Console Options Without Disc Drives Could Be GameStop's Final Death Knell

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: The latest quarterly earnings report from GameStop doesn't show much sign of a turnaround for the long-troubled game retailer. Sales were down 26.7 percent year over year for the April through June quarter. Even accounting for permanent store closures and COVID-related reduced operating hours, so-called comparable "same-store" sales were still down 12.7 percent year over year. GameStop's already depressed stock is down nearly 8 percent on th...
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Kanye West Thanks Candace Owens for “Blackout” Book

While most of the Hip-Hop community can’t stand Candace Owens and probably wouldn’t spit on her even if she were on fire … there’s at least one rapper who fux with her. It’s Kanye West. Kanye West is the one rapper who fux with Candace Owens, likely because they’re both card-carrying members of the “Blacks Who Love Trump” group and are so deep in the sunken place that it’s likely they’ll never be able to come out unscathed. Ye took to Twitter Thursday night (Sep. 10) to give Candy O a major-shou...
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Google and Twitter vow to block voting misinformation

The tech firms are ramping up measures ahead of the US elections to block false or misleading content.
Tags: Google, News, US

Google and Twitter to block election misinformation

The tech firms are ramping up measures ahead of the US elections to block false or misleading content.
Tags: Google, News, US

Anduril launches a smarter drone and picks up more money to build a virtual border wall

The company building the virtual border wall has a new version of its stealthy fast-flying drones — and a fresh contract with Customs and Border Protection to match. Anduril, a young defense-friendly tech company from the founder of Oculus, received $36 million from Customs and Border Protection this month for its AI-powered autonomous surveillance towers. Anduril has flourished over the course of its short Trump-era lifespan, attracting surprising interest from defense agencies considering that...
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Apple lets Epic gamers continue using ‘Sign in with Apple’ for now

The ongoing spat between Apple and Epic Games took another turn on Thursday, a further indication that the feud still has some way to run
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The best iPhone keyboard tips and tricks

Typing on an iPhone is not optimal, but Apple's own default software keyboard offers some nifty moves that make it easier. We show you where to look.
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Covid-19 Diary : Thursday 10 September, 2020

 Worldwide, virus cases passed the 28 million mark on Wednesday afternoon.  India is now almost at the point of recording 100,000 new cases every day (97,000 today).  And some time next week, the US will pass the 200,000 death point.Other than that – oh, and a few forest fires up and down the west coast – all is well with the world.  More good news on my book front – there are now the first 215 pages of the book in pre-release form for Travel Insider Supporters, and a redone “sampler” of 52 pag...
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What a time to be alive: floating Apple store bobs up in Singapore

Only accessible through underwater tunnel attached to Casino (and a few years behind the back-blocks of Cambodia) Apple has opened a store housed in a floating glass dome in Singapore's Marina Bay.…
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Why Smartphone Cameras Struggle To Capture San Francisco's Orange Sky

The apocalyptic orange sky in San Francisco Wednesday was the talk of the town -- and well beyond. However, many people found their efforts to capture the surreal images stymied, as their iPhones "corrected" the smoke-filled sky to a more natural hue. Axios reports: Smartphone cameras do a great job in many situations thanks to software that automatically tries to improve a shot's composition, focus, and settings like white and color balance. But those adjustments can also get in the way of capt...
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Report: One of Social Capital’s newest blank-check companies is looking to reverse merge with Opendoor

Some people may have slowed down in 2020, amid a pandemic that has shut down much of the world. Not Chamath Palihapitiya. According to a new report in Bloomberg, Opendoor, the seven-year-old, San Francisco-based company that has from the outset aimed to help people buy and sell homes with the “push of a button” (or nearly), is in advanced talks to go public through a merger with Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp. II. The outlet says the blank-check company, which raised $360 million in Apr...
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Look out, AWS and Azure…Google Cloud is coming fast and now's the time to learn about it

TL;DR: The Complete Google Cloud eBook and Video Course Bundle will get you up to speed on using one of the fastest-growing cloud platforms anywhere. While a lion's share of the talk in the cloud services space is consumed by the big two — Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure — there's actually a third major tech player currently charging toward making that duo a trio. Right now, Google Cloud is a modest trailer in that discussion.  But after Google CEO Sundar Pichai reported 2020...
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How Does Link Building Support Blog Growth?

