Short story: The Zoom Journals

Monday. Your connection has some issues: people seem to answer your comments slightly before you say them. You are too tired to think through how that works. Brief chit chat about a new vaccine trial.Tuesday. Some people in the call you don’t recognize. Nobody introduces them. You don’t ask. No vaccine news. Wednesday. No call. Maybe? Definitely no vaccine. Tuesday. No new people in the call, even if some of them you only recognize as a vague feeling of déjà vu. You think some are missing from...
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TikTok wins reprieve as judge rules it can stay in American iOS, Android app stores for now

Justice won't say why he granted injunction, orders Uncle Sam and vid app maker to keep talking Made-in-China social video app TikTok has convinced a US judge it should remain in American app stores for the foreseeable future – dodging a ban that would have seen it expelled from Google Play and Apple's app store from midnight on Sunday US time.…
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TikTok wins reprieve as judge rules it can stay in American app stores for now

Justice won't say why he granted injunction, orders Uncle Sam and vid app maker to keep talking Made-in-China social video app TikTok has convinced a US judge it should remain in American app stores for the foreseeable future – dodging a ban that would have seen it expelled from Google Play and Apple's app store from midnight on Sunday US time.…
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TikTok wins reprieve as judge rules it can stay in app stores for now

Justice won't say why he granted injunction, orders USA and TikTok to keep talking Made-in-China social video app TikTok has convinced a judge it should remain in app stores for the foreseeable future, dodging a ban that would have seen it expelled from Google Play and Apple's app store from midnight on Sunday US time.…
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Become a master of SEO and Google with this zero to hero training bundle

If you want to succeed in the modern marketplace, your digital presence has to be on point. And this isn't just about beating out your retail competitor down the street anymore. When you sell online, you're selling to the world — and your competitors cover every inch of that globe too.  — Read the rest
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Pardon the Intrusion #27:

Subscribe to this bi-weekly newsletter here! Welcome to the latest edition of Pardon The Intrusion, TNW’s bi-weekly newsletter in which we explore the wild world of security. Let’s face it. We all have too many online accounts and too many passwords to remember. Password fatigue is real — but password managers or single sign-ons (SSO) can take away the chore of having to recollect your passwords. SSO, especially those from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Apple, make the process even mor...
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Your FedEx Packages May Soon Arrive By Autonomous Cargo Plane

It’s 2020, and while the skies aren’t full of flying cars like we thought it would be by now, something else straight out of science fiction just got closer to reality: pilotless cargo planes delivering whatever stupid shit you ordered online. Read more...
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TikTok download ban temporarily blocked by US judge in a blow to the Trump administration

Photo Illustration by Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images A federal judge on Sunday ruled in favor of TikTok, blocking the Trump administration's temporary download ban set to take place tonight at 11:59 p.m. TikTok has been a target of the Trump administration since July, and last month, the president signed a pair of executive orders against the app and its Chinese owner, ByteDance, leading to the download ban. The president said last week that a deal between ByteDa...
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Sports-betting companies are ramping up deals with the return of live sporting events

Hi! Welcome to the Insider Advertising daily for September 28. I'm Lauren Johnson, a senior advertising reporter at Business Insider. Subscribe here to get this newsletter in your inbox every weekday. Send me feedback or tips at [email protected]'s news: Sports betting gets steam from return of live sports, Apple temporarily cuts fees for Facebook, and the marketing leaders behind Oracle's cloud push. Mark J. Terrill/AP Images A recent wave of sports media and bettin...
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Mistakes You’re Making With Your SEO Content

When developing a sound search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, the creation of search engine-focused content should factor in. In addition to enticing and entertaining prospective clients, well-crafted SEO content can help elicit positive attention from search giants like Google and Bing and direct scores of first-time visitors to your website. Of course, this isn’t to say that all SEO content makes the grade. Without even realizing it, many businesses make a wide range of mistakes when cre...
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Lenovo Begins Selling 30 Linux ThinkPads and ThinkStation PCs

"More top-tier computer OEMs are now offering a broad assortment of Linux desktops," reports ZDNet. "In the latest move, Lenovo, currently the top PC vendor in the world according to Gartner, will roll Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS out across 30 of Lenovo's ThinkPads and ThinkStations..." While Lenovo started certifying most of its laptop and PC line on the top Linux distributions since June 2020, this is a much bigger step. Now, instead of simply acknowledging its equipment will be guaranteed to ru...
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Judge Allows Downloads of TikTok to Continue, Halting Trump’s App Store Ban

A federal judge in Washington, D.C., today halted the Trump administration's ban on new downloads of TikTok, hours before a midnight deadline would have compelled Apple and Google to drop the popular social media app from their marketplaces. Carl Nichols, a judge for the U.S. District Court for D.C., granted an injunction, allowing new app...
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Philippines payment processing startup PayMongo lands $12 million Series A led by Stripe

