JPMorgan Extends Banking Services To Bitcoin Exchanges

According to The Wall Street Journal, JPMorgan Chase has taken on Coinbase and Gemini Trust as banking customers (Warning: source paywalled; alternative source) -- "the first time the bank has accepted clients from the cryptocurrency industry." From the report: The move is the latest in a string of positive developments for bitcoin and another sign that Wall Street is becoming more comfortable with the business of cryptocurrencies. Coinbase, founded in 2012, is the largest U.S.-based bitcoin exc...
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Google Chrome will soon allow users to group their tabs together

We've all been there: 27 browser tabs open and struggling to find the one we need. Google wants to help.
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Quora answer to "How to design a good presentation slide for business?"

Someone requested me to answer: “How do I design a good presentation slide for business?” Here is what I suggested: Read Jan Schultink's answer to How do I design a good presentation slide for business? on Quora This is a very generic question that is hard to answer without the specifics of the point you want to get across. Having said that:There are many web sites, blogs, and books out there that advocate the principles of good slide design: minimal use of bullet points, use images, no ...
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Ohio Stops Kicking Workers Off Unemployment After Hacker Targets Its Website

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: The state of Ohio won't deny unemployment benefits to people who refuse to work during the COVID-19 pandemic after people targeted the website it was using to track these workers, according to officials at the state's Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS). The state previously set up a "fraud" website encouraging employers to report those who refused to go back on the job, angering workers and labor rights advocates. State officials s...
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Court Upholds Public Right of Access To Court Documents

An anonymous reader quotes a report from the Electronic Frontier Foundation: A core part of EFF's mission is transparency and access to information, because we know that in a nation bound by the rule of law, the public must have the ability to know the law and how it is being applied. That's why the default rule is that the public must have full access to court records -- even if those records contain unsavory details. Any departure from that rule must be narrow and well-justified. But litigants...
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Google reportedly cut back its diversity programs, and employees said the move was meant to avoid backlash from conservatives (GOOG, GOOGL)

Google has significantly scaled back diversity and inclusion efforts, moves that employees said were meant to help the company avoid a conservative backlash, NBC News reported Wednesday. Since 2018, popular training programs have been watered down or scrapped entirely, and jobs on the team responsible for the programs have been outsourced or reassigned, according to NBC News. "Any suggestion that we have scaled back or cut our diversity efforts is false. Diversity, equity, and inclusion remain...
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Google reportedly cut back its diversity programs, and employees said the move was meant to avoid backlash from conservatives

Current and former employees told NBC News that several programs were scaled down because Google feared appearing biased against conservatives.
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Apple's Rumored Over-Ear Headphones Feature Head and Neck Detection, Custom Equalizer Settings

9to5Mac has learned more exclusive details about Apple's upcoming over-ear headphones, dubbed the "AirPods Studio," including specifications and settings. From the report: One of the key features of regular AirPods is ear detection, which automatically pauses the song when you take the earphones off. We've learned that AirPods Studio will have a similar feature, but it will work in a different way. Instead of ear detection, Apple is working to include sensors that can detect whether the headphon...
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Google Pixel's Camera Lead Quits After the Failure of the Pixel 4

According to The Information, two top executives left Google's Pixel team following the poor reception of the Pixel 4 and "rare internal criticism" of the phone. Ars Technica reports: Pixel general manager Mario Queiroz and "the mastermind behind Google's Pixel camera," Marc Levoy, have both left the Pixel team in the past year. Both Queiroz and Levoy have been visible members of the Pixel team at launch events, where they usually give lengthy presentations about the new features. Levoy, in part...
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5 Reasons Empathy Drives Business Success

Empathy has been shown to have a direct impact on everything from customer loyalty to innovation to profits. Here are five of the proven benefits. 1. Empathy spurs innovation: When you understand your customers, you can keep pace with changing needs and desires. Google’s Project Aristotle found that their most innovative and profitable ideas came from teams leading with soft skills, such as empathy. 2. Empathy aligns you with customer wants and needs: The more in tune you are with your cus...
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Sweden: Swedish Data Protection Authority Imposes Administrative Fine On Google - lus Laboris

The Swedish Data Protection Authority (DPA) has imposed a fine of SEK 75 million (approximately EUR 7 million) on Google for failure to comply with the GDPR.
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Twitter work from home announcement

