Facebook bans face mask ads to fight coronavirus price gouging

On Friday, Facebook announced that it would further attempt to limit coronavirus-related chaos on its platform by banning commerce listings and advertisements for medical face masks. “We’re monitoring COVID19 closely and will make necessary updates to our policies if we see people trying to exploit this public health emergency,” Facebook Director of Product Management Rob Leathern said in an update on Twitter. “We’ll start rolling out this change in the days ahead.” Update: We’re banning a...
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FreeNAS and TrueNAS Are Merging

An anonymous reader shares a report: FreeNAS is a free and open source operating system designed for network-attached storage (NAS) devices. For much of the past decade, the project has been led by the folks at iXsystems, which has also produced an enterprise version of the software called TrueNAS. Now iXsystems has announced that FreeNAS and TrueNAS are merging. Moving forward there will be a single operating system called TrueNAS rather than two different, but closely related operating systems...
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7 ways to pay your tax bill

You finished your tax return and the news is not good. You owe Uncle Sam money. Don't freak out, at least not yet. Your payment isn't due until April 15. That gives you time to figure out how to come up with the cash and/or get it to the U.S. Treasury. The Internal Revenue Service, naturally, has some suggestions. Let's start with the agency's new favorite tax payment method. Yep, I'm talking electronic. You have several digital options. 1. Credit, Debit or Digital Wallet: Paying by plastic i...
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App stores attempt to keep lid on coronavirus misinformation

The tech companies heading up the two most prominent app stores are working to keep apps related to the outbreak of COVID-19, or the coronavirus, to a minimum. Apple is reported not taking apps — even well-meant ones — that aren’t from an official health organization. Google, meanwhile, appears to be directing users to existing health-related apps. According to a report from CNBC, Apple is rejecting apps related to the coronavirus that aren’t from institutions such as governments or hospitals. T...
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Y Combinator, Silicon Valley's Premiere Startup Factory, Moves Its Pitch Event Online Citing Coronavirus Concern

Startup accelerator Y Combinator announced today that it has moved its demo day online, citing a "growing concern over COVID-19," or coronavirus. From a report: The demo day has historically drawn crowds of Silicon Valley elite, journalists and both national and international venture capitalists to watch more than 100 startups come out to the world. "While we won't be able to recreate every aspect of Demo Day, we'll try our best to create an amazing experience for our founders and investors," Y ...
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Apple Launches Repair Program for Blank Screen Issue Affecting Third-Generation iPad Air

Apple today launched a repair program for third-generation iPad Air models that are affected by a bug that can cause the screen to go suddenly and permanently go blank. Apple has determined that, under certain circumstances, the screen on a limited number of iPad Air (3rd generation) devices may go blank permanently. A brief flicker or flash may appear before the screen goes blank.Apple says that affected devices were manufactured between March 2019 and October 2019, and that any iPad experienc...
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An employee at investment giant TIAA has contracted coronavirus, and the Manhattan WeWork office where they were working has been closed for cleaning

An employee at financial giant TIAA has contracted coronavirus, Business Insider has learned.  The worker in New York was quarantined and classified as low-risk. They tested positive for the virus days after their quarantine began.  The employee worked in TIAA's WeWork space at 575 Lexington Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, TIAA's temporary home while nearby headquarters are renovated.  The WeWork in Midtown Manhattan where the employee was working has been closed. In a memo to its employees on Fr...
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Watch SpaceX launch the last of its original Dragon spacecraft to resupply the ISS tonight

SpaceX is launching its 20th resupply mission the International Space Station tonight, but this one has a bittersweet twist: It’s the last such mission that will use the first iteration of the Dragon spacecraft that has flown on all of the company’s missions for NASA thus far. Starting this summer, its successor will take its place. Tonight’s mission will bring a variety of supplies, experiments, and new components to the ISS as usual. Launch is scheduled for 8:50 PM Pacific time, and you can...
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Austin's iconic SXSW festival was just canceled for the first time in its 34-year history over coronavirus concerns. Here's what it's like in the growing tech hub of 'Silicon Hills.'

