App Recap: Budget Burndown, Endel, Samplr and Major App Updates

In this week's App Recap, we've highlighted finance app "Budget Burndown," health and fitness app "Endel," and music app "Samplr" as three apps that are worth checking out. We've also compiled a list of apps that received major updates this week. Apps to Check Out Budget Burndown (iOS, Free) - Finance app Budget Burndown is a tool that intelligently tracks daily spending and lets users set a maximum spending budget per month. Featuring no sign up, users can simply link desired cards th...
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Attracting the Next Generation of Talent

When it comes to discovering top talent, it’s not always easy to compete against larger companies and find the candidate who can help grow your business. Hiring employees takes time and energy to determine who would be the greatest asset to the organization. Plus, with Millennials now being the largest generation in the labor force since 2016, it’s crucial that your small business stand out from the crowd in order to attract these young professionals. Boomers and Millennials Although Baby Boom...
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WeWork’s chairman says it expects to have positive cash flow in 2021

After aggressive cost-cutting measures, including mass layoffs and selling several of its businesses, WeWork’s chairman expects the company to have positive cash flow in 2021. Marcelo Claure, who became WeWork’s chairman after co-founder Adam Neumann resigned as chief executive officer last fall, told the Financial Times that the co-working space startup is on target to meet its goal, set in February, of reaching operating profitability by the end of next year. Claure is also chief operating ...
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Data Scientist Tries AI/Human Collaboration For Audio-Visual Art

"Swirls of color and images blend together as faces, scenery, objects, and architecture transform to music." That's how AI training company Lionbridge is describing Neural Synesthesia. Slashdot reader shirappu explains: Neural Synesthesia is an AI art project that creator Xander Steenbrugge calls a collaboration between man and machine. To create each piece, he feeds a generative network with curated image datasets and combines the ever-transforming results with music that is programmed to co...
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Common Huawei Mate 20 Pro problems, and how to fix them

The Mate 20 Pro is an impressive phone, but it's not without a few bugs and issues that we're here to solve.
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Cancer Patient Complains: My Facebook Feed Is Full of 'Alternative Care' Ads

The author of an opinion piece in the New York Times describes what happened after sharing their cancer diagnosis on Facebook: Since then, my Facebook feed has featured ads for "alternative cancer care." The ads, which were new to my timeline, promote everything from cumin seeds to colloidal silver as cancer treatments. Some ads promise luxury clinics — or even "nontoxic cancer therapies" on a beach in Mexico. There's a reason I'll never fall for these ads: I'm an advocate against pseudoscienc...
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Reverse Warrant Used In Robbery Investigation Being Challenged As Unconstitutional (techdirt)

Reverse warrants are being challenged in a criminal case involving a bank robbery in Virginia. These warrants (also called "geofence warrants") work in reverse, hence the nickname. Rather than seeking to search property belonging to a known suspect, investigators approach Google with a demand for information on all cellphones in a certain location at a certain time and work backwards from this stash to determine who to pursue as a suspect. Warrants require probable cause. And there doesn't see...
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Apple warns that MacBook screens may crack if closed with a camera cover

Ownwes are advised to watch for the camera's indicator light instead
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About the way to push websites to Pocketbook

I have a new Touch HD 3, (Fb632), (also called "HD plus" in France I think). I try to get familiar with it, and have a couple of questions about it. Especially the topic "how to push websites to the Pocketbook" Goal: To have a good readibility, better than on my computer, and to read the sites offline, so hyperlinks that drive to other pages of the sites should be preserved. 1/ Where are the (browser) bookmarks located in the memory? I'd like to access them to convert them into PDF ...
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The Muppets Sing the First Act of Hamilton

Here's the cast: Alexander Hamilton - Kermit the Frog Aaron Burr - The Great Gonzo Eliza Schuyler - Miss Piggy Marquis de LaFozette - Fozzie Bear George Washington - Sam the Eagle Angelica Schuyler - Camilla the Chicken John Laurens - Beaker Hercules Mulligan - Rowlf the Dog King George III - Animal Peggy Schuyler - Janice Samuel Seabury - The Swedish Chef Charles Lee - Elmo Congressional Delegates - Floyd and Zoot Crazy Patriot - Crazy Harry Statler and Waldorf - Themselves via BoingBoi...
Tags: Google, Music, College, White House, Theatre, Hamilton, Floyd, Facebook Twitter, Lin Manuel Miranda Reimagines Hamilton, Hamilton Mania Inspires the Library of Congress, Alexander Hamilton Kermit, John Laurens Beaker Hercules Mulligan Rowlf, Peggy Schuyler Janice Samuel Seabury, Chef Charles Lee Elmo Congressional, Harry Statler

Should We Plan For a Future With Fewer Cars?

