COVID-19 Doesn't Slow Down Japanese Porn Productions

Special events in Akihabara are a great place to be recruited if you want to  be  an extra in a Japanese Adult video. Every weekend several actresses  will  make public appearances in one of the major video stores to meet  and  greet their fans. Prices range from ¥5000-¥50,000  to spend less than a minute with the talent. Pictures are allowed and many of the  fans bring  expensive equipment for their impromptu photo shoots. Women  and  foreigners are usually banned from these events, as they mak...
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Detroit Auto Show canceled in preparation for FEMA to turn venue into field hospital

The North American International Auto Show, which was scheduled for June in Detroit, has been canceled as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread and the city prepares to repurpose the TCF Center into a temporary field hospital. NAIAS is held each year in the TCF Center, formerly known as the Cobo Center. Organizers said they expected the Federal Emergency Management Agency to designate the TCF Center as a field hospital. “Although we are disappointed, there is nothing more important to us ...
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One Woman Can Smell Parkinson's Disease Before Symptoms Manifest

"For most of her life, Joy Milne had a superpower that she was totally oblivious to," reports NPR. Long-time Slashdot reader doug141 explains what happened next: Milne's husband's natural odor changed when he was 31. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's at 45. When Joy walked into a Parkinson's support group, she smelled the same odor on everybody. A Parkinson's researcher tested her with blind samples from early stage patients, late-stage patients, and controls... NPR tells the story of that test...
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European Union: Google v CNIL – An Update On The Right To Be Forgotten (Video) - Kemp IT Law

In one of our earlier vlogs we discussed the right to be forgotten under the GDPR.
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Working From Home Hasn't Broken the Internet

sixoh1 shared this story from the Wall Street Journal: Home internet and wireless connectivity in the U.S. have largely withstood unprecedented demands as more Americans work and learn remotely. Broadband and wireless service providers say traffic has jumped in residential areas at times of the day when families would typically head to offices and schools. Still, that surge in usage hasn't yet resulted in widespread outages or unusually long service disruptions, industry executives and analys...
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Apple reportedly working with BMW on CarKey feature, spotted in iOS 14 code

The German automaker was also the first to adopt Apple's Wireless CarPlay
Tags: Apple, Mobile, News, Trends, Bmw, CarKey, Ios 14

Apple reportedly working with BMW for CarKey feature, spotted in iOS 14 code

The German automaker was also the first to adopt Apple's Wireless CarPlay
Tags: Apple, Mobile, News, Trends, Bmw, CarKey, Ios 14

Australian government pumps $1bn into health and family violence services as coronavirus spreads

Telehealth, mental health and national domestic violence initiative to receive major boosts as economic effects of Covid-19 intensifySign up for Coronavirus: Australia at a glance, our daily email newsletterCoronavirus Australia news: live updatesThe Morrison government will expand funding for telehealth, domestic violence support and mental health services, as well as boosting the emergency relief delivered through charities and community organisations, as the number of confirmed coronavirus ca...
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Australian government to pump $1bn into health and family violence services as coronavirus spreads

Telehealth, mental health and national domestic violence initiative to receive major boosts as economic effects of Covid-19 intensifySign up for Coronavirus: Australia at a glance, our daily email newsletterCoronavirus Australia news: live updatesThe Morrison government will expand funding for telehealth, domestic violence support and mental health services, as well as boosting the emergency relief delivered through charities and community organisations, as the number of confirmed coronavirus ca...
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Cringely Predicts 2020 Will See 'the Death of IT'

Long-time technology pundit Robert Cringely writes: IT — Information Technology — grew out of something we called MIS — Management Information Systems — but both meant a kid in a white shirt who brought you a new keyboard when yours broke. Well, the kid is now gone, sent home with everyone else, and that kid isn't coming back... ever. IT is near death, fading by the day. But don't blame COVID-19 because the death of IT was inevitable. This novel coronavirus just made it happen a little quicker.....
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Open source fights against COVID-19, Googles new security tool written in Python, and more open source news

In this edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look open source solutions for COVID-19, Google[he]#039[/he]s new security tool, code cleanup software from Uber, and more!
Tags: Google, Linux, COVID

To Conserve Bandwidth, Should Opting In Be Required Before Autoplaying Videos?