Austin, Texas, is the fastest-growing major metro area in the US with a vibrant music scene and a relatively low cost of living. It's where many are moving to from the pricey Silicon Valley tech region. Big tech has noticeably made itself more at home in the capital city in the last decade, but the industry has a long history in Austin. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Austin, Texas, is a hotbed for millennials, has a vibrant music scene, and is the country's fastest-growin...
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99.9% of Compromised Accounts Did Not Use Multi-Factor Authentication, Says Microsoft

Speaking at the RSA security conference last week, Microsoft engineers said that 99.9% of the compromised accounts they track every month don't use multi-factor authentication, a solution that stops most automated account attacks. From a report: The cloud giant said it tracks more than 30 billion login events per day and more than one billion monthly active users. Microsoft said that, on average, around 0.5% of all accounts get compromised each month, a number that in January 2020 was about 1.2 ...
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New funding round values catering marketplace Hungry at $100M+

Hungry, a catering marketplace that connects businesses with independent chefs, announced this week that it has raised $20 million in Series B funding. Hungry tells me that the funding valued the company at more than $100 million (pre-money). The investors were also pretty impressive: The round was led by Evolution VC Partners and former Whole co-CEO Walter Robb, who’s joining the startup’s board. Kevin Hart, Jay-Z, Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley, former Obama aide Reggie Love and Sea...
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Scientists figured out how to fool state-of-the-art Deepfake detectors

A team of researchers from UC San Diego recently came up with a relatively simple method for convincing fake video-detectors that AI-generated fakes are the real deal. AI-generated videos called “Deepfakes” started flooding the internet a few years back when bad actors realized they could be used to exploit women and, potentially, spread political misinformation. The first generation of these AI systems produced relatively easy-to-spot fakes but further development has lead to fakes that are har...
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Scientists discover strong evidence of life on Mars

We’ve been expecting aliens from Mars for decades now, but what if life was vanquished on the red planet before evolution ever got the chance to take hold? A pair of researchers recently published an analysis of 3.5 billion-years-old soil samples from Mars containing chemical compounds called “thiophenes” that could, potentially, be organic. If they are, it would be highly likely that bacteria once lived on the planet. Terrestrial thiophenes are considered tell-tale signs of life by Earthbound b...
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Trying to make up for lost time, the CDC will distribute 1.1 million COVID-19 tests by this weekend

In a press conference late on Friday, Vice President Mike Pence said that the government will finally have the capacity to provide over 1 million tests for the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Joined by representatives of the Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the vice president detailed the continuing efforts from the White House to coordinate a response to the spread of the coronavirus. The C...
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A Surge In Online Services During Coronavirus?

If the coronavirus continues to spread, analysts believe U.S. consumers will adopt behavior similar to that of Chinese consumers. China this year has seen a surge in people downloading apps on their smartphones in such areas as games and entertainment, according to San Francisco mobile data and analytics firm App Annie. Weekly game app downloads on Apple devices last month were up 80% in China, compared with a monthly average of downloads for 2019, the company said. – Los Angeles Times ...
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How to Encrypt and Decrypt Text Strings with JavaScript

In one of my web projects, I require simple and easy-to-implement encryption and decryption JavaScript library that could encode a piece of text and then decode the encoded string on the server-side.The easiest option is the base64 encoding scheme that can be easily implemented in both native JavaScript and Google Apps Script. Base64 Encoding with Google Apps Script const base64Encode = text => { const base64data = Utilities . base64Encode ( text , Utilities . Charset ....
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Block All Incoming and Outgoing Emails Except Specific Whitelisted Domains

The finance team in an organization would like to use Gmail for internal communication only. The corporate email policy restricts the finance team from sharing any files or email messages with external teams but the employees are allowed to exchange emails within the team.Google makes it easy to implement such an email policy in Gmail for GSuite customers. To get started, sign-in to as your GSuite domain admin and go to Apps > GSuite Core Services > Gma...
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‘Home Before Dark’ Trailer: Brooklynn Prince is a Young Reporter Trying to Solve an Old Mystery

Brooklynn Prince is a (very) young reporter in Home Before Dark, a new series from Apple TV+. Inspired by the true story of Hilde Lysiak, the youngest member of the Society of Professional Journalists, Home Before Dark kinds Prince’s kid reporter character trying to solve a cold case that haunts the small town her father grew up in. Watch the Home Before Dark trailer below. Home Before Dark Trailer In Home Before Dark, The Florida Project breakout Brooklynn Prince plays a young girl “wh...
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NASA Declares Starliner Mishap a 'High Visibility Close Call'

After pondering the totality of issues that arose during a December test flight of Boeing's Starliner spacecraft this week, NASA chief of human spaceflight Doug Loverro said Friday that he decided to escalate the incident. From a report: So he designated Starliner's uncrewed mission, during which the spacecraft flew a shortened profile and did not attempt to dock with the International Space Station, as a "high visibility close call." This relatively rare designation for NASA's human spaceflight...
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How to Find Printer Inks for Good Price

