Here are the accessories that’ll take your golf game to the next level

In a little over a month, golf fans will get an answer to the big question they’ve been asking for almost a year: can Tiger do it again? After his improbable return to majors form with a stunning victory at last year’s Masters in Augusta, everybody’s anxious to see what happens this time around in April. Of course, most of our most pressing golf questions are a little closer to home. Like...when am I finally going to be able to sink a putt consistently? Or, how am I going to be able to get in so...
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'Cosmic String' Gravitational Waves Could Solve Antimatter Mystery

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Scientific American: Billions of years ago, soon after the Big Bang, cosmic inflation stretched the tiny seed of our universe and transformed energy into matter. Physicists think inflation initially created the same amount of matter and antimatter, which annihilate each other on contact. But then something happened that tipped the scales in favor of matter, allowing everything we can see and touch to come into existence -- and a new study suggests that th...
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Google cancels I/O’s in-person portion over coronavirus concerns

Google has cancelled the in-person part of its I/O developer conference over coronavirus concerns, the company announced in a blog post. I/O was scheduled to take place between May 12 and May 14 at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in California. People who had purchased tickets for the event will receive a full refund by March 13, 2020. […] ...
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Zuckerberg details the ways Facebook and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative are responding to COVID-19

Mark Zuckerberg has outlined some of the steps that Facebook and his family’s non-profit, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, are taking to respond to the spread of both the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19 and viral misinformation about the illness, in a statement posted earlier this evening. Facebook’s response focuses on three areas: providing accurate information; stopping misinformation; and providing data for research (which is not creepy at all coming from Facebook). To provide ac...
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Amazon says employee in Seattle has coronavirus and remains in quarantine

A person who works at's corporate headquarters in Seattle, Washington, has tested positive for COVID-19, said the company. At least 20 people in the Seattle region have tested positive for COVID-19, and eight have died, state health officials said Tuesday. This area of Washington state has become the U.S. outbreak's epicenter. Writes Monica Nickelsburg at GeekWire: The employee went home sick on Tuesday, Feb. 25 and later tested positive for COVID-19. Amazon notified employees who ...
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Biden stages a Super Tuesday comeback as Sanders fights for the rest in the West

In a newly narrowed four-way contest, Super Tuesday’s broad delegate pool enticed Democratic primary contenders with race’s biggest prizes yet. Fourteen states voted in Tuesday’s primaries, with the key states of Texas and California alone accounting for a combined 643 delegates. Former Vice President Joe Biden notched important wins early in the evening, taking Virginia and North Carolina, the third most delegate-rich state in Tuesday’s contest. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders won his home state...
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‘The Pinkerton’ is a Supernatural Western Coming from Bad Robot

Warner Bros. signed a huge deal with J.J. Abrams‘s Bad Robot production company – and now they have their first original film project. It’s called The Pinkerton, a supernatural in a Western setting written by Daniel Casey. Casey did a re-write on the Bad Robot-produced 10 Cloverfield Lane, and also wrote the script for Kin and co-wrote the upcoming F9. There’s no word on what the film is actually about, but the Pinkertons were a private security guard and detective agency established in the 180...
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Best Ways to Market Your Startup Online 

. {display:none !important;} .ezoic-ad {min-height: 10px !important;} .tagdiv-type iframe {display:none !important;} Online marketing is a vital aspect of any business. You leave out a big chunk of potential clients by not taking advantage of the internet. So, use the many tools and resources available online to advertise your business, or watch your competitors steal your clients. Luckily, there are different strategies you can employ to boost your online visibility. Check out ide...
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Lawsuit: ICE Rigged Algorithm to Always Order Arrested Immigrants Be Held in Detention Centers

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials rigged a system called Risk Classification Assessment (RCA) that uses algorithms to determine whether immigrants in custody should be released to always say no, according to a federal class-action lawsuit filed against the agency by the New York Civil Liberties…Read more...
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Lenovo: Equality Spell Check

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Robinhood offers $15 discount, blames outage on record trades

It wasn’t the leap year, a coding blip, or a hack that caused Robinhood’s massive outages yesterday and today that left customers unable to trade stocks. Instead, the co-CEOs write that “ the cause of the outage was stress on our infrastructure — which struggled with unprecedented load. That in turn led to a “thundering herd” effect — triggering a failure of our DNS system.” Robinhood was offline from Monday at 6:30am Pacific to 11pm Pacific, then had another outage this morning from 6...
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To Embed Fonts or Not to Embed Fonts

