IPRS CEO Rakesh Nigam: livestream tariff to be rationalised, free performances won’t be charged

Following an uproar over livestream tariffs announced earlier this month by the Indian Performing Right Society, the copyright union has withdrawn its order, and will revise the tariffs, IPRS CEO Rakesh Nigam confirmed to MediaNama in an interview (below). The tariffs, which would have charged performers Rs 20,000 for performing music by IPRS members, will now be revised to no longer require licenses for free performances. As for ticketed or sponsored livestreams, IPRS is holding consultations w...
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Tunes for Tillermans: Songwriters Behind Apple TV Plus’ ‘Central Park’ on Their Process

When Josh Gad needed original songs for a new show, the first people he turned to were the songwriting team of Elyssa Samsel and Kate Anderson, whom he had met on Disney’s “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.” The Apple TV Plus animated series “Central Park” follows the Tillermans, a family living in a castle in New York’s […]
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Tunes for Tillermans: Songwriters Behind Apple TV Plus’ ‘Central Park’ on Their Creative Process

When Josh Gad needed original songs for a new show, the first people he turned to were the songwriting team of Elyssa Samsel and Kate Anderson, whom he had met on Disney’s “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.” The Apple TV Plus animated series “Central Park” follows the Tillermans, a family living in a castle in New York’s […]
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Un avenir proche et lumineux d’un remède contre le covid-19 à un remède contre le vieillissement

Ce texte est un récit d’anticipation positive. Il a été écrit en avril 2020, au début de la crise du Covid-19. [Author: [email protected] (IEET)]
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IEET Managing Director Steven Umbrello Publishes Paper on Meaningful Human Control of Smart Home Systems

The last decade has witnessed the mass distribution and adoption of smart home systems and devices powered by artificial intelligence systems ranging from household appliances like fridges and toasters to more background systems such as air and water quality controllers. The pervasiveness of these sociotechnical systems makes analyzing their ethical implications necessary during the design phases of these devices to ensure not only sociotechnical resilience, but to design them for human values i...
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Apple joins Twitter in policy giving employees paid time off to vote in the November election

Apple announced it would give US retail employees and hourly workers paid time off on Election Day to vote or volunteer at a polling place, Bloomberg News reported Friday. "If they choose, our teams can also use this time to volunteer as an election worker at one of your local polling stations," Deirdre O'Brien, senior vice president of retail and people at Apple, said in an email. The news comes after nearly 400 other companies joined a nonpartisan coalition called Time To Vote to encourage e...
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States Probe Apple For Potential Consumer Protection Violation

Texas is among a group of states whose attorneys general are probing Apple over potential violations of a consumer protection law, according to a document obtained by the Tech Transparency Project through an open records request and shared with CNBC. From the report: The document, sent in March and first reported by Axios, states that the Consumer Protection Division of Texas' attorney general office "is involved in a multistate investigation into Apple for potential violations of the Texas Dece...
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Twenty Years On, Japan Government's Digital Ambitions Still Stuck In Piles of Paper

Two decades after Japan rolled out an ambitious plan to go digital, the COVID-19 crisis has exposed the government's deeply rooted technological shortcomings as ministries remain stuck in a paper-driven culture that experts say is hurting productivity. Reuters reports: While Tokyo has made "digital transformation" its main policy plank this year, the switch may not prove so easy as bureaucrats from different ministries still aren't able to hold teleconferences together and little of their admini...
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Google is wading into a market that China really wants to own

Google is teaming up with India's hottest tech company to win over new smartphone users. That should worry the Chinese firms who have long dominated the market in the world's second most populous nation.
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List available Google Chrome profilesChanges for 0.004 - 2020-04-19Allow customizing chrome dir to support chrome-based browser e.g. vivaldi.
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Trump Campaign Angry That Cell Carriers Blocked Company Texts To Voters

