Apple’s new shot-on-iPhone movie offers vertical take on classic film genres

The vertically shot movie uses the format to its full potential
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Microsoft Isn't Renaming Xbox Live and Has 'No Plans' To Discontinue Xbox Live Gold

Last month, Microsoft removed the option to purchase 12 months of Xbox Live Gold from the Microsoft Store, leading many to believe the company could be planning to phase out the service altogether with the launch of the Xbox Series X. When asked about the plans by The Verge, Microsoft said: "We have no plans to discontinue Xbox Live Gold at this time. It is an important part of gaming on Xbox today, and will continue to be in the future." The Verge's report also notes the company isn't planning ...
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Facebook Finally Deletes a Trump Post Over Coronavirus Misinformation

Facebook has finally done the least it could do, for the first time ever deleting a post by Donald Trump for spreading misinformation about the novel coronavirus. Twitter in turn restricted Trump’s re-election campaign account from tweeting at all until it deleted an identical post.Read more...
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Attorneys general from twenty states call on Facebook to do more to fight discrimination, disinformation and harassment

In an open letter to Facebook’s leadership posted earlier today, the attorneys general from 20 states called on the company to do more to fight intimidation, discrimination, disinformation, harassment and hate speech on the platform. “Although Facebook has made some progress in counteracting the use of its platform to dehumanize and demean, that is just the beginning of what is necessary,” the attorneys general wrote. “Private parties, organized groups, and public officials continue to use Fa...
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Attorneys general from twenty states call on Facebook to do more to fight discrimination, disinformation and harrassment

In an open letter to Facebook’s leadership posted earlier today, the attorneys general from twenty states called on the company to do more to fight intimidation, discrimination, disinformation, harassment and hate speech on the platform. “Although Facebook has made some progress in counteracting the use of its platform to dehumanize and demean, that is just the beginning of what is necessary,” the attorneys general wrote. “Private parties, organized groups, and public officials continue to use F...
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Cluster of 295 Chrome Extensions Caught Hijacking Google and Bing Search Results

An anonymous reader writes: More than 80 million Chrome users have installed one of 295 Chrome extensions that have been identified to hijack and insert ads inside Google and Bing search results. The malicious extensions were discovered by AdGuard, a company that provides ad-blocking solutions, while the company's staff was looking into a series of fake ad-blocking extensions that were available on the official Chrome Web Store. AdGuard says that most of the extensions (245 out of the 295 extens...
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US Reaches $1 Billion Deal For Doses of Potential Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Hill: The Trump administration on Wednesday announced a deal worth approximately $1 billion for the manufacturing of 100 million doses of a potential coronavirus vaccine from Johnson & Johnson that the federal government would then own. The move is the latest in a series of agreements the Trump administration has made with several companies making potential coronavirus vaccines. The goal, through the Operation Warp Speed program, is to make bets on a ...
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Amazon quietly launched a new website for its big ad conference, which returns for its second straight year amid the company's surging digital ad sales (AMZN)

Amazon is hosting its big ad conference, called AdCon 2020, on Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, according to the event's website. This is the second time Amazon is hosting AdCon. The move shows Amazon is likely planning to make AdCon an annual event as its ad business has grown in size and influence in recent years. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Amazon's big ad conference that debuted last year is coming back for the second time. AdCon 2020, which is the name of this year's confab, ...
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Japan prepares for a changing economy

This summer, Japan was meant to be hosting visitors from around the world at the Olympic Games. Instead, Japan’s people and businesses are confronting the significant and lasting impact of COVID-19. While the postponement of the Games was disappointing, the immediate task is to make the necessary changes to deal with the pandemic and get the Japanese economy growing again in a sustainable way.  Despite these challenges, there’s an opportunity for Japan not only to rebuild, but to shape a stronge...
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Japan Is Running Diagnostic Tests On Its First Real Gundam

New submitter nightflameauto writes: Japan has a working prototype of a real Gundam that is currently undergoing testing at the Gundam Factory. No, that's not the plot of some silly sci-fi movie, it's actually happening. There's a somewhat sensationally-titled video available of the 18-meter (60-foot) robot assembly running some small movement tests where it twists its torso and lifts a leg, then places it back down. Small steps, but the initial plan is to have this beast debut this October in f...
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Ryzen 4000 Notebooks Delayed By At Least Two Months Due To Shortage of Processors

