Crows Possess Higher Intelligence Long Thought a Primarily Human Attribute, New Research Shows

Research unveiled on Thursday in Science finds that crows know what they know and can ponder the content of their own minds, a manifestation of higher intelligence and analytical thought long believed the sole province of humans and a few other higher mammals. STAT reports: "Together, the two papers show that intelligence/consciousness are grounded in connectivity and activity patterns of neurons" in the most neuron-dense part of the bird brain, called the pallium, neurobiologist Suzana Herculan...
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Lenovo: For all of us

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Google’s Alphabet Settles With Shareholders Over Payoffs To Execs Accused Of Harassment

Android creator Andy Rubin, accused of sexual harassment, was given a severance package worth $240 million.
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Facebook's Oversight Board Won't Launch In Time To Oversee the Election

"On Friday, a coalition of academics and legal experts announced the formation of the 'Real Facebook Oversight Board,' an informal group that will publicly call out Facebook's slow action in advance of the election, including early Facebook investor Roger McNamee and Harvard professor Shoshana Zuboff," reports The Verge. The only problem is that it won't launch in time to hear cases related to the U.S. election. From the report: The group plans to hold regular "board meetings" to discuss failure...
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What you need to know about iOS 14’s new privacy settings

Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff. Apple’s most recent overhaul of iOS adds multiple new bells and whistles to the platform, including the ability to completely change your screen layout and set your own default apps. However, it may be the new privacy updates that are the most important. Here’s what you need to know. There have been multiple additions, like light indicators near the battery di...
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Facebook Is Mad at Apple Again

There is seemingly no end to the ways that tech companies—and there are many of them—will yell at Apple these days. Some of the ire comes from small developers who are rightfully frustrated that they have to fork over a big percentage of their revenue to Apple, the gatekeeper of the iOS App Store. But what’s still…Read more...
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Searching For Flag Stores – Important Steps To Take To Discover The Best One

Finding Flag Stores is not an easy task. It is easy to become disillusioned with the overabundance of choices available on the market today. Here are some helpful tips on where you can go when looking for stores that sell flag supplies. The first place to look for flag stores is online. Many online merchants offer large selections of flag-related products. These merchants often have a good selection from local merchants as well. Make sure you compare shipping rates between online stores and bric...
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Amid the Pandemic's Urban Quiet, a Song That Makes Sense

"Every musician knows that when the performers can hear one another, the performance is always better than otherwise," writes Slashdot reader nightcats. "This principle applies in nature as well, and has been anecdotally witnessed amid the quiet imposed by COVID-19 on cities around the world. In San Francisco, behavioral ecologist Liz Derryberry has been able to deliver a dramatic scientific demonstration of the changes to the songs of the white-crowned sparrow amid the quiet of 2020." National ...
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Alphabet promises to no longer bung tens of millions of dollars to alleged sex pest execs who quit mid-probe

New rules brought in after search biz settles shareholder lawsuit Google will no longer pay top execs fat severance packages not only if they are fired for sexual harassment but also if they leave mid-investigation into their behavior, it announced on Friday.…
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The Best Chrome Extensions To Prevent Creepy Web Tracking

Wired has highlighted several browser extensions that "are a simple first step in improving your online privacy." Other steps to take include adding a privacy-first browser and VPN to further mask your web activity. An anonymous reader shares the report: Privacy Badger is one of the best options for blocking online tracking in your current browser. For a start, it's created by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a US-based non-profit digital rights group that's been fighting online privacy battl...
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Twitter Is Bringing Its 'Read Before You Retweet' Prompt To All Users

Twitter says it's working on bringing its "read the article before you retweet it" prompt to all users "soon." The Verge reports: The company began testing the prompt in June, which shows up when people go to retweet a story they haven't clicked through to actually read. Twitter says its motivation is to "help promote informed discussion." Headlines often don't tell the whole story and can even be actively misleading. Encouraging people to at least read the article they're sharing seems like a s...
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Daily Crunch: Reviewing the new Apple Watch