I've seen articles cautioning against embedding fonts -- articles eight years old. I'm trying to get a feel for what the current wisdom is. I was excited to learn that epub simply uses HTML and CSS. I've been writing both pretty much on a daily basis since 1999. I have a novel written in ms word. I used Kindle to make an ebook, but now I want to use epub. It seems to be offering much better creative control of my material. I converted the .docx to HTML and then spent FAR too much time tak...
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Five, the self-driving startup, raises $41M and pivots into B2B, away from building its own fleet

We are still years away from a time when fully-autonomous cars will be able to drive us from A to B, and the complexity of getting to that point is likely going to need hundreds of billions of dollars of investment before it becomes a reality. That hard truth is leading to some shifts in the self-driving startup landscape. England’s Five (formerly known as FiveAI), one of the more ambitious companies in the space, is moving away from its original plan, of designing its own fully self-driving car...
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Los Angeles-based Talespin nabs $15 million for its extended reality-based workforce training tools

It turns out the virtual and augmented reality companies aren’t dead — as long as they focus on the enterprise. That’s what the Los Angeles-based extended reality technology developer Talespin did — and it just raised $15 million to grow its business.  Traditional venture capitalists may have made it rain on expensive Hollywood studios that were promising virtual reality would be the future of entertainment and social networking (given coronavirus fears, it may yet be), but Talespin and others...
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Sixth Circuit: Criticizing Refs Is Protected Speech, Even If Lots Of Sports Fans Are Assholes (techdirt)

Sportsball fans are the worst. That conclusion is immediately clear in this Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals First Amendment decision [PDF]. It opens with the court commenting on the lifelong antagonism present in Fans v. Refs, which is pretty much what this case is about. Devoted sports fans are not known for their evenhandedness in judging referees. The sign of a true fan, it might even be said, is the hopelessness of attaining such equanimity. Veteran referee John Higgins surely was no str...
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Robinhood blames record trade volume & itself for outages

It wasn’t the leap year, a coding blip, or a hack that caused Robinhood’s massive outages yesterday and today that left customers unable to trade stocks. Instead, the co-CEOs write that “ the cause of the outage was stress on our infrastructure — which struggled with unprecedented load. That in turn led to a “thundering herd” effect — triggering a failure of our DNS system.” Robinhood was offline from Monday at 6:30am Pacific to 11pm Pacific, then had another outage this morning from 6...
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$75M legal startup Atrium shuts down, lays off 100

Justin Kan’s hybrid legal software and law firm startup Atrium is shutting down today after failing to figure out how to deliver better efficiency than a traditional law firm. The just startup laid off all its employees, which totaled just over 100. It will return some of its $75.5 million in funding to investors, including Series B lead Andreessen Horowitz. The separate Atrium law firm will continue to operate. “I’m really grateful to the customers and the team members who came along with me an...
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Babies Are Prewired To Perceive the World

In an investigation of neural connectivity in 30 infants ranging from six to 57 days old (with an average age of 27 days), neuroscientists found that circuit wiring precedes, and thus may guide, regional specialization, shedding light on how knowledge systems emerge in the brain. An anonymous reader shares a report from Scientific American: In the study, published Monday in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, the researchers looked at two of the best-studied brain networks dedic...
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An Accenture employee in China has been diagnosed with coronavirus, internal memo states

An Accenture employee in China has been diagnosed with coronavirus, according to an internal company memo seen by Business Insider.  The memo, sent to employees by Accenture CEO Julie Sweet, stated "more than 100 colleagues in China and Italy who have been quarantined due to government restrictions." Concerns over the coronavirus outbreak has led major companies like Google and Apple to take actions that include restricting employees' international travel.  Click here for more BI Prime stories...
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Let's Encrypt Discovers CAA Bug, Must Revoke Customer Certificates

rufey writes: The free SSL certificate provider Let's Encrypt is going to revoke 2.6% of the SSL certs issued by them that are currently active, due to a bug in boulder, the Certificate Authority Authorization (CAA) software Let's Encrypt uses. Ars Technica reports: "Let's Encrypt uses Certificate Authority software called Boulder. Typically, a Web server that services many separate domain names and uses Let's Encrypt to secure them receives a single LE certificate that covers all domain names u...
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Apple's Working on a Smart Keyboard With Trackpad for the iPad: Here's What You Need to Know (mac rumors)

Apple is rumored to be working on a new version of the Smart Keyboard that includes a trackpad for the first time, which goes even further towards positioning the iPad as a replacement for a Mac. In the guide below, we cover everything that we know about Apple's new ‌Smart Keyboard‌ plans, including compatible devices, when it might launch, and more. A mockup of a ‌Smart Keyboard‌ with Trackpad ‌Smart Keyboard‌ Trackpad Rumors Apple has been experimenting with trackpad keyboard options f...
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Should Political Journalists Vote?

