Can API vendors solve healthcare’s data woes?

A functioning healthcare system depends on caregivers having the right data at the right time to make the right decision about what course of treatment a patient needs. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 epidemic and the acceleration of the consumer adoption of telemedicine, along with the fragmentation of care to a number of different low-cost providers, access to a patient’s medical records to get an accurate picture of their health becomes even more important. Opening access to developers also ...
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The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Tech News: Google Staggered Return, Uber Rumored Layoffs 20% & More

Tech News: Google Staggered Return, Uber Rumored Layoffs 20% & More The post The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Tech News: Google Staggered Return, Uber Rumored Layoffs 20% & More appeared first on The Chris Voss Show.
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Best smartwatch deals for May 2020: Samsung, Fitbit, and Apple Watch sales

Smartwatches make life easier by sending alerts right on your wrist. Many also provide fitness-tracking features, so now is a great time to pick one up for cheap. With so many models available, you can find a deal on one almost all of the time.
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Google ad sales steady after coronavirus drop; Alphabet leads tech share rally

A drop in Google ad sales steadied in April and some consumers returned to using the search engine for shopping in addition to finding novel coronavirus information, parent Alphabet Inc said on Tuesday, sparking an 8% rally in shares.
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Why 'Baking' Damaged Reel-To-Reel Tapes Renders Them Playable Again

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Reel-to-reel tapes are experiencing a resurgence of interest among audio buffs, but they are prone to degradation, which has been a topic of active research for many years. It's well known that applying heat can often reverse the damage sufficiently to enable playback, usually by baking the tapes in an oven. Now scientists at the US Library of Congress have determined precisely why this method seems to work, presenting their findings earlier...
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Number-Plate Cam Site Had No Password, Spills 8.6 Million Logs of UK Road Journeys

The Register reports that Sheffield City Council's automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR) system exposed to the internet 8.6 million records of road journeys made by thousands of people. From the report: The ANPR camera system's internal management dashboard could be accessed by simply entering its IP address into a web browser. No login details or authentication of any sort was needed to view and search the live system -- which logs where and when vehicles, identified by their number plates,...
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As Google feels the pandemic's sting, here are all the areas of the company where it's cutting costs this year (GOOG, GOOGL)

Google's earnings have given us our first glimpse at the effects of the pandemic on its business, most notably the impact on advertising. To steel itself against the months to come, Google is taking several measures to cut costs and offset losses from its ads business. On an earnings call today, the company said it plans to decelerate hiring, and save costs in other areas including capital expenditure. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Google's advertising business sailed th...
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How Spies Snuck Malware Into the Google Play Store -- Again and Again

Google's Play Store for Android apps has never had a reputation for the strictest protections from malware. Shady adware and even banking trojans have managed over the years to repeatedly defy Google's security checks. Now security researchers have found what appears to be a more rare form of Android abuse: state-sponsored spies who repeatedly slipped their targeted hacking tools into the Play Store and onto victims' phones. From a report: At a remote virtual version of its annual Security Analy...
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Thuan Pham, who fled Vietnam as a child and became Uber’s CTO in 2013, is leaving the company

Thuan Pham, hired as Uber’s chief technology officer by former CEO Travis Kalanick back in 2013, is leaving the company in three weeks, the ride-share giant revealed today in an SEC filing that came out as a piece in The Information reported that massive layoffs at Uber are being proposed to preserve some of the company’s dwindling capital reserves. The outlet suggests the discussed cuts could impact upwards of 20 percent of Uber’s 27,000 employees, roughly 800 of whom could theoretically come f...
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Like life for a lot of us, Google's 2020 was going relatively fine until March hit. Ad sales nosedive, but yay for cloud and Chromebooks?

