Apple Donates Millions of Masks to Healthcare Pros in America and Europe

An anonymous reader quotes Engadget: Hospitals in numerous countries are struggling to provide basic supplies to healthcare workers, and tech companies are pitching in to address the shortfall. Tim Cook has revealed that Apple is donating "millions" of masks to healthcare professionals in Europe and the U.S. Their article notes that Alibaba has also been donating masks, test kits, protective suits and face shields, while Elon Musk's companies are exploring the production of ventilators. "It'...
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Siri Now Provides Coronavirus Advice From CDC and U.S. Public Health Service

iPhone users who ask Siri about COVID-19 can now complete a questionnaire about their symptoms and potential exposure to the virus to better understand their health situation, as noted by CNBC. Apple says the answers are sourced from the CDC and U.S. Public Health Service, a division of the Department of Health and Human Services. Apple today also shared a COVID-19-related PSA from the White House Coronavirus Task Force in its App Store on iOS devices, as retweeted by Rene Ritchie. Wow! T...
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'Netflix Party': a New Chrome Extension Adds Chat Panes to Movies

GameSpot calls it "like an AOL chat room" combined with Netflix. The Guardian reports: You log in, share a viewing link with friends, choose one person to be in charge of picking what you watch and, as your chosen show plays out in the bulk of the screen, a chatroom pops up on the right-hand side. You can discuss the show with the people in your room, or argue, or flirt, or veer wildly off-tangent because you've realised that you've picked an absolute dud to watch. Right now, Netflix Party feel...
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YC startup Felix wants to replace antibiotics with programmable viruses

Right now the world is at war. But this is no ordinary war. It’s a fight with an organism so small we can only detect it through use of a microscope — and if we don’t stop it, it could kill millions of us in the next several decades. No, I’m not talking about COVID-19, though that organism is the one on everyone’s mind right now. I’m talking about antibiotic-resistant bacteria. You see, more than 700,000 people died globally from bacterial infections last year — 35,000 of them in the U.S. If we ...
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Automakers, Tesla and SpaceX Explore Working on Ventilators

"Just had a long engineering discussion with Medtronic about state-of-the-art ventilators," Elon Musk tweeted on Saturday. Medtronic tweeted that the talks also involved Tesla. And TechCrunch notes that Musk tweeted on Friday that both Tesla and SpaceX employees are "working on ventilators...": His confirmation on Twitter that both of the companies he leads are working on ventilators comes a day after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio made a direct plea to Musk to help alleviate a shortage at...
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What Are the Best Free Streaming Services?

An anonymous reader shares some free streaming media options: There's over 10,000 public domain audiobooks at, created by volunteers reading public domain works. (If you've got time, why not record yourself reading your own favorite public domain poem or novel?) And there's also a lot of free audiobooks (and ebooks) available through Hoopla, a free "digital media" service that's partnering with many public libraries across North America. They're not just offering books; there's al...
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Apple Is Donating Millions of Masks to Health Workers Battling Coronavirus, CEO Tim Cook Says

Apple is donating several million industrial-grade respirator masks to health care organizations, amid a critical shortage of supplies and equipment needed to respond those affected by the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Tim Cook, the CEO of the tech giant, confirmed Apple’s efforts to help the cause Saturday, saying the supplies would go to providers in […]
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Disney+ streaming service to launch in UK with lower bandwidth

Disney will monitor internet congestion to reduce pressure on broadband infrastructure during coronavirus outbreakCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageDisney’s new streaming service will launch in the UK and Western Europe with hits such as Frozen 2 streamed at slower speeds to reduce congestion on broadband networks as millions are confined to their homes.Disney has pledged to reduce the streaming speed of content offered through Disney+, which launches in the UK and most...
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New York Has Over 45,000 Tests So More Infections Were Found

The US has had over 182,000 coronavirus tests and 25,000 confirmed cases. New York has had over 45,000 tests and has over 11,000 confirmed cases. As of the afternoon of March 19, there have been... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Dead & Company Announces Couch Tour, Letting You Stream Free Concerts at Home

More free music/entertainment to carry you through these bleak, strange times. Dead & Company (the surviving members of the Grateful Dead plus John Mayer and Oteil Burbridge) are making concerts free to stream at home. And the first one gets underway tonight. They announced on Twitter: Stay at home this weekend and tune in to “One More Saturday Night”, a new #CouchTour series featuring your favorite Dead & Company shows, for FREE.   We’re kicking things off with the 12/2/17 Austin s...
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The dark web turns 20 this month. From black market hotspots to facilitating the Arab Spring, here's how it changed the world.

