These are the best Google Pixel deals for May 2020

Google recently released the Pixel 4, and now's as good a time as any to find some deals. You’ve got a few options to choose from if you’re in the market for a Google Pixel smartphone, and we’ve smoked out the best deals right here.
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How Lyft intends to navigate and survive COVID-19

A glimpse at Lyft’s stock price Wednesday, which soared as much as 16.77% after were reported, suggested all was well in the ride-hailing company’s world. In this COVID 19-era, “well” is a relative term. Lyft’s net losses did dramatically improve from the year-ago quarter (a loss of $398 million versus $1.1 billion in Q1 2019). However, Lyft was clear in its earnings call: COVID-19 had a profound impact on its customers and its business and the future was uncertain. “It is impossible to acc...
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Common Herpes Virus Causes Signs of Alzheimer's Disease In Brain Cells

An anonymous reader quotes a report from New Scientist: Mini-brains grown in a dish rapidly develop signs of Alzheimer's disease when infected with the common herpes virus that causes cold sores. The finding adds to growing evidence that some cases of Alzheimer's disease are triggered by viruses and could potentially be treated with antiviral drugs. To understand how Herpes simplex virus-1 (HSV-1) might cause Alzheimer's disease, Dana Cairns at Tufts University in the U.S., and her colleagues ad...
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Volvo Will Sell LIDAR-Equipped Self-Driving Cars To Customers By 2022

Volve says it'll start selling LIDAR-equipped cars in 2022, which the Swedish automaker says will be able to drive themselves on highways with no human intervention. The Verge reports: [M]ost LIDAR are ridiculously expensive, with the leading suppliers pricing theirs at around $75,000. But now, Volvo says it has found a LIDAR maker that can produce the sensors cheap enough to justify installing them on its consumer vehicles -- which it says will allow these cars to drive themselves. In 2018, Vol...
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Details of 44 Million Pakistani Mobile Users Leaked Online, Part of Bigger 115 Million Cache

An anonymous reader quotes a report from ZDNet: The details of 44 million Pakistani mobile subscribers have leaked online this week, ZDNet has learned. The leak comes after a hacker tried to sell a package containing 115 million Pakistani mobile user records last month for a price of $2.1 million in bitcoin. Data contains names, phone numbers, national IDs, and home addresses among others, and is believed to have originated from Jazz, a local mobile provider. According to our analysis of the lea...
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Several major iOS apps crashing at launch due to Facebook SDK issues

A number of popular apps including Spotify, GroupMe, Pinterest and TikTok were fielding user iOS crash reports Wednesday evening, the result of an apparent issues with Facebook’s SDK according to a lengthy GitHub thread on the topic. Downdetector logged tens of thousands of user crash reports on Spotify between 3:30 and 5:30 pm PT, the time where the bulk of reports seem to have been issued across a number of popular apps. User crash reports appeared to be dying down as of publication time. User...
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How to make a live wallpaper on Android and iOS

Give your iPhone and Android lock screen extra dynamism with some live wallpaper. It's easier than it looks.
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Spotify, Venmo, and other iOS apps went down because of a Facebook SDK

Thankfully, Android apps were unaffected by the issue
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Walmart Is Piloting a Pricier 2-Hour 'Express' Grocery Delivery Service

Walmart confirmed today it's launching a new Walmart Grocery service called "Express," which promises orders in two hours or less for an upcharge of $10 on top of the usual delivery fee. TechCrunch reports: The service has been in pilot testing across 100 Walmart stores in the U.S. since mid-April. Walmart says it plans to expand the service to nearly 1,000 stores in early May and it will be offered in a total of nearly 2,000 stores in the weeks after. Some Walmart customers may have recently re...
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Facebook SDK Issue Causing Some iOS Apps to Crash

Multiple iPhone and iPad users are seeing their apps crashing at launch as of this afternoon, and the issue appears to be caused by a faulty Facebook SDK that the apps are using. There are multiple complaints about on iOS devices on the MacRumors forums, and a wide range of apps appear to be impacted. Google's Waze app, for example, won't launch, and there have been complaints about apps that include Pinterest, Spotify, Adobe Spark, Quora, TikTok, and others. Multiple developers on GitHub ...
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William Shatner Upset By Police Who Drew Guns Upon Stormtrooper On May 4th