Does anything really matter when you have $100bn in the bank and pocketing nearly $7bn a quarter in profit? Google parent Alphabet’s financial figures for its first quarter of 2020 were a mixed bag. Two months of business as usual, if not better than usual, then a miserable March as advertisers shut their wallets amid the coronavirus pandemic.…
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Like life for most of the world, Google's 2020 was going just fine until March hit. Ad sales nosedive, but yay for cloud and Chromebooks?

Does anything really matter when you have $100bn in the bank and pocketing nearly $7bn a quarter in profit? Google parent Alphabet’s financial figures for its first quarter of 2020 were a mixed bag – two months of business as usual, if not better than usual, then a miserable March as advertisers shut their wallets amid the coronavirus pandemic.…
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Intel Foxville 2.5Gb NIC flaw advisory circulated

Intel sent an advisory about its 'Foxville' ethernet controllers having a packet loss issue. The launch of Comet Lake processors and new LGA 1200 socket motherboards coming very soon. Therefore, there's little-to-no space to put a new feature or fix a flaw. These 2.5 Gb NICs will be used commonly with the Z490 chipset.  The post Intel Foxville 2.5Gb NIC flaw advisory circulated appeared first on
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The best Motorolo Moto G Power cases and covers

The Moto G Power's enormous battery still needs protection. Here are the best Moto G Power protective cases
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Chinese Internet Users Who Uploaded Coronavirus Memories To GitHub Have Been Arrested

schwit1 shares a report from Quartz: A group of volunteers in China who worked to prevent digital records of the coronavirus outbreak from being scrubbed by censors are now targets of a crackdown. Cai Wei, a Beijing-based man who participated in one such project on GitHub, the software development website, was arrested together with his girlfriend by Beijing police on April 19. The couple were accused of "picking quarrels and provoking trouble," a commonly used charge against dissidents in China...
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68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice

It’s my birthday. I’m 68. I feel like pulling up a rocking chair and dispensing advice to the young ‘uns. Here are 68 pithy bits of unsolicited advice which I offer as my birthday present to all of you. • Learn how to learn from those you disagree with, or even offend you. See if you can find the truth in what they believe. • Being enthusiastic is worth 25 IQ points. • Always demand a deadline. A deadline weeds out the extraneous and the ordinary. It prevents you from trying to make it perfect, ...
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Alphabet’s Q1 2020 earnings call

Note: These are Sundar Pichai's full remarks from today's Alphabet Q1 2020 earnings call. See below for an email to employees Sundar sent following the call. When I last spoke with you in early February, no one could have imagined how much the world would change, and how suddenly.Our thoughts are with everyone who has been impacted by COVID-19, especially those who’ve lost loved ones or their livelihoods. It’s a challenging moment for the world. Through it all, we’re incredibly grateful for all ...
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Renting a movie online is as simple as a few clicks — here's everything you need to know about streaming rental services

  If you're looking for a great movie to watch at home, there are a number of online services you can rent streaming films from. Popular digital movie retailers include Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play, Vudu, and FandangoNow. These platforms offer a mix of recent releases and classic films to choose from. Some studios are even releasing brand-new movies for early streaming in the comfort of your home.  You can download many of these apps right now on a variety of devices, and complet...
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'Be a good salesman, talk a big future, mention AI, and he will probably give you money': How the SoftBank Vision Fund lost its way

SoftBank's Masayoshi Son has enjoyed a 40-year career in which he built SoftBank into one of the world's largest tech investors and became a billionaire in the process.  But Son is facing one of the biggest challenges of his career, with the $100 billion Vision Fund racking up billions of dollars in losses, large investments like WeWork underperforming and an activist investor targeting his stock. Business Insider spoke with more than a dozen people who have worked with Son, invested alongside...
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Ford, Lincoln Cancel Rivian-Powered Electric Vehicle

Ford and its luxury brand Lincoln have canceled an all-electric SUV that was going to be powered by technology provided by EV startup Rivian, the companies told Automotive News on Tuesday. The Verge reports: Lincoln says it is still working closely with Rivian, including an "alternative vehicle" that will also be based on Rivian's electric vehicle skateboard platform. "Given the current environment, Lincoln and Rivian have decided not to pursue the development of a fully electric vehicle based o...
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At Rome Therapeutics, Kapeller Aims to Turn “Junk” Into New Drugs

