Starting Soon: A Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

"If your family's Fourth of July fireworks plans are up in smoke because of the pandemic, watch the sky for a lunar eclipse instead," reports CNN. It begins in just 5 minutes -- and then lasts for two hours and 45 minutes: On July 4, just after 11 p.m. ET, the moon will begin its temporary new look. For exactly two hours and 45 minutes, the moon will pass through the feathered outer shadow cast from Earth, creating a partial penumbral lunar eclipse. A penumbral lunar eclipse occurs when the...
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Alexandra Bowman talks to India's "Wade" animation directors

"Wade" Co-Directors on Discussing Climate Change Through 2D Animation "Wade" Co-Directors on Animation Inspiration, Production, and Self-Distribution "Ghost Animation" Co-Founders on Creating an Animation Studio, and Animating for Amazon and Google From the press release - Upamanyu Bhattacharyya and Kalp Sanghvi's 'Wade' addr...
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Stanford Economist Predicts Working-From-Home Continues, City Centers Decline

The new "working-from-home economy" will likely continue after the pandemic, predicts Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom, in an article shared by Slashdot reader schwit1. Bloom cites results from several nationwide surveys he's conducted: We see an incredible 42 percent of the U.S. labor force now working from home full-time. About another 33 percent are not working — a testament to the savage impact of the lockdown recession. And the remaining 26 percent — mostly essential service workers — ar...
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Huawei could be cut out of UK's 5G network this year, say reports

GCHQ believed to be advising Boris Johnson that Chinese firm poses higher security riskThe UK is poised to end the use of Huawei technology in its 5G network as soon as this year because of security concerns, according to reports.The prime minister, Boris Johnson, is set to make a major policy change after GCHQ is believed to have reassessed the risks posed by the Chinese technology company, newspapers have said. Continue reading...
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LinkedIn, Reddit discovered copying clipboard’s contents by iOS 14

This comes months after TikTok was found with the same issue
Tags: Apple, Ios, Mobile, News, Trends, Linkedin, Tiktok, LinkedIn Reddit, Ios 14

LinkedIn, Reddit discovered by iOS 14 copying clipboard’s contents

This comes months after TikTok was found with the same issue
Tags: Apple, Ios, Mobile, News, Trends, Linkedin, Tiktok, LinkedIn Reddit, Ios 14

Rocket Lab launch fails during rocket’s second stage burn, causing a loss of vehicle and payloads

Rocket Lab’s ‘Pic or it didn’t happen’ launch on Saturday ended in failure, with a total loss of the Electron launch vehicle and all seven payloads on board. The launch vehicle experienced a failure during the second stage burn post-launch, after a lift-off from the Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1 on Mahia Peninsula in New Zealand. The mission appeared to be progressing as intended, but the launch vehicle appeared to experience unexpected stress during the ‘Max Q’ phase of launch, or the perio...
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US Senate Amends EARN IT Act -- To Let States Restrict Encryption

Long-time Slashdot reader stikves reminded us that a committee in the U.S. Senate passed an amended version of the "EARN IT" act on Thursday. And this new version could do more than just end personal end-to-end encryption, warns Engadget: The other major concern opponents of the EARN IT Act raise has to do with Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which says that companies are not liable for much of the content that users post. Originally, the EARN IT Act proposed requiring that compa...
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Divers Find Evidence of Prehistoric Mining Operation in North America

Iwastheone shared this article from CBS News: Experts and cave divers in Mexico's Yucatan peninsula have found ocher mines that are some of the oldest on the continent. Ancient skeletons were found in the narrow, twisting labyrinths of now-submerged sinkhole caves... The discovery of remains of human-set fires, stacked mining debris, simple stone tools, navigational aids and digging sites suggest humans went into the caves around 10,000 to 12,000 years ago, seeking iron-rich red ocher, which ear...
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Black Lives Matter online resource launched for N.L. families, in the hopes of offline action

A new Black Lives Matter resource for children and families in Newfoundland and Labrador is now online, and one of the collaborators behind it hopes the information translates into real world action.The Newfoundland and Labrador English School District launched Black Lives Matter: A Conversation Guide for Families on June 26, aimed at sparking conversations about race and anti-Black racism between parents and guardians and their children at home. The Google document compiles tips for parents, ne...
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Microsoft Released an Emergency Security Update to Fix Two Bugs in Windows Codecs

