Apple's iPhone SE, Steve Cutts' video Mobile world, and our smartphone dystopia

I like Apple products like the next guy, but it is still interesting to compare a new Apple advertisement for their new iPhone SE: with Steve Cutts' video Mobile World: Which one tells the truth? Should one like @Apple as much now? [Author: The Film Doctor ]
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heavenly links

---Rihanna's iconic makeup tips---73 questions with Anna Wintour---basically, anything to do with Anna Wintour---video clips from movies like The Devil Wears Prada that show off the scary power of Anna Wintour---Guy Debord's "The Society of the Spectacle", which reminds me of the general derangement of Youtube---the new Vivarium trailer---free associating about the mise en scene of music videos with the help of Google---"Sunday links" by Illuminations---watching Shoshana Zuboff discuss her exce...
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How to Setup Ubuntu 20.04 on Google Cloud Compute Engine

How to Setup Ubuntu 20.04 on Google Cloud Compute Engine. Ubuntu 20.04 is released on 23rd April and is available immediately on Google Cloud Platform.
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Comment on blood orange olive oil cake by Mary H

I was all out of apples for Mom’s Apple cake and my citrus supply was limited to a lemon, a clementine and a tin of mandarins. Not quite as elegant as blood oranges but I figured it was worth a try. I also added a couple of teaspoons of vanilla as I was missing the required quantity of zest and figured it would supplement the overall flavor. It all worked out perfectly. So, if anyone else has pandemic pantry shortages, please be assured that well drained mandarins from a tin will work in this r...
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Should GPS Also Be Used For Contact Tracing?

Reuters reports: Google and Apple have sought to build public trust by emphasizing that the changes they are making to Bluetooth to allow the tracing apps to work will not tap phones' GPS sensors, which privacy activists see as too intrusive. But the states pioneering the apps -- North and South Dakota, and Utah -- say allowing public health authorities to use GPS in tandem with Bluetooth is key to making the system viable... Apple and Google said on Friday that they still have not decided how...
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Michael Moore Offers Free Streaming of Movie Criticizing the Green Movement

Nearly 16 years ago, Slashdot's original co-founder CmdrTaco posted that liberal film-maker Michael Moore had won the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival for a documentary about the Bush administration -- and noted later that Moore approved downloads of the film through networks like BitTorrent. But now the 66-year-old filmmaker is offering free streaming on his YouTube channel for a 2019 film he'd backed called "Planet of the Humans." The film "reveals the heavy environmental impact of rene...
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Question about using Calibre for a Music Library

Yes, I know Calibre is for books, but I wanted to know if there is a possibility of using it to organize my music library. The basic idea is the same, adding tags, cleaning up titles, (authors), albums, adding album covers, etc. Being able to sort by tag, etc. I just hate the way Apple iTunes makes it so difficult to really sort and identify my music. I can't even find a column that would let me know if a song is already in a playlist. All I see is how I wish I could just throw the music ...
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Supreme Court To Consider Limiting America's 'Anti-Hacking' Law

America's Supreme Court "is finally considering whether to rein in the nation's sweeping anti-hacking law, which cybersecurity pros say is decades out of date and ill-suited to the modern Internet," according to the Washington Post's cybersecurity writer: The justices agreed to hear a case this fall that argues law enforcement and prosecutors have routinely applied the law too broadly and used it to criminalize not just hacking into websites but also far more innocuous behavior — such as lying a...
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After Trump's Musing About Injecting Disinfectants, Spike in Calls to Poison Control Centers

America's generally pro-Trump media site Fox News felt compelled to report today that "Some poison control centers reported a spike in calls following President Trump's suggestion that injecting disinfectant might help people infected with coronavirus." The comment alarmed medical professionals around the world. The president subsequently claimed on Friday that he was being "sacrastic," although at the press conference he was soberly addressing health experts on the coronavirus task force, urg...
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iPhone SE (2020) vs. OnePlus 8: Does value beat beauty?