The dark web, a subset of online content that requires specific software to access and is unindexed by search engines, turns 20 years old this month. Because it's less easily monitored, the dark web is best known as a hotbed for cybercrime and black market trading. It's also helped enable whistleblowers and revolutionaries across the world escape the scrutiny of oppressive governments and organize revolutions. Here's a look back at how the dark web has changed the world in the past 2 decades. ...
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Russia Will Ban the Issuing and Selling of Cryptocurrencies

A senior Russian official says an upcoming digital assets bill will ban the issuing and selling of cryptocurrencies. Forbes reports: "We believe there are big risks of legalizing the operations with the cryptocurrencies, from the standpoint of financial stability, money laundering prevention and consumer protection," Russia's central bank head of legal, Alexey Guznov, told Russia news agency Interfax this week in comments translated to English via Google. "We are opposed to the fact that there ...
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Google’s Coronavirus Website Is Nothing Like Trump Described

Google finally unveiled its coronavirus website today. Yes, that website, the one that President Donald Trump said Google was building that the company had no idea it was building. The website, while a good resource to obtain information on covid-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, is nothing like what…Read more...
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To Slow Coronavirus Spread, Singapore Creates a Contact-Tracing App

ZDNet reports that Singapore is fighting the coronavirus with a new smartphone app named "TraceTogether". The app is able to estimate the distance between TraceTogether smartphones as well as the duration of such interactions. The data then is captured, encrypted, and stored locally on the user's phone for 21 days, which spans the incubation period of the virus. When needed in contact tracing, users will have to authorise the uploading of their TraceTogether data to Singapore's Ministry of Healt...
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America's FDA Authorizes Fast Coronavirus Testing System

America's Food and Drug Administration has approved a coronavirus test from a company called Cepheid. It can deliver its results in about 45 minutes, "much faster than current tests that require a sample to be sent to a centralized lab, where results can take days," reports The Hill: The test has been designed to operate on any of Cepheid's more than 23,000 automated GeneXpert Systems worldwide, of which 5,000 are in the U.S., the company said. The systems are already being used to test for co...
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Under quarantine, media is actually social

The flood of status symbol content into Instagram Stories has run dry. No one is going out and doing anything cool right now, and if they are, they should be shamed for it. Beyond sharing video chat happy hour screenshots and quarantine dinner concoctions, our piece-by-piece biographies have ground to a halt. Oddly, what remains feels more social than social networks have in a long time. With no source material, we’re doing it live. Coronavirus has absolved our desire to share the recent past...
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Startups Weekly: Investors also face a pandemic reckoning

Billions of dollars have flowed into startup investing this decade, but the era appears to be closing with the coronavirus pandemic. Limited partners are saying no to younger venture firms who are still out raising, while cutting back on weaker existing firms in their portfolios, Connie Loizos reports on TechCrunch this week. Other firms with direct ties to public markets are losing even more access to working capital. Connie thinks we will soon see term sheets getting pulled using force majur...
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Are There Security Risks When Millions are Suddenly Working from Home?

"The dramatic expansion of teleworking by U.S. schools, businesses and government agencies in response to the coronavirus is raising fresh questions about the capacity and security of the tools many Americans use to connect to vital workplace systems and data," reports CNN: As of last week the Air Force's virtual private networking software could only support 72,000 people at once, according to a federal contractor who was also not authorized to speak on the record, and telework briefing materi...
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Android Cookie-Stealing Malware Found Hijacking Facebook Accounts

A new simple but dangerous strain of Android malware has been found in the wild that steals users' authentication cookies from the web browsing and other apps, including Chrome and Facebook, installed on the compromised devices. Dubbed "Cookiethief" by Kaspersky researchers, the Trojan works by acquiring superuser root rights on the target device, and subsequently, transfer stolen cookies to [Author: [email protected] (Ravie Lakshmanan)]
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Apple Donating Millions of Masks to Healthcare Professionals in U.S. and Europe

Apple plans to donate two million N95 respirator masks to hospitals in the United States, Vice President Mike Pence announced in a press briefing today. Apple has since elaborated on this announcement, noting that it is donating millions of masks for health professionals in the United States and Europe. With personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies dwindling across the United States, hospitals are in dire need of masks, gowns, and more. Apple has taken several initiatives to help combat ...
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Here’s a wrap of the main tech-related coronavirus news in the last 24 hours