McGruber writes: On Twitter, William Shatner is sending his contempt to the Lethbridge Police department and three of its officers that celebrated May Fourth by drawing their rifles on and then taking down a woman dressed as Stormtrooper, who had been standing in the parking lot of a Star Wars-themed business. According to CTV News, the restaurant was promoting its special May the 4th drive-by and takeaway menus with a dancing stormtrooper. "In the video, Ashley can be seen dropping the blaster...
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Google Meet, Google’s Zoom competitor, gets wider Gmail integration (ars technica)

Google Meet in the Gmail sidebar. [credit: Google ] Amid the coronavirus pandemic and stay-at-home orders greatly increasing the demand for video calls, Google is slowly trying to whip together a viable video call platform after ignoring the market for years. Last week, it took its latest video chat service, Google Meet, and added a free tier to the service, which was previously G Suite...
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The NYC Department of Education is reversing its ban on Zoom after the company addresses its security and privacy concerns (ZM)

New York City schools are once again allowed to use Zoom for online learning, after the district banned the red-hot videoconferencing app in early April. Zoom made several fixes to address the NYC Department of Education's concerns about privacy and security for students and teachers using the tool, city officials told Chalkbeat.  Schools and students will now have access to Zoom through a central NYC Department of Education account with the necessary privacy and security features automaticall...
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Board Question #93010: Could you please throw a Board social distancing party? I ...

Q: Dear 100 Hour Board,Could you please throw a Board social distancing party? I don't care what you do—play Ticket to Ride online, sing karaoke, show off your mocktail skills. But pics (or screenshots or final scores) or it didn't happen.-El-ahrairah A: Dear El,  We did end up having a Board Party! We used Google Hangouts and video-chatted while playing Psych! (The lovely game by Ellen.) We were having so much fun I can't remember who won the most times, but if I recall Ardilla did quite well...
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Tesla is reportedly preparing to restart operations at its California factory in possible violation of local shelter-in-place orders

Tesla is preparing to resume some manufacturing operations at its plant in Fremont, California, despite coronavirus lockdowns closing non-essential businesses, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. Some workers returned to the factory on Wednesday to get the plant ready to reopen in the coming days, according to the Chronicle. Lockdowns are still in place in California and the Bay Area, and while some basic operations are allowed, car manufacturing is not, according to a spokesperson for the F...
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Facebook Uses 1.5 Billion Reddit Posts To Create Chatbot

Facebook trained a new chatbat with 1.5 billion examples of human exchanges from reddit, claiming it's able to demonstrate empathy, knowledge and personality. The BBC reports: The social media giant said 49% of people preferred interactions with the chatbot [named "Blender"], compared with another human. But experts say training the artificial intelligence (AI) using a platform such as Reddit has its drawbacks. Numerous issues arose during longer conversations. Blender would sometimes respond wi...
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How will digital media survive the ad crash?

When I first met Bustle Digital Group’s Jason Wagenheim, it was right as New York City was beginning to go into lockdown. The BDG offices were empty thanks to the company’s newly instituted work-from-home policy, but it still seemed reasonable to meet in-person to learn more about BDG’s broader vision. At the time, Wagenheim — a former Fusion and Condé Nast executive who joined BDG as chief revenue officer before becoming president in February — acknowledged that we were entering a period of ...
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Latin America Roundup: Big rounds, big mergers and a $3.8M pandemic fund from Nubank

Sophia Wood Contributor Share on Twitter Sophia Wood is a Venture Partner at Magma Partners . Sophia is also the co-founder of LatAm List, an English-language Latin American tech news source. More posts by this contributor Latin America Roundup: Grupo ZAP, Grow Mobility, Wavy get acquired; Credijusto adds $100M; Cornershop, iFood brace for delivery boom Latin America Roundup: SoftBank adds $1B, Stori raise...
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The iMac at 22: How the computer 'too odd to succeed' changed everything ... for Apple, at least

Very '90s kit was everywhere – and it saved Apple's ass too On this day in 1998, Steve Jobs took to the stage of the Moscone Center in San Francisco for a product launch that would indelibly change the face of computing and arguably save the firm he founded almost 22 years earlier.…
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Helping journalists understand the power of machine learning

Editor’s note: What impact can AI and machine learning have on journalism? That is a question the Google News Initiative is exploring through a partnership with Polis, the international journalism think tank at the London School of Economics and Political Science. The following post is written by Mattia Peretti, who manages the program, called JournalismAI.In the global survey we conducted last year about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) by news organizations, most respondents highlighted...
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BuzzFeed extends pay cuts and furloughs 68 employees

