 'Go' Team Releases Version 1.14 (slashdot)

The new 1.14 release of the Go programming language "is dotted with performance and security improvements," reports the developer news site DevClass, "but also gives devs more flexibility when it comes to module use." And they also give a nice overview of Go's development process: Go is the language most containerization projects are built with. The wide adoption of this approach is one of the reasons that made the Go team implement a new feedback-based system for language enhancements. In it,...
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How Streaming Services Saved The Music Industry

An anonymous reader quotes CNN: The music industry was in crisis just a few years ago. Sales were cut in half from their peak as single downloads, YouTube and piracy made the CD album go virtually extinct. But music has found its white knight: streaming. Last year, recorded music revenues in the United States went up by 13% to $11.1 billion — the highest level since 2006... "The music industry today is healthier than it's been in more than a decade," Josh Friedlander, the senior vice president ...
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TikTok removes Australian account purporting to hunt paedophiles

NSW police warn people should report alleged predatory behaviour, not attempt to take law into their own handsSocial networking platform TikTok has removed an Australian account purporting to lure alleged paedophiles to meetings and then capture their confrontation on film, as the NSW police warn people not to take the law into their own hands.In what appears to be a new form of the trend of online accounts hunting child sex abusers, the account, which before being taken down had thousands of vi...
Tags: Technology, Internet, Social Media, Australia news, Digital Media, Australian police and policing, Child protection, Tiktok

Will The Next Job Impacted By Automation Be App Development?

Leading CIOs, CTOs and technology executives on the "Forbes Technology Council" just made some predictions for the future: Now that the business world has seen the power of automation, the question has become, "What's next?" The members of Forbes Technology Council are constantly looking out for new tech trends, and they believe the next jobs to be impacted by automation might not be the ones people expect... #1. Reminders, Notifications And Reporting Christy Johnson, AchieveIt: I think as wor...
Tags: Tech, Christy Johnson, Forbes Technology Council, Katherine Kostereva Creatio

12 Countries Are Now Considering Central Bank Digital Currencies

"Officials at central banks are considering how and whether to create a digital form of cash," reports Qz: As money gets swept up by tech innovation, government authorities are taking a closer look at old fashioned notes and coins. More than a dozen countries are either researching, piloting, or, like China, have ongoing work in place for central bank digital currencies, according to a Bank for International Settlements report published today. "Central banks around the world are investigating a ...
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An Update On Microsoft's 'GitHub Arctic Vault Program' reports: The GitHub Arctic Vault program is part of the now Microsoft-owned code repository GitHub...aimed at preserving the information for generations to come... "We chose to store GitHub's public repositories in the Arctic World Archive in Svalbard [a Norwegian island] because it is one of the most remote and geopolitically stable places on Earth and is about a mile down the road from the famous Global Seed Vault," said GitHub vice president of special projects Thomas Dohmke. Mr...
Tags: Microsoft, Tech, Earth, Svalbard, Thomas Dohmke, Global Seed Vault, Piql, Bitcoin Facebook, GitHub Arctic Vault, Dohmke

America Proposes New Rules Requiring Drones to Broadcast Their Location Online

LetterRip (Slashdot reader #30,937) shares a report from Ars Technica: More than 34,000 people have deluged the Federal Aviation Administration with comments over a proposed regulation that would require almost every drone in the sky to broadcast its location over the Internet at all times. The comments are overwhelmingly negative, with thousands of hobbyists warning that the rules would impose huge new costs on those who simply wanted to continue flying model airplanes, home-built drones, or ot...
Tags: America, Tech, Ars Technica, Faa, Federal Aviation Administration, LetterRip Slashdot

DriverChatter App Lets Uber and Lyft Drivers Connect

An Uber and Lyft driver from Chicago has launched a new app designed to enable drivers to connect with colleagues on their own social site. The app is known as DriverChatter and is available to download to Uber and Lyft drivers. DriverChatter has successfully launched in Chicago and aims to develop its userbase in cities throughout the United States. The app was developed by Vivek Shah, a driver for both Uber and Lyft for over a year. Shah came up with the idea to have a central place for drive...
Tags: Google, Lyft, Uber, Sales, Chicago, United States, Apple App Store, Shah, Small Business News, Vivek Shah, DriverChatter, Lyft Drivers Connect

Google Stadia free tier, player limit, YouTube streaming reportedly coming soon

Limiting the number of players on the free tier should preserve quality of play
Tags: Google, Gaming, News, Trends, Google Stadia

