App Recap: Concertino, Outgoings, and Major App Updates

In this week's App Recap, we've highlighted music app "Concertino" and finance app "Outgoing" as new apps worth checking out. We've also both highlighted older apps worth checking out and compiled a list of apps that received major updates this week. New Apps Concertino (iOS, Free) - Apple Music client app Concertino was recently released for iOS, and it works by combining information from the Open Opus library with "an automated analysis of Apple Music metadata." The app can convenientl...
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Apple Wins Patent for Socially Distant Group Selfies

It can be difficult to return to business as usual during America’s first phase of reopening with federal social distancing recommendations still in effect. But a new patent from Apple gives us a glimpse into how one bit of normalcy—group selfies—might work even when we’re all at least six feet apart.Read more...
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Could an AI-Powered Drone Defeat a Human Pilot?

America's Air Force "is hoping to pit an autonomous drone equipped with an artificial intelligence-driven flight control system against a fighter jet with a human pilot in a little over a year," reports The Drive: [T]he general concept of a fully-autonomous unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) capable of air-to-air combat, as well as air-to-ground strikes, hold great potential to fundamentally change the character of aerial warfare... At its most basic, a UCAV would be able to perform many of the...
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How to Use Google Sheets with D3.js and Google Visualization

The D3.js visualization library can be used for creating beautiful graphs and visualizations using data from external sources including CSV files and JSON data. To give you an example, this D3.js animation inside the associated with the COVID-19 tracker project visualizes the growth of Coronavirus cases in India over time. It uses the Google Visualization API, D3.js and the very-awesome Bar Chart Race component built by Mike Bostock, the creator of D3.js. Google Sheets and D3.js This guid...
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Your Phone’s Hidden Data, the Dangers of Tear Gas, and Cowboy Bebop: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

I don’t know about y’all, but there’s been a lot going on in recent days. While my brain is intent on learning about the battles of 2020, including the ones against coronavirus and for racial justice, sometimes it just needs a break from the news. During those times, I binge on TV for a while. These past few weeks,…Read more...
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Brave Browser Mistake Adds Its Referrer Code For Cryptocurrency Sites

The following report appeared on Yahoo! Finance: Privacy-focused browser Brave was found to autocomplete several websites and keywords in its address bar with an affiliate code. Shortly after a user published his findings, Brave CEO and co-founder Brendan Eich addressed the incident and called it "a mistake we're correcting." Eich said that while Brave is a Binance affiliate [a cryptocurrency exchange], the browser's autocompleting feature should not have added any new affiliate codes. "The au...
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After 10 Years, Hidden $1M Treasure Chest Finally Found

89-year-old Forrest Fenn had a secret, reports the Guardian. He'd hidden a treasure chest worth over $1 million somewhere in America's Rocky Mountains: For more than a decade, he packed and repacked his treasure chest, sprinkling in gold dust and adding hundreds of rare gold coins and gold nuggets. Pre-Colombian animal figures went in, along with prehistoric mirrors of hammered gold, ancient Chinese faces carved from jade and antique jewelry with rubies and emeralds. For more than 10 years, "h...
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America's Switch To Remote Learning For 50 Million Students Called 'A Failure'

"This spring, America took an involuntary crash course in remote learning," writes the Wall Street Journal, noting it affected 50 million students from kindergarten through 12th grade. "With the school year now winding down, the grades from students, teachers, parents and administrators is already in: It was a failure..." The problems began piling up almost immediately... Soon many districts weren't requiring students to do any work at all, increasing the risk that millions of students would ha...
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Apple Patents Ability to Take Long Distance Group Selfies

Apple has won a new patent that would allow for "synthetic group selfies," as mentioned by The Verge. Should this software be successfully developed, users would have the ability to take group selfies while not physically present with anyone. Based on the patent application, it appears a user could invite others to take part in a group selfie, and the individuals would be arranged accordingly into the frame. The patent also describes a window that appears on the invited users' screens that pr...
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Bryan Lunduke Explains Why Linux Sucks in 2020

Roblimo once called it "a tradition, not just a speech" -- Bryan Lunduke's annual "Linux Sucks" presentations at various Linux conferences. But before you get too upset, in his 2014 interview with Slashdot Lunduke admitted "I love Linux, I have made my whole life around Linux. I work for Linux companies. I write for Linux magazines, but it really blows..." This year he's releasing a special YouTube version of Linux Sucks 2020, the first time Lunduke has attempted the talk without a live audien...
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You Will Prevail - A message to the Class of 2020