The New York Times ran a detailed piece (with some neat interactive graphics) arguing "cities need to plan for a future of fewer cars, a future in which owning an automobile, even an electric one, is neither the only way nor the best way to get around town..." It asks us to imagine a world where there's suddenly more room for two-way bike lanes, wider sidewalks, and car-free bus lanes. But also looks at our current conundrum: Automobiles are not just dangerous and bad for the environment; they...
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Google to 'Dramatically' Improve Chrome Impact on Mac Battery Life

Google will address long-standing battery life issues, particularly on Mac devices, reports The Wall Street Journal. Chrome will improve "tab throttling" by better prioritizing active tabs and limiting resource drain from tabs open in the background. This is said to have a "dramatic impact on battery and performance." Google has reportedly been performing early tests on Mac laptops in particular. "This is an ongoing investment in improvements to speed, performance and battery life," said Ma...
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Hurry! AirPods Pro still on sale for $220 — but not for much longer

Verizon still has the AirPods Pro on sale for only $220, but the clock is ticking
Tags: Apple, Deals, Verizon, Trends, Home Theater, AirPods Pro, AirPods Deals, Verizon 2020

WSJ: 'Quit Chrome. Safari and Edge Are Just Better Browsers'

The Wall Street Journal's senior personal tech columnist just published an article urging readers to "quit Chrome. Safari and Edge are just better browsers." It begins with the reporter pretending to break up with Chrome, adding "I'd say I'll remember the good times — your speed, your superb handling of Gmail — but your RAM hoovering, battery draining and privacy disregarding make it easy to not look back. "This is the year, people. It's the year I challenge you to pack up your bookmarks and w...
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Google Bans Ads for Snooping Products and Services

Google’s banning ads for so-called “stalkerware” apps, invasive programs largely associated with jealous exes or abusive partners to spy on another person without their authorization. Though given that the online search giant already adopted a blanket ban against stalkerware apps in its Play Store, one has to wonder…
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Here's how Google re-made its famous summer internships so that they could go on while the coronavirus forced everyone to work from home (GOOG, GOOGL)

In March, Google announced it would move its summer internship online in response to the pandemic. It's since confirmed it's doing the same for its fall program. That's meant a lot of logistical headaches for the company. Kyle Ewing, Google's head of talent, told Business Insider how Google adapted to the new virtual format. From algorithm-based coffee chats to open-source programs, here are some of the ways Google has tried to adapt its internship for 2020. Its fall internship will still go a...
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Microsoft Announces It Won't Be the Ones Building PHP 8.0 for Windows

Today I learned that Microsoft "has been providing support for the development and building of the PHP programming language on Windows," according to Bleeping Computer. "This support includes developing security patches for PHP and creating native Windows builds." But that's going to change: Microsoft has announced that it will not offer support in 'any capacity' for PHP for Windows 8.0 when it is released... To add some clarity to Microsoft PHP Windows Lead Dale Hirt's post, PHP Release Manag...
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China Roundup: Tech giants take stance on Beijing’s data control in Hong Kong

Hello and welcome back to TechCrunch’s China Roundup, a digest of recent events shaping the Chinese tech landscape and what they mean to people in the rest of the world. This week, the unprecedented national security law descended on Hong Kong, changing the day-to-day life of the people there, as well as businesses across the board. The law has important implications for the tech sector, providing a litmus test of business sentiment towards China’s regulation over information. Google, Facebook, ...
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The best Note 10 screen protectors

Our picks of top screen protectors for the Galaxy Note 10 include tempered glass and ultra-thin film options.
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The anatomy of a fake news headline

As confrontations between Black Lives Matter protesters and police erupted across the country earlier this month, some Oregonians, mostly older people, saw a Facebook ad pushing a headline about how a Republican politician “Wants Martial Law To Control The Obama-Soros Antifa Supersoldiers.” Needless to say, there was no army of left-wing “supersoldiers” marching across Oregon, nor were former president Barack Obama and billionaire George Soros known to be funding anything antifa-related. And the...
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Linus Torvalds Hopes Intel's AVX-512 'Dies A Painful Death'

"Linux creator Linus Torvalds had some choice words today on Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (AVX-512) found on select Intel processors," reports Phoronix: In a mailing list discussion stemming from the Phoronix article this week on the compiler instructions Intel is enabling for Alder Lake (and Sapphire Rapids), Linus Torvalds chimed in. The Alder Lake instructions being flipped on in GCC right now make no mention of AVX-512 but only AVX2 and others, likely due to Intel pursuing the subset suppo...
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Why Your Blog Generates No Traffic: 4 Reasons

