Always Day One

CREATING an innovative culture is not easy. It often defies convention. Organizations that continuously innovate have common characteristics. By examining some of the most inventive companies on the planet—Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Microsoft—we can learn valuable lessons to apply in our own situation. Alex Kantrowitz does just that. He presents case studies of these five tech giants in Always Day One. It not really about always day one, but I presume he chose the title because day on...
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Trump Administration Says Huawei, Hikvision Backed By Chinese Military

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reuters: The Trump administration has determined that top Chinese firms, including telecoms equipment giant Huawei Technologies and video surveillance company Hikvision, are owned or controlled by the Chinese military, laying the groundwork for new U.S. financial sanctions, according to a document seen by Reuters on Wednesday. The list of 20 companies that Washington alleges are backed by the People's Liberation Army also includes China Mobile Communicati...
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Three GOP Senators Introduce Bill Experts Say Would Basically Ban End-to-End Encryption

A trio of Republican senators have introduced a bill that would force tech firms to engineer backdoors into their encryption techniques whenever a judge asks them to—essentially banning encryption that prevents hackers from stealing stored data and end-to-end encryption that prevents anyone but senders and recipients…Read more...
Tags: Politics, Science, Technology, Privacy, Cybersecurity, Surveillance, Encryption, Gop, Mass Surveillance, End To End Encryption, Lindsey Graham, Tom Cotton, Marsha Blackburn, Laed Act

Cambricon, once Huawei’s core AI chip supplier, eyes $400M IPO

One of China’s most valuable artificial intelligence chipmakers Cambricon is one step closer to its initial public offering, and its prospectus reveals a rare snapshot of where Chinese companies stand in relation to their international counterparts in this critical field. Cambricon got the nod in early June to list on the Star Market, China’s new Nasdaq-like stock exchange conceived to attract high-potential tech startups. This week, the chipmaker received the final green light from the China Se...
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Our role in Asia’s economic recovery

Krishne Tassels—an ornamental tassels company led by a husband and wife from India—typifies the way Asia Pacific’s small businesses have responded to COVID-19. When the pandemic began to affect their operations, owners Raghu and Amita developed a new kind of lace that customers can stitch themselves, then uploaded YouTube tutorials to show them what to do, keeping sales up and building a sense of community at the same time. Every day, I hear more stories like this one, testifying to the resilien...
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The “new normal” paradox: What COVID-19 has revealed about higher education

Everywhere you turn, the idea that coronavirus has brought on a "new normal" is present and true. But for higher education, COVID-19 exposes a long list of pernicious old problems more than it presents new problems. It was widely known, yet ignored, that digital instruction must be embraced. When combined with traditional, in-person teaching, it can enhance student learning outcomes at scale.COVID-19 has forced institutions to understand that far too many higher education outcomes are determined...
Tags: Technology, Education, US, America, Harvard, United States, Williams, Yale, Innovation, Equality, Collaboration, Michigan, Berkeley, Dick Cheney, Asu, Personal Growth

Amazon Launches Counterfeit Crimes Unit To Fight Knockoffs On Its Store

Amazon has announced that it's launching a new Counterfeit Crimes Unit as the latest effort by the online retailer to fight counterfeit products on its website. The Verge reports: The new team is said to be made up of "former federal prosecutors, experienced investigators, and data analysts," who will work to proactively "go on the offensive" against counterfeiters, instead of just reacting by trying to identify and block bad listings. According to Amazon, the new Counterfeit Crimes Unit will ma...
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New research finds Andrew Yang's plan for social media firms to buy users' data would cost Facebook 'a whopping $250 billion' — and that many users wouldn't sell at any price (OKTA, FB)

Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang wrote Tuesday in the Los Angeles Times that social media companies should pay users for the use of their data. New research on Wednesday that polled 2,000 Americans on their views on privacy found that would cost Facebook 'a whopping $250 billion' — given that 34% of respondents would want $100 or more for a company to access their browsing history or social media data. The survey from identity-protection company Okta also found that 71% of ...
Tags: Google, Facebook, New York, Okta, California, France, Trends, Netflix, Los Angeles Times, Todd Mckinnon, Yang, Fenwick West, McKinnon, CCPA, Andrew Yang, Jim Koenig

‘The Afterparty’ is a Murder-Mystery Comedy From Chris Miller and Phil Lord

Apple is still hoping you’ll pay attention to their original programming, and they might have just found the title to get you to do just that. The company just won the rights to The Afterparty, a comedy series about a murder mystery, created by none other than Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The eight-episode series will focus on the events of a single night, with each episode retelling the same story from a different perspective. In what’s described as a “competitive situation” – a term that se...
Tags: Apple, Comedy, Movies, Phil Lord, Chris Miller, Sony Pictures Television, Steven Spielberg, Miller, Apple TV Apple, Christopher Miller, Mystery/Suspense, Appletv, The Afterparty, Shyamalan Oprah

Here's An Idea: The Trump Campaign Should Simply Take Over MySpace

Following a series of grievances with the social media networks that millions of people actually use, Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is floating the idea of setting up shop on a new platform, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. Well, there’s a perfectly good network sitting right there. Read more...
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Are coronavirus contact tracing apps doomed to fail in America?

