Woman Accidentally Turns Herself Into A Potato During A Company Video Call

All hail Potato Boss There have been many significant changes to regular life that we’ve all had to adjust to in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Things like getting ready to go grocery shopping by throwing on a DIY hazmat suit made out of garbage bags and duct tape, sanitizing every single card in our wallets multiple times a day, and conducting all work related business through e-meetings. While there’s no denying that video conference apps like Google Meet and Zoom are incredibly c...
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How to edit your Memoji character in iOS 13 on an iPhone

It's easy to edit your Memoji in iOS 13 after you've created your character on an iPhone. To access the Memoji edit menu, you'll have to open Messages and select the Memoji tab from the keyboard. Select the Memoji you wish to change and then tap the three dots to open its details. If you don't have the Memoji option on your phone, then you have to update your iPhone to iOS 13. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. It's easy to create a new Memoji — and just as easy to edit it o...
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Looking to become a software engineer? Then you need to check out this all-in-one training

If you're looking to become a software engineer or it's an idea you've tossed around half-seriously, there may be no better time than now to take the leap. It's one of the fastest-growing, most in-demand roles already. And in the midst of the pandemic, between the extra hours you likely have in your day, and the added value of possessing a skill that can be utilized from anywhere in the world, remotely, it's not hard to see the benefit of diving in. The Complete Introduction to Software Engineer...
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Elon Musk's BiPAP Machines May Be Better Than Nothing, at Least

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said he’d be sending desperately needed “FDA-approved ventilators” to hard-hit hospitals across the nation dealing with the coronavirus crisis—but they haven’t been the high-grade kind needed to keep intensive care patients alive. Instead, those sent off so far appear to be Bilevel…Read more...
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How to turn off Memojis in iOS 13 or iPadOS, and disable the Memoji keyboard

You can turn off Memojis in iOS 13 or iPadOS by disabling the Memoji keyboard. When you turn off Memojis, you won't be able to send Memoji stickers or videos from your iPhone. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. While Memojis — the personalized 3D emojis native to the iPhone and iPad — can be a lot of fun to use, not everyone is into them.  If Memojis aren't your thing, letting them take up so much space on your emoji keyboard can be annoying. In those cases, it's probably eas...
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iPhone 8 Screen Protector Updated With 'iPhone SE' Compatibility on Apple's Online Store

Another clue has surfaced to suggest that Apple's rumored lower-cost iPhone SE successor will likely be released soon. Earlier today, a product listing for a Belkin screen protector on Apple's online store was updated to reflect compatibility with not only the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, but also the iPhone SE. Given the original iPhone SE was a 4-inch device, and the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 are 4.7-inch devices, this is likely a reference to the rumored 2020 model of the iPhone SE. The product lis...
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'Call of Duty' Wins First Amendment Victory Over Use of Humvees

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Hollywood Reporter: Call of Duty maker Activision has prevailed in a closely watched trademark dispute brought by AM General, the government contractor for Humvees. On Tuesday, a New York federal judge responded favorably to Activision's argument that it had a First Amendment right to depict contemporary warfare in its game by featuring Humvees. "If realism is an artistic goal, then the presence in modern warfare games of vehicles employed by actual m...
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How to delete apps connected to your Facebook account

You can easily delete Facebook apps connected to your account, but it can be tedious as you have to delete each app at a time on both a mobile device or a computer. Every time you sign into a new app using Facebook, that app becomes linked to your account and your personal information potentially becomes available to third-party companies. You might be surprised by how many apps you have tied to your Facebook account, and how they might be slowing down your online experience by constantly inte...
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New York Finally Legalizes Electric Bikes and Scooters

Included in New York's tentative budget agreement reached on April 1st is a provision that would legalize throttle-based bikes and scooters. The Verge reports: The budget language almost exactly mirrors a bill that passed the New York State Legislature last year but was inexplicably vetoed at the last minute by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. It changes state law to legalize e-bikes and scooters but would give localities the ability to decide for themselves how to regulate the vehicles. Throttle-based e-bike...
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CDC is expected to tell Americans to wear cloth masks, save medical masks for health workers