Tuesday Microsoft published two out-of-band security updates to patch two vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Windows Codecs Library, reports ZDNet: Tracked as CVE-2020-1425 & CVE-2020-1457, the two bugs only impact Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019 distributions... Microsoft said the two security flaws can be exploited with the help of a specially crafted image file. If the malformed images are opened inside apps that utilize the built-in Windows Codecs Library to handle multimedia content, then ...
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How to watch Rocket Lab launch satellites for Canon, Planet and more live

Rocket Lab is launching a rideshare mission today which includes seven small satellites from a number of different companies, including primary payload provider Canon, which is flying a satellite equipped with the camera-maker’s Earth imaging technology, including high-res photo capture equipment. The Electron rocket that Rocket Lab is flying today will also carry five Planet SuperDove Earth-Observation satellites, as well as a CubeSat from In-Space missions. The launch, which is named ‘Pics ...
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Is Our Technology Literally Changing Our Brains?

Nicholas Carr authored The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains back in 2010. This week he offered an up-to-date assessment in his newest interview with Vox co-founder Ezra Klein. "The point of this conversation is not that the internet is bad, nor that it is good," Klein writes. "It's that it is changing us, just as every medium before it has. We need to see those changes clearly in order to take control of them ourselves..." But the conversation soon turns to neuroplasticity, t...
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Why Internet Security is Important and How to Enhance it?

The internet is one of the most resourceful informational tool available to us. It has revolutionized the way we work in every facet of our lives. Students benefit from the internet by accessing websites that can provide information for research papers, businesses benefit from the internet by gaining insights into the market and on their competitors, or by just staying up to date with ongoing trends. And lastly, the internet can be used for entertainment purposes as well and it’s the perfect too...
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Halfway Through ISS Mission, NASA Astronauts Anticipate Their Ride Back to Earth

"They've been up there about a month now, floating around on the International Space Station, keeping tabs on their ride home," reports the Washington Post: "Certainly, the highlight for both Doug and I was the initial arrival at space station, coming through the hatch again and being on board after several years of working on a new spacecraft," Behnken said in an interview from the station this week. Since then, he has performed two spacewalks with Cassidy, successfully replacing batteries on t...
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Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro discounted for 4th of July

Today Amazon is offering excellent deals on both AirPods and AirPods Pro in celebration of the 4th of July.
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Lenovo Canada Deals: Black Friday in July Sale + More Deals

Lenovo Canada has a great offer available now. Weekend Sale: Get an EXTRA $130 Off Legion & IdeaPad Gaming PCs Over $1499, $80 Off $1099+ or $40 Off 699! Use code GAMEMORE  (7/03-05) Black Friday in July Sale: Black Friday in July Hourly Doorbusters & PC Deals Starting at $559! While Supplies Last. (07/06-7/12) Up to 68% Off Black Friday in July Deals on PCs, Accessories & More! While Supplies Last. (07/06-7/12) Doorbuster Deal! Get 20% Off 14″ IdeaPad Flex 5 2in1 Laptop with AMD Ryzen 7, 8G...
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Live on Tuesday | Personal finance in the COVID-19 era

Add event to calendar What should you be doing with your money during the coronavirus financial crisis? In this Big Think Live session, Sallie Krawcheck, CEO and co-founder of Ellevest, a financial advisory and investment platform for women, will discuss personal finance and wealth-building career strategies with Bob Kulhan, founder and CEO of Business Improv. What steps can we take to guard ourselves from an uncertain financial future? Find out on Tuesday at 1 pm ET. Ask your questions for...
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Former Yahoo Engineer Who Infiltrated 6,000 Accounts Avoids Jail

This week finally saw the federal sentencing of a former Yahoo software engineer who "admitted to using his access through his work at the company to hack into about 6,000 Yahoo accounts" back in 2018, according to America's Department of Justice: Ruiz admitted to targeting accounts belonging to younger women, including his personal friends and work colleagues. He made copies of images and videos that he found in the personal accounts without permission, and stored the data at his home. Once he ...
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Hurry! Apple iPad 10.2 down to $279 at Amazon for 4th of July