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: President Trump's re-election campaign has accused Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile of "suppression of political speech" over the carriers' blocking of spam texts sent by the campaign. The fight was described Wednesday in an in-depth article by Business Insider and other reports. "The Trump campaign has been battling this month with the biggest US cellphone carriers over an effort to blast millions of cell users with texts meant to coax them to v...
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Huawei CFO Asks For Extradition Case To Be Stayed, Says US Misled Canada

hackingbear writes: Lawyers for Meng Wanzhou, the chief financial officer of Huawei Technologies, have applied to a Canadian court seeking stays in the proceedings for her extradition to the United States, documents released on Thursday showed. The applications are based in part on what Meng's lawyers allege was a destruction of the integrity of the judicial process by United States President Donald Trump and other senior members of the administration by their intention to use Meng "as a bargain...
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Tech at Work: Black gig workers speak out, Uber’s commitment to being anti-racist and Facebook’s diversity report

Welcome back to Tech at Work, a bi-weekly roundup and analysis of labor, and diversity and inclusion in tech.  This week, we’re looking at Uber’s anti-racism commitment, Shipt shoppers walking off the job, Facebook’s diversity report and Black gig workers organizing against tech companies. Also, hear from CODE2040 CEO Karla Monterroso on tech’s response to the recent racial justice uprising in the U.S. “There are a lot of really well-intentioned people, but they’re like, ‘Hey, put me in touch...
Tags: Google, Work, TC, Facebook, Uber, Tech, Diversity, Travis Kalanick, Include, Dara Khosrowshahi, Ibram X Kendi, Karla Monterroso, Monterroso, Extra Crunch, Double Black

Apple Seeds Second Betas of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 to Public Beta Testers (mac rumors)

Apple today seeded the second public betas of upcoming iOS and iPadOS 14 updates to its public beta testing group, two weeks after seeding the first iOS and iPadOS 14 betas to public beta testers. The second public beta corresponds to the third developer beta that was released yesterday. Public beta testers who have signed up for Apple's beta testing program can download the iOS/‌iPadOS‌ 14 updates over the air after installing the proper certificate from the Public Beta website on an iOS d...
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TV News Roundup: Discovery Channel Reveals ‘Shark Week’ Schedule

In today’s TV news roundup, Discovery Channel revealed its “Shark Week” programming, and Netflix announced two docu projects centered on the Deaf community, “Deaf U” and “Audible.” CASTING Amazon Studios added six more voice actors to its upcoming animated series, “Invincible,” based on Robert Kirkman‘s comic book of the same name. Lauren Cohan will join […]
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ICE Bars New Foreign Students From US If Classes Are Fully Online

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Axios: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued a release on Friday barring new international students from entering the U.S. for their fall terms if their courses are entirely online. "In accordance with March 2020 guidance, nonimmigrant students in new or initial status after March 9 will not be able to enter the U.S. to enroll in a U.S. school as a nonimmigrant student for the fall term to pursue a full course of study that is 100 percent online...
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Oh God, Please Let Me Unlock My Mac With My Face

Look, OK, some of you are going to blast me as a chump who’s willing to give up her face to Big Tech for convenience, but I really hope this rumor that Face ID may be coming to Macs is true. Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, Macbook, Laptops, Apple rumors, Big Sur, macOS, Face Id, macOS Big Sur

Can You Get Covid-19 Again? It's Very Unlikely, Experts Say

An anonymous reader shares a report: The anecdotes are alarming. A woman in Los Angeles seemed to recover from Covid-19, but weeks later took a turn for the worse and tested positive again. A New Jersey doctor claimed several patients healed from one bout only to become reinfected with the coronavirus. And another doctor said a second round of illness was a reality for some people, and was much more severe. These recent accounts tap into people's deepest anxieties that they are destined to succu...
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NASA Delays James Webb Space Telescope To October 2021

NASA has announced that the often delayed James Webb space telescope (JWST) is to be delayed once more. Instead of a launch on 30 March 2021, the mission has now slipped to 31 October 2021. From a report: The seven-month delay is the result of impacts from the coronavirus pandemic, as well as technical challenges. The spacecraft is currently being tested at Northrop Grumman, NASA's main industrial partner on the mission, in Redondo Beach, California. A recently completed risk assessment exercise...
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How Adobe Photoshop is used in the search for missing children