Every blog owner wants to see their blog grow to become more popular and more successful. To accomplish this, you can try to increase the quality of your posts or reach a new audience segment, but more often, bloggers rely on marketing and advertising to achieve more consistent, measurable growth. One of the best strategies here is link building, the art of placing and earning links that point to your blog on other publications. But how does link building work, and why is it so effective fo...
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Reimagining Work

Imagine being able to access the essential business tools you need—all in one place. Well, you don’t have to conjure it up in your mind, Zoho Corporation has made it a reality by launching Zoho Workplace, a single software platform that brings together collaboration, productivity, and communications tools and integrates them into other business processes, like email and a cloud-based office suite. Zoho Workplace consists of nine business applications, built on a common data model and unified thr...
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The Surprising Traits of Good Remote Leaders

New data shows that "the confidence, intelligence and extroversion that have long propelled ambitious workers into the executive suite are not enough online because they simply don't translate into virtual leadership," writes Arianna Cohen via the BBC. "Instead, workers who are organized, dependable and productive take the reins of virtual teams." From the report: The study, published in the Journal of Business and Psychology, tracked 220 US-based teams to see which team members emerged as leade...
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Motorola's 5G Razr Is Better Than the Original In Almost Every Way

According to Engadget, Motorola's brand-new Razr sports an improved design, support for 5G, and corrects many of the issues the first model was notorious for. Chris Velazco writes: Motorola was always clear that the Razr is a "design-first" device, and it went to great lengths to recreate the visual vibe that its classic flip phones ran with for its first foldable. To pack some much-needed extras into this new model, though, Motorola had to make some changes: The new Razr is a little chubbier, a...
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Archivists Want Broader DMCA Exemption for 'Abandoned' Online Games

Several organizations have asked the Copyright Office to renew the exemption to the DMCA's DRM circumvention restrictions. This would allow, they argued, abandoned online games to be preserved for future generations. In addition, the Software Preservation Network and the Library Copyright Alliance have asked for an expansion to allow these games to be made available more broadly. Read more of this story at Slashdot.
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Reimaging Work

Imagine being able to access the essential business tools you need—all in one place. Well, you don’t have to conjure it up in your mind, Zoho Corporation has made it a reality by launching Zoho Workplace, a single software platform that brings together collaboration, productivity, and communications tools and integrates them into other business processes, like email and a cloud-based office suite. Zoho Workplace consists of nine business applications, built on a common data model and unified thr...
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NASA Is Soliciting Bids to Bring Capitalism to the Moon

Mankind’s quest to really fuck up the Moon is taking another step. NASA has filed a “request for quotations” for any company willing to scrape the lunar surface for the first off-world sale of space resources, in a sort of baby step towards Moon Capitalism.Read more...
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2022 Genesis G70: New Styling Updates but Engine Options a Mystery for Now

It’s no secret we love the 2020 Genesis G70 here at Automoblog. It’s a combination of the G70’s stately yet athletic styling, torque-rich engines, and the availability of a manual gearbox that makes us weak in the knees. We recently caught a glimpse of the 2022 Genesis G70, and we feel ourselves falling in love all over again. It boggles the mind that Genesis itself is only five years old – granted, parent company Hyundai has many years of car-building experience under its belt – and yet the ...
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GM Can Manage an EV's Batteries Wirelessly -- and Remotely

