Linux Mint Dumps Ubuntu Snap

An anonymous reader quotes a report from ZDNet: Mint's programmers, led by lead developer, Clement "Clem" Lefebvre, has dropped support for Ubuntu's Snap software packing system. [...] So, what's not to like? Well, a lot, thinks Clem. As he wrote in July 2019, the idea is fine: "When snap was announced it was supposed to be a solution, not a problem. It was supposed to make it possible to run newer apps on top of older libraries and to let third-party editors publish their software easily toward...
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People Try To Do Right By Each Other, No Matter the Motivation, Study Finds

People want to help each other, even when it costs them something, and even when the motivations to help don't always align, a new study suggests. Phys.Org reports: In research published today in the journal Science Advances, sociologists found that people overwhelmingly chose to be generous to others -- even to strangers, and even when it seems one motivation to help might crowd out another. It is the first study to examine how all the established motivations to be generous interact with one an...
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Facebook Tool To Export Pictures To Google Photos Now Available

shanen shares a report from Android Police: Late last year, Facebook announced a tool to let users easily migrate their uploaded photos to Google Photos. The tool was initially available in Ireland, with plans to expand to more countries in the first half of this year. The social network has made good on those plans by expanding the rollout to the US and Canada in April, and now reaching a global rollout today. [...] It's a pretty straightforward process: from the general Facebook settings, se...
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It's 2020 and USB-C Is Still a Mess

"It's the middle of 2020 and the USB-C standards are confusing even for the most technical person," writes Slashdot reader mprindle. Robert Triggs writes via Android Authority: USB-C is billed as the solution for all our future cable needs, unifying power, and data delivery with display and audio connectivity. Ushering in an age of the one-size-fits-all cable. Despite the USB-C connector supplied as default in modern smartphones, the standard has, unfortunately, failed to live up to its early pr...
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Aukey introduces an extremely compact 100w charger

Let’s talk about chargers. They are, quite possibly, the least exciting thing about a computer. Don’t get me wrong. They’re necessary, obviously. But when was the last time you got really psyched about one? And yet, here I am, tech blogger guy telling you that today is the first day of the rest of your charger-loving life. Why? Because of three alternately cased letters: GaN. Back at CES, I wrote a piece titled “GaN chargers are still worth getting excited about.” I stand by it. And you, too...
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Weekend reading: Boom

What caught my eye this week. A lways remember the stock market strives to make as many people who express an opinion look as foolish as possible. Indices – especially in the US – have been rising despite Covid-19 still spreading across the globe. People said it was dumb. They blamed day-traders on their iPhones. Warren Buffett looked shell-shocked at his pandemic-poopered shareholder meeting on 2 May, as he explained why he wasn’t buying anything – why far from grabbing bargains with both han...
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Roger Stone proclaims support for Britney Spears in this weird new video

“Republican dirty trickster Roger Stone, in a new Cameo video, says he supports @britneyspears,” tweets Zachary Petrizzo. Roger Stone proclaims his support for Britney Spears' personal legal issues in this weird new video. Here's a rip of the video from the Cameo platform. Republican dirty trickster Roger Stone, in a new Cameo video, says he supports @britneyspears. — Zachary Petrizzo (@ZTPetrizzo) June 5, 2020 The Trump pardon thirster is wearing a shirt t...
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Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Fold 2 Reportedly Launching Aug. 5

With covid-19 having thrown a wrench practically every company’s product launch timeline, it’s impossible to predict when new gadgets might get announced. But according to multiple reports, Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Fold 2 in early August.Read more...
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IBM Releases Fully Homomorphic Encryption Toolkit For iOS and MacOS

New submitter IBMResearch shares a report from ZDNet: IBM's new toolkit aims to give developers easier access to fully homomorphic encryption (FHE), a nascent technology with significant promise for a number of security use cases. "Today, files are often encrypted in transit and at rest but decrypted while in use, creating a security vulnerability," reports ZDNet. "This often compels organizations to make trade-offs and go through long vetting processes in order to ensure they can keep their val...
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Industry insiders think $927 million Domo is the next big cloud acquisition – but sources say CEO Josh James has rebuffed encouragement to sell and wants to prove he's 'not just a founder, but a CEO'