Twitter may have once again changed the world. On Tuesday, CEO Jack Dorsey emailed the entire company (interestingly opting not to Tweet it) effectively telling all employees they could continue working from home, if they so desired, forever. Jobs that require people to be present — like server maintenance — will still need to come in. But by and large Twitter’s workforce will now be allowed to telecommute full-time, even in a post-pandemic world. Dorsey’s email was first obtained by BuzzFee...
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White Supremacists Built a Website To Doxx Interracial Couples

White supremacists have reportedly built a website that names, shames, and effectively promotes violence against interracial couples and families -- "and it's been circulated in some of the darkest corners of the internet, including in neo-Nazi Discord servers and accelerationist Telegram channels," reports VICE News. An anonymous reader shares the report: The website was created in April but was taken offline after their initial hosting provider cut ties with them. They then found a home with o...
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Utah's Contact Tracing App Doesn't Use Apple's Exposure Notification API, Opts for Less Private GPS-Focused Approach

Utah in April released "Healthy Together," a contact tracing app aimed at limiting the spread of the coronavirus by letting people know if they've come in contact with someone who is later diagnosed with the virus. Utah's Healthy Together app does not use Apple and Google's Exposure Notification API, instead opting for a less private GPS and Bluetooth-based solution that's currently available in a beta capacity. Healthy Together was created by social media startup Twenty, and it does not take a...
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Utah Rejects Apple's Exposure Notification API for Less Private Approach That Collects GPS Data

Utah in April released "Healthy Together," a contact tracing app aimed at limiting the spread of the coronavirus by letting people know if they've come in contact with someone who is later diagnosed with the virus. Utah's Healthy Together app does not use Apple and Google's Exposure Notification API, instead opting for a less private GPS and Bluetooth-based solution that's currently available in a beta capacity. Healthy Together was created by social media startup Twenty, and it does not take a...
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UK’s ANNA raises $21M for its SMB-focused business account and tax app

Small and medium businesses and sole-traders account for the vast majority of businesses globally, 99.9% of all enterprises in the UK alone. And while the existence millions of separate companies, with their individual demands, speaks of a fragmented market, together they still represent a lot of opportunity. Today, a UK fintech startup looking to capitalise on that is announcing a round of growth funding to enter Europe after onboarding 20,000 customers in its home country. ANNA, a mobile-first...
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Anyfin raises $30M Series B to let consumers refinance their existing loans

Anyfin, the Stockholm-based startup that enables consumers to refinance their existing loans, has raised $30 million in funding. Leading the Series B round is EQT Ventures, with participation from existing investors Accel, Northzone and Rocket Internet’s Global Founders Capital (GFC). Anyfin says it will use the investment to “drive product innovation”, launch additional offerings and scale into new European markets (currently, the fintech operates in Sweden and Finland). Launched in 2018 by Mik...
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Apple Policy Exec Cynthia Hogan Departs Company

Apple's vice president for public policy and government affairs, Cynthia Hogan, has resigned from the company, reports Axios. Hogan will be leaving Apple next month after recently being selected as one of the members of Joe Biden's vice presidential selection committee. Hogan joined Apple back in April 2016 to head its Washington D.C. office under Apple's environmental, policy, and social initiatives chief Lisa Jackson. Prior to joining Apple, Hogan was a top lobbyist for the National Football...
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6 Ways To Get Inspiration For Your Logo Design

Are you struggling to design your logo? Let me tell you a secret; you’re not alone; everyone needs inspiration when creating one. But here’s the good news, every person that ever designed a logo found inspiration, and so can you. But before you start looking, how do you know what gems of enlightenment to use? A proven approach is to ask yourself why you’re creating a logo, what is it you want it to represent. And knowing your story is the right place to start when looking for answers. 1. Let Yo...
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Employees say Google cut diversity programs to make conservatives happy

“A hundred black employees could testify to the pain they feel in a climate that’s inadvertently hostile towards them and management will go back and say, ‘I need to get more data,’ and then three angry white men complain and everything comes to a halt.” So says a Google employee speaking to NBC News under condition of anonymity. NBC News reporter April Glaser today released a bombshell report indicating Google’s pivoted toward appeasing conservatives in a company-wide rollback of inclusivity an...
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How to change your Google Home Wi-Fi network through the mobile app, to reconnect all your Google devices

You can change your Google Home's Wi-Fi network using the Google Home mobile app.  When you change the Wi-Fi through your Google Home app, every Google device connected to that network will change as well. To change your Google Home's Wi-Fi network, you will need to forget the current network connected to it in the app. Visit Business Insider's Homepage for more stories. A Google Home can be a helpful personal assistant, and is a convenient way to connect all of the smart devices in your hom...
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Houseparty expands beyond video chat with co-watching of live events