Editor’s Note:Right now YouTube is streaming “Dear Class of 2020," a virtual commencement event bringing together inspirational leaders, speakers, celebrities and YouTube Creators to celebrate graduates, their families, and their communities. Note that many of these speeches were recorded before the recent protests in the U.S., and we know many of you might not feel like celebrating right now. In that spirit, YouTube will post all of the commencement addresses in one place so they can be viewed ...
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Will Schools Turn to Surveillance Tech to Prevent Covid-19 Spread?

An anonymous reader quotes Wired: When students return to school in New Albany, Ohio, in August, they'll be carefully watched as they wander through red-brick buildings and across well-kept lawns — and not only by teachers. The school district, with five schools and 4,800 students, plans to test a system that would require each student to wear an electronic beacon to track their location to within a few feet throughout the day. It will record where students sit in each classroom, show who they m...
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The Station: Bird spikes Circ in the Middle East, Kitty Hawk folds Flyer, Cruise attempts a hiring coup

The Station is a weekly newsletter dedicated to all things transportation. Sign up here — just click The Station — to receive it every Saturday in your inbox. Hi friends and first-time readers. Welcome back to The Station, a newsletter dedicated to all the present and future ways people and packages move from Point A to Point B. I’m your host Kirsten Korosec, senior transportation reporter at TechCrunch. In the past two weeks, demonstrators have taken to the streets to protest police brutality f...
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Astronomers Have Found a New Planet Like Earth Orbiting a Star Like the Sun

Iwastheone quotes MIT's Technology Review: Three thousand light-years from Earth sits Kepler 160, a sun-like star that's already thought to have three planets in its system. Now researchers think they've found a fourth. Planet KOI-456.04, as it's called, appears similar to Earth in size and orbit, raising new hopes we've found perhaps the best candidate yet for a habitable exoplanet that resembles our home world. The new findings bolster the case for devoting more time to looking for planets orb...
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Self-Driving Cars Would Only Prevent a Third of America's Crashes, Study Finds

An anonymous reader quotes Reuters: Self-driving cars, long touted by developers as a way to eliminate road deaths, could likely only prevent a third of all U.S. road crashes, according to a study released on Thursday. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), a research group financed by U.S. insurers, found the remaining crashes were caused by mistakes that self-driving systems are not equipped to handle any better than human drivers. Partners for Automated Vehicle Education, a cons...
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India’s Reliance Jio Platforms to sell $750 million stake to Abu Dhabi Investment Authority

Mukesh Ambani has courted the seventh major investor for his telecommunications business in just as many weeks. On Sunday, Reliance Jio Platforms said it will sell a stake of 1.16% for $750 million to Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), continuing its eye-catching run of investments at the height of a global pandemic. The three-and-a-half-year-old digital unit of oil-to-retail giant Reliance Industries, the most valuable firm in India, has now secured nearly $13 billion from seven in...
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How to Cook the Most-Searched-For Foods in Each State

Being cooped up at home for the past few months has made a lot of people discover—or rediscover—home cooking. From sourdough to banana bread, we’ve been spending more time in the kitchen than usual. But as it turns out, we need cooking tips, and unsurprisingly, are turning to Google for help. Here’s what each state…Read more...
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The European Space Agency is Funding Its Own Reusable Rocket

"SpaceX may be best known for revolutionizing rocket launches with its reusable rockets..." writes Digital Trends, but now, "Europe wants to get in on the action." The European Space Agency (ESA) has announced it is developing its own reusable rocket engine...with the aim of making rocket launches considerably cheaper. The ESA described its planned engine as "the precursor of ultra-low-cost rocket propulsion that is flexible enough to fit a fleet of new launch vehicles for any mission and will ...
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This is your chance get in on 38 of this week’s absolute best deals

Look, with everything going on right now, there's a good chance you might have missed some of the cool products offered up over the past few days, all at healthy savings off their original price. We’d feel like we were doing you a disservice if we didn’t give you one last shot at ‘em. To help us all sleep at night, they’re all assembled below. Jump in...the water’s fine! Home Improvement Check Clipboard - $20.99; originally $24 Sure, it looks like an average clipboard...and yeah, i...
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Original Content podcast: Netflix’s ‘Space Force’ has a rough launch

