200 Scientists Say WHO Ignores the Risk That Coronavirus 'Aerosols' Float in the Air

"Six months into a pandemic that has killed over half a million people, more than 200 scientists from around the world are challenging the official view of how the coronavirus spreads," reports the Los Angeles Times: The World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention maintain that you have to worry about only two types of transmission: inhaling respiratory droplets from an infected person in your immediate vicinity or — less common — touching a contaminated su...
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New Zealand's Stuff newspaper group joins Facebook boycott as 'experiment'

Company says it has ‘paused’ its relationship with the social media company as part of global movement against hate speechNew Zealand’s largest newspaper group has temporarily quit Facebook in a bold “experiment” akignment with a global boycott of the social media site, which has been condemned for failing to crack down on escalating hate speech.Stuff is the biggest news media website in New Zealand and owns dozens of newspapers around the country, employing more than 400 journalists. Continue r...
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Pardon the Intrusion #21: What does the privacy label say?

Subscribe to this bi-weekly newsletter here! Welcome to the latest edition of Pardon The Intrusion, TNW’s bi-weekly newsletter in which we explore the wild world of security. It’s 2020 and Apple is stepping up its privacy game. At the WWDC developers conference held a few weeks ago, Apple highlighted a slew of new security and privacy features that have been added to the upcoming iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur operating systems. There’s a handy list here, but the one feature that caught my attention t...
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Coronavirus: Why Singapore turned to wearable contact-tracing tech

The TraceTogether Token is designed to make an app more effective, but worries privacy campaigners.
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Trump, Biden fight for primacy on social media platforms

WASHINGTON — On an average day, President Donald Trump sends about 14 posts to the 28 million Facebook followers of his campaign account. His Democratic rival, Joe Biden, delivers about half that many posts to an audience of just 2 million.The numbers are similarly skewed in other spheres of the social media landscape.On Twitter, Trump's 82.4 million followers dwarf Biden’s 6.4 million. The president has spent years cultivating a ragtag digital “army” of meme makers and political influencer...
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Why Apple Stopped Updating Over 15,000 Games in China's App Store

Apple "has faced mounting pressure from the Chinese government in recent weeks to comply with local regulations, including that all games show proof of a government granted license," writes Engadget. And now it's finally come to a head, CNBC reports: Apple has blocked updates on tens of thousands of revenue-generating iPhone games on its App Store in China amid rising tensions between Washington and Beijing, according to a report from The Financial Times... There are currently around 60,000 m...
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Hundreds of Armed US Counter-Protesters Fall for 'Apparent Hoax'

Yesterday as America celebrated its Independence Day, the Washington Post reports something unusual happened at the historic Civil War battefield at Gettysburg: For weeks, a mysterious figure on social media talked up plans for antifa protesters to converge on this historical site on Independence Day to burn American flags, an event that seemed at times to border on the farcical... There would be antifa face paint, the person wrote, and organizers would "be giving away free small flags to chil...
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The best cell phone plans of 2020

We've done the work of sorting through all the best cellular plans offered by each of the major carriers.
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Amazon Stops Selling 'Active Content' Games in Kindle Reader's Store

Once upon a time, you could play Scrabble on your black-and-white Kindle readers. Or chess or sudoko, or even solve New York Times Crossword Puzzles. Amazon's Kindle Store had included 500 slick Java-based "Active Content" downloads... Electronic Arts even produced Kindle-specific versions of Monopoly, Yahtzee, and Battleship, while Amazon created original games with titles like Every Word and Pirate Stash — and even a choose-your-own-adventure game named Dusk World. Amazon soon moved into co...
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Woman Who Harassed Starbucks Barista Now Wants Half the Money He Raised

destinyland writes: Amber Lynn Gilles walked into a Starbucks without a mask, later complaining on Facebook about the server who'd asked her to wear one. ("Next time I will wait for cops and bring a medical exemption!") She says she's surprised by the attention "my little review" attracted. A GoFundMe campaign supporting the Starbucks barista who had to deal with her has now raised $105,450. So she now says she wants at least half of that money, "because they're using me to get it." She complai...
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The Station: The startups edition

The Station is a weekly newsletter dedicated to all things transportation. Sign up here — just click The Station — to receive it every Saturday in your inbox. Hello and welcome back to The Station, a newsletter dedicated to all the present and future ways people and packages move from Point A to Point B. I’m your host Kirsten Korosec, senior transportation reporter at TechCrunch. For all the U.S. readers here, I hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend. I am mixing up the format this week becau...
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Chrome Experimental Feature Will Throttle Javascript-Timer Wakeups on Backgrounded Tabs