I was reading this NY Times piece on their policies for reporters and editors around impartiality and politics — “newsroom staff members may not participate in political advocacy, like volunteering for candidates’ campaigns or making contributions” — and ran across this from the paper’s chief White House correspondent, Peter Baker: As reporters, our job is to observe, not participate, and so to that end, I don’t belong to any political party, I don’t belong to any non-journalism organization, I...
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ACLU Sues To End ICE's Rigged Algorithms That Keep Immigrants In Jail

A new lawsuit filed by the New York Civil Liberties Union and Bronx Defenders alleges that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement uses a rigged algorithm to detain virtually everyone ICE's New York Field Office brings in, even when the government itself believes they present a minimal threat to public safety. The Intercept reports: The suit, which asks that ICE's "Risk Classification Assessment" tool be ruled illegal and the affected detainees reassessed by humans, includes damning new data ob...
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WellSet is doing a limited launch in Los Angeles of its alternative medicine booking platform

Alternative and holistic healthcare seekers in the Los Angeles area have a new service they can turn to in WellSet , the listing platform that launched on Tuesday.  Through the service, customers coming off the company’s existing waitlist can access its marketplace for finding acupuncturists, massage therapists, functional medicine practitioners, craniosacral therapists, nutritionists, life coaches and holistic therapists. WellSet will serve up practitioners based on a users’ health concer...
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Startup Marketing: Construction Marketing Strategy Hacks To Boost Sales

by Daniel Quindemil, Founder of I AM Builders Everyone is always looking for the next big thing. Using a variety of proven marketing strategies, contractors can explode their construction businesses and reach more potential clients than ever before. The next big strategy that they can just plug in to their business and magically triple their leads, make their office phones ring nonstop with people begging to give them money. Here’s the reality. It takes a lot of skill, a lot of talent, and a lo...
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Apple May Be Supersizing Its Smallest MacBook Pro and Adding Mini-LEDs

Even though COVID-19 has already put hurt Apple’s bottom line and forced the company to temporarily close stores in China, according to a new report, the coronavirus hasn’t put any dampers on Apple’s plans to release new devices: specifically, six new products with mini-LED displays over the next two years.Read more...
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Los Angeles gets a new consumer fund as founders of Sprinkles seek $25 million for CN2 Ventures

Charles and Candace Nelson traded their investment banking careers in Silicon Valley for the sweet sweet life as captains of the cupcake and confectionery chain, Sprinkles. Now they’re putting both their consumer and brand development skills and former investment banking chops to work at CN2 Ventures, a new firm they’re setting up with the goal of pulling in $25 million to invest, incubate and support new business ideas. The firm already has three businesses in its portfolio and two others that ...
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How Stack Overflow’s new CEO plans to kickstart enterprise growth

Stack Overflow has long been the Q&A site of choice for developers. But while that’s what most people know the company for, it has also built out a jobs site and Teams, its private Q&A service for enterprise clients, over the years. Now, it’s looking to capitalize on that and kickstart growth of Teams, especially, under its new CEO, Prashanth Chandrasekar. Chandrasekar, a former investment banker and Rackspace exec, took over as Stack Overflow’s CEO. Teresa Dietrich, who was previously at ...
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Uber sold its food delivery business in India to Zomato for $206M

Uber sold its food delivery business in India to the local rival Zomato for $206 million, the American ride-hailing company disclosed in a regulatory filing in one of its key overseas markets. In January, Uber announced that it had sold the India business of Uber Eats to Zomato for a 9.99% stake in the loss-making Indian food delivery startup. The two companies had not disclosed the financial terms of the deal, which some Indian news outlets slated to be $350 million in size. TechCrunch ha...
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Google Cloned Apple's 3D Touch For the Pixel Using Just Software

The latest "feature drop" for Google's Pixel line of Android phones includes the ability to "firmly press" on the screen "to get more help from your apps more quickly." If that sounds familiar, it's because it's a lot like iPhone's 3D Touch, which Apple stopped supporting in all of its 2019 iPhones. The Verge reports: "Firmly press" sets off alarm bells because it sounds a lot like the iPhone's 3D Touch, which enables different actions depending on how hard you press on the touchscreen. It was a...
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