Supercomputers Breached Across Europe To Mine Cryptocurrency

An anonymous reader quotes ZDNet: Multiple supercomputers across Europe have been infected this week with cryptocurrency mining malware and have shut down to investigate the intrusions. Security incidents have been reported in the UK, Germany, and Switzerland, while a similar intrusion is rumored to have also happened at a high-performance computing center located in Spain. Cado Security, a US-based cyber-security firm, said the attackers appear to have gained access to the supercomputer clust...
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Calls By College Students For Tuition Refunds Are Growing Louder

Long-time Slashdot reader jyosim writes: Students want their money back since their classes have moved online. Or they want partial refunds, and their calls have been getting louder. "Petition movements at more than 200 campuses are calling for partial refunds of tuition, typically asking for 50 percent back," reports EdSurge. "And some student protesters are now even filing class-action lawsuits to try to force colleges to return part of the tuition money." Whether colleges should give back m...
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Is NASA Actually Working On a Warp Drive?

"Is NASA really working on... a warp drive?" asks Popular Mechanics? Long-time Slashdot reader schwit1 shares their report: An internal feasibility report suggests the agency might be, or at least that the idea of traveling through folded space is part of the NASA interstellar spaceflight menu. In the report, advanced propulsion physicist Harold "Sonny" White explains the ideas of theoretical physicist (and peer) Miguel Alcubierre. He then describes a "paradox" in Alcubierre's work, and how th...
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Apple TV+ Show 'Mythic Quest' Airing Special Episode Shot on iPhones (mac rumors)

Apple's "Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet" TV series will air a special episode on May 22 that was created using iPhones, according to a YouTube video released today on the Apple TV+ channel. The special, which will be titled "Mythic Quest: Quarantine," was remotely written, edited, and filmed with iPhones by the cast and crew. "Mythic Quest" has already aired its entire first season, so this will be a standalone half-hour episode that features the Mythic Quest game development team being forc...
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Bill Gates Regrets Not Calling More Attention to the Danger of Pandemics

Digital Trends reports: Bill Gates has been warning government leaders about a global pandemic for years, but the coronavirus still caught nations off guard — and the philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder said that's one of his biggest regrets. "I wish I had done more to call attention to the danger," Gates told the Wall Street Journal. "I feel terrible. The whole point of talking about it was that we could take action and minimize the damage...." [C]onvincing politicians to spend vast amoun...
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Lynn Shelton, Director of ‘Humpday’, ‘Mad Men’ and ‘GLOW’, Has Died at 54

Many notable names have passed away due to complications from coronavirus, but today brings the shocking and unexpected news of indie film and television director Lynn Shelton dying at 54 years old from other complications. The filmmaker worked on everything from mumblecore indie movies like Humpday and Your Sister’s Sister to hit television shows like Mad Men and GLOW, and sadly she unexpectedly died yesterday from a previously unidentified blood disorder. Comedian and actor Marc Maron, who...
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Ubisoft Sues Apple and Google Over Distribution of Alleged 'Ripoff' Game

Ubisoft Entertainment this week levied a lawsuit against Apple and Google, accusing them of selling a "ripoff" of its popular video game Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, reports Bloomberg. Ubisoft filed a complaint in federal court in Los Angeles, claiming that the game "Area F2," developed by Qookka Games, is a "near carbon copy" of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, aiming to "piggyback" off its popularity. Ubisoft said that it has notified Apple and Google that Area F2 is infringing its copy...
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'Doom Eternal' Is Using Denuvo's New Kernel-Level Anti-Cheat Driver

"Doom Eternal has become the latest game to use a kernel-level driver to aid in detecting cheaters in multiplayer matches," reports Ars Technica: The game's new driver and anti-cheat tool come courtesy of Denuvo parent Irdeto, a company once known for nearly unbeatable piracy protection and now known for somewhat effective but often cracked piracy protection. But the new Denuvo Anti-Cheat protection is completely separate from the company's Denuvo Anti-Tamper technology... The new Denuvo Anti-C...
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Everlywell gains first FDA authorization for a standalone at-home COVID-19 test sample collection kit

Everlywell was one of the first startups to announce that it was working on a self-administered, at-home COVID-19 diagnostic kit, but it initially sought out to ship kits before regulators made clear that this was not in line with its guidelines. Everlywell then became intent on working with the FDA to secure a proper Emergency Use Authorization for its kits before sending any to consumers, and that approach has paid off with the U.S. drug regulator issuing an EUA for Everlywell’s tech today. Ev...
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Everylwell gains first FDA authorization for a standalone at-home COVID-19 test sample collection kit

