Tim Cook Addresses George Floyd's Death and Ensuing Protests and Riots as Apple Temporarily Closes Some U.S. Stores

Amid unrest in numerous U.S. cities following last week's killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis, Apple CEO Tim Cook has shared an internal memo with employees (via Bloomberg) addressing the pain that many are feeling and urging others to commit "to creating a better, more just world for everyone." Cook also announced that Apple is making donations to several groups challenging racial injustice and protecting human rights, and is also matching two-for-one all employee donations made...
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Singapore’s micromobility startup Beam raises $26 million

Beam, a Singapore-headquartered micromobility firm that offers shared e-scooters, has raised $26 million in a new financing round as it looks to expand its footprint in Korea, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Taiwan. Sequoia India and Hana Ventures led the two-and-a-half-year-old startup’s Series A financing round, while several more investors from Asia Pacific region participated, Beam said without disclosing their names. The startup has raised $32.4 million to date, a spokesperson told Te...
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Apple Introducing New Internal USB-C Diagnostic Tool

Apple is introducing a new internal USB-C Diagnostic Tool as a successor to its existing Serial Number Reader, which can be used to both collect a device's serial number directly from its logic board and test power on a device itself. Image via Giulio Zompetti With only a Lightning version previously available, images have surfaced of a new USB-C Diagnostic Tool (UDT) that appears to be known as "ChimpSWD" internally. The new tool was produced for compatibility with Apple's iPad Pro lineup, ...
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App Recap: Magnet, Parcel, Unfold, and Major App Updates

In this week's App Recap, we've highlighted productivity app "Magnet," utility app "Parcel," and graphic app "Unfold" as three apps that are worth checking out. We've also compiled a list of apps that received major updates this week. Apps to Check Out Magnet (Mac, $1.99) - Magnet is a productivity app that helps to seamlessly organize open windows on a Mac by "snapping" windows into tiles. Dragging a window to the side of the screen allows for it to be sized to take up half of the scree...
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Short story: Frankenstein’s Angel

“miracle” is an object of wonder, while a “monster” is a strange creature portending evil. Those are not mutually exclusive. Every boy in the orphanage tried to look weak and sickly when the Angel visited, but there was no point. She had been taught medicine by her father, Dr. Frankenstein himself. She would poke at them with a girl’s delicate finger, look them over with the sharpest clinical gaze, and pronounce them fit donors or not. The blood tests were mere formalities, or rather tests of ...
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5 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

You finally started the blog you’ve talked about for years. Personal websites can be a great source of income, once you get some eyes on your content. It doesn’t matter how great your content is if nobody is reading.  A few years ago, back in the glory days, building an audience for a blog was really easy. All you had to do was create a Facebook page, spend a little bit of money on ads, and spam your content in tons of groups. Those days are gone . Now, you really have to work to keep ...
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The Best Campaign Slogan of 2020 (So Far)

The Best Campaign Slogan of 2020 (So Far) is a post from: Open Culture. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, or get our Daily Email. And don't miss our big collections of Free Online Courses, Free Online Movies, Free eBooks, Free Audio Books, Free Foreign Language Lessons, and MOOCs.
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Top 4 Ways To Rank Your Business Higher On Google

It is not a surprise that people want to rank higher on Google particularly, as it is the most used search engine around the world. But for the same reason, every popular niche is saturated with competition. With that said, you can still find success in any one of those popular niches with the right Google marketing tactics in your arsenal. The four ways mentioned below can organically help your rankings, which can take some amount of time. If you are willing to spend money to get to the top ve...
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Google Postpones Android 11 Beta Launch and Event, Saying ‘Now Is Not the Time to Celebrate’

Google announced this weekend that it was delaying its planned release of the public beta version of Android 11 and The Beta Launch Show, a live streamed event to present major Android updates and announcements. In a tweet announcing the news, Google said that “now is not the time to celebrate.” Read more...
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'Lord of the Rings' Reunion Brings Actors, Director, Writers Together on Zoom