On Thursday, the White House said that it will likely soon adjust previous guidelines that discouraged non-health workers from wearing face masks. The change would be issued as “guidance” from the CDC, but according to the president—who continues to hesitate at exerting federal power during the COVID-19 crisis—it will not be made mandatory. Supplies of medical-grade masks are still running critically low in many places hard hit—or soon to be hard hit—by the coronavirus. Due to ongoing shortages,...
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Google will start allowing political ads that mention the coronavirus

Google will allow political ads that mention the coronavirus, reversing a policy that’s been in place since January, after some U.S. politicians complained it was stifling their campaigns during an election year. The company initially blocked all ads related to the virus under its policy of not letting marketers capitalize on major unexpected events like epidemics and natural disasters. As the virus spread, Google started allowing health authorities to buy ads for public service announcements...
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Twitter Discloses Firefox Bug That Cached Private Files Sent or Received via DMs

Social networking giant Twitter today disclosed a bug on its platform that impacted users who accessed their platform using Firefox browsers. From a report: According to Twitter, its platform stored private files inside the Firefox browser's cache -- a folder where websites store information and files temporarily. Twitter said that once users left their platform or logged off, the files would remain in the browser cache, allowing anyone to retrieve it. The company is now warning users who share ...
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How to scan barcodes or QR codes on an Android device using a third-party app

You can scan barcodes on an Android using your device's camera and a third-party app, making it easy to get information about a product's price, official name, and more. You can also use your Android's camera (with an app or on its own, depending on your device) to scan QR codes, which lets you open internet links and perform Google searches. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Barcodes and their newer counterpart, QR codes, can be found everywhere. You probably take them for ...
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How to change your default search engine in Firefox on a computer or mobile device

You can change your default search engine in Firefox on mobile and desktop. Firefox users can choose between search engines like Google and even Wikipedia. Here's how to change your default search engine in Firefox. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Choosing a default search engine can be a fraught issue for the web browsing company. In fact, the matter was so fraught for browser Mozilla Firefox that it ended in multiple lawsuits over their decision to dump Yahoo in favor o...
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Peloton launches an Android TV app

With gyms across the country closed for business, at-home exercise companies like Peloton have found an unexpected opportunity. As the connected fitness company looks to onboard new customers, they’re also expanding platform support, announcing today that they would be bringing their app to Android TV, the OS used by millions of smart TVs. Peloton announced last month that it would be extending free trials of its $12.99 per month exercise app from 30 days to 90 days because of the pandemic. P...
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Tech Courses Gone Free! Make the most of your time at home

We are living in extraordinary times, locked down and trying to work from home. This could also be a good time to level up your tech skills and learn something new that could help in the future when things get normal again.Also see:The Best Websites to Learn to Coding OnlineThe Best Online Teachers for Learning Web Development Learn Tech While You #StayAtHome To help you make the most of your time, I have curated a list of premium video courses that have gone compl...
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New Blood Test Can Detect 50 Types of Cancer

A new blood test that can detect more than 50 types of cancer has been revealed by researchers in the latest study to offer hope for early detection. From a report: The test is based on DNA that is shed by tumours and found circulating in the blood. More specifically, it focuses on chemical changes to this DNA, known as methylation patterns. Researchers say the test can not only tell whether someone has cancer, but can also shed light on the type of cancer they have. Dr Geoffrey Oxnard of Boston...
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FCC enacts $200M telehealth initiative to ease COVID-19 burden on hospitals

The FCC has developed and approved a $200 million program to fund telehealth services and devices for medical providers, just a week or so after the funding was announced. Hospitals and other health centers will be able to apply for up to $1 million to cover the cost of new devices, services and personnel. The unprecedented $2 trillion CARES Act includes heavy spending on all kinds of things, from direct payments to out-of-work citizens to bailouts for airlines and other big businesses. Among...
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Hospital Autoclaves May Allow Safe Reuse of N95 Masks

Freshly Exhumed shares a report from "[Autoclaving] is like a pressure cooker -- basically you enclose items into a chamber, you lock down the chamber, you heat it up and actually increase the pressure inside the chamber," Dr. Anand Kumar, a professor of medicine at the University of Manitoba, said. The machines heat up to about 121 C for 15 minutes, killing bacteria and viruses. "It'll sterilize anything." The assumption has been that if you tried this on an N95 mask they would degrade ...
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New Low-Cost 'iPhone SE' Could Launch as Soon as Tomorrow