The new phone from Apple is easily their most affordable in years, but can it stand up to the competition?
Tags: Apple, Ios, Android, Mobile, Trends, Buying Guides, Apple iPhone SE, OnePlus 8, 2020 iPhone SE

Ad Firms Are Exploring Deepfaked Commercials

"With the pandemic having shut down production, companies are asking ad agencies to create commercials made up of digitally altered footage," reports the New York Times, citing a State Farm commercial that aired during an ESPN documentary starring the anchor of "SportsCenter," Kenny Mayne: The producers made the commercial by layering video of Mr. Mayne's 60-year-old mouth onto footage of his 38-year-old face. To many viewers, the stunt provided a welcome moment of levity in depressing times. Ot...
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Startups Weekly: Investors are keeping terms friendly — instead they say ‘no’ more often

[Editor’s note: Want to get this free weekly recap of TechCrunch news that startups can use by email? Subscribe here.]  Multiple liquidation preferences, full-ratchet anti-dilution clauses and pay-to-play provisions are some of the words that still haunt startup founders who survived downturns in decades past. So far in this downturn, though, investors seem to be sparing the brutal terms that tend to surface when the money has all the leverage. Why? It’s easier to let a company fail by saying no...
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Python 2's Core Devs Say 'Fond Farewell' While Releasing Its Final Version

This week Python's core developer blog announced the very last production release of Python 2.7. Hackaday reports: The intention was for it to coincide with PyCon 2020, but just like so many of the events planned for the first half of the year, the in-person conference had to be canceled in favor of a virtual one due to the COVID-19 epidemic. That might have stymied the celebration somewhat, but the release of Python 2.7.18 will still be looked on as a special moment for everyone involved. "Th...
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Body of murdered student tracked down using Apple's Find My Friends app

The body of a nursing student who was strangled to death by her classmate was discovered by her friends after they used Apple’s Find My Friends app to track her down.Binghampton University student Haley Anderson, 22, went missing in March 2018, and it later emerged she had been killed by Orlando Tercero, 23.
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EasePDF – Be Your Best Online GIF to PDF Converter

GIF format is used to denote a graphics interchange format. GIFs are small image formats in 8-bit or 256 colors which can be downloaded from the Internet fairly quickly. They are extremely useful as downloadable files because of their small sizes and can be put together to create animated GIFs.However, when we need to print the GIF file in high quality, what should we do? This time, converting GIF pictures to PDF documents is one of the good ideas. How should we do the conversion? What is the me...
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An explanation of machine learning models even you could understand

If you are new to data science, this title is not intended to insult you. It is my second post on the theme of a popular interview question that goes something like: “explain [insert technical topic] to me as though I were a five-year-old.” Turns out, hitting the five-year-old comprehension level is pretty tough. So, while this article may not be perfectly clear to a kindergartener, it should be clear to someone with little to no background in data science (and if it isn’t by the end, please let...
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Some 'Reopen' Domains Could Be Phishing and Malware Campaigns

CNET reports on new research from a threat-intelligence company into the more than 540 domain names registered this month with the word "reopen" in their URL. While hundreds of them are "designed to lend credibility to anti-lockdown protests," and 98 more were purchased to thwart that effort, there's still many other domains that "come from suspicious sources or resellers looking to make money... Researchers at DomainTools have found hundreds of 'reopen' URLs that were bought specifically to be...
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Fedora Linux Will Soon Be Available on Select Lenovo Laptops

The Fedora Project and Lenovo are partnering to offer customers the option to buy a ThinkPad laptop with the Fedora Linux distribution pre-installed.
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2H 2019 and Q1 2020 Quick Links, Part 4 (Section 230)

* Clarks v. Private Money Goldmine, 2020 WL 949946 (D. Md. Feb. 26, 2020): Plaintiff does contend, however, that Website Defendants are also content providers, and therefore not entitled to immunity in this case, because they published the Listing, provided advice on how to communicate with the prospective lenders, and disguised themselves as prospective lenders to perpetrate the fraudulent preliminary payment scheme. The Court disagrees. First, the Amended Complaint is devoid of any factual enh...
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Archivists Uncover Earliest Evidence of a Person Being Killed By a Meteorite

sciencehabit writes: Although tales of people being killed by meteorite impacts date back to biblical times, few have been documented until the past decade or so. Now, Turkish researchers have uncovered the earliest evidence that a meteorite killed one man and paralyzed another when it slammed into a hilltop in what is now Iraq in August 1888. Documents chronicling the event were found in Turkish state archives, the team reports online today in Meteoritics & Planetary Science. According to one o...
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Free Money From the Government for Small Businesses and Independent Contractors: FAQs on the Newly Expanded SBA Grant Program