An anonymous reader writes: We keep seeing stories about how providers are slowing down their streaming speed to reduce bandwidth usage during this period when many are being asked to stay at home... But it seems that many are totally ignoring a very obvious way to reduce usage significantly, and that is by disabling autoplay on their web sites and in their apps. To give an example, a couple of days ago I was watching a show on Hulu, and either I was more sleepy than I thought or the show was ...
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Gamma-ray space telescope study may have spotted dark matter

Analyzing data from the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, researchers find hints of dark matter.The scientists looked to spot a correlation between gravitational lensing and gamma rays. Future release of data can pinpoint whether the dark matter is really responsible for observed effects. By comparing data derived from gravitational lensing and gamma ray observations by the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, a study showed that certain regions of the sky emit more gamma rays. While the main cause...
Tags: Astronomy, Space, Technology, California, France, Nasa, Earth, Physics, Chile, Italy, Innovation, Universe, Einstein, Dark Matter, Telescope, Stanford University

Dark Web Hosting Site Suffers Cyberattack, 7,600 Sites Down

It's the largest free web hosting provider for dark web services. But remember back in 2018 when its 6,500 sites all went down after attackers accessed its database and deleted all its accounts? It happened again -- for the second time in 16 months. And this time, ZDNet reports, Daniel's Host won't be coming back online for several months: Almost 7,600 dark web portals have been taken offline following the hack, during which an attacker deleted the web hosting portal's entire database. This h...
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Fire Up the Fox News Crack Pipe

Possums for Sale, New York City, 1916. Americans look down their nose at the fraying ends of other cultures, with little reflection on our own.In America, we hunt and eat every kind of wild animal, including animals so similar to humans they are used as body part replacements for living people.You did not know?Now you doThey eat snake in country XYZ?They eat snake in America too (as well as giant lizards).They eat rat in country XYZ?We do too. We even have Muskrat beauty queens, Nutria fe...
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The best Apple TV deals and sales for April 2020: Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD

These Apple TV deals will make the Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD a little lighter on the old bank account.
Tags: Apple, Deals, Trends, Apple TV, Home Theater, Apple TV 4K, Commerce 2020, Apple TV (3rd Gen, Apple TV Deals, Apple TV HD

Startups Weekly: A new era for consumer tech

TechCrunch is out hunting for bright spots in the startup world as we all come to grips with the pandemic — particularly where checks are actually being written despite everything. D2C is back to the future First up this week, we surveyed top direct-to-consumer investors, and they seemed pretty optimistic despite the struggles of some sector leaders. Here’s Lightspeed Venture Partners Nicole Quinn, for example, on investor activity versus current opportunity: I would argue it is too weak as in...
Tags: TC, Instagram, Microsoft, Tech, Alexis Ohanian, Casper, Cac, Alex, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Gitlab, Sxsw, Josh, Google Facebook, Google Amazon, Josh Constine, Connie Loizos

How Devs Can Help Beat the COVID-19 Pandemic

The state of New York hopes to "amplify" its response to COVID-19 by launching tech-driven products with top companies, and it's looking for professional volunteers with experience in software development, hardware deployment/end-user support, and data science (as well as areas like product management, design, operations management). Meanwhile, IBM's 2020 "Call for Code Global Challenge" is a virtual hackathon with a $200,000 prize, and they've now "expanded its focus" to include the effects of...
Tags: New York, Tech, World Health Organization, Ibm, Erlang, Golang, Mike Melanson, COVID, AWS Facebook Giphy Microsoft, Global Hackathon, U S Digital Response

Doc Searls: 'Zoom Needs to Clean Up Its Privacy Act'

The former editor-in-chief of the Linux Journal just published an annotated version of Zoom's privacy policy. Searls calls it "creepily chummy with the tracking-based advertising biz (also called adtech). I'll narrow my inquiry down to the "Does Zoom sell Personal Data?" section of the privacy policy, which was last updated on March 18. The section runs two paragraphs, and I'll comment on the second one, starting here: Zoom does use certain standard advertising tools which require Personal Da...
Tags: Google, Tech, Google Analytics, Personal Data, Linux Journal, Doc Searls, Searls, Evan Selinger, Shoshana Zuboff, Brett Frischmann, Age of Surveillance Capitalism Zoom

How to factory reset an iPhone

Wiping your iPhone can come in handy, so here's how to factory reset an iPhone within iOS, iTunes, and Mac.
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Mobile, Trends, How-to, iOS 10, iPhone 11 Pro Max, Tier 4