Much of the world is waking up to a strange new reality. As the coronavirus strain, COVID-19, swept across the planet, today may go down in history as the day when huge numbers of countries were largely united in a global shut-down to address the pandemic. TechCrunch brings you a wrap of the technology world’s response to the virus do far in our own dedicated “COVID-19-updates” coverage. • In Extra Crunch we cover how you should pitch a story in the era of COVID-19. In our main coverage: • Goog...
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Brydge Showcases New iPadOS 13.4 Trackpad Features in its New Pro+ Keyboard

Brydge has released a short YouTube video showcasing its Brydge Pro+ Keyboard with trackpad support. This comes just days after Apple announced its own Magic Keyboard with designated trackpad alongside both the new iPad Pro and new MacBook Air. In the video, Brydge highlights some of the capabilities of its new Brydge Pro+ keyboard. The major new feature is full trackpad support in iPadOS 13.4. The trackpad can be used for precise text editing, bringing up the Dock from any app with a three-fin...
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Why AI might be the most effective weapon we have to fight COVID-19

If not the most deadly, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is one of the most contagious diseases to have hit our green planet in the past decades. In little over three months since the virus was first spotted in mainland China, it has spread to more than 90 countries, infected more than 185,000 people, and taken more than 3,500 lives. As governments and health organizations scramble to contain the spread of coronavirus, they need all the help they can get, including from artificial intelligence. ...
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Apple Acknowledges Personal Hotspot Issues Affecting Some iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 Users

In an internal document distributed to Apple Authorized Service Providers this week, obtained by MacRumors, Apple has acknowledged that some iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 users may experience issues with Personal Hotspot. Apple has told Authorized Service Providers to expect customers who are unable to connect to a Personal Hotspot or experience frequent disconnection from one. Customers may also experience general issues with data performance. Some users have been reporting problems with Personal Hot...
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Original Content podcast: Apple’s ‘Amazing Stories’ is thoroughly unamazing

It’s been two-and-a-half years since the news first broke that Steven Spielberg would be rebooting his ’80s anthology series “Amazing Stories” for Apple’s then-unnamed streaming service. Now, after some behind-the-scenes drama, “Amazing Stories” has launched on Apple TV+, with the first two segments currently available. The first, “The Cellar,” is a time travel romance, while “The Heat” is a combination ghost story/murder mystery/sports drama. As we explain on the latest episode of the Original ...
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GNU Make 4.3 Speeds Up Linux Kernel Builds, Debugger/Profiler Fork Released

Linus Torvalds himself "changed around the kernel's pipe code to use exclusive waits when reading or writing," reports Phoronix. "While this doesn't mean much for traditional/common piping of data, the GNU Make job-server is a big benefactor as it relies upon a pipe for limiting the parallelism" -- especially on high-core-count CPUs. This drew an interesting follow-up from Slashdot reader rockyb, who was wondering if anyone could verify that GNU Make 4.3 speeds up build times: I updated and ...
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Apollo 15 Astronaut Al Worden Passes Away

"Former astronaut Alfred M. Worden, command module pilot on the Apollo 15 lunar landing, passed away March 18, 2020, in Texas," reports His son-in-law told the New York Times Worden apparently died of a stroke. "Al was an American hero whose achievements in space and on Earth will never be forgotten," tweeted NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine. Slashdot reader Iwastheone shares NASA's remembrance: As command module pilot, Worden stayed in orbit while commander David Scott and lunar ...
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WhatsApp tests new feature to fight misinformation: Search the web

WhatsApp, one of the most popular instant messaging platforms on the planet, is testing a feature that could make it simpler for its 2 billion users to tell whether the assertion made in messages they have received is true. In the recent most beta version of its Android app, the Facebook-owned service has given users the ability to quickly comb through the web with the text or video they have received for more context. WhatsApp has been testing this feature in some capacity for several ...
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Google says it has removed 'millions of ads in the past week' relating to coronavirus, but users are still seeing ads for products like face masks

Weeks after Google said it banned adds for face masks, users still reported seeing them on news articles about COVID-19. Sens. Mark Warner and Richard Blumenthal have called on the FTC to take action against Google for continuing to serve advertisements for products like face masks and hand sanitizers. The company told Business Insider it's removed millions of ads in the past week alone related to the novel coronavirus. Google told Business Insider it has a "dedicated task force" working to re...
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Linus Torvalds Shares His Tips On Working Remotely

Linus Torvalds tells ZDNet what he's learned about working remotely: Torvalds admits that when he started, "I worried about missing human interaction -- not just talking to people in the office and hallways, but going out to lunch etc. It turns out I never really missed it." Of course, just saying "'don't be social' isn't much of a great tip, is it?" Nor, as many extroverts are now finding out, is working from home necessarily at all comfortable. So, Torvalds suggests that you take "advantage ...
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