Under the CARES Act passed on March 27, 2020, independent contractors, small businesses, gig workers, and freelancers are eligible to receive a government grant of up to $10,000. The SBA sometimes refers to these grants as “advances,” but you are not required to repay this money to the government. The application process involves filling out an SBA form requesting an Economic Injury Disaster Recovery Loan (EIDL), which provides for the advance even if the loan is not granted. Initially, $10 bill...
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eBay Apple Sale: Save on AirPods, iPads, iPhones, MacBooks, and more

eBay is running a sale on all sorts of new and refurbished Apple goodies with discounts of up to 50%.
Tags: Apple, Deals, Ebay, Trends, Ipad Pro, Apple Watch Series 4, iPhone Xr, eBay 2020, MacBok pro

Our love of the cloud is making a green energy future impossible

Mark Mills Contributor Share on Twitter Mark Mills is the author of the book, “Digital Cathedrals: The Information Infrastructure Era,” and is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a Faculty Fellow at Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering, and a partner in Cottonwood Venture Partners, an energy-tech venture fund. An epic number of citizens are video-conferencing to work in these lockdown times. But as...
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Working from home? How to stay in touch and stay secure

Covid-19 has forced millions into the unfamiliar world of the home office, where new security threats loom. Here’s how to protect yourself and colleaguesBusinesses are used to being prepared for a disaster and most will have had a well-rehearsed continuity plan in place in case one struck. But even the best plan couldn’t have effectively anticipated the wholesale overnight shift to home working that Covid-19 has caused.“As a result,” Morgan Wright, chief security adviser at cybersecurity firm Se...
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Facebook Takes On Zoom With 'Messenger Rooms'

Facebook is challenging Zoom with the introduction of "Messenger Rooms," a group messaging service that allows Facebook users to host group calls of up to 50 people that anyone can join. Engadget reports: Instead of inviting people individually, Facebook users can post links in their News Feed or in Groups or event pages. And unlike Messenger's existing video chat features, participants don't need to have the Messenger app or even a Facebook account to join a room. When a room is created, anyone...
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Healthcare AI systems that put people at the center

Over the past four years, Google has advanced its AI technologies to address critical problems in healthcare. We’ve developed tools to detect eye disease, AI systems to identify cardiovascular risk factors and signs of anemia, and to improve breast cancer screening.For these and other AI healthcare applications, the journey from initial research to useful product can take years. One part of that journey is conducting user-centered research. Applied to healthcare, this type of research means stud...
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This Week in Apps: Facebook takes on Houseparty, Fortnite comes to Google Play, contact tracing API

Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the Extra Crunch series that recaps the latest OS news, the applications they support and the money that flows through it all. The app industry is as hot as ever, with a record 204 billion downloads and $120 billion in consumer spending in 2019, according to App Annie’s “State of Mobile” annual report. People are now spending 3 hours and 40 minutes per day using apps, rivaling TV. Apps aren’t just a way to pass idle hours — they’re a big business. In 2019, mobi...
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America Now Has One-Third of the World's Confirmed Coronavirus Cases

"Confirmed coronavirus cases world-wide Friday exceeded 2.7 million, with more than 190,000 dead," reports the Wall Street Journal, citing data from Johns Hopkins University. While America has just 4.3% of the world's population, "The U.S. accounted for nearly a third of the cases, exceeding 869,000, and more than a quarter of the deaths, at 49,963." The Miami Herald reports: The coronavirus has killed more than 50,000 people in the United States, just four days after passing 40,000 U.S. death...
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Silicon Valley's favorite sleep tracker is being used to help detect COVID-19 symptoms early and tackle big questions about the coronavirus' aftermath

Wearable tech company Oura is partnering with the University of California, San Francisco on a study to determine whether its smart rings can detect COVID-19 symptoms early. The $300 smart ring can measure metrics like skin temperature and heart rate, and researchers are hoping it can be used to alert users when they may be sick before symptoms appear. So far, 30,000 Oura ring owners have signed up to participate in the study. Researchers are already beginning to see trends in the data that co...
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Apple is locked in a power battle with the UK, France, and Germany about how COVID-19 should be tracked

There's a power battle between the UK, Germany, and France on one side and Apple and Google on the other about coronavirus contact-tracing. Like other countries, the UK, Germany, and France are creating apps that will track people who report COVID-19 symptoms or test positive and then alert those they have had contact with. The fight centers on how much data these apps gather up and where that information is stored, with Apple and Google pushing for a more privacy-friendly approach. If France,...
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