Stripe has led a $12 million Series A round in Manila-based online payment platform PayMongo, the startup announced today. PayMongo, which offers an online payments API for businesses in the Philippines, was the first Filipino-owned financial tech startup to take part in Y Combinator’s accelerator program. Y Combinator and Global Founders Capital, another previous investor, both returned for the Series A, which also included participation from new backer BedRock Capital. PayMongo partners wit...
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Court temporarily blocks Trump order banning TikTok from US app stores

Judge grants injunction sought by app’s owner ByteDance to let it remain available for downloadTikTok has been granted a last-minute reprieve from Donald Trump’s executive order banning the service from US app stores, after a judge in Washington DC temporarily blocked the ban from taking effect on Sunday evening.The order, which was due to take effect at one minute to midnight, was the first step towards banning TikTok entirely within the US. It would have required Apple and Google to remove the...
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US judge temporarily blocks Trump order banning TikTok app store downloads

Judge grants injunction sought by video sharing app’s owner ByteDance to allow it to remain available at US app storesA judge in Washington has temporarily blocked a Trump administration order banning Apple and Google from offering Chinese-owned app TikTok for download that was set to take effect at 11:59pm on Sunday.US granted a preliminary injunction sought by TikTok’s owner, ByteDance, to allow the app to remain available at US app stores, but declined “at this time” to block additional com...
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Trump administration’s TikTok ban has been delayed

A U.S. federal court has said a ban on TikTok will not go into effect on Monday as scheduled. The move to delay the anticipated ban will allow Americans to continue using the app while the court considers the ban’s legality and whether the app poses a risk to national security as the Trump administration claims. For weeks since President Donald Trump signed two executive orders in early August, the government has threatened to shut down the viral video sharing app over fears that its parent c...
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Report: U.S. Anti-Trust Regulators Will Accuse Google of Crushing Competition to Maintain Monopoly

The U.S. government has readied an antitrust lawsuit against Google's search engine, accusing the company of "crushing competition to protect and extend monopoly," according to news reports: The move comes after a 14-month long investigation, where the U.S. Department of Justice probed whether Google distorts search results to favour its own products and shuts off access to competitors, sources told Bloomberg. This is significant as Google enjoys a major 90 percent control of the U.S. online se...
Tags: Apple, Google, Washington, Tech, Bloomberg, Department Of Justice, Justice Department, Duckduckgo, U S Department of Justice, Gabriel Weinberg

Researchers Finally Create Metal Wires Made from Carbon

University of California at Berkeley has made a big announcement: Transistors based on carbon rather than silicon could potentially boost computers' speed and cut their power consumption more than a thousandfold — think of a mobile phone that holds its charge for months — but the set of tools needed to build working carbon circuits has remained incomplete until now. A team of chemists and physicists at the University of California, Berkeley, has finally created the last tool in the toolbox, a m...
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Teenager on TiKTok Resurrects an Essential Question: What is Math?

Long-time Slashdot reader fahrbot-bot shares a story that all started with a high school student's innocuous question on TikTok, leading academic mathematicians and philosophers to weigh in on "a very ancient and unresolved debate in the philosophy of science," reports Smithsonian magazine. "What, exactly, is math?" Is it invented, or discovered? And are the things that mathematicians work with — numbers, algebraic equations, geometry, theorems and so on — real? Some scholars feel very stron...
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Amazon's Data-Request Portal for Police is Visible on the Web

"Anyone can access portions of a web portal used by law enforcement to request customer data from Amazon," reports TechCrunch, "even though the portal is supposed to require a verified email address and password..." Only time sensitive emergency requests can be submitted without an account, but this requires the user to "declare and acknowledge" that they are an authorized law enforcement officer before they can submit a request. The portal does not display customer data or allow access to exi...
Tags: Amazon, Facebook, Tech, Amazon s Data Request Portal for Police

Singapore Becomes First Country To Use Facial Verification For a National ID Service

"Singapore will be the first country in the world to use facial verification in its national identity scheme," reports the BBC: The biometric check will give Singaporeans secure access to both private and government services. The government's technology agency says it will be "fundamental" to the country's digital economy. It has been trialled with a bank and is now being rolled out nationwide. It not only identifies a person but ensures they are genuinely present. "You have to make sure that t...
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Eric S. Raymond: Is Microsoft Switching To a Linux Kernel That Emulates Windows?

