More Than Half of All News Consumption On Facebook In America Is About the Coronavirus, Report Finds

The coronavirus has revived Facebook as a dominant news hub. According to an internal report by The New York Times, more than half of all news consumption on Facebook in America is about the virus. "Overall U.S. traffic from Facebook to other websites also increased by more than 50 percent last week from the week before, 'almost entirely' owing to intense interest in the virus," adds The New York Times. From the report: The report, which was posted to Facebook's internal network by Ranjan Subram...
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Benchmarks Suggest New iPad Pro's A12Z Chip is Nearly Identical to A12X in 2018 iPad Pro

One of the new 2020 iPad Pro models equipped with an A12Z chip arrived early to a Reddit user, who did some benchmarking tests to see how it performs. In a Geekbench 5 test, the 11-inch 2020 ‌iPad Pro‌ earned a single-core score of 1114 and a multi-core score of 4654, which is close to the Geekbench scores of the 11-inch ‌iPad Pro‌ from 2018. The 11-inch ‌iPad Pro‌ has an aggregate single-core Geekbench 5 score of 1113 and a multi-core score of 4608. Like the A12X, the A12Z is an 8-core chip...
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Happy with the search engine

Over the past few days I have ironed out a lot of small issues with the template search engine. Most of them were behind the scenes, how I can classify, tag, and group slides in a world of duplicates, typos, plurals, and related keywords. I think things are really starting to work now. Now it is just a matter of continuing to add templates that are useful (i.e., not diluting search results for the sake of template volume). I am aiming for a Google-type improvement: the front page won’t change mu...
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Economic Shutdown Is Estimated To Save 600,000 American Lives

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: President Donald Trump is considering easing health directives that prevent the spread of the coronavirus in an attempt to contain economic fallout. A new analysis suggests that those measures are helping to save hundreds of thousands of lives. Economists led by Northwestern University's Martin Eichenbaum wrote that keeping social-distancing measures in place before the number of new virus cases declines -- in other words, before a peak in the ...
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Microsoft Says Critical Vulnerability in Windows Is Already Being Used in 'Limited Targeted Attacks'

Microsoft said on Monday that it has discovered a flaw in Windows 10 and other versions of the operating system that has already resulted in “limited targeted attacks.” There is as of yet no patch for the vulnerability, though Microsoft ranks it as a “critical” flaw.Read more...
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Connected TVs get dedicated BBC Sounds app

The new BBC Sounds TV app is being rolled out on YouView and Virgin devices from today, with other TV platforms coming in the future. The app will provide access to live and on-demand radio from the BBC’s 18 national and 40 local stations, music mixes and podcasts. The TV app shows live track information when you’re listening to a live radio station and a full tracklist for all Sounds music mixes and on-demand music radio shows. You can also see all available episodes for podcasts and previo...
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If Robots Steal So Many Jobs, Why Aren't They Saving Us Now?

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Wired: Modern capitalism has never seen anything quite like the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. In a matter of months, the deadly contagious bug has spread around the world, hobbling any economy in its path. [...] This economic catastrophe is blowing up the myth of the worker robot and AI takeover. We've been led to believe that a new wave of automation is here, made possible by smarter AI and more sophisticated robots. San Francisco has even considered a t...
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Elite Hackers Target WHO As Coronavirus Cyberattacks Spike

According to Reuters, elite hackers tried to break into the World Health Organization earlier this month. While the effort was unsuccessful, the agency said there's been a more than two-fold increase in cyberattacks as they battle to contain the coronavirus. From the report: The attempted break-in at the WHO was first flagged to Reuters by Alexander Urbelis, a cybersecurity expert and attorney with the New York-based Blackstone Law Group, which tracks suspicious internet domain registration acti...
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Original 1978 Apple Computer Retail Sign With Iconic Rainbow Logo Being Auctioned Off

An original Apple Computer Inc. sign created around 1978 with Apple's well-known rainbow logo is set to be auctioned off later this week. Measuring in at four feet by five feet, the sign is said to be one of the earliest Apple retail signs and was displayed by an Apple authorized reseller who first learned about Apple after attending a 1976 computer conference. The sign is yellowed and the description says there are "a few surface marks," but overall, the rainbow colors are said to be bright...
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SpaceX Gets FCC License For 1 Million Satellite-Broadband User Terminals

