NYC Regulators Sue Airbnb Software Partner Guesty, Accusing It of Illegal Business Model

The New York City government has been battling short-term rental service Airbnb, which has been blamed for an explosion in illegal hotels that have helped drive housing scarcity and rising rent in the city, for years. Now it’s suing Guesty, a concierge service and Airbnb preferred software partner that the city…Read more...
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Earth May Have Been a 'Water World' 3 Billion Years Ago, Scientists Find

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: Scientists have found evidence that Earth was covered by a global ocean that turned the planet into a "water world" more than 3 billion years ago. Telltale chemical signatures were spotted in an ancient chunk of ocean crust which point to a planet once devoid of continents, the largest landmasses on Earth. If the findings are confirmed by future work, they will help researchers to refine their theories on where and how the first single-celle...
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Latest Google Pixel update lets users pin Google Pay to the power button menu

The new quick-access menu also supports boarding passes
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AmiMoJo writes: Freedb, the community-generated database of music CD metadata, is shutting down on March 31, 2020. The service was set up as a free alternative to CDDB. Many CD-ripping applications pull metadata from Freedb to save the user having to type it in manually, but the service has some major limitations and has now been superseded by MusicBrainz. This wouldn't be the first time Freedb shut down. In 2006, the site shut down due to a disagreement among its developers, only to be brought ...
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How to add Spotify to Google Maps for your road tunes

Google Maps features many tools that make navigation more palatable, including the ability to play music directly from the map interface. It’s a nifty feature, as one of the most annoying things when driving is being unable to browse your music or see what’s playing. (We’re assuming you’re not driving while music browsing, because you’d better not be.) The three musical players that you can connect to the app are Google Play Music (on Android), Apple Music (on iPhone), and Spotify. With the form...
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Was This Life's First Meal?

sciencehabit shares a report from Science Magazine: Studies of the origin of life are replete with paradoxes. Take this doozy: Every known organism on Earth uses a suite of proteins -- and the DNA that helps build it -- to construct the building blocks of our cells. But those very building blocks are also needed to make DNA and proteins. The solution to this chicken-and-egg conundrum may lie at the site of hydrothermal vents, fissures in the sea floor that spew hot water and a wealth of other ch...
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Legal services giant Epiq Global offline after ransomware attack

Legal services giant Epiq Global has been hit by a ransomware attack. The law firm, which provides legal counsel and administration that counts banks, credit giants, and governments as customers, confirmed the attack hit on February 29. “As part of our comprehensive response plan, we immediately took our systems offline globally to contain the threat and began working with a third-party forensic firm to conduct an independent investigation,” a company statement read. “Our technical team is worki...
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Stock Trading App Robinhood Experiences Widespread Outages Right During Market Rally

Free stock trading app Robinhood, valued in July 2019 at over $7.6 billion, underwent a major outage on Monday amid a major rally on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Per TechCrunch, the error resulted in numerous users being locked out of their accounts and unable to trade using the service throughout the day.Read more...
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Coronavirus Patient Visited San Antonio Hotel, Mall After She Was 'Mistakenly Released' From Isolation, Officials Say

A woman that tested positive for coronavirus was "mistakenly released" from isolation Saturday, causing the mayor of San Antonio to declare a public health emergency in the city. Dallas News reports: The patient was one of 91 evacuees who were brought to San Antonio from Wuhan, China. She was released Saturday and was in the community for a little more than 12 hours before she was quarantined again. During that time, the woman checked into a Holiday Inn hotel near the San Antonio airport and too...
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Cycling Through All the Streets of London

Over a period of four years, Davis Vilums cycled every street in central London. A map and a time lapse of his journeys: Including some irregular times off, overall it took me four years to visit every single road on the map. When I started this hobby, it took me 30 to 40 minutes to do the route. Later it expanded to 2 hours to get to the office when I tried to reach the furthest places on my map. One of the main goals was never to be late for work. From the beginning, I planned to visit ...
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Apple Will Release a Trackpad For the iPad Alongside New Pro Models, Report Claims

