.Org Registry No Longer Being Sold -- But What Should Happen Next?

One of the advisors to the #SaveDotOrg campaign was Jacob Malthouse, co-founder of top-level domain (and also a former ICANN vice president). "Here's what needs to happen next," he writes in an essay on Medium: As of today, the #savedotorg campaign has nearly 27,000 supporters and 2,000 nonprofits behind it. It dwarfs any campaign Internet governance has ever seen. There's no way to de-legitimize such an outpouring of concern... ISOC and PIR leadership must recognize and apologize for th...
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So I'm looking at the county map of confirmed Covid-19 case rates per 100k population and it is, for the most part, a population heat map...except the darkest county in Indiana is not Marion, but...Cass county? Three thousand something cases per hundred thousand people? I'm scratching my head and thinking "The biggest city in Cass county is Logansport; I doubt there are a hundred thousand people there."So I hit the Google and discovered the reason:"Pork processing is labor intensive and conduct...
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Are Job Interviews Broken?

"Job interviews are broken," according to a recent New York Times piece by an organizational psychologist at Wharton who argues that his profession has "over a century of evidence on why job interviews fail and how to fix them..." The first mistake is asking the wrong kinds of questions. Some questions are just too easy to fake. What's your greatest weakness? Even Michael Scott, the inept manager in the TV show "The Office," aced that one: "I work too hard. I care too much...." Brainteasers tu...
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Copyleft and the Cloud: Where Do We Go From Here?

Free software evangelist Jeremy Allison - Sam (Slashdot reader #8,157) is a co-creator on the Samba project, a re-implementation of SMB/CIFS networking protocol, and he also works in Google's Open Source Programs Office. Now he shares his presentation at the Software Freedom Conservancy's "International Copyleft Conference." He writes: The Samba project has traditionally been one of the strongest proponents of Copyleft licensing and Free Software. However, in the Corporate Cloud-first world we f...
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President Trump Just De-Funded a Research Nonprofit Studying Virus Transmissions

Charlotte Web writes: The U.S.-based research non-profit Ecohealth Alliance has spent 20 years investigating the origins of infectious diseases like Covid-19 in over 25 countries, "to do scientific research critical to preventing pandemics." America just cut it's funding. Trump's reason? "Unfounded rumors" and "conspiracy theories...without evidence," according to reports in Politico and Business Insider. The group had received a total of $3.7 million through 2019 (starting in 2014), publishin...
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Australia: Will Google and Facebook really have to pay to show news content? - Marque Lawyers

If the ACCC wants to control Google and Facebook, it could instead look to the access to services regime in the CCA.
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The best laptop deals for May 2020: Dell XPS 13, HP Spectre X360, and more

Whether you need a new laptop for school or work, we put together a list of the best laptop deals right now.
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YouTube deletes conspiracy theorist David Icke's channel

Icke’s account was terminated for violating policy on spreading coronavirus disinformationYouTube has deleted conspiracy theorist David Icke’s account.The video-sharing site said the 68-year-old violated its policies on sharing information about coronavirus. Continue reading...
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Venture capitalists reveal the startups that changed everything in the past decade (UBER, SFIX, AMZN, TEAM)

The past decade was an eventful one for the startup world. The rise of smartphones, online marketplaces, the sharing economy, and cheap access to the cloud have enabled entirely new business models — some more successful than others. Business Insider spoke with five venture capitalists about the startups that had the biggest impact on the tech world throughout the 2010s.  They noted that companies like Theranos and WeWork demonstrated the pitfalls of "founder worship" and the pursuit of growth...
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Arm Offers Free Access To Its Chip Designs To Early-Stage Startups

An anonymous reader quotes Techcrunch: Arm — the U.K. company behind the designs of chips for everyone from Apple to Qualcomm to Samsung — is hoping to kickstart developing by offering up access to around 75% of its chip portfolio for free to qualified startups. The move marks an expansion of the company's Flexible Access program. With it, Arm will open access to its IP for early-stage startups. While some of the biggest companies pay the chip designer big bucks for that information, the cost c...
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Several Pharmaceutical Companies Are Racing To Develop a Coronavirus Vaccine