SpaceX has received government approval to deploy up to 1 million user terminals in the United States for its Starlink satellite-broadband constellation. Ars Technica reports: SpaceX asked the Federal Communications Commission for the license in February 2019, and the FCC announced its approval in a public notice last week. The FCC approval is for "a blanket license for the operation of up to 1,000,000 fixed earth stations that will communicate with [SpaceX's] non-geostationary orbit satellite s...
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Former Slack exec April Underwood has joined Obvious Ventures as a venture partner

April Underwood, who until early last year was Slack’s chief product officer, has joined Obvious Ventures as a venture partner, she announced on Twitter today. Underwood said that as part of the firm’s team, she will “invest in great companies seeking to solve the big problems facing humanity: our climate, human health and wellness, and how we work.” Of Obvious’s focus on “backing company with world positive impact,” she said its mission “couldn’t possibly feel more needed than it does in thi...
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France: Apple Settles With French Authorities Over €25 Million Fine - Jones Day

On January 5, 2018, a consumer association filed a complaint against Apple with the Public Prosecutor's Office in Paris for planned obsolescence of its devices, alleging that Apple was deliberately slowing down its old smartphone models to speed up their replacement.
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With the real estate industry facing headwinds, SoftBank-backed Compass lays off 15% of staff

Compass, the real estate brokerage startup backed by roughly $1.6 billion in venture funding, has laid off 15% of its staff as a result of the shifting economic fortunes created by the global response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, according to an internal email seen by TechCrunch. Citing economic fallout that has seen stock markets plummet 30 percent in just 22 days Compass chief executive Robert Reffkin wrote that the company has seen an over 60 percent decline in real estate showings a...
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Understanding France’s $1.2 billion fine on Apple

Last week, the French antitrust authorities levied upon Apple the greatest fine it ever has imposed on any company in the 67-year history of the French agency. The total exceeds $1.2 billion. Two wholesalers who distributed Apple products were also fined: Tech Data $84 million and Ingram Micro $69 million. Apple is appealing the decision. In creating the European Union, individual countries did not surrender their own authority to bring antitrust actions to prevent harm done to consumers and com...
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Facebook Lowers Video Quality In Latin America, Following Europe

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reuters: Facebook will lower video streaming quality on its platform and on Instagram in Latin America, replicating measures adopted in Europe, to ease network congestion in a region that is starting to feel the grip of the coronavirus. On Sunday, the world's largest social network followed the steps of Netflix, Alphabet's YouTube, Amazon and Walt Disney in response to a call by the European Union to stave off internet gridlock as thousands of people work...
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Chinese Technology Using Holographic Buttons to Avoid Contagion

China has been implementing a myriad of methods to cut down on the potential spreading of the Coronavirus, including the usage of holographic buttons in elevators so that people can avoid physically touching the frequently fingered buttons. Chinese company EASPEED are responsible for the ingenious device which uses holographic images for its buttons; when the […]
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With Live Sports Gone, Announcer Offers Play by Play of the Everyday

The narration begins customarily, with the play-by-play announcer enthusiastically welcoming his audience live to a competition unfolding on the screen. But this is no ordinary competition. From a report: "It's the final of the two lonely blokes in a park contest," the announcer, Nick Heath, begins, setting the scene of two men idly kicking a ball in a park. When one of the men clips the ball and sends it rolling in the opposite direction, Mr. Heath observes: "Oh, that was absolutely terrible. I...
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Apple Music Gains New 'Get Up! Mix' Weekly Playlist

Apple is today rolling out a new Get Up! Mix algorithmic playlist that joins existing playlists like Chill Mix, New Music Mix, Friends Mix, and Favorites Mix. The new Get Up! Mix is full of "happy-making, smile-finding, sing-alonging" music, and will be updated each Monday with new songs curated by Apple Music editors, according to Engadget. Apple is still rolling out the new Get Up! Mix, but once available, it will be in the "For You" tab alongside other playlists that are updated weekly. ...
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NYC is offering gig workers delivery jobs during COVID-19 pandemic

To help gig workers make ends meet during these times of job insecurity amid COVID-19, New York City is offering gig workers who are licensed with the TLC to help with delivery work. While the demand for drivers is currently small, NYC says it expects demand to increase for meal delivery to senior citizens and other residents who need to stay home. The jobs pay $15 per hour, and offer reimbursement for gas mileage and tolls — something gig economy companies don’t currently do. “The World is chan...
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Some Amazon Prime Deliveries May Take a Month As Demand Surges

