These 7 items make working remotely more efficient and effective

Spotify, Twitter, and Square all announced employees will work from home until at least 2021, perhaps indefinitely. The pandemic just accelerated the process: 50% of American employees were expected to work remotely by 2028. Workers are adjusting to their new employment reality on couches and kitchen tables across the nation. While many uncomfortable changes are occurring right now, businesses are rethinking office space. Business owners are recognizing long commute times and expensive real es...
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The Far Side Returns After 25 Years, and It's All Digital

Gary Larson has released new comics for the The Far Side, the first strips since January 1995. Larson does however caution that this is "not a resurrection of The Far Side daily cartoons." He adds: "I'm just exploring, experimenting, and trying stuff." The Verge reports: The first of the new comics features bears, aliens, and taxidermy (all staples of The Far Side). The style is comfortably familiar, with two large exceptions: instead of watercolor, the new comics are done in digital brushstroke...
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Google Cloud cancels planned Chinese venture

Doesn't want to follow Azure and AWS by working with locals Google has scrapped plans to offer cloud services in China.…
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This VC just closed on $60 million to fund “technical risk,” saying other VCs rarely do the same

Ashmeet Sidana, a longtime VC who struck out on his own in 2015 to form Engineering Capital, just closed his third and newest fund with $60 million in capital commitments from a university endowment, a fund of funds, and three foundations. Sidana — who previously spent nearly nine years with Foundation Capital and received one of his first limited partner agreements  afterward from Foundation’s legendary founder, Kathryn Gould — says the fund came together despite the pandemic without too much p...
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This VC just closed on $60M to fund ‘technical risk,’ saying other VCs mostly do not

Ashmeet Sidana, a longtime VC who struck out on his own in 2015 to form Engineering Capital, just closed his third and newest fund with $60 million in capital commitments from a university endowment, a fund of funds, and three foundations. Sidana — who previously spent nearly nine years with Foundation Capital and received one of his first limited partner agreements  afterward from Foundation’s legendary founder, Kathryn Gould — says the fund came together despite the pandemic without too much p...
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How to speed up your Android phone

Your Android phone starts out lightning fast, but can slow down over time. Our tips keep your handset snappy.
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Shock-Dissipating Fractal Cubes Could Forge High-Tech Armor

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Phys.Org: Tiny, 3-D printed cubes of plastic, with intricate fractal voids built into them, have proven to be effective at dissipating shockwaves, potentially leading to new types of lightweight armor and structural materials effective against explosions and impacts. "The goal of the work is to manipulate the wave interactions resulting from a shockwave," said Dana Dattelbaum, a scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory and lead author on a paper to app...
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Over 100 Wi-Fi Routers Fail Major Security Test -- Protect Yourself Now

schwit1 shares a report from Tom's Guide: Using its own analytical software, the [Fraunhofer Institute] tested the most recently available firmware for 117 home Wi-Fi models currently sold in Europe, including routers from ASUS, D-Link, Linksys, Netgear, TP-Link, Zyxel and the small German brand AVM. The models themselves were not physically tested. A full list of the tested models and firmware is on GitHub. The institute was not able to examine the firmware of 10 more models, mostly from Linksy...
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How to Uninstall Edge Chromium When Windows 10 Won't Let You

Edge Chromium is a decent web browser. I’d even go as far as to say it’s worth swapping over to from Google Chrome, given its improvements with memory usage. However, Microsoft has been incredibly annoying about stuffing Edge Chromium down everyone’s throats, and a recent Windows update locks this browser into your OS…Read more...
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Police Are Buying Access To Hacked Website Data

Some companies are selling government agencies access to data stolen from websites in the hope that it can generate investigative leads, with the data including passwords, email addresses, IP addresses, and more. Motherboard reports: Motherboard obtained webinar slides by a company called SpyCloud presented to prospective customers. In that webinar, the company claimed to "empower investigators from law enforcement agencies and enterprises around the world to more quickly and efficiently bring m...
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Choosing a new brand name ? Do an A.S.S. count.