Have you ever wondered how those photos of missing children, aged-up to show what they’d look like today, are made? These images are often the work of multiple skilled forensic artists, who create them by hand with the assistance of Adobe. To date, they’ve helped hundreds of children be found. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) is one of the most well-known organizations dedicated to helping find missing children. If you’ve ever seen a poster of a missing child, it’s ...
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Apple Providing U.S. Employees With Up to Four Hours Paid Time Off to Vote in November Election

Apple is providing all of its employees in the United States with up to four hours of paid time off to vote in the election that will take place on Tuesday, November 3, reports Bloomberg. Apple today sent out a memo to employees announcing the policy, which applies to retail employees and hourly workers."For retail team members and hourly workers across the company, if you're scheduled to work this Election Day, we'll be providing up to four hours of paid time off if you need it to get to the...
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Emmy Raver-Lampman Replacing Kristen Bell as Molly in Central Park

Emmy Raver-Lampman replacing Kristen Bell as Molly in Central Park After Kristen Bell (Frozen II) departed the role in June in an effort to seek proper representation in casting the part, Central Park‘s Molly has found a new voice in the form of The Umbrella Academy star Emmy Raver-Lampman, according to Deadline. RELATED: Ted Lasso Trailer: Jason Sudeikis Stars in Apple TV+’s Comedy Series PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB....
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How to add alt text to an image in Microsoft PowerPoint and make your photos accessible to visually impaired users

To add alt text to images in PowerPoint, or edit an image's existing alt text, select the photo and choose "Edit Alt Text…" from the Picture Format toolbar.  When you add an image to PowerPoint, the program usually adds its own suggested alt text, which you can change. It's helpful to add alt text to your slides' images for anyone using a screen reader.  Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. Alt text is a short description of a digital image that can be read aloud...
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How to Get Asus ROG Phone 3's Live Wallpapers for Your Android

Asus’s ROG Phone 3 is a beefy gaming-focused device. Even its wallpapers are designed to animate when you turn on its high-performance “X-Mode.” The intent is to evoke that “extreme gaming” vibe (sometimes to a fault), but the animated wallpapers actually look pretty neat—and thanks to XDA Forums user linuxct, you can…Read more...
Tags: Android, Asus, Wallpaper, Lifehacks

How to check if an image has alt text using a screen reader or browser tools

You can check if an image has alt text by turning on a screen-reader and selecting the picture to hear how it's described. You can also inspect the HTML of the image in any browser by right-clicking and choosing "Inspect" or "Inspect Element. It's a best practice for all images on the web to have alt text to make it easier for people with accessibility needs to understand the content of the web page. Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. Alt texts are short desc...
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Yahoo Disables All Article Comments

Yahoo has replaced the comments section under its articles with a survey. Now, there's a message that reads: "Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting. In the meantime, we welcome your feedback to help us enhance the experience." Many readers who frequently comment on Yahoo News articles are quite upset. Some feel as though they're being censor...
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The U1 Chip in the iPhone 11 explained: What can it do?

Apple has created the U1 chip to bring spatial awareness to a range of iPhones, but just what does that mean?
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Building your startup’s customer advisory board

A customer advisory board (CAB) can be an invaluable resource for startups, but many founders struggle with putting together the right group of advisors and how to incentivize them. At our TechCrunch Early Stage event, Saam Motamedi, a general partner at Greylock Partners, talked about how he thinks about putting together the right CAB. “We encourage all of our early-stage companies to put this in place,” Motamedi said. The goal here is to speed up the process to get to product/market fit since ...
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This Browser Extension Uses AI to Narrate Articles With Natural-Sounding Speech

A new browser extension will read any article aloud to you with a passable imitation of human cadence and intonation. Podcastle, the company behind it, built the tool on Google DeepMind's WaveNet technology, which uses a neural network trained on hours of human voices. The extension was also tuned to pick up on the tone...
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FCC Boss Ajit Pai Pretends To Care About A Prison Telco Monopoly Problem He Helped Protect

The overpriced call is coming... from inside your office!
Tags: Technology, Fcc, Law, Ajit Pai

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