As the coronavirus has forced millions of families into lockdown, demand for Amazon's delivery service has surged. To help the company deal with rising demand, Amazon has prioritized several categories of essential items, including baby products, health items, and pet supplies. The results of that policy can now be seen on Amazon's website: numerous items now take weeks to ship. That's true even if you're a subscriber to Amazon Prime, which is supposed to provide two-day shipping. Ars Technica r...
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Oura partners with UCSF to determine if its smart ring can help detect COVID-19 early

Startups continue to find new ways to contribute to ongoing efforts to fight the global spread of COVID-19 during the current global coronavirus pandemic, and personal health hardware-maker Oura is no exception. The smart ring startup is working with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) on a new study to see if its device can help detect early physiological signs that might indicate the onset of COVID-19. This study will include two parts: Around 2,000 frontline healthcare professi...
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Board Question #92977: Do you have any video game recommendations? Mostly I like ...

Q: Dear 100 Hour Board,Do you have any video game recommendations? Mostly I like ones with good story/characters or wholesome, relaxing ones like Stardew Valley.-My Name Here A: Dear you, Spectre mentions Journey below, and I wholeheartedly second that recommendation. I talked a little more about why I love the game in my response to Board Question #92802. Best, Josefina A: Dear 0, I don't have as many as I thought I would, but I do have a few. I don't know if you intended for the categories...
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Drone Video Shows Empty Apple Park Campus

With most of Apple's corporate employees working from home at the current time, the Apple Park campus in Cupertino is nearly abandoned. Drone footage shot recently by drone pilot Duncan Sinfield looks similar to drone videos shot before ‌Apple Park‌ opened, with no visible people on the campus and parking lots abandoned. Apple employees worldwide have been working at home since March 8, though there are likely still employees on the ‌Apple Park‌ campus who have essential roles at the company. ...
Tags: Apple, Cupertino, Santa Clara County, Duncan Sinfield, Apple Park

Join our conference call with immigration attorney Sophie Alcorn Tuesday at 1pm PDT

The world has been turned upside-down the past few weeks, with flight cancellations, global travel bans and a massive slowdown of worldwide commerce. For immigrants to the United States here on work visas, these are particularly ambiguous and challenging times. We’ve had prominent Silicon Valley immigration attorney Sophie Alcorn of Alcorn Immigration Law talk about all the nuances of immigration the past few months across our stages and through her Dear Sophie column on Extra Crunch, where she ...
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Oura partners with UCSF to determine if its smart ring can hep detect COVID-19 early

Startups continue to find new ways to contribute to ongoing efforts to fight the global spread of COVID-19 during the current global coronavirus pandemic, and personal health hardware-maker Oura is no exception. The smart ring startup is working with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) on a new study to see if its device can help detect early physiological sings that might indicate the onset of COVID-19. This study will include two parts: Around 2,000 frontline healthcare professi...
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FDA updates COVID-19 testing guidelines to allow self-swab tests

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has updated its guidelines for COVID-19 testing procedures, in a bid to both make the process easier and less uncomfortable for patients, and to help limit the impact of testing on the supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) used by healthcare workers, including protective masks, face shields, gloves and gowns. The change means that people undertaking a test will be able to conduct their own swab, which will involve swabbing shallowly in their...
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Monitoring is critical to successful AI

Amit Paka Contributor Share on Twitter Amit Paka is co-founder and chief product officer at Fiddler Labs, an explainable AI startup that enables enterprises to deploy and scale risk- and bias-free AI applications. More posts by this contributor How Legal Immigration Failed Silicon Valley The Rise Of Micro Startup Acquisitions Krishna Gade Contributor ...
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Freed from the office, home workers roam sunlit uplands of IPv6... 2 metres apart

Clouds, silver linings etc. The long-awaited IPv6 train may finally be pulling into the station as Google reported a spike in usage.…
Tags: Google, Software

Rently self-guided tours coming to 75 more rental communities

An award-winning national property manager responds to reduction in face-to-face showings by rolling out Rently's patented touring technology.
Tags: Technology, Radio, Property Management, Select, News Brief, Rental Market, Apartment Market, PROPtech, Agent-less Tours, Self-guided Tours, Property Portfolio, Coronavirus, Pegasus Residential, Rently

Apple Lets Developers Know That Universal Purchase for Mac Apps is Now Available

macOS versions of apps can now be included as part of a universal purchase, which allows customers to purchase a single app (or in-app purchase) that works across iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Apple says that developers can get ready to use the feature by assigning a single bundle ID for apps in Xcode and setting up their app record for universal purchase using App Store Connect. A single purchase option for iOS, ‌iPadOS‌, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS apps was added in the Xcode 11.4 beta...
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