I had to stop someone photographing my mother at the morgue – social media mourning has gone too far | Lagipoiva Cherelle Jackson

Grief is always public in Samoa, but now that people post selfies with dead bodies to Facebook, I had to draw the lineThere’s no such thing as a closed casket in my culture. In Samoa, the dead are still part of the living until they are buried.Growing up on the island of Savai’i, one of my earliest memories was being thrust into a coffin to kiss one of my great-uncles goodbye. This may sound horrific, but for Samoans, this is the norm, and at any given funeral, you will witness a child being hel...
Tags: Facebook, Technology, Media, Social Networking, Society, World news, Asia Pacific, Death and dying, Samoa, Lagipoiva Cherelle Jackson

The best Android games currently available (March 2020)

We mine Google's Play Store to unearth the true gems. These are the must-play games you need to download.
Tags: Google, Android, Mobile, Gaming, Trends, Best Of Everything, T2E

What Happened When Tulsa Paid People to Work Remotely

Remember when Tulsa, Oklahoma offered $10,000 to remote workers who'd relocate to their city: It was an immensely popular program. "You have better odds of getting into Harvard or Yale than you do of getting into the Tulsa Remote program," the city's mayor told CityLab: All of the Remoters get a free one-year membership to the coworking space, though others prefer to work at home, perhaps because for some of them, home is a luxury apartment building downtown where they receive subsidized rent...
Tags: Alabama, Tech, Harvard, Yale, Vermont, Tulsa Oklahoma, Tulsa, Urban Institute, Topeka Kansas, Benefits Policy Center, Tulsa Remote, Tulsa Paid People, Bolzle, Pamela Loprest, Tulsa Mayor G T Bynum

SpaceX Wins NASA Contract to Launch a Spacecraft to an Asteroid Beyond Mars

An anonymous reader quotes Teslarati: SpaceX has been awarded a $117 million launch contract for NASA's Psyche mission that will study a unique metal asteroid between Mars and Jupiter. The NASA mission to loft a 5,750-lb. (2,608-kg) spacecraft atop of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy Rocket will study a mineral-rich asteroid named 16 Psyche. The mission is expected to take place sometime in 2022 and launch from NASA's historic Launch Pad 39A in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Psyche is an intriguing, metallic wo...
Tags: Spacex, Tech, Nasa, Earth, Mars, Falcon Heavy Rocket, Launch Services Program LSP, Cape Canaveral Florida Psyche, Falcon Heavy NASA

5 in-demand tech skills, and how you can start learning them today

Train up in tech sectors where employers are hiring in 2020.The training includes AI and machine learning, blockchaining, cybersecurity and more.Each course collection is now over 90% off.The internet never sleeps. That's why every year is marked by the emergence of new technologies and new fields of expansion that create new ways of thinking—and a demand for new blood to start exploring those new fields.No matter which of these growing tech opportunities strike your interest, here are five incr...
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China Roundup: Apple closes a 4-year-old App Store loophole

Hello and welcome back to TechCrunch’s China Roundup, a digest of recent events shaping the Chinese tech landscape and what they mean to people in the rest of the world. This week, Apple made some major moves that are telling of its increasingly compliant behavior in China where it has seen escalating competition, but investors are showing dissatisfaction with how it is approaching hot-button issues in the country. Virus game gone Plague Inc., a simulation game where a player’s goal is to infe...
Tags: Apple, Google, Android, Google Play Store, TC, Asia, China, Tech, Beijing, Tencent, App Store, Huawei, Plague Inc, App Annie, Mobile Game, Apple App Store

Amazon Bans 1 million Products Over Coronavirus Claims

"Amazon has pulled more than 1 million items from its digital shelves due to claims that the products could either cure or help prevent the spread of coronavirus," reports The move comes during the same week that Facebook said it would ban advertisements on its platform for products purporting to cure or curtail the spread of the virus that has so far infected more than 80,000 people, and results in almost 3,000 deaths, mostly in China. Amazon said has been taking the product...
Tags: Amazon, Facebook, Tech, China Amazon, Amazon Bans

How to work during a pandemic

The world is bracing for the seemingly inevitable proliferation of SARS-COV-12, also known as COVID-19 and coronavirus, which has already paralyzed cities and isolated millions. In the U.S., especially the nonstop work culture in startups, we tend to think we’re immune to such things and carry on business as usual. We are not only deluding ourselves but putting others in danger — so here are a few ground rules to make sure you don’t make this difficult period any harder for yourself or the peopl...
Tags: TC, Facebook, South Korea, Cdc, China, Tech, Remote Work, GDC, Mobile World Congress, Coronavirus