We’ve got an in-depth review of the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple gives Facebook a temporary break on App Store fees and Alexis Ohanian is raising a new fund. This is your Daily Crunch for September 25, 2020. The big story: Reviewing the new Apple Watch Brian Heater has already been writing about the Apple Watch Series 6, but now he’s published his full review. His verdict? Well, the core product hasn’t changed dramatically, but he notes that the biggest new feature, blood oxygen monitoring, ...
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Hydrogen-Powered Passenger Plane Completes Maiden Flight In 'World First'

ZeroAvia's hydrogen fuel-cell plane that's capable of carrying six passengers completed its maiden flight this week. The aircraft has been retrofitted with a device that combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity. CNBC reports: ZeroAvia has said the trip, described as a "hydrogen fuel cell powered flight of a commercial-grade aircraft," is a "world first." Other examples of hydrogen-fuel cell planes that can host passengers do exist, however. Back in 2016, the HY4 aircraft, which is abl...
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Postmates cuts losses in Q2 as it heads towards tie-up with Uber

Popular food delivery service Postmates is in the process of merging with Uber in a blockbuster $2.65 billion deal that would see it join forces with its food delivery competitor, Uber Eats. The deal remains under antitrust scrutiny, and has not yet been approved for closing. The deal is expected to close in the first half of 2021. However, a new SEC filing posted after hours this Friday gives us a glimpse into how Postmates is faring in the new world of global pandemics and sit-in dining ...
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Australia asks Google to remove images from top of sacred site Uluru

Australia has asked Google to remove pictures on its Maps service taken from the top of Uluru, the sacred Aboriginal monolith that visitors were banned from climbing last year.
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Black founders face a unique set of challenges

The notion that Black people in America need to work twice as hard as others to succeed may be a depressing sentiment, but it has been deeply ingrained into the psyches of many African-Americans. At TechCrunch Disrupt, several Black founders spoke about some of the burdens that come along with being a Black person in tech. Many of us are familiar with imposter syndrome, where one feels like they’re a fraud and fear being “found out.” But another idea that came up was representation syndrome...
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Microsoft's New Xbox App Will Let You Stream Xbox One Games To Your iPhone

Microsoft is about to release a big Xbox app update for iOS that includes the ability to stream Xbox One games to an iPhone. The Verge reports: A new Xbox app will arrive in the App Store soon that includes a remote play feature, which lets Xbox One console owners stream their games to an iPhone. Remote play is different to Microsoft's xCloud service, which streams games directly from servers instead of your own Xbox One console. This Xbox remote play feature will only connect to your own Xbox c...
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Apple Backs Down on Taking 30% Cut of Paid Online Events on Facebook

Facebook has temporarily shamed Apple out of taking a 30 percent cut of paid online events organized by small businesses and hosted on Facebook -- things like cooking classes, workout sessions, and happy hours. Demand for these kinds of online events has soared during the COVID-19 pandemic. From a report: Apple says that it has a longstanding policy that digital products must be purchased using Apple's in-app payments system -- and hence pay Apple's 30 percent tax. In contrast, companies selling...
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FAA Chief: Look, I'll Fly the Freakin' Thing Myself

In a bid to reassure the public that Boeing has fixed the problems with its disastrous 737 Max line of passenger jets, Federal Aviation Administration chief Steve Dickson will personally take get behind the controls for a test flight next week, according to Bloomberg.Read more...
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How to set up Back Tap shortcuts on your iPhone, so you can open apps just by tapping the back of your phone

Tapping the back of your iPhone can do all sorts of things. REUTERS/David Gray To set up a Back Tap shortcut on your iPhone, you just need to head to the Accessibility section of your Settings app. Back Tap shortcuts let you quickly tap the back of your phone to perform certain actions, which can be customized in many ways. You can use Back Tap shortcuts on most new iPhone models, including all iPhone 8, iPhone X, and iPhone 11 models. Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for mo...
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How to change the default email app on your iPad, so all your email goes through your app of choice