Houseparty, the video chat app that’s seen a surge of growth during quarantine, is preparing to expand its service in a new direction: co-watching live video with friends. The company on Friday will launch its first experiential event series called In the House, which will feature more than 40 celebrities who will dance, talk, cook, sing, workout and more over the course of three days. Viewers of the event will be able to sing and dance with Alicia Keys and DaBaby; cook with Bad Bunny, José Andr...
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Tesla employees who don’t return to work could lose unemployment benefits

Furloughed Tesla employees who are called back to work could lose unemployment benefits if they choose to stay at home due to COVID-19 concerns, the company’s head of human resources Valerie Workman wrote in an email sent to workers Wednesday. The internal email, which was viewed by TechCrunch, suggested that the loss of benefits was up to the state and that Tesla wasn’t penalizing employees for choosing to stay at home. CNBC was the first to report the email. “Once you are called back, you w...
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Board Question #93065: What's the best way to find married housing in Provo/Orem? ...

Q: Dear 100 Hour Board,What's the best way to find married housing in Provo/Orem? There's not a list of most everything like there is for singles housing.Thanks,hopefully housed A: Dear Housing,  Honestly, through friends. I asked around my peers in the Sociology department and had someone offer their apartment since they were moving out close to when we were getting married. This made it easy to set up a viewing time and they gave us priority / held it for us until we decided what we wanted. ...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Instagram, BYU, Don, Carl, Provo Orem, Orem, KSL, Guesthouse, Facebook BYU Married Housing

Leadership Shakeup at Google Could Threaten One of the Pixel's Greatest Strengths

Google hardware chief Rick Osterloh once said he hoped Google would be “selling products in high volumes in five years.” That was three years ago. After disappointing sales of the Pixel 4 and a recent shakeup within the Pixel team’s management, Google’s aspirations to become a major player in the hardware space may…Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Pixel, Consumer Tech, Rick Osterloh, Pixel 4, Pixel Leadership Gets A Shakeup, Pixel Hardware

France to Platforms: Remove Terrorism and Pedophilia-Related Content in One Hour or Else

The nation of France has approved a new law that will force tech giants to delete terrorism and pedophilia-related content from sites in as little as an hour or be exposed to fines that could total up to four percent of global revenue, Reuters reported on Wednesday.Read more...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Science, Technology, Youtube, France, Free Speech, Platforms, Reuters, Moderation, Content Moderation

PrintDemon Vulnerability Impacts All Windows Versions

Two security researchers have published today details about a vulnerability in the Windows printing service that they say impacts all Windows versions going back to Windows NT 4, released in 1996. From a report: The vulnerability, which they codenamed PrintDemon, is located in Windows Print Spooler, the primary Windows component responsible for managing print operations. The service can send data to be printed to a USB/parallel port for physically connected printers; to a TCP port for printers r...
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Kickstarter Loses Nearly 40 Percent of Its Workforce After Layoffs and Buyouts

Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter filed a regulatory notice in New York last week revealing it had laid off 25 employees, or about 18 percent of its workforce. But according to The Verge, Kickstarter told them that its workforce reduction "is more than twice that, as close to 30 employees decided to take voluntary buyouts as negotiated between the company's management and Kickstarter's employee union." From the report: "The filing is correct, however, it does not reflect an international employe...
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Amazon's cloud CEO wants the world to know that Zoom mostly runs on AWS, not Oracle's cloud (AMZN, ORCL, ZM)

Amazon Web Services and Oracle are in a tug-of-war over Zoom. Zoom became a major feather in Oracle's cap when it announced it was using Oracle's cloud to help it service hundreds of millions of videoconferences each month But AWS CEO Andy Jassy wants the world to know that most of Zoom's infrastructure actually runs on AWS and not on Oracle. On Wednesday, he said so publicly for the first time.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. There's a tug-of-war going on in the cloud in...
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How to create the best at-home videoconferencing setup, for every budget

Your life probably involves a lot more videoconferencing now than it did a few weeks ago – even if it already did involve a lot. That’s not likely going to change anytime soon, so why not make the most of it? The average MacBook webcam can technically get the job done, but it’s far from impressive. There are a number of ways to up your game, however – by spending either just a little or a whole lot. Whether you’re just looking to improve your daily virtual stand-up, gearing up for presenting at ...
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