Southeast Asian lending platform Validus raises $20 million for its Series B+ round

Small- to medium-sized businesses are one of the most important parts of Southeast Asia’s economy, but many have trouble securing growth capital from traditional financial institutions. Validus wants to fix the financing gap with its peer-to-peer lending platform, which connects accredited lenders with SMEs. The Singapore-based startup announced today that it has raised $20 million for its ongoing Series B+ round. The funding was co-led by Vertex Growth fund and Kuok Group’s Orion Fund, which is...
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All 201 Episodes of 'The Office' Are Now Playing Out Over Slack

An anonymous reader writes: If you take out The Office's physical interactions between characters and try to tell the same jokes over Slack, does The Office still work? It's a question that creative collective MSCHF set to find out, recreating all 201 episodes of the series over Slack. Viewers will join a live Slack, where different channels are dedicated to various departments, including accounting, warehouse, and a general office room. Viewers are requested to avoid posting in the "company" ch...
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CEO of Surveillance Firm Banjo Resigns After Past Involvement With KKK Comes to Light

The CEO of surveillance firm Banjo, one of the many firms pitching law enforcement agencies across the country on artificial intelligence and big data-backed predictive policing, is leaving the company after an April report outed him as a former neo-Nazi skinhead who was involved in a 1990 Ku Klux Klan drive-by…Read more...
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Ask Slashdot: How Are You Handling COVID-19?

turp182 writes: What's your story? How are you doing? What do you predict? Below is a summary of the stats I've been following, some assumptions, and an overview of my personal situation. Anyway, how you all doing? Read more of this story at Slashdot.
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How Tech Can Help Your Business Grow

If you’re looking for ways to help your business reach new heights, there are dozens of options to consider. Thanks to advancements in technology, it’s never been easier to grow your business. That being said, it’s important to think about what goals you have for your company and how tech can be leveraged in a positive way before committing to any products or services. Read on to learn more about some different scenarios in which tech can make a world of difference for your company’s growth and...
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'Double Rainbow Guy' From 2010 Viral Video Dies At 57

Paul L. Vasquez, the burly mountain man whose awestruck reaction upon seeing a double rainbow propelled him to internet stardom and turned him into a folk hero, has died in Central California. He was 57. Time Magazine reports: Vasquez, who called himself Yosemitebear on social media, died early Saturday at a hospital emergency room, the Mariposa County coroner's office told the Modesto Bee. The cause of death has not been released. Vasquez had recently posted on his Facebook page that he had gon...
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AMC's Stock Is Surging On Reports Amazon May Buy It

Today, shares of AMC are up 40% (recouping about 26% of their value lost since January) solely on an unconfirmed report from the Daily Mail that Amazon is interested in buying the global theater chain. "AMC's market capitalization was about $427 million when the news broke, down from $752 million at the end of 2019," adds Quartz. From the report: The Daily Mail reported AMC and Amazon have at some point held talks about a takeover, though it was unclear if those talks were still ongoing. Deadlin...
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How to send iMessages with effects

If you're an iMessage user and want to add some emphasis, we'll show you how to add effects to your iMessage.
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Elon Musk just put a new person in charge of production at Tesla’s Fremont factory

On the same day that Elon Musk defied local regulations and reopened Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California, the CEO put a new person in charge of production. Musk named Richard Miller, who was director of paint operations at Tesla, to head of production at the factory, according to an internal email sent to employees Monday and viewed by TechCrunch. It appears that Miller replaces Jatinder Dhillon, who was the company’s manufacturing director. CNBC reported in March that Dhillon had left ...
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School Swimsuit Fabric Instead Being Used to Produce Face Masks

Galax, a Fukui company dedicated to manufacturing and selling clothing for school physical education, has sacrificed the fabric they use for their usual practices to instead produce face masks to help protect citizens from the Coronavirus (specifically staff working at nursery schools and nursing welfare institutes). Considering how the world has been thrown into disarray […]
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Newton Mail is Being Resurrected Again, This Time by Superfans

Newton Mail, a subscription-based email client with an impressively large fanbase, is being reincarnated by new owners: long-time fans Maitrik Kataria and Justin Mitchell. From a report: After Newton's owner Essential announced it would be shutting down in February -- for the second time, Kataria and Mitchell reached out to the company to figure out how they could save their favorite email client. And somehow they've done it. Newton, which was originally produced under the name CloudMagic, has b...
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Twitter adds a new board member, AI expert Fei-Fei Li, who left Google amid controversy surrounding the company's military contracts (TWTR, GOOG)