ASSOCIATIONS + SLOGANS SCORE Let’s say you’ve got two metaphorical names under consideration for your new computer company, Apple and Strawberry. Both names meet your brand positioning criteria: Simple, warm, human, approachable, organic, disruptive. Half your team champions Apple and the other half love the name Strawberry. It’s pointed out that the names couldn’t be more similar – they are both red fruits. So why not flip a coin and move on?  The Chief Obfuscation Officer calls for a mont...
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Report says Quibi lost 92% of its earliest users after free trials expired

The Independence Day weekend was a big one for Quibi, it was time to see how many of their earliest subscribers would convert from free users to paid subscribers. Early reports indicate that the streaming service held onto some subscribers through that period, but perhaps at a lesser rate than recently launched rival services. Data provided to TechCrunch by Sensor Tower estimates that around 8% of the 910,000 users who signed up for a free trial of Quibi in the app’s first three days stuck with ...
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Lenovo Tab 4 8 question

I bought several of these for my grandchildren to use as ereaders. Because of Covid they have a need to use an app on the device and connect it to their digital piano (Casio Privia PX 150). The piano has an AB type usb cable. I am trying to learn if there is some sort of converter to connect this to the tablet ... and the only slots on the tablet are the power cable slot where a usb cable is connected and the memory slot. I know this is not the place to ask, but I have tried the Lenovo foru...
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Twitter Is Working on Some Kind of Mysterious Subscription Feature

Twitter may be finally working on a way for you to monetize your shitty tweets without starting a podcast or putting a link in your bio—that, or it’s launching a new tier of premium or ad-free accounts. As reported by VentureBeat on Wednesday, the revenue-hungry social network is indeed building some kind of…Read more...
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Google Open Sources Trademarks With the Open Usage Commons

An anonymous reader quotes a report from ZDNet: Google has announced it is launching a new organization, Open Usage Commons (OUC), to host the trademarks for three of its most important new open-source projects. These are Angular, a web application framework for mobile and desktop; Gerrit, a web-based team code-collaboration tool; and Istio, a popular open mesh platform to connect, manage, and secure microservices. While it only covers three Google projects, for now, OUC is meant to give open-so...
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I Traveled To Cuba & The US Government Didn’t Like It

Consequences For Traveling To Cuba Havana, Cuba A few years after I traveled to Cuba as an American, I received an official subpoena by the US Treasury Department for possible economic sanctions violations. Four years ago I traveled to Cuba during the Obama administration, when travel restrictions to the island were progressively being relaxed and diplomatic relations were improving. I decided to write about my Cuba experience online, predicting there would be a flood of American tourists a...
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Daily Crunch: Facebook faces blistering civil rights audit

Auditors were not impressed by Facebook’s civil rights work, Tinder tests video chat and a new nasal spray could reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Here’s your Daily Crunch for July 8, 2020. The big story: Facebook faces blistering civil rights audit The results are out in a multi-year audit of Facebook’s approach to civil rights issues. In recent weeks, as the company has faced an advertiser boycott over some of these same issues, executives have pointed to the audit as a sign that it...
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Samsung reportedly plans to abandon free phone chargers next year

Over the years, many manufacturers have stopped including accessories like earbuds or headphone dongles with their latest phones, but rumors now suggest companies are thinking of even omitting a phone charger in the box too. We first heard rumblings Apple plans on skipping the charger on the iPhone 12 this fall, and now a new report by Korean publication ET News suggests Samsung is considering the same for next year. According to the report, omitting the charger in-box can help offset some of th...
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Apple's Arm-Based Macs With Apple Silicon Chips Will Support Thunderbolt

Apple is working on Macs that use its custom Apple-designed Apple Silicon chips instead of Intel chips, but Apple has committed to continuing to support Thunderbolt, reports The Verge. In a statement, an Apple spokesperson said that Apple's upcoming machines will offer support for Intel's Thunderbolt USB-C standard. "Over a decade ago, Apple partnered with Intel to design and develop Thunderbolt, and today our customers enjoy the speed and flexibility it brings to every Mac. We remain commit...
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Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon 865+: Breaking the 3GHz Threshold

Today, Qualcomm is announcing an update to its extremely successful Snapdragon 865 SoC: the new Snapdragon 865+. AnandTech reports: The new Snapdragon 865+ is a new binned variant of the [Snapdragon 865] with higher peak frequencies on the part of the "prime" CPU as well as the GPU, promising +10% performance on both aspects. Whilst in relative terms the new chipset's +10% clock improvement isn't all that earth-shattering, in absolute terms it finally allows the new Snapdragon 865+ to be the fir...
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Nvidia Eclipses Intel As Most Valuable US Chipmaker