We’ve all been there; needing ink for our printer but being too skint to afford it. Rather than panicking or having to ask someone to lend you money why don’t you take a look at our advice on hoe to find cheaper printer ink. You will save money every time you need a refill and we are certain that you will get better quality ink for your printer too. Firstly, it may sound obvious but shop around for offers before you choose to buy ink from your regular provider. Many ink companies do deals wit...
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Big tech commits to paying wages for hourly employees affected by coronavirus plans

Following Microsoft’s lead from late last night, some the biggest technology companies in the U.S. have agreed to page wages for hourly employees impacted by the ongoing corporate response to the coronavirus. It’s the right thing for companies to do, from both a health and safety perspective, and to ensure that the hourly workers who are most impacted by work stoppages and shortages are not adversely affected by events that are beyond their control. As we reported earlier today, Facebook comm...
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Walmart offers lessons for market-based health reform

SACRAMENTO – When I needed new glasses, I went to an optometrist for an exam, picked out some dorky black frames, paid my portion and my insurance picked up the rest. Then, by chance, I walked into one of those ubiquitous Walmart optometry centers and realized I could have had the exam and the glasses for little more than the price of the copay. That speaks volumes about our current health system. When a third party — insurance or government, for instance — pays for something, the prices escalat...
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What to consider when employees need to start working remotely

The COVID-19 crisis is touching all aspects of society, including how we work. In response, many companies are considering asking some percentage of their workforce to work remotely until the crisis abates. If your organization doesn’t have a great deal of experience with remote work, there are a number of key things to think about as you set up a program. You are going to be under time constraints when it comes to enacting an action plan, so think about ways to leverage the tools, procedures an...
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Oribi brings its web analytics platform to the U.S.

Oribi, an Israeli startup promising to democratize web analytics, is now launching in the United States. While we’ve written about a wide range of new or new-ish analytics companies, founder and CEO Iris Shoor said that most of them aren’t built for Oribi’s customers. “A lot of companies are more focused on the high end,” Shoor told me. “Usually these solutions are very much based on a lot of technical resources and integrations — these are the Mixpanels and Heap Analytics and Adobe Marketing Cl...
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SXSW 2020 Cancelled Due To Coronavirus Concerns

Tech companies including Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and Apple pulled out of SXSW this week due to concerns over the spread of coronavirus. Artists like Ozzy Osbourne, Trent Reznor, and the Beastie Boys also cancelled their scheduled appearances. And now, the Verge reports, the city of Austin has decided to … More »
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Google Updates Its Coronavirus Efforts Both Inside and Outside of the Company

Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai detailed the company's efforts to deal with the coronavirus in a blog post Friday, based on an email he sent to employees earlier in the day. The company established a 24-hour incident-response team to stay in sync with the World Health Organization, and Pichai said leadership is meeting daily...
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Coronavirus concerns cancel SXSW festival in Austin

Austin city officials have canceled the South by Southwest arts and technology festival. Mayor Steve Adler announced a local disaster as a precaution because of the threat of the novel coronavirus, effectively cancelling the annual event. The announcement comes days after several high-profile companies, including Netflix, tech news outlet Mashable, video-based social media platform TikTok and U.S. chip maker Intel, pulled out of the festival. More than 50,000 people had signed a petition seeking...
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‘Oprah’s Book Club’ Attempts a More Nuanced, if Awkward, ‘American Dirt’ Conversation (Column)

Even after years of doing her book club and weathering her share of controversies, Oprah Winfrey clearly wasn’t prepared for the backlash she received after picking “American Dirt” as the first selection for her Apple TV Plus series. Jeanine Cummins’ book about Mexican migrants has both become a bestseller and earned loud backlash, most notably […]
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Stocks fall again on continued coronavirus worries

Is it good news to say that stocks fell less sharply than they had ? That’s the bright side of another turbulent trading day across the Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange. The major indices were down again — although their declines were less severe than they had been during the week. Investors appeared to shake off positive labor statistics (the U.S. added 273,000 jobs, ahead of expectations), as the expanding number of coronavirus cases in the U.S. and lack of a coordinated response from th...
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SXSW Canceled Due To Coronavirus After Austin Declares 'Local Disaster'

South by Southwest, the annual tech, film and music conference held in Austin, Texas, has been canceled due to concerns surrounding the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. From a report: Local government officials announced the update at a press conference Friday afternoon discussing the status of the outbreak and events in the city. Austin's Mayor Steve Adler said he had declared a local disaster in the city and issued an order canceling the conference. In a statement on its website, SXSW said it wo...
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