With a bigger screen and amazingly fast processor, the iPad 10.2 is one of the best we've seen -- now $50 off.
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Moderate Drinking May Improve Cognitive Health for Older Adults, Study Says

"A new study found low to moderate drinking may improve cognitive function for White middle-aged or older adults," reports CNN: The findings support prior research which found that, generally, one standard drink a day for women and two a day for men -- which is the US guidance -- appears to offer some cognitive benefits... "There is now a lot of observational evidence showing that light to moderate alcohol drinking is associated with better cognitive function and a lower risk of dementia compar...
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Best Buy 4th of July Sale 2020: 5 tech deals you can’t afford to miss

We’ve rounded up the five best tech deals from the Best Buy 4th of July Sale that you can't afford to miss.
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This Week in Apps: India bans Chinese apps, Apple freezes game updates in China, iOS developer backlash continues

Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the Extra Crunch series that recaps the latest OS news, the applications they support and the money that flows through it all. The app industry is as hot as ever, with   204 billion downloads and $120 billion in consumer spending in 2019. People are now spending three hours and 40 minutes per day using apps, rivaling TV. Apps aren’t just a way to pass idle hours — they’re a big business. In 2019, mobile-first companies had a   $544 billion valuation, 6.5x highe...
Tags: Apple, Google, TC, Mobile, Apps, China, India, Tech, Developers, App Stores, Huawei, New Delhi, India China, Kevin Mayer, Department of Telecommunications, Tiktok

5 laptop deals you can’t afford to miss this 4th of July

Get the Apple MacBook Air, Asus Zenbook 14, Dell XPS 13, and HP 14-DK1003DX and Envy x360 laptops today starting from just $240 this 4th of July.
Tags: Apple, Deals, Trends, Computing, Dell, Dell XPS 13, Apple MacBook Air, Laptop Deals, HP Envy x360, 4th of July 2020, Asus Zenbook 14, HP 14-DK1003DX, Apple MacBook Air Asus Zenbook

Does Success in Life Depend on Understanding Both Technology and Constitutional Law?

Long-time Slashdot reader theodp writes: In 2019's The Two Codes Your Kids Need to Know, the New York Times' Thomas Friedman reported that of all the skills and knowledge the College Board tested young people for, it determined that mastering "two codes" — computer science and the U.S. Constitution — were the most correlated to success in college and in life. On Wednesday, Rhode Island announced it's teaming with the College Board to ensure schoolkids study the "Two Codes"... The press relea...
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Americans Lag Behind Other Countries -- and Pay More for Their Cellphone Service

"American consumers pay significantly more for cellphone service than people in many other countries," reports the New York Times. It's in an article headlined "The U.S. Is Lagging Behind Many Rich Countries. These Charts Show Why." Although executives' salaries have risen in most countries, relative to those of workers, in recent decades, the trend is more extreme in the U.S... The minimum wage is higher in other countries than it is in much of the United States... In addition to minimum wage...
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5 Apple deals you can’t afford to miss this 4th of July

Take advantage of big discounts on Apple hardware with this year’s 4th of July sales. Score up to $99 off.
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Retailers: Is Your E-Commerce Website Ready for a Sales Surge?

While overall retail sales are down right now (there’s been a 21.6% decline from April 2019 to April 2020), online sales are bucking the trend. The NRF reports a 21.2% rise in online and other non-store sales over the same time period. Chances are e-commerce sales will continue to climb as consumers wary of COVID-19 increasingly turn to the web to make purchases rather than shop in-store. But that means retailers and e-tailers need to make sure their e-commerce sites are in tip-top shape. To fin...
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Critical RCE Flaw (CVSS 10) Affects F5 BIG-IP Application Security Servers

Cybersecurity researchers today issued a security advisory warning enterprises and governments across the globe to immediately patch a highly-critical remote code execution vulnerability affecting F5's BIG-IP networking devices running application security servers. The vulnerability, assigned CVE-2020-5902 and rated as critical with a CVSS score of 10 out of 10, could let remote attackers [Author: [email protected] (Swati Khandelwal)]
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The Chromebook Duet Is Lenovo's Most Surprising Laptop Yet

An inexpensive but impressive two-in-one laptop.
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