"Just about the entire cast of The Lord of the Rings gathered their Zoom screens together for a reunion nearly two decades after the end of the epic fantasy film trilogy," reports CNET: io9 notes that it was comic actor-singer Josh Gad who "gathered the hobbits, the wizards, the elves, and the wicked menfolk to go to Isen — YouTube, where they joke, talk shop, reminisce, and just seem to really thoroughly enjoy each others' presence. In this stream are Elijah Wood [Frodo], Sena Astin [Sam], Ia...
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How to Send Google Forms with Pre-filled Answers

Prefilled Google Forms, where some of the fields in the form are pre-populated with answers you already have, make the process of filling out your forms easier and faster.Your contacts are more likely to fill out the form as it takes less time for them to complete the remaining fields.The form respondents are less likely to type incorrect data in fields, like the employee ID, that are pre-populated.The forms feels more personal when people see their name and other personalized information pre-fi...
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4 Ways To Improve Your Company’s Online Reputation

In this modern age, the most important thing for any business is its reputation. If you do not have a good online reputation, then your business will never succeed. The better your reputation is, the more customers you will get, and the more profit you will make. Also, it is not just about building a reputation; it is about maintaining it as well. No matter how great your reputation is, if it is tainted by a scandal or controversial post, then you can take a huge hit and can lose a lot of custo...
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Are Food Delivery Services Actually Losing Money?

Food delivery services like Grubhub should be thriving, especially during the pandemic. But they're not, The Markup reports: In August 2019, analysts from the investment firm Cowen estimated that Uber Eats was losing $3.36 on every order and would continue to lose money on every order for the next five years. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi acknowledged that Uber Eats is not yet profitable in an email to employees in March after its parent company laid off more than 3,700 employees.... In early Marc...
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Walmart Employees Complain Its Anti-Shoplifting AI Is Buggy, Inaccurate, and Dangerous

Walmart uses "Everseen" AI technology in thousands of its stores "to prevent shoplifting at registers and self-checkout kiosks," reports Wired. But some Walmart workers claim that instead it's often failed to stop actual instances of stealing, misidentified innocuous behavior as theft -- and made it harder for them to social distance: The workers said they had been upset about Walmart's use of Everseen for years and claimed colleagues had raised concerns about the technology to managers but we...
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Protesting Mark Zuckerberg Comments About Fact-Checking, Fake News About Mark Zuckerberg Goes Viral

"I don't think that Facebook or internet platforms in general should be arbiters of truth," CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Thursday. Since then, Vice reports, "Fake news about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is being shared widely on the internet, including on his own social network..." Zuckerberg's quote is particularly confusing because Facebook does fact-check some news posts, and uses a byzantine, third-party system to do so. Nonetheless, Donald Trump later quoted Zuckerberg's favorable response in...
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Apple Pays Developer $100,000 for Finding Serious Bug in ‘Sign In With Apple’ System

Apple has paid developer Bhavuk Jain a $100,000 bounty for finding a serious bug in its “Sign in with Apple” login system that could have allowed malicious actors to take over a user’s account on specific websites and apps.Read more...
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Linus Torvalds Argues Against 80-Column Line Length Coding Style, As Linux Kernel Deprecates It

"The Linux kernel has officially deprecated its coding style that the length of lines of code comply with 80 columns as the 'strong preferred limit'," reports Phoronix: The Linux kernel like many long-standing open-source projects has a coding style guideline that lines of code be 80 columns or less, but now that while still recommended is no longer going to be enforced. This stems from Linus Torvalds commenting on Friday that excessive linebreaks are bad and he is against ugly wrapped code that...
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This scenic image soft-bricks Android smartphones when set as wallpaper

The only ways to fix it are through safe mode or a factory reset
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YouTube star Jake Paul denies looting Arizona mall during George Floyd protests

Footage emerges of 23-year-old in looted Scottsdale mallGeorge Floyd protests: live coverageDispatch from Minneapolis: the night the city cracked downThe YouTube star Jake Paul has denied taking part in looting at an Arizona mall on Saturday night.Video emerged on Sunday of Paul standing inside a looted mall in Scottsdale, Arizona. Continue reading...
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Dutch Restaurant Will Re-Open With Robot Waiters