New submitter spth writes: Demand for notebooks with AMD Ryzen processors is far higher than supply. Following a reddit post by a Schenker (German computer manufacturer) employee about Ryzen 4800H shortages, Heinz Heise (Heinz Heise is the publisher of some leading German computer magazines, such as c't and iX) journalists investigated and found that the shortage apparently affects all Ryzen 4000 mobile APUs, and according to AMD is an industry-wide phenomena. Apparently, a large part of TSMC pr...
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Trump's Justice Department tells court to block California net neutrality law

The U.S. Justice Department on Wednesday asked a federal judge to block California’s net neutrality law, arguing federal law preempts the state's statute. From Reuters: In October, a U.S. appeals court largely upheld the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) repeal of landmark U.S. net neutrality rules. In 2018, California agreed not to enforce its own state net neutrality law until a final court decision on the FCC repeal. The Trump FCC in 2017 voted 3-2 to toss out Obama-era rules prohi...
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‘Untrusted’ Chinese apps like TikTok and WeChat must be banned from U.S. app stores, says Pompeo promoting 'Clean Network'

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo today announced a five-part “Clean Network” effort from the Trump administration which Pompeo says is to limit potential national security risks from China. Pompeo’s comments are just about one week after Donald Trump told reporters on Air Force One the government will soon act ban the Chinese-owned video app TikTok from the United States. From CNBC: The Trump administration wants to remove “untrusted” Chinese tech apps like TikTok and WeChat from U.S. app...
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Kernel 5.8 brings significant updates to RockChip & MediaTek SoCs

Earlier this week, the massive Linux 5.8 kernel was released, bringing with it numerous updates for RockChip SoCs, including the addition of AFBC support, the upstreaming of the video decoder driver, and continued improvements to the camera drivers. Kernel 5.8 also brings a significant fix to MediaTek SoCs, enabling displays on MT8173 based devices (for example, the Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook) to be functional when using the mainline kernel.
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Apple Shares Vertical 'Shot on iPhone' Short Film by Damien Chazelle

Apple today shared a new video in its ongoing "Shot on iPhone" series, this time highlighting a short film that was captured by director Damien Chazelle, known for films like "La La Land" and "Whiplash." The nine minute short film was shot with an iPhone 11 Pro and all of the footage was captured in a vertical aspect ratio. Apple also included a behind the scenes look at how the film was shot. When shooting the video, Chazelle used ‌iPhone‌ features like extended dynamic range, video stabiliza...
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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs. Galaxy S20 Ultra

We compare the two devices across six core categories to help you work out which one is more to your taste.
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A Creative Summer with Arts & Culture Experiments

With so many artifacts and historic treasures from museums and cultural institutions around the world to explore on Google Arts & Culture, sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why our Creative Coders like to experiment with playful tools for you to discover the hidden gems curated by our many partner institutions.Today we’re launching five new experiencesfor culture lovers of all ages to dive into the collections. Reimagine the world’s most famous paintings in your own color p...
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Rio Linda Man Finds Lost Journal With Heartfelt Letters From Grandma To Granddaughter

RIO LINDA (CBS13) – A Rio Linda man says he found a lost journal filled with emotional letters from a grandmother to her granddaughter. “People can look at it and be like oh it’s just book; it’s just a diary; it’s just pages. But it’s what’s written in it,” Luis Martinez said. Martinez found the journal a couple of weeks ago in a truck set for the auction block at the car auction facility he works. “There was a bunch of trash in it and this was sitting right there on the seat. I grabbed it and s...
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Facebook just took down a Trump post that claimed kids are immune to COVID-19

Facebook took down a video President Trump posted to his account Wednesday, citing its rules against false claims about the coronavirus. The decision to remove the video signals a new direction for Facebook, which has been taking incremental steps recently to distance itself from the perception that the company deliberately turns a blind eye to the president’s potentially harmful behavior. The video in question was a clip from a Fox News segment from Wednesday morning in which the president make...
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Robert Downey Jr. Will Produce and Possibly Co-Star in a New Apple TV+ Detective Series

Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey‘s Team Downey production company are already responsible for one detective show – HBO’s Perry Mason reboot – and now they’re moving on to another. The Downeys are teaming with Apple TV+ to produce a new detective series that Downey Jr. might also appear in. Based on a true story, the series follows a detective trying to solve a decades-old cold case. Variety has the news on the Robert Downey Jr. Apple TV+ detective series. The show comes from writer Adam Pe...
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'I don't care': young TikTokers unfazed by US furor over data collection

Trump has threatened to ban the app amid privacy concerns. But young people say they’re used to being trackedMauren Sparrow downloaded TikTok in March to pass the time during lockdown. Since then she’s posted tutorials on crafting and videos of her two cats, Calcifer and Jiji, some of which have accrued millions of views and likes. But with the Chinese-owned app now under fire over data privacy concerns, Sparrow, 29, and other young users have reacted with a resounding shrug. Continue reading...
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Here's Exactly How Inefficient Wireless Charging Is

News outlet OneZero crunched the numbers on just how inefficient wireless charging is -- and the results are pretty revealing. From the report: On paper, wireless charging sounds appealing. Just drop a phone down on a charger and it will start charging. There's no wear and tear on charging ports, and chargers can even be built into furniture. Not all of the energy that comes out of a wall outlet, however, ends up in a phone's battery. Some of it gets lost in the process as heat. While this is tr...
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Make Dark Mode Darker in macOS Big Sur With New Toggle to Disable Wallpaper Tint

The fourth beta of macOS Big Sur, released yesterday, adds a new toggle in System Preferences that's designed to disable the wallpaper tinting feature that's meant to make windows blend in with the desktop wallpaper. For those who have Dark Mode enabled, turning off wallpaper tinting can make windows on the Mac noticeably darker, especially when a lighter color background is in use. Apple introduced the wallpaper tinting feature in an earlier version of macOS, and some Mac users who prefer ‌...
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LastPass Will Warn You If Your Passwords Show Up On the Dark Web

LastPass is updating its Security Dashboard with a feature that provides an overview of all your accounts, highlighting any passwords that could pose a security risk. The password manager is also introducing dark web monitoring, although it will require you to be a paid LastPass subscriber. Engadget reports: If you already use LastPass and the Security Dashboard sounds familiar, it's because it builds on the Security Challenge functionality LastPass developer LogMeIn added in 2010. As before, gr...
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Uber and Lyft face new lawsuit from CA Labor Commissioner

Uber and Lyft are both facing another lawsuit from the office of the California Labor Commissioner alleging wage theft. Filed today, the suits argue both Uber and Lyft are misclassifying their drivers as independent contractors and aim to enforce the labor practices set forth by AB 5. “The Uber and Lyft business model rests on the misclassification of drivers as independent contractors,” California Labor Commissioner Lilia García-Brower said in a statement. “This leaves workers without pro...
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Alexa vs. Google Assistant vs. HomeKit: Which smart home platform to choose?

Before you spend money on a smart home platform, find the right one for you.
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Skip the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and wait for next year’s milestone model

The new models do very little to differentiate themselves from the competition
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How To Run Your Business As If Google Didn’t Exist (Thinks Out Loud Episode 298)

Google is dominant. Google is the beast your industry’s 800lb. gorillas have nightmares about. They’re incredibly strong. But Google’s strength is incredibly brittle. In theory, Google could fail tomorrow. They’re a one-product company. They the vast majority of their revenues from one product: Advertising. What if they went away tomorrow? How could you run your business if Google didn’t exist? While that might sound far-fetched, it’s not crazy to think about how to end your dependency on Google...
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Facebook removes Trump post over false Covid-19 claim for first time

Post included video in which Trump wrongly said that children were ‘almost immune’ from illnessFacebook has removed a post from Donald Trump’s page for spreading false information about the coronavirus, a first for the social company that has been harshly criticized for repeatedly allowing the president to break its content rules.The post included video of Trump falsely asserting that children were “almost immune from Covid-19” during an appearance on Fox News. There is evidence to suggest that ...
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Google adds Smart Compose to Docs, Sheets, and Slides on Android and iOS

Google today announced it’s bringing a slew of updates to its Docs, Sheets, and Slides mobile apps — among which is Smart Compose. The apps will also get some minor updates including Dark Mode (yay). Smart Compose is probably the most useful of the new additions. While the feature has been available in Gmail for years, and in the web version of Docs for a while as well, this will be the first time it’ll be available in the mobile apps. According to the preview images, the Smart Compose text will...
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