America's FDA Grants Emergency Approval for a 15-Minute Coronavirus Test

While many coronavirus tests provide results within hours or days, America's Food and Drug Administration "has authorized the emergency use" of a new rapid coronavirus test from medical device manufacturer Abbott that could results in less than 15 minutes, reports NBC News: The FDA told Abbott it authorized the test's use after determining that "it is reasonable to believe that your product may be effective in diagnosing COVID-19," based on the scientific evidence presented. The agency added tha...
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Physicists Disagree Over New Dark Matter Claim

sciencehabit shared this article from Science magazine: For decades, astrophysicists have thought some sort of invisible dark matter must pervade the galaxies and hold them together, although its nature remains a mystery. Now, three physicists claim their observations of empty patches of sky rule out one possible explanation of the strange substance — that it is made out of unusual particles called sterile neutrinos. But others argue the data show no such thing. "I think that for most of the ...
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Want to Increase Your Small Business Knowledge? Here are 10 Expert Tips

There are some business lessons that you need to learn through experience. However, there are some things you can learn by paying attention to experts in your field or utilizing data and tools that are available to your business. Read on for some of the top lessons you should take from industry experts and other members of the online small business community. Learn from Top Marketing Mavens Throughout the month, 30 Days of Marketing Mavens will be sharing interviews with experts to reveal som...
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Which US Cities Will Have the Largest Coronavirus Outbreaks in April

Which are the US cities that will have the most serious problems with coronavirus COVID-19 after New York? Newark, New Jersey is included with the New York Metro area. Detroit has 1000 cases with... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Tags: New York, Science, Medicine, Future, US, World, Public Health, Cities, United States, Innovation, Disease, Detroit, Predictions, Newark New Jersey, New York Metro, Coronavirus

Society needs electrical engineers to function. Here's how you can become one.

Electrical engineering is the study, design, and application of systems that utilize electricity and electronics. Modern applications include power grids, telecommunications, and circuit boards. Computing systems such as supercomputers and tablets rely on electrical engineering. Modern society is powered by complex systems that keep everything from sleepy suburbs to major metropolises operational. Electrical engineering is at the heart of how the entire world operates, yet most of us ha...
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2020 iPad Pro Teardown Provides Closer Look at LiDAR Scanner and Confirms Incremental Update

iFixit today shared a video teardown of the new iPad Pro, which Apple unveiled earlier this month. iFixit found that most of the internals of the 2020 ‌iPad Pro‌ are the same as the 2018 model, confirming that the device is a relatively incremental update. The most notable new feature seen inside the new ‌iPad Pro‌ was the LiDAR scanner, which measures the distance to surrounding objects up to five meters away, and enables enhanced experiences with augmented reality. iFixit also took a look...
Tags: Apple, Gpu, Apple Store, Ipad Pro, MacBook Air Apple, iFixit

Some Researchers are Trying Mass Testing for Covid-19 Antibodies

An anonymous reader quotes Wired: Next week, blood banks across the Netherlands are set to begin a nationwide experiment. As donations arrive — about 7,000 of them per week is the norm — they'll be screened with the usual battery of tests that keep the blood supply safe, plus one more: a test for antibodies to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. Then, in a few weeks, another batch of samples will get the same test. And after that, depending on the numbers, there could be further rounds. ...
Tags: Tech, Netherlands, Fda, University of Notre Dame, Alex Perkins

Being there

Photo source: Publicdomainpictures Ever wondered how we can overcome feelings of loneliness and disconnect in distance education? It's a question that online educators have been grappling with for a long time. When you're online, or using your smartphone to communicate, do you ever feel 'connected' to the person at the other end? It's a common psychological phenomenon to feel that although you are separated by distance, the technology actually mediates your connection with someone else...
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Apple’s manufacturing is back on track, but will there be demand for iPhones?

People don't want to buy iPhones while they're in isolation
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Business, News, Trends, Coronavirus

This Week in Apps: Apple launches a COVID-19 app, the outbreak’s impact on social and video apps and more

Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the Extra Crunch series that recaps the latest OS news, the applications they support and the money that flows through it all. The app industry saw a record 204 billion downloads and $120 billion in consumer spending in 2019, according to App Annie’s “State of Mobile” annual report. People are now spending 3 hours and 40 minutes per day using apps, rivaling TV. Apps aren’t just a way to pass idle hours — they’re a big business. In 2019, mobile-first companies h...
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