Everlywell was one of the first startups to announce that it was working on a self-administered, at-home COVID-19 diagnostic kit, but it initially sought out to ship kits before regulators made clear that this was not in line with its guidelines. Everlywell then became intent on working with the FDA to secure a proper Emergency Use Authorization for its kits before sending any to consumers, and that approach has paid off with the U.S. drug regulator issuing an EUA for Everywell’s tech today. Eve...
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Ford to offer COVID-19 testing for symptomatic workers as part of reopening plan

Ford said Saturday it will test hourly and salaried employees with suspected COVID-19 symptoms in four metro areas where it has major operations as it prepares to reopen facilities this month. The automaker is expected to resume production and some operations at its North America facilities May 18. Aside from factory workers, Ford is also bringing back about 12,000 employees whose jobs cannot be done remotely such as vehicle testing and design. The company’s parts distribution centers reopened i...
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Report: Google facing onslaught of antitrust cases in US

Federal and state regulators in the U.S. are preparing to file antitrust lawsuits alleging Google has abused its dominance of online search and advertising to stifle competition and and boost its profits, according to a report published Friday.
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Learn how you can build versatile apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant with this training

Not too many years ago, talking to the air and expecting a response was either the sign of a hardcore Trekkie or someone with an over-developed or diluted imagination. Now, of course, voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are not only commonplace, they’re actually now in use by more than half of the world’s smartphone users . And Alexa and Google can do far more than cue up your favorite song or tell you the weather. In fact, you can create your own apps for controlli...
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Addressing 'Design Mistakes' in Node.js, Its Developers Release JS/TypeScript Runtime Deno 1.0

"The makers of the widely used JavaScript server-side runtime, Node.js, have released Deno 1.0, a new runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript that addresses 'design mistakes' in Node.js," reports ZDNet: Just like Node.js or Node, the Deno runtime is for executing JavaScript outside a web browser. However, unlike Node.js, Deno offers first-class support for Microsoft's increasingly popular Typescript, a superset of JavaScript designed for large projects... "With the changing JavaScript language, an...
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The real threat of fake voices in a time of crisis

Jinyan Zang Contributor Share on Twitter Jinyan Zang is a researcher at Data Privacy Lab and a Ph.D. candidate in Government at Harvard University . Latanya Sweeney Contributor Share on Twitter Latanya Sweeney is a professor of government and technology in residence at Harvard University's Department of Government, editor-in-chief of Technology Sc...
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Startups Weekly: How will we build the city of the future?

Editor’s note: Get this weekly recap of TechCrunch news that any startup can use by email every Saturday morning (7am PT), just subscribe here. Commercial real estate, the traditional heart of most cities, may have lost its reason to exist in the last few months. The world is about to find out what the situation is as more locations start to reopen. First up in our ongoing coverage of the topic, Connie Loizos caught up with a couple proptech investors this week for TechCrunch, who saw existing t...
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All the iPad Trackpad Keyboard Cases You Can Buy

With the release of iPadOS 13.4 in March 2020, Apple introduced official Bluetooth mouse and trackpad support for iPads. The update added support for Apple's own standalone keyboards, mice and trackpads, as well as third-party input devices. It also paved the way for the release of Apple's own Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro, which launched ahead of schedule in late April. Apple's new Magic Keyboard isn't the only iPad keyboard case with a built-in multi-touch trackpad, though. In this regularly...
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Some US Students May Have to Retake Online AP Exams Due to Computer Glitch

"High school students who took Advanced Placement exams online this week may have to do it again next month because of a technical glitch," writes CNN, sharing some of the students' horror stories. With 45 seconds left in her exam, 11th-grader Maggie McLauchlin of Jacksonville, Florida, took a video of what appears to be a black screen as she tried to upload her exam answers as instructed by The College Board. "I'm trying to take the picture but there's just black and I only have 45 seconds lef...
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Does Science Fiction Build Mental Resiliency in Young Readers?

