Motorola Razr (2020) vs. Motorola Razr (2019): A battle on a Razr’s edge

With the Motorola Razr 2020 hitting shelves this fall, we compare it with the Motorola Razr 2019 across six categories to find out which Razr comes out on top.
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The TikTok deal solves quite literally nothing

Well… that was pointless. After debasing the idea of free commerce in the U.S in the name of a misplaced security concern, stringing along several multi-billion dollar companies that embarrassed themselves in the interest of naked greed, and demanding that the U.S. government get a cut of the profits, the TikTok saga we’ve been watching the past few weeks finally appears to be over. A flurry of announcement late Saturday night indicate that the TikTok deal was actually a politically-oriented ...
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New Reality Show's Prize? 10 Days on the International Space Station

CNN reports: A planned reality show will seek to give the winner of its on-air competition "the greatest prize ever given out on Earth" — a 10-day stay on the International Space Station... The production company's press release said that the team is "now looking for global brand and primary distribution partners." Space Hero is planning to open the application process for the show in the first half of 2021 before broadcasting begins in 2022, a spokesperson said via email Friday... Space Hero,...
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Oracle's Plan to Keep Java Developers from Leaving for Rust and Kotlin

ZDNet reports: Oracle has released version 15 of Java, the language created 25 years ago by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems, which Oracle snapped up in 2009 for about $7.4bn to gain what it said was the "most important software Oracle has ever acquired". Java 15, or Oracle Java Development Kit (JDK) 15, brings the Edwards-Curve digital signature algorithm, hidden classes, and former preview features that have been finalized, including text blocks, and the Z Garbage Collector, while the sealed-...
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iPhone 12: Everything We Know (mac rumors)

With Apple's September Media event out of the way, it seems clear that the iPhone 12 won't be released until October. Rumors have been pretty consistent about that up to this point. Two other minor rumors about the ‌iPhone‌ 12 seem essentially confirmed with the release of the Apple Watch Series 6. Apple introduced a new blue color for the Apple Watch, which has also been rumored for the ‌iPhone‌ 12. Apple also touted the positive environmental impact of removing the Power Adapter from the A...
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Oracle announces it will become a minority investor in TikTok Global after Trump indicates his approval

Reuters Oracle announced Saturday it will become a minority investor in TikTok's global business, and will be its designated its "trusted technology provider." The news is the latest development in the saga of TikTok, the viral video app which was pressured into selling itself to a US-based company amid national security concerns over the app's ties to China. On Friday, Trump signed an executive order that would ban new downloads of TikTok and popular chat and commerce app WeChat, effecti...
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'At This Point, 5G is a Bad Joke'

An anonymous reader shared this skeptical opinion piece from Computerworld: Let's start with the name itself. There is no single "5G." There are, in fact, three different varieties, with very different kinds of performance... But, what most people want, what most people lust for is 1Gbps speeds with less than 10 milliseconds of latency... [T]o get that kind of speed you must have mmWave 5G — and it comes with a lot of caveats. First, it has a range, at best, of 150 meters. If you're driving, ...
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Trump backs proposed deal to keep TikTok operating in US

By STAN CHOE | AP Business Writer NEW YORK — President Donald Trump said Saturday he’s given his “blessing” to a proposed deal that would see the popular video-sharing app TikTok partner with Oracle and Walmart to become a US company. Trump has targeted Chinese-owned TikTok for national security and data privacy concerns. The announcement comes just a day after the Commerce Department announced restrictions that if put in place could eventually make it nearly impossible for TikTok fans to use th...
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iOS 14: All the New Features With Guides and How Tos (mac rumors)

Over the course of the iOS 14 beta test, we here at MacRumors have been putting together in-depth feature guides, tutorial videos, and how tos on the new features in the iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 updates. Many of our MacRumors readers have likely been running the betas for a couple of months now, but those who are new to the update will want to check out all of the content we have available below. It's also a great resource to send to friends and family members who have questions about iOS and iPa...
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Google reportedly working on new Gmail logo, suggesting upcoming changes

Google is reportedly working on a new logo for Gmail, which may mean that there are upcoming changes as the service moves further away from just sending emails.
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Trump says he approves TikTok Oracle deal which may include Walmart