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that generating web traffic is easy. Whether you’re new to content marketing or are an old hand, we’re going to come right out and say what you already know instinctively: building a blog that gets consistent organic traffic is incredibly hard. It doesn’t matter what your blog’s niche is. It could be food, movies or sports. No matter what topic you write about, you’re jumping into a field that has no shortage of existing blogs. It’s particularly dispiriting to see ...
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iPhone User Sues Microsoft's LinkedIn For Spying Through Apple's 'Clipboard'

"Microsoft's LinkedIn was sued by a New York-based iPhone user on Friday for allegedly reading and diverting users' sensitive content from Apple Inc's Universal Clipboard application," reports Reuters. According to Apple's website, Universal Clipboard allows users to copy text, images, photos, and videos on one Apple device and then paste the content onto another Apple device. According to the lawsuit filed in San Francisco federal court by Adam Bauer, LinkedIn reads the Clipboard information w...
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Delays Reported For Possible Covid-Inoculating Plasma Shot

"It might be the next best thing to a coronavirus vaccine," writes the Los Angeles Times. "Scientists have devised a way to use the antibody-rich blood plasma of Covid-19 survivors for an upper-arm injection that they say could inoculate people against the virus for months." Using technology that's been proven effective in preventing other diseases such as hepatitis A, the injections would be administered to high-risk health care workers, nursing home patients, or even at public drive-through si...
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Uraling to Boreas Pass

Friday, July 10While eating breakfast, I spotted what I think is a prairie dog though much smaller than the ones you can spot on empty grounds on the Front Range.  It was sniffing one of the wire connectors belonging to my solar panels.  Luckily, it didn't find it appetizing. Today's destination is the pass which crosses near the leftmost mountain in the picture below, Boreas Mountain: Telephoto view from the campsite Rode out mid-morning towards the US 285 highway, intending to go south on...
Tags: Google, US, Motorcycles, Sunset, Miles, Breckenridge, Fiona, Blue River, Fairplay, Fiona Rides, RV Trips, Boreas Pass Road, Rock Creek Hills Road, Boreas Pass, Boreas Mountain

Space travel could create language unintelligible to people on Earth

A new study proposes that language could change dramatically on long space voyages.Spacefaring people might lose the ability to understand the people of Earth.This scenario is of particular concern for potential "generation ships". Given the mounting crises of 2020, wouldn't it be nice to just get on a giant spaceship and leave this troubled planet behind? While we don't yet have a surefire candidate for the new Earth, and our tech is still probably decades if not centuries behind, proposals an...
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7 debugging techniques for developers to speed up troubleshooting in production

Providing production support to an application is one of the most challenging aspects of software development. Developers are assigned to the maintenance team and work on patching bugs on the application. They are, however, also available on-call in case a production outage happens, in which case they work to get the application back on track as quickly as possible. This article aims at providing a set of curated recommendations so that you can prevent bugs in production, and find issues much qu...
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Qualcomm to invest $97 million in India’s Reliance Jio Platforms

Qualcomm has become the latest high-profile backer of four-year-old Reliance Jio Platforms, which has raised more than $15.7 billion in the past 12 weeks from as many investors. On Sunday evening, Qualcomm Ventures said it will invest $97 million in Reliance Jio Platforms to acquire a 0.15% equity stake in the top Indian telecom operator. Steve Mollenkopf, chief executive of Qualcomm, said the firm believes that Reliance Jio Platforms, which has disrupted the Indian telecommunications m...
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Revealed: Dominic Cummings firm paid Vote Leave's AI firm £260,000

Boris Johnson’s chief adviser declines to explain reason for payments to FacultyA private company owned and controlled by Dominic Cummings paid more than a quarter of a million pounds to the artificial intelligence firm that worked on the Vote Leave campaign.The prime minister’s chief adviser is declining to explain the reason for the payments to Faculty, which were made in instalments over two years. Faculty also declined to say what they were for. Continue reading...
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Wells Fargo Tells Employees: Delete TikTok from Company Phones

An anonymous reader quotes Engadget: Wells Fargo does not want TikTok on its employees' phones. According to The Information, the financial institution sent its employees a note, telling them to remove the app from corporate devices immediately... A Wells Fargo spokesperson confirmed the company's move to The Information, explaining that it came to the decision due to concerns about TikTok's privacy practices: "We have identified a small number of Wells Fargo employees with corporate-owned de...
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