Slashdot reader techtsp writes: Starting with October's release of Chrome 86, the web browser will offer a way to limit JavaScript timer wake ups in background web pages to one wake up per minute, restricting the execution of certain background tasks — for example, checking if the scroll position changed, reporting logs, and analyzing interactions with ads. Google plans to achieve this courtesy of a new experimental feature called "Throttle Javascript timers in background." Google recently exp...
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How Crowdfunding Transformed Tabletop Board Games

The board game Frosthaven has become Kickstarter's "most-funded board game on the site ever, with nearly $13 million pledged toward funding the game's development," reports NPR. "Only two projects have ever crowdsourced more funding on the site." NPR sees a larger trend: Frosthaven's success seemed to exemplify a shift that has been happening in the tabletop gaming community for years: toward games that are not only focused on strategy and adventure, but also a new type of funding model where ...
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Is Slashdot the Answer to Facebook's Fake News Problem?

David Collier-Brown led the Sun Microsystems Canada team specializing in performance and capacity planning. He later becoming a consulting systems programmer and performance engineer, as well as an O'Reilly author (co-authoring the 2003 book Using Samba). He's also davecb, Slashdot reader #6,526, and today submitted a story headlined "Slashdot is the answer to Facebook's 'fake news' problem." "OK, not the whole answer, but I argue that /. is part of a defense in depth against the propagation of...
Tags: Facebook, Tech, William Gibson, Reilly, Slashdot, Gibson, Facbook, David Collier Brown, Sun Microsystems Canada

The dev career ladder needs reassessing — not all senior developers should be managers

This article was originally published on .cult by Nadya Primak. .cult is a media platform for untold developer stories, where developers can read content around the softer side of development and watch documentaries about the tech they love. You can read this original piece here. The career ladder for software engineers is often confusing and inconsistent.  Many people who go into software development tend to go in with tunnel vision – they don’t even think about the career ladder because they’r...
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Linus Torvalds Likes His New AMD Threadripper System

This week Linus Torvalds and Dirk Hohndel re-created their keynote conversation for a special all-virtual edition of the Open Source Summit and Embedded Linux Conference North America. ZDNet reports: While COVID-19 has slowed down many technologies, while speeding up other tech developments, it hasn't affected Linux development much at all. "None of my co-developers have been hugely impacted either. I was worried for a while because one of our developers was offline for a month or two.... [But,]...
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How much Apple, Tesla, Amazon, and 10 other tech giants pay their workers, from engineers to salespeople

Hello everyone! Welcome to this weekly roundup of Business Insider stories from executive editor Matt Turner. Please subscribe to Business Insider here to get this newsletter in your inbox every Sunday. Hello! Tech companies splash out huge sums of cash to attract top talent, as Rob Price reported this week. How much exactly? From his story: Compensation overall remains a closely guarded secret, with firms refusing to disclose their rates as employees take to forums and anonymous social network...
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5 New features I'm excited about in Apple's iOS 14

New home screen, phone and texts will be busier, with more information coming at you, while the most intriguing new feature is actually years away         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Ask Slashdot: Could We Not Use DNS For a Certificate Revocation Mechanism?

Long-time Slashdot reader dhammabum writes: As reported in the recent slashdot story, starting in September we system admins will be forced into annually updating TLS certificates because of a decision by Apple, abetted by Google and Mozilla. Supposedly this measure somewhat rectifies the current ineffective certificate revocation list system by limiting the use of compromised certificates to one year... But in an attempt to prevent this pathetic measure, could we instead use DNS to replace the...
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Turn and Face the Strange

With apologies for two weeks in a row of naval gazey posts about blogging, I’m still playing around with WordPress. I managed to solve the most pressing issues for this initial migration from Movable Type to WordPress and have made the momentous transition from the old blog to the new. As described last week, this has already conferred many benefits, including HTTPS, a better responsive design, and pretty permalinks. That said, there are a few stragglers and other things that I still need to imp...
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OnePlus, the small tech company taking on Apple and Samsung, is about to launch a super-cheap 5G smartphone — here's everything we know about it so far

OnePlus is gearing up to release its next smartphone, the OnePlus Nord, which will cost less than $500. The phone is expected to feature a flat, simple design, a multi-camera setup, and 5G connectivity. The Nord will be noticeably cheaper than the recently launched OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro, which cost $700 and $900, respectively. The launch would come as smartphone makers like Samsung and Apple are launching more competitively priced phones like the iPhone SE and series of Galaxy A devices....
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VCs says that these 24 companies are the top cloud infrastructure startups in a market dominated by Amazon, Microsoft, and Google (MSFT, AMZN, GOOG)