You can now pick a new default email app on your iPad. Mongta Studio/Getty Images To change the default email app on your iPad, you'll need to be running iPadOS 14 or higher, and head to your Settings app. Once you find a compatible email app in the App Store, you can use the "Default Mail App" option in your iPad's Settings to change it. If you want to switch back to the default Apple Mail app, you can do that at any time using the same process. Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference lib...
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PlayStation 5 launch titles: Every game coming to PS5 this year, including new Sony exclusives

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Sony's full PlayStation 5 product line. Sony The PlayStation 5 will launch on November 12 with a $500 standard edition and a $400 digital edition with no disc drive.PlayStation 5 preorders are selling out fast so we've taken a look ahead at what gamers can expect to play later this year and in 2021.While PlayStation 5 will have a fair amount of Sony exclusives, some of those games will still be ...
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Amazon Employee Warns Internal Groups They're Being Monitored For Labor Organizing

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: An Amazon Web Services employee emailed a series of internal Amazon listservs and told them that their communications were being monitored for labor organizing efforts and processed in a data farming project by the company's Global Security Operations, according to an internal email obtained by Motherboard. The emails were sent -- at least -- to the employee listservs "[email protected]" and "[email protected]," and mentioned a handf...
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How to use App Clips on your iPhone, and save time when ordering food or using new apps

App Clips are easy to use. Hollis Johnson To use App Clips on an iPhone running iOS 14, you'll have to first find a compatible website or business and tap the App Clips button. App Clips let you use part of an app without downloading the entire thing, which is great if you only need to use it once, quickly. Different businesses and websites will have their App Clip option in a different spot, so you might have to search for it. Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stori...
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Alphabet Settles Major Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

A yearlong lawsuit against Alphabet’s board of directors over allegations of shielding the sexual harassment has, at long last, come to a close. It’s a decision that, as one attorney on the plaintiff’s side said, will “fundamentally alter” the way Google’s parent company operates—and hopefully the way some of its…Read more...
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Landscape vs Portrait (Which Is Best?): Visual Optimization Guide For The App Store And Google Play Store

Visual optimization plays a crucial role in mobile app marketing agencies. It often happens that an app cannot get into the user’s radar and is unable to gain popularity in spite of its super cool functions. That is why it is essential to choose the best visual optimization format and mobile app marketing techniques, whether you use Landscape or Portrait for your App Store and Google Play.Landscape and Portrait are two common screenshots that are used to get new conversions and visualization in ...
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Google to block political ads after election polls close

Move is designed to limit false messages about the outcome of the contest.
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Justice Department Releases Its Dangerous & Unconstitutional Plan To Revise Section 230

I guess we shouldn't have expected anything better.
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NASA commissions report to show its economic impact: $64B and 312K jobs

Perhaps anticipating budget pushback from the federal government, NASA has released its first ever agency-wide economic report, documenting the agency’s impact on the nation’s jobs and cash flow. Everyone knew NASA was impactful, but now we know exactly how impactful it is, some $64 billion and over 300,000 jobs worth in FY2019. It seems clear that the 2,670-page report is meant to show just how valuable the agency is to the country, and how it’s very much an investment in the economy and not...
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LG's new NanoCell 4K TV is a solid living room display, but it can't quite match the bright HDR performance of its more affordable competitors

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. LG LG's new 65-inch NanoCell 90 Series 4K TV is one of the company's flagship LCD display models for 2020.The TV boasts an impressive array of features, including full-array local dimming, an IPS panel for wider off-axis viewing, and extensive digital assistant support.However, the TV's brightness capabilities can't quite match more affordable models from Vizio, TCL, and Hisense.Still, if you're in...
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