Elon Musk: Tesla May Be Overvalued Today, But I Think It'll Be Worth More In 5 Years

In an interview with Kara Swisher via a New York Times podcast, Elon Musk said he thinks Tesla will be worth more than it is today in 5 years. CNBC reports: "Some critical mass of the market has concluded that Tesla will win, I guess," said Musk on the stock's increases. "I've gone on record already saying the stock prices have been high, and that was well before the current level. But also if you ask me, do I think if Tesla will be worth more than this in 5 years? I think the answer is yes." In...
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"Suspected ransomware attack" takes down Universal Health Services hospital network, doctors and nurses are using paper

A large hospital chain that operates medical facilities around the U.S. was taken offline Monday, and in a statement blamed an unnamed technology "security issue." Security experts say it sounds like a "suspected ransomware attack." Universal Health Services operates over 250 hospitals and other medical facilities throughout the nation. — Read the rest
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Microsoft 365 outage caused problems for and Microsoft Teams users

There was a big outage for users of Microsoft 365, and other related services. Late on Monday Microsoft said a recent change it introduced probably caused the glitch that impacted user access to multiple Microsoft 365 services, including and Microsoft Teams. — Read the rest
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Global Microsoft outage brings down Office 365, Outlook and Teams

Microsoft says a recent update has affected the processing of authentication requests, making cloud-based services inaccessibleMicrosoft has said it is investigating an outage that brought down Microsoft’s cloud-based office services including the meetings software, Teams, worldwide.Microsoft reported issues with authentication for its cloud services at around 9.25pm UTC, meaning people were having issues logging into the online services Teams, Outlook and Office. Continue reading...
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Hacker Publishes Info On Las Vegas-Area Students After Demanding Ransom

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Business Insider: Last month, Las Vegas' largest public school district announced that a hacker compromised some of its files using ransomware and was holding the files hostage while demanding a ransom payment. Now, a hacker has published files containing students' grades and personal information after school district officials refused to pay the ransom. Brett Callow, a threat analyst with cybersecurity firm Emsisoft, told Business Insider that he disco...
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Apple vs Epic may go to jury; Google finally speaks on Fortnite ban

You thought the Apple vs Epic Games battle had cooled, or maybe blown over? You thought wrong. Now not only might the case have to go before the jury, but Google’s finally breaking its silence. So sit down, grab a bubbly beverage and a plate of nachos, because the show is back on. Today was the first day of the case in court, for a hearing. Everything up to now has been the two companies sniping at each other in legal filings, but now the two companies had to present themselves (virtually, of co...
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XtalPi lands massive $319M SoftBank-led round C to continue its high-tech drug discovery

XtalPi, an American-Chinese biotech firm that focuses on AI-assisted drug discovery, has raised a $319 million round C from a slate of enthusiastic investors led by SoftBank’s Vision Fund. It joins numerous others with 9-figure rounds in what is clearly a valuable and competitive space. XtalPi works with major pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer that need to identify promising new drug-like molecules and learn as much about them as possible. It’s very much a race, so companies claiming to use A...
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Indonesian fintech startup BukuWarung gets new funding to add financial services for small merchants

A month after completing Y Combinator’s accelerator program, BukuWarung, an financial tech startup that serves small businesses in Indonesia, announced it has raised new funding from a roster of high-profile investors, including partners of DST Global, Soma Capital and 20VC. The amount of the funding was undisclosed, but a source told TechCrunch that it was between $10 million to $15 million. The new capital will be used to hire for BukuWarung’s technology team. TechCrunch first profiled Buku...
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A Week With the Xbox Series X: Load Times, Game Performance, and More

The Verge's Tom Warren spent the past week with an Xbox Series X, playing a variety of games on the preview unit, testing load times, performance, and some of the new Series X features. Here's an excerpt from each section of his report: Load Times: The most significant and obvious improvement with existing games on the Xbox Series X is the massive changes to load times. I noticed load times drop in pretty much every single game I've tested over the past week. Games like Sea of Thieves, Warframe,...
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Google Takes an Apple Approach to Android Apps, Will Require 30% Cut of Play Store Revenue

