Facebook bans all non-essential employee business travel globally and moves job interviews to video-conferencing due to coronavirus (FB)

Facebook is banning non-essential business travel for its 45,000 employees. It will also conduct job interviews entirely via video-conferencing software. The new restrictions are due to mounting concerns around the global coronavirus outbreak. Facebook previously restricted visitors to its offices and encouraged Bay Area employees to work remotely. Facebook is banning all non-essential business travel for its employees globally and will conduct job interviews entirely over video-conferencing ...
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Where to find USWNT vs. Spain on US TV and streaming

If you’re trying to find out how you can watch USA vs. Spain in the SheBelieves Cup, you’ve come to the right place. You can watch the game with Sling TV. More details below. Match: USA vs. Spain Kickoff: Sunday, 5pm ET Looking to watch USA vs. Spain online from your work, home or on the go? If you live in the USA, there are several options to catch all the action. We Recommend: US Only. Here are all of the details of where you can watch it on television and via legal ...
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Google Tracked His Bike Ride Past a Burglary, and That Made Him a Suspect

JustAnotherOldGuy shares a tale for our time: "I was using an app to see how many miles I rode my bike and now it was putting me at the scene of the crime," said Zachary McCoy. Yep, that's all it took. Google's legal investigations support team emailed him to let him know that local police had demanded information related to his Google account. The man's lawyer dug around and learned that the notice had been prompted by a "geofence warrant," a police surveillance tool that casts a virtual dragne...
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Python Finally Ties With Java In RedMonk's New Programming Language Rankings

An anonymous reader quotes ZDNet: Python is tying with Java as the second most popular programming language behind JavaScript, according to developer analyst RedMonk's latest ranking. The second spot for Python is the highest position it's ever attained in RedMonk's list of top programming languages, which is based on an analysis of GitHub and Stack Overflow data. Historically, Python has been steady in fourth position but it rose to third spot three years ago in RedMonk's tables... Python has...
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iPhone 11 Models Seeing Shortages in NYC

The supply of iPhone 11 models in New York City is dwindling, according to a report from the New York Post. The constrained supply is likely due to the ongoing effects of COVID-19. Wireless retailers, in particular, are either out of stock or are facing low numbers of ‌iPhone 11‌ and iPhone 11 Pro models. According to the report, many retail employees believe the cause of the shortage is due to "low stock and infrequent shipments, with little guidance as to when things might get back to norma...
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Apple Will Fix Your iPad Air for Free If You’ve Got Blank Screen Issues

Apple announced a new worldwide service program for 3rd generation iPad Air models that experience a strange problem with their screens. According to Apple, the screens on some iPads apparently flicker or flash before going blank permanently, which means bye-bye iPad. Read more...
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Not all CDB drops are created equal: I found the best

I’ll admit to having been a CBD denier. I dismissed it as a bullshit trend; the second-most overrated after kombucha. The variety of products I’d tried always left me feeling somewhere between slightly nauseous and groggy. And mentally dull. It didn’t seem to matter what form the product took, or which sort of extra bells and whistles had been added to “enhance” the oil. Add to that the dizzying variety of distinctions: hemp extract vs. hemp seed oil, full-spectrum vs. broad-spectrum, oils vs. t...
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Elon Musk Wants To Build a New Starship Every 72 Hours

Ars Technica's senior space editor visited SpaceX's South Texas Launch Site for a long profile of Elon Musk (who was wearing an "Occupy Mars" t-shirt). Just two weeks ago Musk had called an all-hands meeting at 1 a.m. which led to a massive hiring spree of 252 people, doubling the site's workforce, within the next 48 hours. "Most of the new hires, even those who had inked contracts at midnight, were told to report for work the next morning..." SpaceX is designing its factory here to build a Star...
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Canada's Police Service Admits to Using Facial Recognition -- After Previously Denying It

Canada's federal and national police service the RCMP denied it was using facial recognition technology just a few weeks ago. But now long-time Slashdot reader satanicat quotes the CBC: [L]ast week, as the debate over the ethics of Clearview AI's facial recognition technology was heating up and following reports the company's client list had been hacked, the RCMP issued a statement confirming it had been using the technology for at least the previous four months. "The discrepancy is the result ...
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Facebook will ban certain ads to prevent efforts to exploit coronavirus fears

Tech company will temporarily ban ads for medical face masks on the social network and Facebook marketplaceFacebook is temporarily banning advertisements for medical face masks as part of an effort to prevent use of its social media platform to exploit people’s concerns about the coronavirus outbreak. Related: Coronavirus: US deaths rise to 19 as New York declares state of emergency Continue reading...
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No. 1 Kansas outright Big 12 champ after 66-62 win at Tech