An anonymous reader quotes a report: IEEE Spectrum got an exclusive look at General Motors' wireless battery management system. It's a first in any EV anywhere (not even Tesla has one). The wireless technology, created with Analog Devices, Inc., will be standard on a full range of GM EVs, with the company aiming for at least 1 million global sales by mid-decade. Those vehicles will be powered by GM's proprietary Ultium batteries, produced at a new US $2.3 billion plant in Ohio, in partnership wi...
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Rumored 'Apple One' Services Bundle Could Be Launching Soon

In the weeks leading up to Apple’s September event, rumors swirled that the company could be gearing up to launch long-awaited subscription bundles that would group Apple services for lower prices than users paid for them individually. Now, more evidence points to a new mega-bundle that some reports have said the…Read more...
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Daily Crunch: Facebook launches a college-only network

Facebook returns to its college roots, Alexa gets a printing feature and we take a deep dive into Unity’s business. This is your Daily Crunch for September 10, 2020. The big story: Facebook launches a college-only network If you’re old and decrepit like me, you remember when Facebook was only for college students and required a college email address to join. Well, it seems everything old is new again, because the company is piloting a new feature called Facebook Campus … which is only for col...
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Now Is the Time To Bring Back Away Messages

Life is totally online -- we need ways to politely disconnect. From a report: I spend most Thursdays heads down writing. The task is one that, at least for me, requires absolute focus, a quality that I have to essentially beg some corner of my brain to extend to me for a few hours. This usually fails, making the draft take twice as long as it has to. Even now, my phone is lighting up with a text; several Twitter direct messages are awaiting my response; I have an email open in another tab that I...
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Germany's Nationwide Emergency Warning Day Sees Bumpy Rollout

For those living in or visiting Germany on Thursday, things got loud this morning. At 11 a.m. sharp (0900 GMT) Germany carried out a nationwide test of its civil alarm systems -- with everything from sirens to push notifications on smartphones being tested. The test was slated to run for exactly 20 minutes. It's the first test of its kind since Germany was reunified in 1991. From a report: According to the Office for Protection and Disaster Aid (BBK), the national emergency warning day is intend...
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Staying Protected From E-commerce and Cybersecurity Pitfalls

. {display:none !important;} .code-block {display:none !important;} .sovrn_ad_unit  {display:none !important;} With more people than ever before shopping from home, e-commerce is experiencing a boom. This is great for shop owners, who don’t have the overhead that comes along with a physical location and opens up the target customer base. It’s also great for the shopper, who can do their shopping anytime from anywhere it suits them. Take advantage of the moment by propelling your bu...
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VC Josh Kopelman isn’t so sure about SPACs, but he thinks so-called rolling funds could prove powerful

Yesterday, we had a chance to catch up with Josh Kopelman, the founder of the now 16-year-old early-stage venture firm First Round to talk about a wide variety of issues. As part of that conversation — which we’ll run in its entirety in podcast form a bit later this week — we naturally asked Kopelman about some of the big changes afoot in the venture industry right now, including the special purpose acquisition vehicles (SPACs) that are being raised left and right, the rolling fund concept th...
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Google is removing search suggestions about candidates and voting

Google is making changes to its autocomplete search suggestions ahead of the US presidential election.
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Warren Buffett invests in an unprofitable business

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast (now on Twitter!), where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. The whole crew was back, with Natasha Mascarenhas and Danny Crichton and myself chattering, and Chris Gates behind the scenes tweaking the dials as always. This week was a real team effort as we are heading into the maw of Disrupt — more here, see you there — but there was a lot of news all the same. So, here’s what we got to: AngelList is doubli...
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Meet Business Insider's 10 execs transforming the advertising and media industries

Hi! Welcome to the Insider Advertising daily for September 11. I'm Lauren Johnson, a senior advertising reporter at Business Insider. Subscribe here to get this newsletter in your inbox every weekday. Send me feedback or tips at [email protected], we're looking for nominations for the rising stars of brand marketing. Submit nominations here by Monday.Today's news: The 10 people transforming advertising and media, QR codes return from the dead, and a look at how Amazon's ad busin...
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