Short story: The Sum of All Secrets

The first AI superspy was a failure. The only dangers it found were what billionaires, politicians, and would-be terrorists said they wanted to do. On Twitter and the Washington Post. On Reddit and national television. On Facebook and to cheering crowds.So they had to be retrained -forcefully so, despite their statistical complaints- until they found plots to nuke Western cities and far-Left eco-terrorist conspiracies against law-abiding folks. Their developers, too, were questioned and retrain...
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Election Officials Are Vulnerable To Exim Security Vulnerability, Report Shows

whh3 writes: The Wall Street Journal has an "exclusive" scoop about a report detailing that several counties host their own mail servers using a version of Exim that is vulnerable to exploitation (Warning: source paywalled; alternative source), exposing electing officials to potential interference during the upcoming cycle. "[Cybersecurity vendor Area 1 Security Inc.] found that officials in six small jurisdictions in Michigan, Missouri, Maine and New Hampshire, for example, were using a buggy v...
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Vieillissement : La grenouille, la cigale et la fourmi

Regardons le problème du vieillissement de manière plus rationnelle, dès le début de l’âge adulte, au lieu de nous agiter fébrilement et inefficacement quand il est trop tard. [Author: [email protected] (IEET)]
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Tencent wants to take full control of long-time search ally Sogou

It’s been seven years since Tencent picked up a 36.5% stake in Sogou to fend off rival Baidu in the online search market. The social and gaming giant is now offering to buy out and take private its long-time ally. NYSE-listed Sogou said this week it has received a preliminary non-binding proposal from Tencent to acquire its remaining shares for $9 each American depositary share (ADS) it doesn’t already own. That means Sohu, a leading web portal in the Chinese desktop era and the controlling s...
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What is Vudu? Here’s everything you need to know

Vudu is a great way to rent and purchase movies and TV shows that are accessible across multiple devices.
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[Browser Viewer] Unable to copy/paste in User Styles

Dear Kovid, The User Styles is great, but you know how inconvenient it is to type the css code on a phone, so I normally keep the css in Google Keep and copy/paste them to the browser. Yet, the current stable 4.21 doesn't allow copy/paste (long tap does nothing). [The workaround is use Google Keyboard - it has the paste function.] And I don't know why [class$="dark-colors"] a {color: anycolorhere;} doesn't work. I think the color of a is overridden , though [class$="dark-colors"] p works. Hope ...
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Google extends homeworking until this time next year – as Microsoft finds WFH is terrific... for Microsoft

You see, there is a COVID-19 silver lining. For employers. For the rest of us, welcome to the machine Google has gone all-in on its work-from-home policy, telling techies they don’t need to return to the office until July 2021 at the earliest.…
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Intel Reorganizes In Wake of 7nm Woes; Chief Engineering Officer To Depart

FallOutBoyTonto shares a report from AnandTech: Coming in the wake of last week's disclosure that their 7nm yields are roughly a full year behind schedule, Intel this afternoon has announced that they are reorganizing the technology side of the company. Key to this change is that Intel is breaking up its monolithic Technology, Systems Architecture and Client Group (TSCG) into several smaller groups, all of which will report directly to CEO Bob Swan. Meanwhile Intel's chief engineering officer, D...
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Airbus' Self-Flying Plane Completes Successful Taxi, Take-Off, and Landing Tests

Airbus just completed its Autonomous Taxi, Take-Off, and Landing project that saw one of its jets perform normally pilot-flown maneuvers entirely on its own. Business Insider reports: The European manufacturer just completed flight testing for its Autonomous Taxi, Take-off, and Landing project in June after its flagship aircraft successfully navigated each phase of flight on its own as pilots simply watched. Over 500 flights were conducted with the new Airbus A350-1000 XWB that successfully util...
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These are the best cheap Apple Watch deals for August 2020

The Apple Watch has surged to prominence in recent years. If you're in the market for an iOS wearable, we've sniffed out the best Apple Watch deals available right now.
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Amazon reportedly invested in startups and gained proprietary information before launching competitors