"The race for a vaccine to combat the new coronavirus is moving faster than researchers and drugmakers expected," reported Dow Jones News Services this week, "with Pfizer Inc. joining several other groups saying that they had accelerated the timetable for testing and that a vaccine could be ready for emergency use in the fall." Pfizer said Tuesday it will begin testing of its experimental vaccine in the U.S. as early as next week. On Monday, Oxford University researchers said their vaccine candi...
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YouTube bans David Icke

David Icke, the longtime UK conspiracy theorist who finally became a social media star thanks to the the coronavirus pandemic, was banned today by YouTube. His sudden rise on the platforms became embarassing proof of their distinterested enforcement of anti-misinformation policies. But Facebook finally took action yesterday, with Google following suit today. He's still ranting away happily on Twitter.
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Motorola Edge Plus vs. OnePlus 8 Pro: Do you go Plus or Pro?

The OnePlus 8 Pro and Motorola Edge Plus are evenly matched premium phones, but we find out which is best.
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Home affairs data breach may have exposed personal details of 700,000 migrants

Exclusive: Privacy experts say the breach in the SkillsSelect platform, which affects data going back to 2014, was ‘very serious’Privacy experts have blasted the home affairs department for a data breach revealing the personal details of 774,000 migrants and people aspiring to migrate to Australia, including partial names and the outcome of applications.At a time the federal government is asking Australians to trust the security of data collected by its Covid-Safe contact tracing app, privacy ex...
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Startups Weekly: SaaS companies should target burn to match ARR during pandemic

[Editor’s note: Get this weekly recap of TechCrunch news that any startup can use every Saturday morning by email (7am PT). Just subscribe here.]  How well is SaaS overcoming business impacts of the pandemic? First, there’s no negative impact on the revenues of big cloud infrastructure providers visible so far, according to a new research report out that we covered on TechCrunch this week. While some spending may have pulled back, growth from more remote work and other activities have maintained...
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The writing was on the wall for SA newspapers long before Covid-19

Publications have cut salaries and frozen posts in a bid to survive the disease, but most owners failed to take appropriate steps when problems emerged in the late 1990s The post The writing was on the wall for SA newspapers long before Covid-19 appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Aggregate Data From Connected Scales Shows Minimal Weight Gains During Lockdowns

"Data from connected scale users suggests Americans, on average, are not gaining weight during lockdowns," writes long-time Slashdot reader pfhlick. The Washington Post reports: Withings, the maker of popular Internet-connected scales and other body-measurement devices, studied what happened to the weight of some 450,000 of its American users between March 22 — when New York ordered people home — and April 18. Despite concerns about gaining a "quarantine 15," the average user gained 0.21 pounds...
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The best Android games currently available (May 2020)

We've mined Google's Play Store to unearth the true gems. These are the must-play games you need to download.
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We need more video games that are social platforms first, games second

During these long, mundane physically-distant days, stretching on into an uncertain future like an ever-lengthening beigeish corridor, it’s impossible not to miss hanging out with friends. Especially the kind of hanging out where you’re not really doing anything in particular, not talking about any one thing—just kind of being. As we continue to stay physically distant from one another, it can be hard to feel socially present with the tools we have. Even with Zoom and other more casual chat apps...
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Will Systemd 245 Bring Major Changes to Linux's Home Directory Management?