According to a report from The Information, Apple plans to introduce a trackpad-equipped keyboard attachment for the iPad Pro alongside its new iPad Pro models sometime this year. Ars Technica reports: This would make Apple's iPad Pro compete more directly with Microsoft's Surface lineup, with 2-in-1 convertible laptops, and with various Chrome OS devices. Apple's iPad has sold well in the marketplace, but power users often complain that its interface is not always suitable for heavy duty work. ...
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Robinhood suffers prolonged outage on the day the Dow enjoyed its biggest point gain since 2009

Robinhood, the startup with a stock trading app valued upwards of at least $7.6 billion, suffered one of its worst outages on one of the busiest trading days of the year. As the Dow Jones Industrial Average enjoyed the single biggest point-gain since 2009, Robinhood’s application fell prey to an error that locked users out of the service for the duration of Monday’s trading. “We started experiencing downtime issues across our platform this morning at market open,” a spokesperson wrote in an e...
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Robinhood suffers prolonged outage on the day the Dow enjoyed its single biggest point gain

Robinhood, the startup with a stock trading app valued upwards of at least $7.6 billion, suffered one of its worst outages on one of the busiest trading days of the year. As the Dow Jones Industrial Average enjoyed the single biggest point-gain in the history of the index, Robinhood’s application fell prey to an error that locked users out of the service for the duration of Monday’s trading. “We started experiencing downtime issues across our platform this morning at market open,” a spokesper...
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Self-driving car company Waymo raises $2.25 billion in first external round of funding

Waymo, the self-driving arm of Google's parent company Alphabet, announced Monday that it has raised $2.25 billion in its first external round of funding. And, it said, it expects to raise even more money as it looks to scale and expand its business.
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Google, Coinbase, and Twitter are all telling some employees to work from home this week amid the spread of coronavirus

Google has instructed its Dublin office to work from home on Tuesday as a "precautionary measure," after one of its employees reported flu-like symptoms, a Google spokesperson told Business Insider.  The advertising giant isn't the only tech company to test such a policy, as Silicon Valley begins to adapt its practices around the coronavirus outbreak.  So far, Twitter has recommended its 5,000 employees all begin working from home, while cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has asked that its empl...
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Sonantic scores €2.3M funding to bring ‘human-quality’ artificial voices to games

Sonantic, a U.K. startup that has developed “human-quality” artificial voice technology for the games and entertainment industry, has raised €2.3 million in funding. Leading the round is EQT Ventures, with participation from existing backers, including Entrepreneur First (EF), AME Cloud Ventures and Bart Swanson of Horizons Ventures. I also understand one of the company’s earlier investors is Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin. Founded in 2018 by CEO Zeena Qureshi and CTO John Flynn as they went thr...
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'Have I Been Pwned' Is No Longer For Sale

Troy Hunt, the owner and founder of the well-known and respected data breach notification website "Have I Been Pwned," announced in a blog post today that his website is no longer being sold and will continue running independently. The news comes several months after Hunt announced he was actively looking for a buyer. Last June, Hunt wrote: "To date, every line of code, every configuration and every breached record has been handled by me alone. There is no 'HIBP team,' there's one guy keeping ...
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Google's Second Pixel Feature Drop Adds 12 Helpful New Software Tweaks

Pixel feature drops are part of an ongoing effort to improve Google’s homegrown phones with new upgrades and software over time. The first Pixel feature drop enhanced Google’s Call Screener, memory management, and more, and now Google’s second Pixel feature drop is bringing 12 new tweaks to the Pixel line. Read more...
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Ex-Google self-driving car project picks up new investors

Google's former autonomous vehicle project is becoming a more autonomous business by bringing it in its first investors besides its corporate parent.
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Google cancels Cloud Next because of coronavirus, goes online-only

Google today announced that it is canceling the physical part of Cloud Next, its cloud-focused event and its largest annual conference by far with around 30,000 attendees, over concerns around the current spread of COVID-19. Given all of the recent conference cancellations, this announcement doesn’t come as a huge surprise, especially after Facebook canceled its F8 developer conference only a few days ago. Cloud Next was scheduled to run from Apri 6 to 8. Instead of the physical event, Google...
Tags: Google, Cloud, Facebook, Enterprise, Microsoft, Cloud Computing, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Seattle, Operating Systems, Coronavirus, COVID-19, COVID