Business Insider asked venture capitalists — including from firms like Andreessen Horowitz and Kleiner Perkins— to name the top cloud infrastructure startups they expect to boom this year.  The VCs recommended 24 startups, from well-known companies like $12.4 billion Snowflake to lesser known up-and-comers. Find their choices below, as well as what each company does, and how much funding it's raised.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The shift to remote work has created a s...
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Original Content podcast: ‘Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga’ is a goofy delight

The new Netflix comedy “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga”  should win anyone over, even if you’re not a huge Will Ferrell fan and have no idea what Eurovision is. The film stars Ferrell and Rachel McAdams as the titular Icelandic musical duo, who are pursuing a lifelong dream of winning at the enormous international musical competition. The film features cameo appearances from past Eurovision performers, and it feels less like a parody and more like a celebration — albeit one t...
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Body Cam with Military Police Footage Sold on Ebay

"A security researcher was able to access files on a Axon body-worn camera he purchased from eBay that had video files of Fort Huachuca Military Police officers conducting investigations and filling out paperwork," reports the Arizona Mirror: The files were able to be extracted after the researcher, who goes by KF on Twitter, was able to remove a microSD card from the body-worn camera. KF was then able to extract the un-encrypted files, which were not protected by a password, using a tool calle...
Tags: Twitter, Ebay, Tech, Arizona, Scottsdale, AXON, Body Cam, Fort Huachuca Military Police, KF on Twitter, Arizona Mirror We, BWC Body Worn Cam, Twitter one Security Operations Center

The WHO Announces End of Its Testing of Hydroxychloroquine

"The World Health Organization announced Saturday that it discontinued its trial on hydroxychloroquine's effect on COVID-19 patients in hospitals," reports UPI: WHO said in a statement that it accepted a recommendation from the Solidarity Trial's International Steering Committee that it stop the testing of the drug. The decision to cease the trial came after interim trial results showed that the anti-malaria drug had little or no reduction in mortality of patients hospitalized for the novel cor...
Tags: Tech, Who, World Health Organization, National Institute of Health

How researchers analyzed Allstate’s car insurance algorithm

State regulators and consumer advocacy groups have scrutinized Allstate Corporation’s use of big data and personalized pricing in the way it calculates how much the company charges its private auto insurance customers. We tested whether Allstate’s personalized pricing algorithm treated customers differently based on non-risk factors by analyzing rare customer-level data we found in documents that were part of a 2013 rate filing submitted for approval and subsequently disapproved by Maryland regu...
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Social media backlash forces Trump to find new ways to spread his message

Twitter, Reddit and other platforms are taking action against the president’s rhetoric. The alternatives have far less reachDonald Trump’s campaign manager sent a warning to Twitter last month, weeks after the social media company first took steps to add labels and context to the president’s often inflammatory tweets.“Hey @twitter, your days are numbered,” Brad Parscale wrote in a tweet, linking to one of his posts on the much lesser-known social media site Parler. Continue reading...
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Technology, Social Networking, Social Media, US news, Snapchat, US politics, Reddit, Donald Trump, Trump, Brad Parscale, US elections 2020

Facebook makes education push in India

Facebook, which reaches more users than any other international firm in India, has identified a new area of opportunity to further spread its tentacles in the world’s second largest internet market. On Sunday, the social juggernaut announced it had partnered with the Central Board of Secondary Education, a government body that oversees education in private and public schools in India, to launch a certified curriculum on digital safety and online well-being, and augmented reality for students ...
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Study Finds Hydroxychloroquine May Have Boosted Survival. Other Researchers Have Doubts

"A surprising new study found the controversial antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine helped patients better survive in the hospital," reports CNN. "But the findings, like the federal government's use of the drug itself, were disputed." A team at Henry Ford Health System in southeast Michigan said Thursday their study of 2,541 hospitalized patients found that those given hydroxychloroquine were much less likely to die. Dr. Marcus Zervos, division head of infectious disease for Henry Ford Health S...
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Rocket Lab Loses Seven Satellites After 'Something Went Wrong'

An anonymous reader quotes Ars Technica: On Sunday morning, local time in New Zealand, Rocket Lab launched its 13th mission. The booster's first stage performed normally, but just as the second stage neared an altitude of 200km, something went wrong and the vehicle was lost... "We lost the flight late into the mission," said Peter Beck, the company's founder and chief executive, on Twitter. "I am incredibly sorry that we failed to deliver our customers satellites today. Rest assured we will fi...
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