No. Kansas wrapped up its outright Big 12 regular-season title Saturday, beating Texas Tech 66-62 behind Udoka Azubuike's 15 points and 11 rebounds. Devon Dotson had 17 points and Ochai Agbaji had 12 for the Jayhawks (28-3, 17-1), the Big 12's first champion in decade with only one loss in league play.
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AMD Discloses RDNA 2 Graphics, CDNA Data Center GPUs, Next-Gen Zen

"At its Financial Analyst Day, AMD disclosed additional details regarding its next generation CPU and GPU architectures," writes Slashdot reader MojoKid: - While the company isn't ready to disclose concrete details yet, AMD is promising that Navi 2X will arrive this year and deliver "enthusiast-class" performance, excellent power efficiency, and "top-of-stack" GPUs with "uncompromising 4K gaming". - While AMD has RDNA for its gaming-centric consumer GPUs, the company is shifting to a new GPU c...
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Physicists Think We Might Have a New, Exciting Dark Matter Candidate

Science Alert reports: The candidate culprit is a recently discovered subatomic particle called a d-star hexaquark. And in the primordial darkness following the Big Bang, it could have come together to create dark matter... explained nuclear physicist Daniel Watts of the University of York in the UK. "Our first calculations indicate that condensates of d-stars are a feasible new candidate for dark matter. This new result is particularly exciting since it doesn't require any concepts that are new...
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After SETI, '[email protected]' Takes Up the Fight Against COVID-19

Though [email protected] has shut down, "users with a fondness for distributed computing might take a look at [email protected], which is trying to figure out the structures of proteins on the surface of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus," writes Ars Technica. The coronavirus uses these proteins to latch on to proteins on the surface of human cells, a key step in its ability to infect them. Understanding the structure of this protein is a key to understanding the virus' vulnerabilities. While it won't help in the...
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Big Tech Will Pay Its Hourly Workers Even as Full-Time Staff Stays Home During Coronavirus Outbreak

Various big tech companies announced this week that they will continue to pay hourly employees that provide their offices with much-needed services, such as food catering, security and cleaning, even as an increasing number of tech giants ask their full-time employees to work from home to contain the novel coronavirus …Read more...
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Startups Weekly: Remote-first SaaS products boom as workers stay home

Silicon Valley companies had already been going remote-first when the coronavirus became a global pandemic. This means there are lots of great software tools already on the market, that are seeing a huge amount of new usage now. And not just Zoom. Alex Wilhelm checked in with HiveIO, Friday, FreeConferenceCall, Brandlive, Kentik, Bluescape, LogMeIn, and other remote-oriented SaaS startups large and small to get the freshest data for Extra Crunch. Here’s , for example: United States and United ...
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The first SpaceX Dragon capsule is taking its final flight

Last night, SpaceX launched its first generation Dragon capsule on its twentieth — and final — resupply run to the International Space Station. The launch marks the Dragon’s last mission as the capsule makes way for SpaceX’s updated and improved Dragon 2 capsule, which will begin making resupply runs to the space station in October. Alongside cargo to resupply the ISS, the Dragon will be bringing along payloads for experimental research aboard the space station. Including an Adidas exper...
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Melbourne professor quits after health department pressures her over data breach

Vanessa Teague reported on a dataset of Medicare and PBS payments that was supposed to be anonymous but wasn’tA prominent university professor has quit after the health department pressured her university to stop her speaking out about the Medicare and PBS history of over 2.5 million Australians being re-identifiable online due to a government bungle.In 2016, Vanessa Teague, a cryptographer from the University of Melbourne, and two of her colleagues reported on a dataset, published on an open go...
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EFF: .Org Sale 'Threatens Instability and Dysfunction'

In a scathing editorial, EFF continues to oppose Ethos Capital's plan to buy the PIR's .org domain registry for $1.1 billion, arguing that "the current system is stable and functional, and changing it threatens to introduce instability and dysfunction with no countervailing benefit to the community..." "[W]hile there is nothing currently wrong with .ORG, there is a lot that could go wrong if this deal moves forward." Ethos and PIR have repeatedly defended the proposed deal by arguing that conv...
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GM reveals an EV for (almost) every purse and purpose

Ed Niedermeyer Contributor Share on Twitter Ed Niedermeyer is an author, columnist and co-host of The Autonocast. His book, Ludicrous: The Unvarnished Story of Tesla Motors, was released in August 2019. More posts by this contributor GM reveals ‘Ultium,’ the heart of its EV strategy Waymo’s UX challenge is getting people to enjoy the ride General Motors’ EV day didn’t just mark the launch of ...
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Coming Soon: Open-Source Blueprints for a Tiny Nuclear Reactor