Apple CEO Tim Cook addresses how the company has been affected by coronavirus

Most Apple stores have reopened, and production is ramping back up
Tags: Apple, News, Trends, Tim Cook, Coronavirus, Technology Buisness

Making money from games: the future of virtual economies

Fictional portrayals of virtual worlds such as “Ready Player One” and “The Matrix” typically portray the physical and virtual worlds as distinct realms siloed from each other. Characters escape a dystopian, impoverished physical realm and enter a separate, utopian virtual realm in which they are wealthy and important. Our non-fictional future won’t have that dichotomy. One main reason is money. Any virtual world has a virtual economy, and when that virtual economy gets really big, it integrates ...
Tags: Social, Gaming, Tech, Virtual Worlds, Virtual Reality, Valve, Augmented Reality, Epic Games, Ccp Games, Eve Online, Linden Lab, Fortnite, Second-Life, Sixgill, Anti-money Laundering

Report: Facebook's Privacy Tools Are Actually 'Riddled With Missing Data'

Bustle's tech site Input reports on some research from the U.K.-based human rights charity Privacy International: Facebook wants you to think it's consistently increasing transparency about how the company stores and uses your data. But the company still isn't revealing everything to its users, according to an investigation by Privacy International. The obvious holes in Facebook's privacy data exports paint a picture of a company that aims to placate users' concerns without actually doing any...
Tags: Facebook, Tech, Bustle, Facebook Activity

May we live in interesting times

It’s never a good sign when, in order to discuss the near future of technology, you first have to talk about epidemiology–but I’m afraid that’s where we’re at. A week ago I wrote “A pandemic is coming.” I am sorry to report, in case you hadn’t heard, events since have not exactly proved me wrong. The best current estimates are that, absent draconian measures like China’s, the virus will infect 40-70% of the world’s adults over the next year or so. (To be extra clear, though, a very sizable major...
Tags: TC, Asia, Opinion, China, America, Tech, Port Of Los Angeles, Eric Lipton, Marc Lipsitch, Josh Michaud

The best iPhone games currently available (March 2020)

Here are 30 of the best iPhone games you need to be playing this month, from adventures to RPGs and more.
Tags: Apple, Ios, Mobile, Gaming, Trends, Buying Guides, Best Of Everything

Which coding language should you learn first? How about...all of them?

There are as many methods for creating on the web as there are creators to build them. But no matter what programming language or venue is a coder’s particular arena of choice, it never hurts to have the cross-disciplinary skills to try other avenues if needed that may better serve your app or web experience. That’s easier said than done, of course...and requires some extra study hours. To help, we put together 10 current deals on coding packages that can get you up to speed on virtually all the...
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One of Google's biggest critics is launching a paid new service that it hopes will bring about the 'absolute revival' of email, outside of Google's or Microsoft's control

In April, the project management software company Basecamp plans to roll out a new paid email service called Hey. David Heinemeier Hansson, better known as DHH, has been a frequent critic of venture capital and Big Tech — which is why Basecamp is trying to build a "small tech solution" that does things a little differently than Google's Gmail or Microsoft's Hotmail.  Hey will charge some kind of fee, but Hansson says that it's so that Basecamp will never, ever have to scrape data or show adver...
Tags: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Trends, Silicon Valley, Jeff Bezos, Basecamp, Jason Fried, Bezos, Hansson, Gmail Microsoft, David Heinemeier Hansson, Big Tech, Chris Lattner, DHH

The best iPhone apps (March 2020)

The iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the world. Bring out the best in yours with these top 100 apps.
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Ios, Mobile, Apps, Trends, Buying Guides, Best Of Everything

A Japanese Smartphone Uses AI To Keep Users From Taking Nude Photos

JustAnotherOldGuy quotes the PetaPixel photography blog on a new smartphone being sold in Japan: Aimed at parents who want to keep their kids from making bad choices, the TONE e20 has an AI-powered "Smartphone Protection" feature that prevents users from shooting or saving "inappropriate" photos (read: naked pictures). The official Tone Mobile press release hails the TONE e20 as the world's first phone with an AI that "regulates inappropriate images" through an AI built into the so-called TONE...
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