Dozens of investors and entrepreneurs told The Wall Street Journal that Amazon made products that directly competed with them after investing. Amazon reportedly invested in startups and gained proprietary information before launching competitors, often crushing the smaller companies in the process The Journal spoke with startups who said Amazon made similar hardware and software products after purchasing stakes in the companies. In one example, Amazon invested in a hardware startup Nucleus, only...
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watchOS 7: How to Use the New Apple Watch Handwashing Feature

In watchOS 7 for Apple Watch, Apple introduced handwashing detection, which helps users wash their hands properly to keep viruses and bacteria at bay. Washing your hands is one of the most important protections against getting sick and preventing the spread of germs. But only if you do it correctly – and most people don't. One study highlighted by Apple showed that as many as 95 percent of us either wash too fast, use water but no soap, or just don't wash at all. To increase the chances of p...
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Twitter Workers Also Abused Access to User Accounts, Including Beyoncé's: Report

Twitter contractors with high-level administrative access to accounts regularly abused their privileges to spy on celebrities including Beyoncé, including approximating their movements via internet protocol addresses, according to a report by Bloomberg.Read more...
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Jeff Bezos will be an open target when he's questioned by Congress for the first time. These are the big flash points to watch for. (AMZN)

Amazon CEO will testify before a congressional antitrust committee for the first time on Wednesday, alongside Sundar Pichai, Tim Cook, and Mark Zuckerberg.  While experts told Business Insider they expect the questioning to mostly pertain to matters of competition, Bezos will likely be grilled on everything from how Amazon treats third-party sellers to the company's approach to acquisitions.  The hearing may come at a challenging time for Bezos, who recently added $13 billion to his net worth ...
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Intel's chief engineer is departing as the chip giant grapples with the fallout from a major production stumble (INTC)

Intel Chief Engineer Murthy Renduchintala is leaving the company, per a press release on Monday. The change comes after Intel announced that production problems have led to the delay of its next generation chips. The news caused Intel shares to fall sharply when it announced earnings last week. Murthy, who was a longtime president at Qualcomm, joined Intel in 2015 to help lead the company's bid to reclaim its dominance in the chip industry. Intel CEO Bob Swan announced changes to the Intel lea...
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Biden's campaign reportedly told staffers to delete TikTok from their personal and work phones citing security and privacy concerns

Joe Biden's campaign told staffers to "refrain from using and downloading TikTok" on their personal and work phones, Bloomberg reported Monday. Biden's top lawyer told staffers in an email to avoid using the popular social media app due to security and privacy concerns, according to Bloomberg. TikTok has come under increasing scrutiny from US government officials who worry that its Chinese parent company ByteDance could cave to censorship or data requests from Beijing. Visit Business Insider's...
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Biden's campaign told staffers to delete TikTok from their personal and work phones citing security and privacy concerns

Joe Biden's campaign told staffers to "refrain from using and downloading TikTok" on their personal and work phones, first reported by Bloomberg Monday and confirmed by Business Insider. Biden's top lawyer told staffers in an email to avoid using the popular social media app due to security and privacy concerns, according to Bloomberg. TikTok has come under increasing scrutiny from US government officials who worry that its Chinese parent company ByteDance could cave to censorship or data requ...
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The Cold War Bunker That Became Home To a Dark-Web Empire

The New Yorker this week has a story about a Dutchman named Xennt, who lived underground in a vast nuclear bunker in Germany with his family, friends, and an assortment of clever misfits. The story is about the dark web, a server empire used by cybercriminals, an encrypted phone network, a five-year investigation by the German police, and an Irish crime boss nicknamed The Penguin. Read more of this story at Slashdot.
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Coronavirus live updates: Vaccine trials hailed as 'historic'; Kentucky governor wants schools to open later; Google keeps workers home

Moderna begins world's largest vaccine study. Marlins, others forced to cancel games, and baseball's season is in jeopardy. Latest on COVID-19.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Apple Accessibility Exec: 'iPhone has Become the Most Powerful and Popular Assistive Device Ever'

This week marks the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and to highlight the milestone, TechCrunch did interviews with several tech companies and advocacy organizations, including Apple, to discuss how technology has improved the everyday lives of people with disabilities. At Apple, TechCrunch spoke to Sarah Herrlinger, the company's Director of Global Accessibility Policy. According to Herrlinger, Apple has "always believed accessibility is a human right," which ...
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Zavvie and Easyknock team up to bring ‘bridge’ option to more consumers