Most of Microsoft's money now comes from its cloud service Azure, points out open-source advocate Eric S. Raymond. Now he posits a future where Windows development will "inevitably" become a drag on Microsoft's business: So, you're a Microsoft corporate strategist. What's the profit-maximizing path forward given all these factors? It's this: Microsoft Windows becomes a Proton-like emulation layer over a Linux kernel, with the layer getting thinner over time as more of the support lands in the m...
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Sankaku Apple App 3.6 Now Faster Than Ever

Slaves to the Great Fruit finally have something to celebrate other than pending anti-trust litigation – a new version of the official Sankaku iOS app, bringing with it a number of essential enhancements. Freely download it from the App Store now. It will, of course, work best in conjunction with a Sankaku Plus subscription (which […]
Tags: Apple, Internet, Smartphones, Meta, Anime, Announcements, App Store, Sankaku Channel, Sankaku Complex

America's IRS Wants Cryptocurrency Exchanges Declared on Tax Forms

America's dreaded tax-collecting agency is sending "a strong warning to millions of crypto holders who aren't complying with the law that they must file required forms," reports the Wall Street Journal. The front page of this year's tax forms — just below "Name" and "Address" — will ask filers to declare whether they've received or exchanged any virtual currencies. The Journal calls it "setting a trap for cryptocurrency tax cheats." "This placement is unprecedented and will make it easier for t...
Tags: Congress, North Korea, New York City, America, Tech, Wall Street Journal, Irs, Journal, Monero, Kaplan Financial Education, Ed Zollars, Sean Cover, Congress Mr Cover

Elon Musk, Others, Criticize Microsoft's Exclusive License for OpenAI's GPT-3

"It looks like Elon Musk is increasingly unhappy with OpenAI, the AI research firm he helped found five years ago," reports Business Insider: Microsoft announced on Tuesday that it was exclusively licensing GPT-3, a natural language AI-powered tool made by OpenAI. The announcement was met with some dismay on Twitter from users who had thought OpenAI's mission statement was to make technologies like GPT-3 widely available. Elon Musk, who cofounded the company in 2015 as a non-profit AI research ...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Elon Musk, Microsoft, China, Tech, Kevin Scott, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, MIT s Technology Review, GPT, Oren Etzioni

'Google App Engine' Abused to Create Unlimited Phishing Pages

Google's cloud-based service platform for developing and hosting web apps "can be abused to deliver phishing and malware while remaining undetected by leading enterprise security products," reports Bleeping Computer, citing a startling discovery by security researcher Marcel Afrahim: A Google App Engine subdomain does not only represent an app, it represents an app's version, the service name, project ID, and region ID fields. But the most important point to note here is, if any of those fields...
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Thailand Launches Its First Legal Action Against Facebook and Twitter

Reuters reports: Thailand launched legal action on Thursday against tech giants Facebook and Twitter for ignoring requests to take down content, in its first such move against major internet firms... "Unless the companies send their representatives to negotiate, police can bring criminal cases against them," the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, Puttipong Punnakanta, told reporters. "But if they do, and acknowledge the wrongdoing, we can settle on fines...." The complaints were against t...
Tags: Facebook, Tech, Thailand, Reuters, Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, First Legal Action Against Facebook, Puttipong Punnakanta, Puttipong, Thailand Emilie Pradichit, Manushya Foundation

'Why Modeling the Spread of COVID-19 Is So Damn Hard'

Slashdot reader the_newsbeagle writes: At the beginning of the pandemic, modelers pulled out everything they had to predict the spread of the virus. This article explains the three main types of models used: 1) compartmental models that sort people into categories of exposure and recovery, 2) data-driven models that often use neural networks to make predictions, and 3) agent-based models that are something like a Sim Pandemic. "Researchers say they've learned a lot of lessons modeling this pan...
Tags: Cdc, Tech, Iowa State University, University of Sydney, University of Texas at Austin, Lauren Ancel Meyers, Jarad Niemi, Modeling Consortium, Mikhail Prokopenko

School-issued computers a lifeline for Southern California schoolchildren during pandemic

As this weird fall of distance learning unfolds, new data show that the great majority of schoolchildren in Southern California’s major metro areas are staring at computer screens issued by their school districts — not at devices belonging to their families. Connectivity in the gargantuan Los Angeles Unified School District as of Sept. 14 (SOURCE: LAUSD) And while “internet deserts” persist, the vast majority of adults in households with children — some 90 percent or more, depending on how ...
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Meet unicorn cybersecurity startup KnowBe4, which has a trickster CEO, a legendary felon as its 'chief hacking officer,' and a rumored IPO on the horizon

KnowBe4 CEO Stu Sjouwerman KnowBe4 Unicorn cybersecurity startup KnowBe4 is reportedly preparing for an IPO. The company sells cybersecurity training and tries to trick its customers' employees into clicking on fake emails and phony social media notifications. This kind of training is more important than ever as remote work has left employees particularly susceptible to social engineering attacks, as evidenced by a hack on Twitter and other attacks. Visit Business Insider's homepage for mo...
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