After some confusion—and after watching Apple take heat over its iOS App Store policies—Google is clarifying how and when it plans to take its cut of paid apps in the Google Play Store.Read more...
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26% of US Adults Get Their News From YouTube, Study Finds

In a study the Pew Research Center released today, 26% of U.S. adults said they now get their news from YouTube. That includes 23% via videos posted by news organizations and 23% from independent YouTube channels. Researchers surveyed 12,638 U.S. adults for the report. VentureBeat reports: "The study finds a news landscape on YouTube in which established news organizations and independent news creators thrive side by side -- and consequently, one where established news organizations no longer ha...
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Police Charity Bought An iPhone Hacking Tool and Gave It To Cops

The San Diego Police Foundation, an organization that receives donations from corporations, purchased iPhone unlocking technology for the city's police department, according to emails obtained by Motherboard. From the report: The finding comes as activist groups place renewed focus on police foundations, which are privately run charities that raise funds from Wall Street banks and other companies, purchase items, and then give those to their respective police departments. Because of their privat...
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YouTube Celebrates Deaf Awareness Week By Killing Crowd-Sourced Captions

Two days after the International Week of the Deaf, which is the last full week in September, YouTube is killing its "Community Contributions" feature for videos, which let content creators crowdsource captions and subtitles for their videos. Ars Technica reports: Once enabled by a channel owner, the Community Contributions feature would let viewers caption or translate a video and submit it to the channel for approval. YouTube currently offers machine-transcribed subtitles that are often full of...
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Microsoft outage leaves users unable to access Office, Outlook, Teams

Microsoft said it’s investigating an authentication outage with Office 365, preventing users from accessing some of the company’s most widely used services, including,, and Teams. The company’s status dashboard said the issue started at 2:25pm PT, and has impacted mostly consumer users across the globe for the last few hours. Some government users may also be impacted, the company said. In a series of tweets, Microsoft said that it tried to fix the issue, but was forced to...
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These are the best cheap Apple Watch deals for October 2020

The Apple Watch has surged to prominence in recent years. If you're in the market for an iOS wearable, we've sniffed out the best Apple Watch deals available right now.
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On Executive Order 12333

Mark Jaycox has written a long article on the US Executive Order 12333: “No Oversight, No Limits, No Worries: A Primer on Presidential Spying and Executive Order 12,333“: Abstract: Executive Order 12,333 (“EO 12333”) is a 1980s Executive Order signed by President Ronald Reagan that, among other things, establishes an overarching policy framework for the Executive Branch’s spying powers. Although electronic surveillance programs authorized by EO 12333 generally target foreign intelligence from fo...
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Uber Can Continue Operating In London After Winning Court Appeal

After losing its license to operate in London last November, deputy chief magistrate of Transport for London (TfL), Tanweer Ikram, granted Uber an 18-month license after winning their court appeal. "Despite their historical failings, I find them, now, to be a fit and proper person to hold a London PHV [private hire vehicle] operator's license," he concluded. Engadget reports: Uber's new licence runs for 18 months. It has "a number of conditions," according to TfL, that will allow the regulator t...
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Elon Musk says he and his family won't get a coronavirus vaccine when it becomes available

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. Filip Singer-Pool/Getty Images Tesla CEO Elon Musk and his family aren't planning to get a COVID-19 vaccine when one becomes available, he told The New York Times' Kara Swisher in an episode of the podcast published Monday. Musk said that he believes he and his kids aren't at risk of contracting the coronavirus and therefore have no plans to be vaccinated against the virus. There is no evidence Musk and his family are any less susceptible to the highly con...
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Daily Crunch: Judge delays TikTok ban

Americans can continue using TikTok for now, Google updates its developer policies and Uber gets approval to resume operations in London. This is your Daily Crunch for September 28, 2020. The big story: Judge delays TikTok ban The saga continues! The Trump administration’s ban on TikTok was scheduled to take effect today — but over the weekend, a federal court ruled that Americans can continue using the app while a legal challenge over the ban’s legality moves forward. A federal judge had a...
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Liquid Water on Mars? New Research Indicates Buried 'Lakes'