The partnership means agents using zavvie's technology can offer their clients the option of selling their home but continuing to live in it while looking for somewhere new.
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Locust Swarms Are Getting So Big That We Need Radar To Track Them

The desert locust upsurge is yet another of 2020's horrors. From a report: In June, remote sensing analyst Raj Bhagat noticed a strange signal on India's weather radar. It looked like a small band of rain near Delhi, moving southwest, but Bhagat was convinced it was a locust swarm. "People began to report it," he says, referring to sightings on the ground. Giant locust swarms had spread to northern India earlier in the year, ravaging crops and destroying people's livelihoods. "The timelines were...
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Serial Leaker Jon Prosser Pegs New iMac for August Launch (mac rumors)

Serial leaker Jon Prosser has moved to quash sketchy rumors that Apple could release a new iMac as soon as this week. Rumors about the imminent launch of an Intel-based ‌iMac‌ with an unchanged design appeared over the weekend, but originated from Twitter accounts with no track record for accurate leaks. In a tweet responding to a news report on the rumors, Prosser said simply, "Nope," and then followed up with: If you want the new ‌iMac‌, keep an eye out for August. No redesign.S...
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Scientists Are 3D Printing Miniature Human Organs To Test COVID-19 Drugs

Scientists are conducting preliminary tests of COVID-19 drugs using 3D printed human organs, eliminating the need to perform tests on animals, or, of course, humans. The Week reports: For example, Anthony Atala, the director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, and his team are using 3-D printers to create tiny replicas of human organs, including miniature lungs and colons, which are particularly affected by the coronavirus. They send them overnight for testing at a biosafety ...
Tags: Texas, Tech, George Mason University, New York Times Read, Winston Salem North Carolina, Anthony Atala, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Atala, Akhilesh Gaharwar

Tandem snags $5.7M for its language buddy app amid COVID-19’s e-learning boom

The Berlin-based startup behind Tandem, an app for practicing a second language, has closed a £4.5 million (~$5.7 million) Series A round of financing to capitalize on growth opportunities it’s seeing as the coronavirus crisis continues to accelerate the switch to digital and online learning. With many higher education institutions going remote as a result of concerns over virus exposure risks of students mixing on physical campuses, there’s a growing need for technology that helps language stud...
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Texas AG probing Facebook over biometric data collection that may violate state law

“Texas is investigating Facebook for possibly running afoul of state laws on the collection of biometric data, according to June documents uncovered by a tech watchdog group,” reports Ashley Gold at Axios. And the attorney general of Texas may just be on to something. Facebook users in Illinois recently secured a major settlement over the issue of biometric data collection. Excerpt: The Texas AG is investigating Facebook for possibly violating its Texas Deceptive Trade Practices — Consumer Pr...
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New iPhone update shows Instagram app using camera when not taking photos

Early adopters of Apple's latest iPhone update are beginning to report a disturbing feature when using the Facebook-owned Instagram app - but the tech giant claims it is just a "bug".Some iOS14 users report seeing a notification... [Author: [email protected]]
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Apple and Oprah to debut a new interview series, ‘The Oprah Conversation’

Apple is expanding its relationship with media mogul Oprah Winfrey. The company announced today its plans for a new series, “The Oprah Conversation,” which will feature timely discussions between Oprah and “newsmakers, though leaders and masters of their craft” across a range of topics. The first few episodes will focus on conversations around race, given recent events like the BLM protests. The series, which was filmed remotely during the pandemic, will begin on July 30 at  4 PM PST with an epi...
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Pre-Employment Assessment Tests: Is A Bad Personality A Reason Not To Hire Someone?

Can a simple test produce answers that are even relevant to employment?
Tags: Technology, Law, Olga V. Mack

Apple has acquired more AI startups than Google, Facebook or any other Big Tech company. Is Apple bulking up in AI or just catching up?

Apple bought more AI companies than any of its big tech competitors between 2010 and 2019, according to an analysis from CB Insights. Many of these purchases have been used to create new features on Apple's flagship iPhones. But others may help power Apple's shift towards digital products as sales for those services rise. As sales of the iPhone have dipped, income from products like Apple Pay and Apple Music may be the company's future. Apple faces some blowback in its push into services. The ...
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