Twitter has added former Google AI chief Dr. Fei-Fei Li to its board of directors, the company announced in a press release Monday. Li left Google after coming under fire for her role in the company's military contracts, which sparked employee revolts and eventually led the company to abandon the project. The appointment comes during a flurry of coronavirus misinformation that's putting Twitter's ability to use AI tools to police its platform to the ultimate test. Visit Business Insider's home...
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zoom is not the problem — meetings are

When all you have is Zoom, every work-from-home office looks like an endless face-to-face video call. I have been working remotely since 2003. Video calls have been a regular part of my work and I have used pretty well every platform available. In the early days my favourite platform was Marratech, until they were bought by Google and some of the technology created Hangouts. But video communication was only part of my work. Asynchronous communication — threaded discussions, blogs, and wikis — wa...
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Experts say that when offices reopen, group work areas might replace the 'seas and seas' of single desks, while workers stay home for individual tasks. Here's what the 'new' open office could be like.

With thousands of white-collar employees having adapted to working from home due to coronavirus-driven shutdowns, many have posited that the office environment may not have a place in the future. And some have said the open office — a densified floor plan characterized by work stations cut out of large, open spaces — is dead, as employers are forced to prioritize physical distancing when offices eventually reopen and welcome returning workers. But some experts say both the office and the popul...
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Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon 768G: Higher-Bin 765 Up To 2.8GHz

An anonymous reader quotes a report from AnandTech: Today alongside with the launch of the Xiaomi Redmi K30 5G Racing Edition, Qualcomm is announcing the new Snapdragon 768G SoC which powers the device. The new SoC is a direct follow-up to the Snapdragon 765G announced last December, and the two chips are very likely the same silicon design, with the new variant increasing the clock frequencies. The new chip features the same Cortex-A76 cores in a 1+1 configuration (one Prime high-clocked core...
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Slack Now Strips Location Data From Images

Slack has started to strip uploaded photos of their metadata. What may seem like an inconsequential change to how the tech giant handles storing files on its servers, it will make it far more difficult to trace photos back to their original owners. From a report: Almost every digital file -- from documents on your computer to photos taken on your phone -- contains metadata. That's data about the file itself, such as how big the file is, when it was created, and by whom. Photos and videos often i...
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Everything we know about Apple’s AirPods Studio

From what they'll look like to how much they may cost, here are all the details.
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Report: The iPhone 12 Pros will come with 120Hz screens and bigger batteries

We won’t be seeing new iPhones until the fall – and that’s if coronavirus doesn’t delay things further – but that isn’t stopping the leaks from coming. According to Max Weinbach and EverythingApplePro, some of the key upgrades in the new upcoming iPhones may include a 120Hz screen and a massive(for an iPhone) 4,4000 mAh battery on the top-end model. Apple already uses 120Hz displays in its iPad Pro, a feature it calls ProMotion, and can dynamically adjust the refresh rate depending on the conten...
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This flexible robot is a speedy runner — and not a bad swimmer

Soft robots have been a booming category for research and manufacturing in recent years, due to a number of beneficial characteristics. The field has become increasingly important to things like robotic graspers, which rely on their compliance to pick up fragile objects like fruit. Speed, on the other hand, doesn’t tend to be a word that comes up often when discussing the category. But a team a North Caroline State is demonstrating that quick movements and soft materials need not be mutually...
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Shuttered Restaurants, Bars, Hotels Speed Up TV Cord-Cutting Even More

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Everyone is stuck at home, which you would think would mean a lot more TV watching, not less. And up to a point, that's true: millions of us are putting millions of hours into streaming content from Netflix, Disney+, and others. What we aren't doing, though, is watching cable -- especially sports, which aren't happening in the bars and restaurants we aren't going to. Residential customers have been cutting the cord for years, but now commerc...
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Reconnecting, reluctantly, with Facebook

Haje Jan Kamps is an author, freelance writer, journalist, photographer and editor who lives in the East Bay in Northern California and, beginning in 2016, spent more than a year as a TechCrunch writer. In a recent catch-up with him about work and life during COVID-19, we wound up talking at some length about Facebook, which is seeing record use across its social networking, messaging, and live-streaming platforms right now and will likely continue to do so throughout this pandemic. We asked Jan...
Tags: TC, Facebook, Washington Post, Tech, Bbc, New York Times, Norway, East Bay, Northern California, Lysol, Haje Jan Kamps, Jan Kamps, Human Awareness Institute