“Space Force” is a new Netflix series that reunites Steve Carell and Greg Daniels, the star and creative force behind the American version of “The Office.” And there’s an amazing supporting cast along for the ride, including John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, Jimmy O. Yang, Fred Willard, Lisa Kudrow and Jane Lynch. But as we puzzle over on the latest episode of the Original Content podcast, all of that only makes the show more disappointing. It’s not quite a disaster — “Space Force” is sporadicall...
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If your Google email box is semi-unmanageable, DarwinMail could be the lifesaver you need

TLDR: DarwinMail puts order into your Google email box by automating your email organization — and cutting hours of your unneeded busy work. On an average day in an average week, it probably doesn’t even register with most people. But when you take a vacation…or heck, just take a long lunch one day…then you see exactly how quickly your work email box starts to fill up. On a normal day last year, the average office worker received about 128 emails. That number has been on a steady incline for yea...
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How Iceland 'Virtually Eliminated' Its Coronavirus Cases

Iceland is the most sparsely-populated country in Europe, with a population of 364,134 spread across 40,000 square miles (103,000 square kilometers). But the New Yorker notes Iceland has "virtually eliminated" Covid-19 cases -- and tries to explore how they did it. By February 28th, Iceland had already implemented a contact-tracing team. "And then, two hours later, we got the call," remembers a detective with the Reykjavík police department. A man who'd recently been skiing in the Dolomites ha...
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Kneeling is NOT Disrespecting the Flag

Given that our emergent technologies have provided the entire human race with a ringside seat to the horrors of recent weeks, on the streets of the United States, it is entirely appropriate that the ‘pages’ of IEET reflect on the issue of kneeling NFL players, but do so in a deeper philosophical manner. [Author: [email protected] (IEET)]
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When the Police Get Filmed, Is There More Accountability?

Slashdot reader DevNull127 writes: Racism is not getting worse. It's getting filmed," Will Smith said in 2016. And this week the Washington Post noted a parallel pattern emerging: videos of violent police encounters which "contrast sharply with accounts by the departments or their unions." The Post provides four examples of police officials providing "inaccurate or outright misleading descriptions of what has occurred... Taken together, the incidents show how instant verification of police accou...
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Free PowerPoint Templates – Thousands available for Business Presentations

PowerPoint presentations play a prominent role in business events, conferences, office meetings and schools. In fact, PowerPoint presentations, simply presentations, are effective ways to deliver your ideas to a group of people. Presentations appear easier, interesting and result-driving but they demand a lot of effort behind the scenes. A solid presentation amazes the audiences with its simple yet powerful slides, along with a speaker who got some good public speaking skills on its front. Espec...
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Is Blogging Still Relevant for Many Businesses in 2020 and Beyond?

It has been several months since the debate on whether blogging is still relevant to most businesses. The question of whether blogging is dead has been popular since mid-last year. A number of people predicted that by this year, blogging would be irrelevant in the corporate world. It is 2020. Is blogging still a thing for many businesses?The simple answer is YES, it is still worth your time and money.In this guide, you get to learn the following things:The reasons why people think blogging is de...
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Could Brain Diseases Like Alzheimer's Be Treated With Flashing Lights?

Writing for Quanta magazine, an adjunct professor of neuroscience at the University of Maryland described an intriguing study led by MIT neuroscientist Li-Huei Tsai: Incredible as it may sound, the researchers improved the brains of animals with Alzheimer's simply by using LED lights that flashed 40 times a second. Even sound played at this charmed frequency, 40 hertz, had a similar effect.... Exposing the mice to both stimuli, a light show synchronized with pulsating sound, had an even more po...
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Mozilla Eyes Decentralized Web-Based Videoconferencing Platform 'Meething'

Last month Techcrunch reported that Mozilla had gone "full incubator" by holding a startup lab called Fix the Internet, followed by "a formal program dangling $75,000 investments in front of early-stage companies..." Fix the Internet had many key themes, including collaboration and decentralization (as well as user-controlled data and privacy-protecting social networks). That event "drew the interest of some 1,500 people in 520 projects, and 25 were chosen to receive the full package and stipe...
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