President says he will allow Chinese-owned app in US Walmart could acquire stake and seat on global boardDonald Trump has said he “approves a deal in concept” that will allow TikTok to continue to operate in the US, after . Related: China attacks US 'bullying' over ban on Tiktok and WeChat Continue reading...
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President Trump reportedly has approved the Oracle deal for TikTok’s US operations

President Donald Trump said has has given his stamp of approval “in concept” on the Oracle bid for the U.S. operations of the wildly popular social media app, TikTok, according to a report from Bloomberg. According to the Bloomberg report Trump said, “I have given the deal my blessing,” as he left the White House for a campaign rally in North Carolina on Saturday. “I approved the deal in concept,” Trump reportedly said. The spinout of TikTok’s U.S. operations from its parent company Byte...
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Microsoft Submits Linux Kernel Patches to Make Linux Run as Root Partition on Hyper-V

"Microsoft has submitted a series of patches to Linux kernel developers," reports ZDNet, "requesting that Linux run as the root partition on the Hyper-V, its hypervisor software for running Windows and non-Windows instances on hardware." Microsoft "wants to create a complete virtualization stack with Linux and Microsoft Hypervisor", according to Microsoft principle software engineer Wei Liu. Liu has proposed an RFC or request for comment that for now merely implements what are only the "absolut...
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Homeland Security issues rare emergency alert over ‘critical’ Windows bug

Homeland Security’s cybersecurity advisory unit has issued a rare emergency alert to government departments after the recent disclosure of a “critical”-rated security vulnerability in server versions of Microsoft Windows. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, better known as CISA, issued an alert late on Friday requiring all federal departments and agencies to “immediately” patch any Windows servers vulnerable to the so-called Zerologon attack by Monday, citing an “unacceptabl...
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Should Employers Cut Your Salary If You Change Cities?

CNN reports: Stripe is paying employees $20,000 if they relocate from expensive cities such as San Francisco, Seattle and New York, where the company has offices. But workers who make the move will have to take a 10% pay cut. "Twitter Inc. and ServiceNow Inc. have all considered similar measures," reports Bloomberg. And Forbes notes that other companies are also grappling with similar policies: According to Bloomberg, "employees who worked at VMware's Palo Alto, California, headquarters and ...
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Was Snowflake’s IPO mispriced or just misunderstood?

Welcome back to The TechCrunch Exchange, a weekly startups-and-markets newsletter. It’s broadly based on the daily column that appears on Extra Crunch , but free, and made for your weekend reading.  Ready? Let’s talk money, startups and spicy IPO rumors. Was Snowflake’s IPO mispriced or just misunderstood? With an ocean of neat stuff to get through below, we’ll be quick today on our thought bubble focused on Snowflake’s IPO. Up front it was a for the data-focused unicorn. At issue is ...
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The Source Canada Deals: Save Up to $50 OFF Headphones + Up to 50% OFF Gaming Accessories + More

The Source Canada has awesome deals as follow: Save $20 off Apple Watch S3 Save up to $50 off headphones Save up to 50% off gaming accessories Save up to $500 off TVs Save up to $200 off laptops This Amazon Echo Plus 2nd Generation – Charcoal is on sale for only $99.99. You’re saving $100.00 from the original price of $199.99! Echo Plus has a built-in Zigbee hub to easily setup and control your compatible smart home devices, and an improved sound for streaming music. The Source Canada offers ...
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From Unity to Disrupt, tech has an especially optimistic week

Editor’s note: Get this free weekly recap of TechCrunch news that any startup can use by email every Saturday morning (7 a.m. PT). Subscribe here. While TechCrunch was busy producing our first-ever online Disrupt this week, the IPO market got even more exciting than expected — so here’s a quick look. Snowflake, Jfrog, Sumo Logic and Unity each raised price ranges days before IPO, to meet what had seemed like growing enthusiasm from public markets. Yet each still opened higher than its offering p...
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Where's the Yelp For Open-source Tools?