"A nonprofit startup is offering an open-source nuclear plant plan," reports Popular Mechanics: A mechanical engineer-turned-tech entrepreneur has plans to, well, empower people around the world to build their own 100-megawatt nuclear power reactors. That's much larger than some of the modular reactors designed by nuclear startups, but still much smaller than operating nuclear power plants in the U.S. The Energy Impact Center (EIC) is an energy nonprofit that engineer Bret Kugelmass founded i...
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10 Ways to Venture into New Territory with Your Small Business

Growing your business sometimes requires doing things you’re unfamiliar with. Whether it’s a new marketing strategy or a new type of communication within your organization, it often pays to try new things. Check out some tips for venturing into new territory from members of the online small business community below. Use Sales Materials in a Digital World Today, many businesses are doing most of their marketing online. But your sales techniques don’t have to be purely digital. If you’ve never ...
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The case for an AI that puts nature and ethics first, not humans

Did you know TNW Conference has a track fully dedicated to bringing the biggest names in tech to showcase inspiring talks from those driving the future of technology this year? Tim Leberecht, who authored this piece, is one of the speakers. Check out the full ‘Impact‘ program here. On July 20, 1969, the first human landed on the moon. Fifty years later we are in desperate need for another “moonshot” to tackle some of the pressing and overwhelmingly big issues of our time — from the climate crisi...
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First Voters Reject Tulsi Gabbard, Then a Judge Does–Gabbard v. Google

Super Tuesday wasn’t so super for Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard. First, she polled less than 1%–territory usually occupied by withdrawn or fringe candidates. Though, remarkably, she did earn two delegates. Mind blown. Second, the same day, a court completely rejected her lawsuit against Google. She had alleged that Google deliberately interfered with her advertising after she made a splash at one of the Democratic primary debates. She asserted that Google was a state actor and ...
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Are flying taxis ready for lift-off?

To supporters, they are the solution to congestion. To critics, they’re just billionaires’ toys. So are they the answer to urban travel?It’s right up there with meal pills, jetpacks, robot butlers and colonies on Mars. Since at least 1962, when the TV cartoon characters George, Jane, Elroy and Judy Jetson first took to the skies, flying cars have been a staple of speculative visions of the future. Designs for dozens of small, affordable, personal flying machines were unveiled in the latter half ...
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Here’s why you shouldn’t mourn the loss of Mayor Pete

It was the Sunday afternoon slump: the end of a sunny weekend in Los Angeles, where I live, and I was coming to grips with the reality of the work week ahead. Around 4:45 pm PT came the first news that former South Bend Mayor and Democratic nominee hopeful Pete Buttigieg had suspended his incredibly inspiring campaign, as polls showed him lagging badly in Super Tuesday. My heart sank. I had been supporting Mayor Pete from the beginning. I had been monitoring his every TV appearance, donating to ...
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This Week in Apps: Google I/O canceled over coronavirus, App Store gets updated rules, TikTok’s owner launches Spotify rival

Welcome back to This Week in  Apps, the Extra Crunch series that recaps the latest OS news, the applications they support and the money that flows through it all. The app industry is as hot as ever, with a record 204 billion downloads in 2019 and $120 billion in consumer spending in 2019, according to App Annie’s recently released “State of Mobile” annual report. People are now spending 3 hours and 40 minutes per day using apps, rivaling TV. Apps aren’t just a way to pass idle hours — they’re a...
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A queer POTUS, Wendy boycott, and gayer hip hop: my 2020s LGBTQ wishlist

If you’re not looking back consumed in anger, you can look forward filled with hope. It may seem like the most obvious deduction, but in these fragile, polarizing times, it’s easy to forget the 33-year-old lesson of George Michael’s first solo single: You gotta have faith … and hope. I was reminded of this while doing a podcast interview based around my recent Queerty article “Gay black lives mattered more than ever in the 2020s.” At the end of the chat, the hosts asked me about my hopes for th...
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Scam Call Center's Own CCTV Gets Breached

A call center scammed 40,000 people over the last 14 months, bringing in $8 million. But within four months their own computer system had been remotely breached by "online vigilante" Jim Browning, according to the BBC. He secretly tapped into the call center's own closed-circuit TV cameras, and eventually tipped off the police, leading to a raid on the call center this week. Browning also shared the footage with the BBC program Panorama -- along with recordings of 70,000 phone calls -- so you c...
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This fruit reeks, but it may one day power your phone

New research finds that jackfruit and durian, often called the world's smelliest fruit, make outstanding supercapacitors.Supercapacitors are useful because they can be used as infinitely rechargeable batteries.The study, published in the Journal of Energy Storage, also demonstrates the development of carbon aerogels for the bodies of the fruit batteries. It's said to be delicious, but you probably haven't encountered any durian fruit-scented candles. That's because it smells, as the late gourma...
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