Apple's new low-cost iPhone is set to launch as early as Friday, April 3, according to a new report from 9to5Mac that cites a tip from a "highly trusted reader." The site says that while it can't be certain about the launch date, "Apple could reveal and begin taking orders for the new ‌iPhone‌ as soon as tomorrow." The iPhone 8 Apple is said to be planning to call the new ‌iPhone‌, which is expected to be priced somewhere around $399, the "‌iPhone‌ SE" just like the 2016 ‌iPhone‌ SE, which w...
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Using AI responsibly to fight the coronavirus pandemic

Mark Minevich Contributor Share on Twitter Mark Minevich is president of Going Global Ventures, an advisor at Boston Consulting Group, a digital fellow at IPsoft and a leading global AI expert and digital cognitive strategist and venture capitalist. More posts by this contributor The American AI Initiative: A good first step, of many Irakli Beridze Contributor ...
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Apple Will Stop Taking a Cut of Some Video App Purchases Made Through the App Store

Yesterday, Apple said it would stop taking a cut of some sales for "qualifying" streaming video services on iPhones and other Apple devices, including Amazon's Prime Video. Reuters reports: To make purchases inside apps on its App Store, Apple requires the use of its own payment systems and takes a commission of between 15% and 30% before passing on the rest to the third-party app developer. Many of Apple's rivals in streaming music and video, such as Netflix and Spotify, avoid paying those comm...
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How to switch profiles on Hulu on your streaming device

You can switch profiles on Hulu easily on any streaming device.  A Hulu profile lets you manage your viewing experience, keeping tabs on shows or movies in progress, suggesting new programs, and storing your past history. Hulu allows a single account to have up to six separate profiles, so everyone in the family can enjoy a customized media experience. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Does your significant other love police procedurals and shows about cupcake bakeries, whi...
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FCC To Vote On Adding 6Ghz Band To Wi-Fi 6 To Improve Speeds

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Gizmodo: Devices with Wi-Fi 6 started rolling out at the end of 2019, but now, a new vote proposed by the FCC could open up the 6Ghz band to unlicensed wifi and add a massive speed boost to wireless gadgets. Backed by Chairman Pai, the FCC vote is scheduled to take place on April 23rd, and if passed would add 1200MHz of available bandwidth to the usable wifi spectrum which the FCC says would "effectively increase the amount of spectrum available for Wi-Fi...
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HBO Offering Multiple Movies, Original Series, and More, For Free

HBO wants you to stay the hell home during the coronavirus, and to better encourage you to do so, they’re offering a whole bunch of stuff for free. Nine full original series, 10 documentaries and docuseries, and 20 Warner Bros. theatrical films will all be available to stream on HBO for free – as in, you don’t need an HBO subscription to watch them. Plus: Amazon is breaking with tradition, and making in-app purchases, including renting and buying films and TV shows, possible. Hey, have you a...
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The best MacBook deals for April 2020

If you’re in the market for a new MacBook, our deals roundup will help make your choice a little easier.
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Review: In Apple’s ‘Home Before Dark,’ a True Cub Reporter

Brooklynn Prince of “The Florida Project” plays a crusading journalist who happens to be 9 years old in a family drama based on a real-life story of precociousness.
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Introducing A New ‘Mini’ Legal Technology News Podcast

Legaltech Week is a weekly round-up and review of news in legal technology and innovation.
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How to trim a video on your Android device using the built-in Gallery app

You can trim a video on your Android using the built-in Gallery app, which makes it easy to trim videos so you only have to watch, share, and post the good stuff. When you trim a video in Android, you will not lose the footage you cut out, but rather create a new video that consists of the trimmed clip you created. For more video editing options, look for third-party apps from the Google Play Store like FilmoraGo or Adobe Premiere Clip. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. So ...
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Apple’s new iPhone SE reportedly launching April 3

We’ve heard rumblings Apple is planning to release a new iPhone SE during the spring, but it turns out the device could launch way sooner than expected. According to a report by 9to5Mac, the iPhone SE 2 could launch as soon as Friday, April 3. Yeah, you read that date right. 9to5Mac cites a “highly trusted reader” in its report, claiming Apple could be planning on opening orders for the new iPhone tomorrow. Whether or not that’s the actual date, 9to5Mac is confident Apple plans on selling the de...
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