Nvidia has overtaken Intel for the first time as the most valuable U.S. chipmaker. Reuters reports: In a semiconductor industry milestone, Nvidia's shares rose 2.3% in afternoon trading on Wednesday to a record $404, putting the graphic component maker's market capitalization at $248 billion, just above the $246 billion value of Intel, once the world's leading chipmaker. Nvidia's stock has been among Wall Street's strongest performers in recent years as it expanded from its core personal compute...
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Future Apple Silicon Macs will still have Thunderbolt ports

Former partners find common ground on one tiny port
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Apple says it’s ‘committed’ to supporting Thunderbolt on new Macs after Intel details latest version

Earlier today, Intel offered some key insight into Thunderbolt 4, following an initial unveil at CES back in January. The latest version of the connection standard isn’t actually faster than its predecessor (still offering up the same 40 gbps as its predecessor), but there are some key improvements on-board, including some updated system requirements. Here’s the rundown, per Intel, Double the minimum video and data requirements of Thunderbolt 3. Video: Support for two 4K displays or...
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Fisker raises $50 million to bring its all-electric Ocean SUV to market in 2022

Electric vehicle startup Fisker Inc. said Wednesday it has raised $50 million, much needed capital that will go towards funding the next phase of engineering work on the company’s all-electric luxury SUV. The startup is aiming to launch the Fisker Ocean SUV in 2022. The Series C funding round was led by Moore Strategic Ventures LLC, the private investment vehicle of Louis M. Bacon, the billionaire hedge fund manager . “Since we first showed the car at CES earlier this year, reaction from cust...
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Facebook removes pages linked to Roger Stone and Jair Bolsonaro in separate moves

Company says fake accounts promoted Trump ally’s books while material tied to Bolsonaro spread divisive messagesFacebook has suspended numerous pages linked to the longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone as well as a network of accounts associated with Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, in separate moves to tackle disinformation and fake accounts on the platform.The company on Tuesday took down 50 personal and professional pages connected to Stone and his associates, including a prominent supporter...
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You Can Now Remove Content From Your Netflix “Continue Watching” Row on Apple Devices

So, you’ve brought someone home with the intention to “Netflix and chill.” But as you fire up your Netflix app on your iPad to find something to put on in the background, your “Continue Watching” row pops up. You try to quickly scroll past it, but it’s too late: you glance over at your would-be romantic partner and notice that they have a horrified look on their face, because they noticed that the three most recent things you watched were embarrassing as hell. So you sigh and do the only thing ...
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Google Scrapped Cloud Initiative in China, 'Sensitive Markets'

Google abandoned plans to offer a major new cloud service in China and other politically sensitive countries due in part to concerns over geopolitical tensions and the pandemic, Blloomberg reported Wednesday, citing two employees familiar with the matter, revealing the challenges for U.S. tech giants to secure business in those markets. From a report: In May, the search giant shut down the initiative, known as "Isolated Region" and which sought to address nations' desires to control data within ...
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Microsoft Teams' new features to use AI and its smart assistant in video conferencing show it's no longer just playing catch up with Zoom

Microsoft Teams announced some new features Wednesday, including a new "together mode" that makes it look like people in the same room and an integration with its smart assistant Cortana.  The new tools set Microsoft's videoconferencing system apart from competitors like Zoom and Google Meet: "It really highlights Microsoft taking a leadership position in this market in a way that we haven't really seen," CCS analyst Angela Ashenden told Business Insider.  Microsoft executive Jared Spataro, wh...
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How to Save Time & Money by Deleting These 5 Apps

Travel blog by Travels of Adam (Hipster Blog) – Travels of Adam (Hipster Blog) - Trying to save money? There are a couple quick and easy ways to save a few bucks—and no, it doesn’t involve downloading some coupon app or a browser plugin. It’s even easier. Just delete those apps on your phone that cause you to spend the most money. When it’s easy to spend money, we’re more likely to spend money. So, when you remove the opportunity for one-click buying, you can actually save a lot of cash! Fo...
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NASA injects $17M into four small companies with Artemis ambitions

NASA awards millions of dollars a year to small businesses through the SBIR program, but generally it’s a lot of small awards to hundreds of companies. Breaking with precedent, today the agency announced a new multi-million-dollar funding track and its four first recipients, addressing urgent needs for the Artemis program. The Small Business Innovation Research program has various forms throughout the federal government, but it generally provides non-dilutive funding on the order of a few hun...
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