Connie Chan of Andreessen Horowitz discusses consumer tech’s winners and losers

Last week, I sat down with Connie Chan, a general partner with Andreessen Horowitz who focuses on investing in consumer tech. She joined the firm in 2011 after working at HP in China. From her temporary offices located in a modest skyscraper with unobscured views of San Francisco, we talked about where she sees the biggest opportunities right now, along with how big of an impact fears over coronavirus could have on the startup industry — and for how long. Our conversation has been edited for ...
Tags: Startups, TC, Asia, China, San Francisco, Tech, E-commerce, Venture Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Facial Recognition, Bay Area, Outdoor Voices, Connie Chan

Apple Agrees to Pay Some iPhone Owners $25 Each

A settlement for as much as $500 million would resolve a lawsuit accusing Apple of slowing old iPhones as it released new ones.
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Aurora VP Jinnah Hosein is coming to TC Sessions: Robotics + AI

TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics + AI is tomorrow and we have one more exciting speaker announcement to share. Jinnah Hosein, the vice president of software engineering at self-driving vehicle startup Aurora, is coming to TC Sessions: Robotics + AI at UC Berkeley on March 3. Hosein will join Ike Robotics CTO and co-founder Jur van den Berg on stage to discuss autonomous vehicles, particularly safety critical software and the various technical approaches being taking to solve this game-changing tech...
Tags: Google, Spacex, Elon Musk, Tech, Tesla, Nvidia, Robotics, UC Berkeley, Aurora, Hosein, James Kuffner, Daniel Blank, Jinnah Hosein, Pyka, TRI AD, Claire Delaunay

EXCLUSIVE: Engel & Völkers launches new agent app

The company unveiled a new proprietary platform to help agents manage their databases, track deals and more.
Tags: Brokerage, Select, Technology, Agent App, Anthony Hitt, Crm, Database, Engel & Volkers, Engel & Völkers Exchange, Luxury Real Estate, Nathan Kimpel, Real Estate Technology

EXCLUSIVE: Engel & Völkers launch new agent app

The company unveiled a new proprietary platform to help agents manage their databases, track deals and more.
Tags: Technology, Radio, CRM, Database, Luxury Real Estate, Engel, Brokerage, Select, Real Estate Technology, Anthony Hitt, Engel & Völkers, Agent App, Engel & Völkers Exchange, Nathan Kimpel

Waymo just announced its first-ever outside funding with $2.25 billion — and its CEO said spinning off from Alphabet is 'certainly a possibility'

Waymo announced its first-ever outside funding round on Monday — $2.25 billion. Waymo CEO said that the round was an "initial" funding, with potentially more to come, and that a spinofff from Alphabet was "certainly a possibility in the future." The round was led by investors Silver Lake, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, and Mubadala Investment Company, the company said. Waymo didn't announce a valuation for the company based on the round. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more storie...
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Steve Wozniak’s viral tweet shows how quickly coronavirus misinformation spreads

Apple co-founder tweets that illness began in early January after China trip
Tags: Apple, News, China, Trends, Steve Wozniak, Coronavirus

First MWC, then GDC, now Nvidia's GPU conference is online-only as coronavirus spreads in Silicon Valley

Google's TensorFlow Dev Summit may be next, too Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference, due to take place on March 22 to 26 in Silicon Valley's San Jose McEnery Convention Center, has been cancelled following the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak in Northern California.…
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Google Cloud cancels its biggest conference of the year over coronavirus fears (GOOG, GOOGL)

Google Cloud has canceled its biggest event of the year over coronavirus concerns. Google Cloud Next was set to be held in San Francisco in April. Google Cloud said it plans to replace the in-person conference with "streamed keynotes, breakout sessions, interactive learning and digital 'ask an expert' sessions with Google teams." In a statement, the company said: "The health and well-being of Google Cloud partners, customers, employees and the overall community is our top priority. Due to the...
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Newly Obtained Documents Show Huawei Role In Shipping Prohibited US Gear To Iran

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reuters: China's Huawei, which for years has denied violating American trade sanctions on Iran, produced internal company records in 2010 that show it was directly involved in sending prohibited U.S. computer equipment to Iran's largest mobile-phone operator. Two Huawei packing lists, dated December 2010, included computer equipment made by Hewlett-Packard Co and destined for the Iranian carrier, internal Huawei documents reviewed by Reuters show. Another...
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