Esther Schindler (Slashdot reader #16,185), shares some thoughts from long-time tech reporter Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols: We'd like an easy way to judge open-source programs. It can be done. But easily? That's another matter... Plenty of people have created systems to collect, judge, and evaluate open-source projects, including information about a project's popularity, reliability, and activity. But each of those review sites — and their methodologies — have flaws. The article looks at a varie...
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Epic's Latest Filing Says Apple Lied About Fortnite's Popularity Using 'Cherry-Picked' Stats

There’s a new development in the high-profile game of chicken between Apple and Epic. The Fortnite developer’s latest legal filing claims that Apple “cherry-picked” Google data in its own legal filing earlier this week to support its narrative that Fortnite’s declining popularity is the impetus behind all this drama. Read more...
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European Spacecraft Flying Past Venus Will Now Look for Signs of Life

"Earlier this week, scientists announced the discovery of phosphine on Venus, a potential signature of life. Now, in an amazing coincidence, a European and Japanese spacecraft is about to fly past the planet — and could confirm the discovery," writes Forbes. Slashdot reader Iwastheone shares their report: BepiColombo, launched in 2018, is on its way to enter orbit around Mercury, the innermost planet of the Solar System. But to achieve that it plans to use two flybys of Venus to slow itself dow...
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How to add and customize home screen widgets in iOS 14

Apple has launched iOS 14, bringing the ability to add widgets to your iPhone's home screen. We explain how to add and customize home screen widgets in iOS 14.
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A Bug Could Let Attackers Hijack Firefox for Android via Wi-Fi Network

Dear Android users, if you use the Firefox web browser on your smartphones, make sure it has been updated to version 80 or the latest available version on the Google Play Store. ESET security researcher Lukas Stefanko yesterday tweeted an alert demonstrating the exploitation of a recently disclosed high-risk remote command execution vulnerability affecting the Firefox app for Android. Discovered [Author: [email protected] (Unknown)]
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How to Record Your Slides from Any Presentation Program

We’ve all probably been there. You’re participating in a live virtual event, giving a presentation of The Best Slide Deck Ever, when you notice every presenter’s worst nightmare. Panic messages from the organizer telling you your screen is frozen and we can’t hear you. Whether you’re hosting a webinar or sharing a presentation for your YouTube channel, being able to create a high quality recording of your slides is a vital skill to have in your toolbox. Plus, even if you’re presenting live at...
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"Could not read cover from epub"

The other day, I added a new EPUB into my library, originally downloaded from Archive Of Our Own, with some edits made in Sigil because I'm finicky about formatting. This is a standard workflow for me, and usually it leads to Calibre generating a cover based on the book's first page of text. This time, though, instead of that, Calibre gave the book the Default Unmarked Blue Cover. When I went into the book's metadata and directly told Calibre to set the book cover from the EPUB format (the only...
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Human Capital: The Black founder’s burden

Welcome back to Human Capital, where we unpack all-things diversity, inclusion and labor in tech. This week, we’re looking at Google’s internal message board problem, as well as some highlights from TechCrunch Disrupt, where I had the pleasure of chatting with actress, producer and tech investor Kerry Washington about her investment strategy and her thoughts on The Wing’s internal turmoil. Later, we’ll also highlight some other gems from Disrupt speakers on imposter syndrome, representation synd...
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Why Spotify is picking a fight with Apple over Apple One

Apple's new subscription bundle, Apple One, will give consumers a chance to try out multiple new Apple services and potentially save a few bucks.
Tags: Apple, Cnn

Why Spotify is picking a fight with Apple

Apple's new subscription bundle, Apple One, will give consumers a chance to try out multiple new Apple services and potentially save a few bucks.
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US Spy Plane Impersonates A Malaysian Aircraft

Popular Mechanics reports: A U.S. Air Force aircraft electronically impersonated a Malaysian plane while flying over the South China Sea this week. The RC-135W Rivet Joint reconnaissance aircraft flew off China's Hainan island on Tuesday, coming within 55 miles of the Chinese mainland. The caper was outed on Twitter by a think tank operated by the Chinese government, which provided enough details for independent verification. The plane's International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Mode-S ...
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Thieves' Guild: a BBS Game With the Best 1990s Pixel Graphics You've Never Seen

"The sky is clear, the breeze is strong. A perfect day to make the long sea voyage to Mythyn," writes BBS history blogger Josh Renaud. "You prepare your galley, hire a crew of sailors, and cast off. But a few hours into your trip, the dreaded words appear: 'Thou seest rippling waters...'" He's describing the beginning of a 27-year-old game that he'd been searching for since 2013. Slashdot reader Kirkman14 why the game is so special — and so rare: Thieves' Guild is a BBS door game for the Ata...
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