Long-time Slashdot reader sandbagger writes: Science fiction and fantasy can help readers make sense of the world. Rather than limiting readers' capacity to deal with reality, exposure to outside-the-box creative stories may expand their ability to engage reality based on science according to an article by an assistant professor of English at Clark University. "Let them read science fiction," the article concludes. "In it, young people can see themselves — coping, surviving and learning lesson...
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Google Searches For 'Java' Spiked During Friday's Online AP CS Exam

Long-time Slashdot reader theodp writes: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's AP Exams — a passing score on which earns high school students college credit — are open book/open note and taken from home. So it's no surprise that Google Trends registered a spike in searches for 'Java' during Friday afternoon's AP CS A exam (more detailed exam day chart) as students scrambled to solve the two Java programming questions that made up this year's abbreviated 45-minute AP Computer Science A exam. ...
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Indirect Marketing: Learn What It Can Do for Your Business That Direct Marketing Can’t

By Kat Solukova Is there anything more annoying than in-your-face marketing? Pop-up ads, cold calls, and sales emails are all intended to get consumers to buy more from you. Unfortunately, this type of selling is more likely to irritate customers than impress them. In a world where customers have become , businesses can’t afford to be overly blunt with their promotional campaigns. After all, your customers are bombarded with sales materials every day. It’s no wonder they get sick of all the com...
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Researchers analyzed 10,000 websites — and yes, they all look the same

Did you know we have an online conference about product design coming up? SPRINT will cover how designers and product owners can stay ahead of the curve in these unprecedented times. Over the past few years, articles and blog posts have started to ask some version of the same question: “Why are all websites starting to look the same?” These posts usually point out some common design elements, from large images with superimposed text, to hamburger menus, which are those three horizontal lines tha...
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MIT Professor Proposes Fleet of Pre-Positioned Satellites Ready To Orbit Interstellar Comets

Slashdot reader Iwastheone quotes MIT News: To closely observe an interstellar object (ISO) hurtling through space, time is of the essence. Richard Linares, an assistant professor in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT, developed a concept for a "dynamic orbital slingshot for rendezvous with interstellar objects." He outlined his idea in a research proposal that was recently selected as a Phase 1 study in the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Program, which "funds innova...
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Samsung's Galaxy A51 gets a lot right, but performance is a mixed experience

The process of buying a new phone during normal times can feel like a daunting process. Prices for flagship phones like Apple's iPhone 11 Pro or Samsung's Galaxy S20 continue to climb, as companies add in features and capabilities that many of us aren't entirely sure we'll ever need.
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Programmer Discovers Unprotected Access to State's Jobless Claims Portal's Admin Mode

Long-time Slashdot reader bbsguru shares a story from the alternative newsweekly the Arkansas Times. "A computer programmer applying for unemployment on Arkansas's Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program discovered a vulnerability in the system that exposed the Social Security numbers, bank account and routing numbers and other sensitive information of some 30,000 applicants. "Anyone with basic computer knowledge could have accessed personal information for malicious purposes." Alarmed, the c...
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Trump’s Very Normal Saturday Amplifying the Far-Right Blogger Shunned by Conservatives

President Donald Trump’s Saturday morning started like so many of his mornings do: with a very early Twitter tirade. The president praised lockdown protesters harassing a local TV reporter, retweeted a cartoon depicting Rep. Adam Schiff as the Joker, and lauded a video of a right-wing columnist who was shunned by conservatives for supporting a Holocaust denier.In a spree of at least 28 tweets starting Saturday morning, Trump retweeted the video of Michelle Malkin, a former Fox News contributor w...
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Vietnam: How a Country So Close To China Managed To Control COVID-19

New submitter AleRunner writes: Considering Vietnam's proximity to China, where coronavirus was first reported, it might be expected that the Southeast Asian country would be affected by Covid-19 in a similar manner," reports "China has more than 84,000 cases of coronavirus and more than 4,600 deaths, according to the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center. Painting a strikingly different picture, Vietnam, which sits below its southern border, has just over 300 cases among its 97...
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Original Content podcast: Netflix’s ‘Never Have I Ever’ turns teenage pain into comedic bliss

“Never Have I Ever” is a new Netflix comedy created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, loosely based on Kaling’s own teenage years. The show focuses on Devi (played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), who’s desperately hoping for a good sophomore year after the sudden death of her father — cue the awkward attempts to get a boyfriend, to lose her virginity and to become one of the cool kids at school. On the latest episode of the Original Content podcast, we’re joined by TechCrunch writer Natasha Mascren...
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It's a small world? Not so fast...

In a free-to-read piece, The Economist looks at the observable (and the projected) effects of COVID-19 on globalism:"The world has had several epochs of integration, but the trading system that emerged in the 1990s went further than ever before. China became the world’s factory and borders opened to people, goods, capital and information (see Chaguan). After Lehman Brothers collapsed in 2008 most banks and some multinational firms pulled back. Trade and foreign investment stagnated relative to g...
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L’âgisme en 10 questions

Au fur et à mesure que nos sociétés vieillissent, l’âgisme apparaît au grand jour et s’avère un adversaire de la lutte transhumaniste pour l’extension de l’espérance de vie en bonne santé. [Author: [email protected] (IEET)]
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