Data analysis software company Domo has faced challenges during the pandemic, but its stock closed up more than 10% after the company reported better-than-expected first-quarter earnings despite the coronavirus crisis. Domo is expected by many analysts to be the next big cloud acquisition target. As one analyst recently told Business Insider, Domo is "one of those companies that it's kind of surprising that it hasn't been acquired yet."  But banking and tech industry sources told CEO Josh Jame...
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Amazon's Jeff Bezos proclaims support for Black Lives Matter

This is sure an interesting Friday, with Reddit and Facebook and now Amazon CEOs and founders speaking about Black Lives Matter and the protests surrounding the police killing of George Floyd. “I got this email from a customer and wanted to share my response,” writes Bezos on Instagram. He's responding to an Amazon customer who is upset the company is selling “Black Lives Matter” themed items. “I have to disagree with you. 'Black Lives Matter' doesn't mean that other lives don't matter. Black ...
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Never-Before-Seen 'Black Nitrogen' Plugs Puzzle in Periodic Table

Researchers at the University of Bayreuth have created a form of nitrogen that's never been seen before. Nicknamed "black nitrogen," the new substance is crystalline, occurs in two-dimensional sheets, and could one day be useful in advanced electronics. From a report: Strangely enough, the idea that black nitrogen didn't exist has long been considered a mystery. The periodic table is arranged in recurring "periods" where each column is made up of elements with similar properties. Those at the to...
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Motorola’s sub-$200 Moto G Fast and Moto E pack modern designs, big batteries (ars technica)

The Moto G Fast, looking way better than a $200 phone should look. [credit: Motorola ] Motorola is releasing some cheap smartphones for 2020. You might think the company had already done this with the April release of the Moto G Stylus ($299) and the Moto G Power ($249), but today Motorola is announcing more budget devices for the US: the Moto G Fast ($199) and the 2020 version of the Mo...
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Google now highlights search results directly on webpages (the verge)

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Google is trying to make it easier to find the information you’re looking for on external websites by highlighting relevant sections in yellow, SearchEngineLand reports. The functionality works with Google’s Featured Snippets — the standalone boxes that appear at the top of search results that attempt to give you answers without having to visit a website beyond Google. Clicking the snippet still takes you to the webpage that it pulled the information f...
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Lidar helps uncover an ancient, kilometer-long Mayan structure

Lidar is fast becoming one of the most influential tools in archaeology, revealing things in a few hours what might have taken months of machete wielding and manual measurements otherwise. The latest such discovery is an enormous Mayan structure, more than a kilometer long, 3,000 years old, and seemingly used for astronomical observations. Takeshi Inomata of the University of Arizona is the lead author of the paper describing the monumental artificial plateau, published in the journal Nature. Th...
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Apple AirPods Pro review: Best buds

The new Apple AirPods Pro are a big departure from the company's previous AirPods. They ad noise cancelling and seriously up audio quality. Here's how they stack up.
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Demonstrating 15 contact tracing and other tools built to mitigate the impact of COVID-19

Andy Moss Contributor Share on Twitter Andy Moss is currently a Visiting Professor at NYU Tandon teaching entrepreneurship and innovation as well developing the COR Methodology, an active advisor/mentor to startups and business leaders, and is a former Microsoft executive. Connor Spelliscy Contributor Share on Twitter Connor Spelliscy is Director of...
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Reddit to honor Ohanian's request to appoint Black director, and address anti-Black hate

• Founder to leave Reddit, saying resignation can be ‘act of leadership’ • Reddit promises to update content moderation policies to “explicitly address hate” within weeks Earlier today, we told you that Reddit's Alexis Ohanian was resigning from the Reddit board, asked the company to fill his seat with a Black candidate, and said he'd donate further proceeds from Reddit to anti-racism causes beginning with a $1M pledge to Colin Kaepernick's “Know Your Rights Camp.” Now, Reddit has responded. Re...
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69 influencers revealed their top revenue sources and it shows the variety of ways social-media stars can earn money in 2020