Apple's 'AirPods Studio' Headphones May Feature Head and Neck Detection and Equalizer Settings

Apple's upcoming high-end over-ear headphones (tentatively called AirPods Studio) could have a head and neck detection feature that's similar to the ear detection feature in the ‌AirPods‌ and AirPods Pro, according to a new report from 9to5Mac that cites people familiar with Apple's plans. In the ‌AirPods‌ and ‌AirPods Pro‌, ear detection is designed to stop a song when the ‌AirPods‌ or removed, pause a song when a single AirPod is removed, or play a song when the removed AirPod is put back i...
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Amazon releases Kendra to solve enterprise search with AI and machine learning

Enterprise search has always been a tough nut to crack. The holy grail has always been to operate like Google, but in-house. You enter a few keywords and you get back that nearly perfect response at the top of the list of the results. The irony of trying to do search locally has been a lack of content. While Google has the universe of the World Wide Web to work with, enterprises have a much narrower set of responses. It would be easy to think that should make it easier to find the ideal response...
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4 edtech CEOs peer into the industry’s future

When Zach Sims first started pitching his coding startup, Codecademy , he framed it to investors as a corporate tutoring company. That was intentional, despite the fact that edtech is a $5 trillion business. “It was much easier for investors to understand instead of an education company,” he said, noting that the industry has long been defined by tight budgets and slow sales cycles. But, as millions adopt remote learning overnight, edtech’s reputation is changing — and investors are scramblin...
Tags: Startups, TC, Codecademy, Education, Tech, Edtech, Udemy, Zach Sims, Market Analysis, Quizlet, DreamBox Learning, Darren Shimkus, Matthew Glotzbach, Extra Crunch, Coronavirus, COVID-19

Elon Musk reopens California Tesla factory in defiance of lockdown order

CEO announces electric carmaker will begin production on Monday after company sues county over Covid-19 restrictionsElon Musk announced on Twitter that Tesla would resume production at its northern California factory on Monday afternoon, in defiance of a local public health order designed to slow the spread of coronavirus.“Tesla is restarting production today against Alameda County rules,” the billionaire CEO tweeted. “I will be on the line with everyone else. If anyone is arrested, I ask that i...
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Instagram Lite shuts down in advance of a relaunch

Instagram Lite, the two-year old version of the Instagram app aimed at emerging markets, has quietly disappeared. The previously highly-ranked app vanished from the Google Play charts on April 13 in the countries where it was active, including Kenya, Mexico, Peru and the Philippines. Existing Instagram Lite users have been directed to the main Instagram app via a message that claimed “Instagram Lite is No Longer Supported.” Android Police first reported the news of Instagram Lite’s shutdown on M...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Instagram, Mexico, Tech, Philippines, Peru, Kenya, Facebook Lite, Lite, India Indonesia Brazil, Messenger Lite, Instagram Lite, Kenya Mexico Peru

Fiat Chrysler and AV startup Voyage partner on self-driving minivans

Self-driving vehicle startup Voyage said Monday that it has inked a deal with Fiat Chrysler to supply purpose-built vehicles, a partnership that will help accelerate its plan to launch a fully driverless ride-hailing service. Voyage, a three-year-old startup that tests and operates a self-driving vehicle service (with human safety operators) in retirement communities in California and Florida, started by modifying Ford Fusion vehicles. The company then began modifying FCA’s Chrysler Pacifi...
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The best headphone deals — save $50 on Sennheiser's flagship wireless headphones

  Good-quality headphones can be expensive, but they often go on sale. We've rounded up the best headphone deals for May 2020. We'll update this list regularly with the top deals. Right now, the Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless are on sale for $349.95 — that's $50 off their original price. A great pair of headphones can change the way you listen to music. Sure, the random earbuds that you have in your bottom drawer may do the job just fine for some, but if you want to hear nuanced details, wel...
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Apple's iPhone 12 may finally get a faster screen to match the speed some Android phones have had for a while (AAPL)

Some versions of the iPhone 12 may come with an upgraded screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, according to Everything Apple Pro. The feature, which would make scrolling and animations feel smoother, would be available for Apple's more expensive new iPhones. It's the latest feature Apple is said to be borrowing from the iPad Pro for its new iPhone 12, which is also rumored to come with the iPad Pro's Lidar sensor and a similar design. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Apple may ...
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