When Dutch restaurants open tomorrow, one will be using two shiny white-and-red robot waiters, reports the Associated Press: "Hello and welcome," the robots say — in a voice best described as pre-programmed. Their duties will include greeting customers, serving drinks and dishes and returning used glasses and crockery. It's unclear whether diners will be expected to tip. One thing the robots will certainly do is see that social distancing rules are respected. "We will use them to make sure th...
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How to transfer contacts between iPhone and Android devices

Don't stress over losing your contacts when you set up a new phone, even if it's on a different platform.
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82-Year-Old Ridley Scott Shares Some Secrets About 'Alien'

Ridley Scott was the fifth choice to direct the 1979 film Alien, remembers the Los Angeles Times, "meaning that no one was expecting the film to become as important and influential as it now is." This week they chronicled some more remembrances about the film from 82-year-old Ridley Scott: The central role of Ellen Ripley — also portrayed by Sigourney Weaver in three subsequent sequels — was originally written as a man... "I think it was Alan Ladd [then president of 20th Century Fox] who said,...
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The Station: Amazon eyes Zoox, Aurora goes back to school and Cabana hits the road

The Station is a weekly newsletter dedicated to all things transportation. Sign up here — just click The Station — to receive it every Saturday in your inbox. Hi and welcome back to The Station, a newsletter dedicated to all the present and future ways people and packages move from Point A to Point B. I’m your host Kirsten Korosec, senior transportation reporter at TechCrunch. The mobility world got busy this week. Really. busy. This is gonna be a long one, buckle up. Take a look at the most r...
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Microsoft Edge To Save Edits Made To PDF Files Without Saving a Copy Each Time

techtsp quotes The Windows Club: In a major breakthrough, Microsoft Edge now supports Native File System API, which will take progressive web apps and their usage to a whole new level. An official roadmap entry points towards the new development, which only means one thing: Bridging the native app gap using modern web technologies... This is exactly where Microsoft Edge's Native File System API support comes into play, and Edge is already rolling out a native PDF editing support that uses this ...
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Silver Lake has been plowing money into bets like Airbnb, Twitter, and Waymo. Here's a look inside why it's being called the Warren Buffett of tech.

Silver Lake Partners is a private-equity firm known for doing leveraged buyouts of tech giants like Dell Technologies and Skype. But this year, the firm has done at least seven deals in which it's taken a minority stake. Altogether it has invested in deals worth a combined $7.3 billion. The big question across Wall Street is whether the deals represent a change in strategy for the investment firm, or just a reflection of the environment in which it's operating.  Silver Lake is run by Egon Durb...
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‘Rocky’ Making-Of Documentary Narrated by Sylvester Stallone to Be Released on Digital This June

40 Years of Rocky: The Birth of a Classic is squaring up for a digital release. The making-of documentary, which features narration from Sylvester Stallone himself, is set to be released on digital on-demand this June. Deadline reports that the behind-the-scenes Rocky documentary, 40 Years of Rocky: The Birth of a Classic has set its digital on-demand release for June 9, 2020. Virgil Films & Entertainment is releasing the film in North America and internationally on iTunes/Apple TV, Amazon, ...
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LA braces for 5th day of protests over George Floyd killing

Los Angeles County awoke Sunday morning, May 31, anticipating a fifth straight day of unrest, as demonstrators continue to demand justice for George Floyd — even though some gatherings have devolved into violence, looting and clashes with police. Several protests are planned throughout the county Sunday, from Long Beach to to Pasadena. Torrance and Paramount will also see demonstrations, and police will likely prepare for yet another night of mayhem in downtown Los Angeles. Chaos overwhelmed do...
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Zoom's New, Stronger Encryption May Only Protect Paying Clients

"Zoom plans to strengthen the encryption of its service for paying customers," reports Newsweek, "but the upgrade will not be available to users of its free service." Zoom security consultant Alex Stamos later confirmed the details of the reported move in an interview with Reuters, which first reported the changes on Friday. But he also told the news outlet that Zoom's plans could still change. "The CEO is looking at different arguments," Stamos said. "The current plan is paid customers plus e...
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Looking for some customer experience inspiration? Check out iNspire

In my role as an advisor, speaker, writer, researcher and explorer of all things related to service and experience, I often get invited to technology vendor’s […]
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