Influencers listed brand sponsorships, paid advertising, and affiliate marketing as their top sources of revenue in a survey of 69 digital stars by the platform's results were gathered at the start of 2020, before major events like the coronavirus pandemic had transformed the consumer and media landscapes. But its results show how a diversification of the influencer economy has helped creators continue to earn money during an economic downturn.  Click here to sign up...
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Facebook Will, Uhh, Stop Promoting the ‘Boogaloo’ Race War Thing

Facebook says it is cracking down even further against groups related to the “Boogaloo” movement, which has considerable momentum among far-right militiamen and is based around the idea that the U.S. is headed towards a second Civil War. Just kidding! It only said that it will stop actively promoting them.Read more...
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The Criterion Channel is streaming more than a dozen movies focused on the lives of Black Americans for free

  The Criterion Collection has made more than a dozen movies focused on the lives of Black Americans available for free on its streaming service, The Criterion Channel. The selected movies span decades, and the collection includes films like Oscar Micheaux's "Body and Soul," Maya Angelou's "Down in the Delta," and Khalik Allah's 2018 documentary "Black Mother." Criterion expressed support for the Black Lives Matter movement and the ongoing protests against racism and police brutality in Ameri...
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States Are Leaning Toward a Push To Break Up Google's Ad Tech Business

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNBC: The state attorneys general investigating Google for potential antitrust violations are leaning towards pushing for a breakup of its ad technology business as part of an expected suit, people familiar with the situation told CNBC. Fifty attorneys general have been probing Google's business practices for months, alongside a similar probe being led by the U.S. Department of Justice. Both the states and the DOJ are looking to file a suit against the in...
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Solving Online Events

Benedict Evans: I suspect part of the answer to this is actually that a lot of physical events will come back in some form as we emerge from lockdown. But this also makes me think that there will be new tools with much more radically new approaches, and some new behaviours and habits. Hence, it's often struck me that networking events are pretty inefficient and random. If you're going to spend an hour or two in a room with 50 or 500 people, then you could take that as a purely social occasion an...
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Apple Watch Fall Detection Credited With Saving Unresponsive Arizona Man

The Apple Watch's Fall Detection feature is being credited as helping save an unresponsive man in Chandler, Arizona. AppleInsider reports: Fall Detection, introduced on the Apple Watch Series 4, can detect if a user takes a hard fall and will alert local emergency services if they don't respond within 60 seconds. The potentially life-saving capabilities of that feature were on display on April 23, when police dispatchers in Chandler received a 911 call from an automated voice, according to local...
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Brown Harris Stevens’ agent platform ‘couldn’t have come at a better time’

The long-standing, NYC-based urban luxury independent Brown Harris Stevens has developed an agent productivity solution called MAIA. It rests on a Salesforce backbone.
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The accelerating digital transformation, redux

Earlier this week, TechCrunch covered a grip of earnings reports showing that some companies helping other businesses move to modern software solutions are seeing accelerated growth. Inside the Software as a Service (SaaS) world, this is known as the digital transformation. Based on how many software companies are talking about it, the pace of change is only picking up. But since we published that first entry, a number of SaaS companies that have posted financial results seemed to disappoint ...
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TaxProper raises $2M to automate getting your property taxes lowered

If you own your home, how much do you pay for property taxes? Too much? Sounds about right. If you disagree with how much you’re paying in property taxes, you can appeal the assessment. Most people don’t, though — perhaps because they are unaware they can, or because they just don’t have the time to deal with the lawyers and paperwork. TaxProper, a company out of Y Combinators Summer 2019 batch, has raised $2M to simplify the process. The round was led by Khosla Ventures, backed by Global Founde...
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It's Not Enough to Quit Your Job

Across the country, white people are being called on to use their power and privilege to lift up black people—by hiring them, promoting them, and in some cases actively relinquishing power. In a particularly bold reflection of this stance, Alexis Ohanian announced that he will step down from his seat on the board of…Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Racism, Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, Ellen Pao, Hate Speech, Black Lives Matter

IIHS Denounces Concept of Total Safety From Autonomous Cars

When the United States began passing legislation allowing automakers to begin testing self-driving vehicles on public roads, it was framed almost entirely as a safety issue. Proponents claimed that the only way to eliminate roadway fatalities was to take the human brain out of the equation and let cars drive themselves. Having enacted a similar […] The post IIHS Denounces Concept of Total Safety From Autonomous Cars appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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