A new biotech, Rome Therapeutics, launched Monday with $50 million and a plan to develop novel drugs based on new insights into repeats in the non-coding stretches of the human genome.Rome’s debut pulls back the curtain on what Rosana Kapeller, the company’s co-founder and CEO, has been up to since she left Nimbus Therapeutics in March 2018 and, later that year, joined GV (formerly Google Ventures) as an entrepreneur in residence. GV is the investment arm of Google parent company Alphabet (NASD...
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Alphabet-owned Google reports first-quarter growth despite significant slowdown in March

Google saw significant growth in search, YouTube and Google Cloud, but it certainly wasn’t immune to the coronavirus pandemic.
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Did CNN Remove ‘Larry King Live’ Episode Featuring Tara Reade’s Mother from Google Play?

How many assumptions can one draw from a single screenshot?
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WhatsApp eyes credit feature for users in India

WhatsApp, which began testing its mobile payments feature in India two years ago, could offer at least one more financial service to people in its biggest market: credit. In a filing with the local regulator in India, the company has listed credit as one of the areas it plans to explore in the country. At an event in Bangalore late last year, Abhijit Bose, WhatsApp’s head in India, said he believed that mobile payments market in India, which has attracted dozens of local and international fir...
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WhatsApp eyes lending feature in India as Amazon rolls out Pay Later to tens of thousands of customers

WhatsApp, which began testing its mobile payments feature in India two years ago, could offer at least one more financial service to people in its biggest market. In a filing with the local regulator in India, the company has listed credit as one of the areas it will pursue in the country. The Facebook -owned service declared with the local regulator earlier this month providing credit or loans as one of the “main objects to be pursued by it in the country.” No other financial service is li...
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Searching The Unknown Reaches Of The State Docket

Trellis is turning the state court system into something lawyers can really use.
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How to record a WhatsApp call on Android or iOS

Need to record a WhatsApp call on your phone? We've put together a guide with the best ways to do just that
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Alphabet grew more than expected in Q1, but its ad business saw “significant slowdown” in March

Today after the bell, Alphabet, parent company of Google, reported its Q1 2020 performance. The company’s $41.16 billion in revenue for the three-month period came in ahead of expectations, besting analyst estimates of $40.33 billion. However, its earnings per share came in under expectations, with the street anticipating $10.38 in per-share profit, while Alphabet delivered a slimmer $9.87 in per-share income. Shares of Alphabet rose around 2.8% in after-hours trading after shedding 3.3% in r...
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Critical Security Patches Released for Magento, Adobe Illustrator and Bridge

It's not 'Patch Tuesday,' but software giant Adobe today released emergency updates for three of its widely used products that patch dozens of newly discovered critical vulnerabilities. The list of affected software includes Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Bridge, and Magento e-commerce platform, containing a total of 35 vulnerabilities where each one of them is affected with multiple critical [Author: [email protected] (Unknown)]
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The Magic Keyboard truly elevates the iPad experience

When Apple launched the 2020 iPad Pro last month — the fastest tablet we've tested — it also announced the Magic Keyboard for the iPad ($299 for the 11- model, $349 for the 12.9-inch model.
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Google reports weak revenue growth in first pandemic-affected quarter

Alphabet first quarter earnings offer a glimpse of how the digital ad market has fared amid stay-at-home ordersGoogle reported its weakest revenue growth in nearly five years in the first quarter as the pandemic-driven recession began to shrivel its advertising sales.“It was the tale of two quarters,” Sundar Pichai, Google’s chief executive, told investors on a conference call Tuesday. Typically-strong revenue growth in January and February was undercut by a “significant and sudden slowdown in a...
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