BuzzFeed plans to furlough 68 employees as part of broader cost-cutting measures, according to a memo from CEO Jonah Peretti that was shared earlier by Variety. We’ve also obtained a copy of the memo, in which Peretti said the furloughs will affect the business, studios and administration teams. It sounds like the furloughs do not yet include BuzzFeed News. However, Peretti wrote, “We will begin a negotiation with the News Guild [the union that represents BuzzFeed News] about the need to redu...
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The Future of NFC Includes Wireless Charging For Earbuds and Smartwatches

It might soon be much easier to buy a smartphone that can charge small devices like earbuds or smartwatches. From a report: The NFC Forum, responsible for near-field communications tech, has unveiled the Wireless Charging Specification (WLC). That will allow devices like chargers or smartphones, equipped with a single antenna, to transfer power to compatible devices at up to one watt, the organization said. At the same time, NFC devices equipped with the tech would also be able to communicate wi...
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Microsoft Announces Surface Book 3 With 10th-Gen Intel CPUs and New NVIDIA GPUs

Ammalgam shares a report from Redmond Pie: Microsoft has officially announced the Surface Book 3. Not much has changed for the device in terms of external design, but internal circuitry is where it's at. This newest addition to the Surface family was formally unveiled alongside the Surface Go 2 today. And the detachable PC finally got the long overdue refresh. Microsoft decided to go with the latest Intel 10th generation CPUs, codenamed Ice Lake. There was talk that the company might opt for the...
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Google continues to tighten its belt as it enters a 'difficult' few months, and that includes telling employees they can't expense perks like food (GOOG, GOOGL)

Google employees have been told they can't expense food and other perks while working from home, as they're made to forego the company's usual free meals. The company clarified its policy in an internal Q&A, as reported by CNBC. Google is feeling the sting of the pandemic and no expense can be spared. But the company is making more significant concessions to save costs, including a slowdown in hiring for the rest of the year and slashing budgets. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stor...
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VIP Realtors rolls out multiviewer virtual visits on all listings

A Fort Meyers, Florida, brokerage has rolled out a system that allows for multiple people to virtually tour a home at the same time using Nodalview technology.
Tags: Technology, Marketing, Radio, Industry News, Brokerage, Select, PROPtech, Open Houses, Fort Meyers Florida, CallPage, Panoramic Images, 3d Tours, Agent Safety, Coronavirus, Nodalview, COVID-19 Doubles Up Its Commitment to Covid-19 Relief Funding

Google's charitable arm,, said Wednesday that it is doubling up on the $50 million in grants that it earmarked for the global response to Covid-19, bringing its total contribution up to $100 million. vice president Jacquelline Fuller outlined where the funds have gone and will go in a blog post, adding that
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Why Cyber Security is Important in the Financial Industry

The financial sector is among those industries that are highly vulnerable to theft and fraud. And in this day and age of internet prominence, the industry has to deal with countless cyber frauds not to mention hacks into servers that contain their client’s personally identifiable information (PII).Since more and more individuals and companies throughout the world are performing most of their financial transactions online, the risk of a security breach has increased and continues to do so, day by...
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Enterprise companies find MLOps critical for reliability and performance

Rish Joshi Contributor Rish is an entrepreneur and investor. Previously, he was a VC at Gradient Ventures (Google’s AI fund), co-founded a fintech startup building an analytics platform for SEC filings and worked on deep-learning research as a graduate student in computer science at MIT. Enterprise startups UIPath and Scale have drawn huge attention in recent years from companies looking to automate workflows, from RPA (robotic process automation) to data labeli...
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Equinix just recorded its 69th straight positive quarter

There’s something to be said for consistency through good times and bad, and one company that has had a staggeringly consistent track record is international data center vendor, Equinix. It just recorded its 69th straight positive quarter, according to the company. That’s an astonishing record, and covers over 17 years of positive returns. That means this streak goes back to 2003. Not too shabby. The company had a decent quarter, too. Even in the middle of an economic mess, it was still up 6% Yo...
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‘Depression-era’ jobless rates loom in California, Newsom warns

California faces job losses and unemployment rates reminiscent of the Great Depression, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Wednesday as he revealed the state has paid out $10.6 billion in unemployment benefits to workers amid coronavirus-linked business shutdowns. California’s hobbled economy faces “jaw-dropping” unemployment rates that could be officially revealed as soon as this month, Newsom said Wednesday during a regular briefing to discuss the state’s battle against COVID-19. Job losses being tracked ...
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