The existence of liquid water on Mars -- one of the more hotly debated matters about our cold, red neighbor -- is looking increasingly likely. From a report: New research published Monday in the journal Nature Astronomy indicates there really is a buried reservoir of super-salty water near the south pole of the planet. Scientists say such a lake would significantly improve the likelihood that the red planet just might harbor microscopic life of its own. Some scientists remain unconvinced that wh...
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Gillmor Gang: Over 2 U

The pandemic shook up our (and virtually every other) video news production process as Zoom became the focus of our daily lives; slowly but surely we’ve altered the production process to reflect Zoom’s easy onboarding and semi-casual approach to virtualized meetings and conversations. We now use a series of interweaved services to broadcast the live Zoom recording session over ReStream, which in turn streams to Twitter/Periscope, YouTube and Facebook Live. Some of the show’s regulars share th...
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The best iPadOS 14 tips and tricks

iPadOS 14 is a major upgrade for Apple's tablet, with many new enhancements. We show you how to take advantage of some of its high-profile features.
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Judge in Apple 'Fortnite' case slams Epic's tactics, hints at July trial date

A federal judge presiding over a high-stakes antitrust lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games — maker of the popular video game Fortnite — repeatedly slammed Epic on Monday on its legal theories and tactics in the company's case against the iOS App Store, a court battle that could reshape the digital economy.
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Ransomware Attacks Take On New Urgency Ahead of Vote

A Texas company that sells software that cities and states use to display results on election night was hit by ransomware last week, the latest of nearly a thousand such attacks over the past year against small towns, big cities and the contractors who run their voting systems. From a report: Many of the attacks are conducted by Russian criminal groups, some with shady ties to President Vladimir V. Putin's intelligence services. But the attack on Tyler Technologies, which continued on Friday nig...
Tags: Texas, Tech, United States, Tyler, Emsisoft, Tyler Technologies, Vladimir V Putin, Brett Callow

Epic’s Case Against Apple Should Be Put to a Jury, Judge Recommends

The latest episode of the Epic Games vs. Apple saga took place this morning, and it appears we’re still at square one.Read more...
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The best humidifiers

An excellent humidifier can make your home's air much more comfortable to breathe, particularly when the air becomes too dry. There are a number of great humidifiers available, but our top pick is the Pure Enrichment Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. It's stylish, inexpensive, and versatile enough to suit most people's needs.When the air gets too dry, it can potentially lead to health issues such as bloody noses, cracked lips, itchy skin, and more.It can also simply just be uncomfortable to breat...
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Rebranded and funded, powerful lead app Auctm grows by $5M

Five-star rated, lead-empowerment app SquadVoice has rebranded from the top down upon Series A funding. The company is called SqaudStack, and the product is now Auctm.
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Hands-On With iOS 14.2's New Shazam Music Recognition Toggle in Control Center

Shortly after launching iOS 14, Apple introduced an upcoming iOS 14.2 update, which is now available to developers and public beta testers ahead of a public release that could come at some point in October. Subscribe to the MacRumors YouTube channel for more videos. The iOS 14.2 update mainly focuses on the Control Center, introducing a new Music Recognition toggle that deepens the Shazam integration in the iPhone and iPad. We thought we'd test out the new Shazam toggle in the Control Ce...
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How to get verified on Instagram and mark your profile as 'authentic' and 'notable'

You'll need to meet Instagram's verification requirements before you can get your blue check. Picture alliance/Getty Images To get verified on Instagram, you'll need to be ready to submit some personal information, including your full legal name and photo ID.  There are several requirements you have to meet to get verified on Instagram, but Instagram isn't totally clear about what those exact requirements are. If you're certain you meet Instagram's standards, you can get verified b...
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New Kindle Unlimited subscribers can get 50% off their first 6 months as an early Prime Day deal

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Amazon Amazon is currently offering new Kindle Unlimited subscribers 50% off for their first six months as part of an early Prime Day deal.Amazon Prime members can also select between October 1 and October 31.All Amazon customers can get a $5 ebook credit if they spend $20 or more on ebooks.Check out our Prime Day hub and Prime Day tech deals roundup for all the best offers when Prime Day launche...
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