It's easy to see why so many are skeptical about privacy with Google and Apple COVID-19 tracing apps with tech that already knows too much about us.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Stop calling durian stinky

The first time I tried durian, I was 13, sitting in the back of my maternal grandfather’s van as we drove around Manila. He had moved there with his wife, a Filipina woman, and their young son, and this was my second time visiting. Someone might have vaguely mentioned the smell of durian might be off-putting, but what I recall the most is hearing that durian is the most delicious fruit in the world — that what I was about to taste would change my life forever. So when a relative handed me spl...
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Model S Touchscreen Failures Prompts NHTSA Investigation

mschaffer writes: Some older Teslas (Model S) are experiencing problems due to a worn-out flash eMMC chip. The loss of touchscreen functionality prevents operators from being able to use the backup camera. This may potentially impact 63,000 cars. The agency also acknowledges that the same chip was used in the 2012 to 2018 versions of the Model S and the 2016 and 2018 version of the Model X, accounting for around 159,000 vehicles. "The agency currently has two other such investigations open int...
Tags: Tech, Tesla, Nhtsa

ThinkComputers Podcast #227

This week on the Podcast we talk about our reviews on the Elgato Wave:3 streaming microphone and two other gaming products, the supposed RTX 3090 specs, a Tiger Lake Laptop running Gen12 Xe graphics, Apple making their own chips and more! The post ThinkComputers Podcast #227 appeared first on
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Why AWS built a no-code tool

AWS today launched Amazon Honeycode, a no-code environment built around a spreadsheet-like interface that is a bit of a detour for Amazon’s cloud service. Typically, after all, AWS is all about giving developers all of the tools to build their applications — but they then have to put all of the pieces together. Honeycode, on the other hand, is meant to appeal to non-coders who want to build basic line-of-business applications. If you know how to work a spreadsheet and want to turn that into an a...
Tags: Amazon, Cloud, Enterprise, Microsoft, Tech, Developers, Aws, Amazon Web Services, Vaidyanathan, Augustin, Larry Augustin, No Code, Low-code, Amazon Honeycode, Honeycode, Meera Vaidyanathan

TV News Roundup: Apple TV Plus Releases ‘Little Voice’ Trailer (Watch)

In today’s TV news roundup, Apple TV Plus released the trailer for its new drama series “Little Voice” and Hulu dropped a teaser for “The Handmaid’s Tale” upcoming fourth season.  RENEWALS Quibi has announced that its LGBTQ+ comedy competition “Gayme Show” has been renewed for a second season. Hosted by Matt Rogers and Dave Mizzoni, […]
Tags: Apple, News, Hulu, Jack Whitehall, JIM Jefferies, Matt Rogers, Little Voice, The Handmaid's Tale, Dave Mizzoni

Google Sets Limit on How Long It Will Store Some Data

The internet company has long been criticized about how much information it keeps on users. The change applies only to new accounts.
Tags: Google, News, Privacy, Search Engines, Google Inc, Computers and the Internet,, Browsing history

‘Little Voice’ Trailer: A New Apple TV+ Series From J.J. Abrams and Sara Bareilles

J.J. Abrams and Sara Bareilles may not seem like a likely creative combination, but that’s exactly what’s happened with Little Voice. The upcoming Apple TV+ series hails from Abrams, Bareilles, and Jessie Nelson, and is described as “a love letter to the diverse musicality of New York” featuring original music from Sara Bareilles. The first Little Voice trailer can be seen below. Little Voice Trailer Little Voice “follows Bess King, a uniquely talented performer struggling to fulfill he...
Tags: Apple, New York, Movies, Drama, Broadway, Chris Evans, J J Abrams, Don, Abrams, Jacob, Sara Bareilles, Little Voice, TV Trailer, Bareilles, Jessie Nelson, Appletv

Sidewalk Labs Plans To Spin Out More Smart City Companies

An anonymous reader quotes a report from VentureBeat: Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs plans to spin out some of its smart city ideas into separate companies, CEO Daniel Doctoroff said today at Collision from Home conference. Doctoroff listed three potential companies: mass timber construction, affordable electrification sans fossil fuels, and planning tools optimized with machine learning and computation design. Last month, Sidewalk Labs killed its Toronto smart city project, which envisioned raincoats...
Tags: Google, Toronto, Tech, Sidewalk Labs, Doctoroff, Daniel Doctoroff, Alphabet s Sidewalk Labs

Boston Votes To Ban Government Use of Facial Recognition

Boston is now the largest city on the East Coast to ban facial recognition technology for municipal use. They join cities like San Francisco, Oakland, California, and Cambridge, Massachusetts. CNET reports: The ordinance passed unanimously and will prevent the capital city from using facial recognition technology or obtaining software for conducting surveillance using the technology. "Boston should not be using racially discriminatory technology and technology that threatens our basic rights," C...
Tags: Boston, Massachusetts, City, Tech, Aclu, East Coast, Facial Recognition, Robert Williams, Wu, Carol Rose, Michelle Wu, San Francisco Oakland California, Cambridge Massachusetts CNET, Ricardo Arroyo