Camel Pilot (Slashdot reader #78,781) writes: Leannart Poettering is proposing homed to alter the way Linux systems handle user management. All user information will be placed in a cryptographically signed JSON record, such as username, group membership, and password hashes. The venerable /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow will be a thing of the past. One of the claimed advantages will be home directory portability. "Because the /home directory will no longer depend on the trifecta of systemd, /etc/p...
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Apple iMessage Patent Describes the Ability to Edit Already Sent Texts

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office this week published a new Apple patent application that details features for editing sent messages, an improved application launcher and many other possible features. (via AppleInsider) The patent application specifically describes features of "a messaging user interface of a message application" that are not currently in iOS. These include ways to easily acknowledge messages, display private messages, synchronize viewing of content between users, translat...
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Original Content podcast: Netflix’s ‘Middleditch & Schwartz’ might change your mind about improv

We’ll admit it: Some of your Original Content podcast hosts are a little skeptical about improvised comedy. Of course, we can enjoy improv when it’s done well. It’s just that we’ve seen it done less well, often by friends who are so enthusiastic without being particularly funny. And our friends aside, live improv has rarely been translated successfully into an on-screen show or special. So we had some reservations going into “Middleditch & Schwartz” on Netflix, which consists of three hourlon...
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Drop PNG and JPG for your online images: Use WebP

WebP is an image format developed by Google in 2010 that provides superior lossless and lossy compression for images on the web. Using WebP, web developers can create smaller, richer images that improve site speed. A faster loading website is critical to the user experience and for the website[he]#039[/he]s marketing effectiveness.
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How to adapt your product’s UX for the Chinese market

Did you know TNW’s Couch Conference has a track fully dedicated to exploring new design trends this year? Check out the full ‘Sprint’ program here. Having started MING Labs in China in 2011, we have seen a big development from the old-internet world of overladen landing pages, to digital products of world-class defining design today. In parallel, we have seen the move from clunky desktop applications with small user bases, to the mobile-first B2C revolution to the rise of the super apps that are...
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Bill Gates Complains America's Coronavirus Testing Data is 'Bogus'

Appearing on CNN Thursday, Bill Gates called America's coronavirus testing data "bogus," in part because "the United States does not make sure you get results in 24 hours." Business Insider reports: Testing in the U.S. remains a long and complicated task, and it can take several days before people are told whether they have tested positive or negative for COVID-19. "If you get your test results within 24 hours so you can act on it, then let's count it," Gates said, adding that people were most i...
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10 Expert Tips to Give Your Business a Well Rounded Online Presence

Your small business’s online presence includes so many different elements: a website, social media profiles, and even video. Every company’s presence may look a bit different. But developing that presence takes time and careful planning. If you’re trying to create a successful online presence for your small business, read these tips from members of the online small business community. Establish a Successful Content Creation Process Content marketing isn’t a one-time marketing task. You need t...
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The best iPhone apps (May 2020)

The iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the world. Bring out the best in yours with these top 100 apps.
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Judge Orders FCC to Hand Over IP Addresses Linked to Fake Net Neutrality Comments

Before it rolled back net neutrality protections in 2017, America's Federal Communications Commission requested public comments online. But they're still facing criticism over how they handled them, Gizmodo reports: A Manhattan federal judge has ruled the Federal Communications Commission must provide two reporters access to server logs that may provide new insight into the allegations of fraud stemming from agency's 2017 net neutrality rollback.... The logs will show, among other details, the ...
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Zoom will likely lose users to Facebook's new video chat product, but that could actually help its business, experts say (FB, ZM)

Zoom faces new competition from Facebook, which recently released a group video chat product called Messenger Rooms. Zoom has seen its usage skyrocket in the last few months from the enterprise, but also consumers who are using the tool for online classes, happy hours and even weddings.  Industry experts say that while Facebook may steal some of Zoom's new consumer users with Messenger Rooms, it likely won't have an impact on the video conferencing company's business and, in fact, may even ben...
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How We Can Save the Comic Book Industry?

destinyland writes: For the first time in many years, the first Saturday in May won't mark Free Comic Book Day, as the worldwide comic celebration at comic-book stores has been postponed amid coronavirus concerns," reports Oklahoma's largest newspaper — saying it's been postponed to an unspecified new date in the future. But they're suggesting fans can support their local shops anyways, with some still offering limited services, while others "may still be closed but offer gift cards or other onl...
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