Kristen Bell Will No Longer Voice Mixed-Race Character in Apple’s ‘Central Park’

Kristen Bell will no longer voice the mixed-race central character of Molly Tillerman in the forthcoming Apple animated series “Central Park.” The decision to re-cast the role was announced via a lengthy statement from the show’s creative team, which said that “casting of the character of Molly is an opportunity to get representation right – […]
Tags: Apple, News, Molly, Kristen Bell, Central Park, Molly Tillerman

New York City could have an e-scooter pilot program by March

New York City is on the verge of approving a shared electric scooter pilot program, opening up a potentially lucrative market and new micromobility battleground in the United States. The New York City Council is expected Thursday to vote on a bill that will require the New York Department of Transportation to create a pilot program for the operation of shared electric scooters in the city. The proposed legislation will first be taken up by the Committee on Transportation at 10 a.m. ET before mov...
Tags: TC, Transportation, New York City, Tech, Brooklyn, United States, Manhattan, Phil Jones, Andrew Cuomo, Staten Island, Jones, Lime, New York City Council, TSTC, Bronx Queens, Committee on Transportation

The Loupedeck CT is a fantastic, flexible editing console for Mac and PC

For photographers and videographers spending a lot less time on location and a lot more time at the desk right now, one great use of time is going back through archives and backlogs to find hidden gems, and hone those edit skills. One recently-released device called the Loupedeck CT can make that an even more enjoyable experience, with customizable controls and profiles that work with just about all your favorite editing apps – and that can even make just using your computer generally easier and...
Tags: Reviews, TC, Gadgets, Video, Hardware, Adobe, Creative, Tech, Photo, Video Editing, Photo Editing, Loupedeck, Loupdeck, Lighroom, Loupedeck CT

No, Apple and Google Didn't Secretly Install Contact-Tracing Apps on Your Phone

Recent social media posts (which I won’t link to, but you can find them easily with a Twitter search) claim Apple and Google are installing contact tracing apps on your phone without your permission. The posts show even convincing screenshots and allude to statements made by both companies indicating they have been…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Google, Security, Lifehacks, Coronavirus, Contact Tracing

How to add a profile to your HBO Max account, including 'Kid' profiles with parental controls

You can add profiles to HBO Max from the "Switch Profiles" screen that appears in the mobile app's "Profile" menu. HBO Max lets you create up to five profiles, each with its own preferences and show lists. You can also create "Kid" profiles, with parental controls locked behind a PIN. Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. You can think of your HBO Max subscription as a family plan. It allows you to create up to five profiles, with separate settings for adults and k...
Tags: Apple, Hbo, Trends, Walmart, Netflix, Hulu, Apple Samsung, HBO Max, Tap Parental Controls

Wizards of the Coast Is Addressing Racist Stereotypes In Dungeons & Dragons

AmiMoJo shares a report from Polygon: Dungeons & Dragons publisher Wizards of the Coast has acknowledged the existence of racist stereotypes in its sourcebooks, and pledged to make changes to ameliorate the issue. In a blog post published on June 17 titled "Diversity and Dungeons & Dragons," Wizards of the Coast said that depicting a diverse array of human beings -- beyond "fantasy versions of northern Europeans" -- is "one of the explicit design goals of 5th edition D&D." The developers noted t...
Tags: Tech, Coast, Roma, Wizards Of The Coast, Strahd, Vistani

First Look: macOS Big Sur With Redesign, Safari Updates, New Messages App and More

Apple on Monday unveiled macOS Big Sur, the newest version of macOS that's going to be released in the fall. Named after Big Sur, California, renown for its scenery, the new update features a fresh, clean design along with some useful new features. Subscribe to the MacRumors YouTube channel for more videos. We went hands-on with ‌macOS Big Sur‌ in our latest YouTube video, giving MacRumors readers a first look at what the new software looks like. macOS hasn't had a major interface overh...
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As Potential Federal Probes Loom, Google Faces Smaller Antitrust Suits

A suit filed this week in a San Jose district court alleges Google violated the Clayton Act by leveraging its market power to charge inflated prices for digital ads. The plaintiffs are three small-business owners who allege they had to overpay for ads and are seeking relief for all advertisers and publishers using Google's ad-tech...
Tags: Google, Advertising, San Jose, Ad Tech & Mar Tech

Biased AI perpetuates racial injustice

Miriam Vogel Contributor Share on Twitter Miriam Vogel is the president and CEO of EqualAI, a nonprofit organization focused on reducing unconscious bias in artificial intelligence. The murder of George Floyd was shocking, but we know that his death was not unique. Too many Black lives have been stolen from their families and communities as a result of historical racism. There are deep and numerous threads woven into racial in...
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Keller Williams ends exclusive deal with Offerpad

Keller Williams will allow other investors to make all-cash offers on homes through Keller Offers, its iBuying division.
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