How It Works: Electric Vehicle Specifications

So you're reading about an electric car, and it's got a 160-kW motor, a 62-kWh battery, a 6.6-kW charger, and it gets 2.2 Le/100 km. And if none of that makes sense, you're not alone -- these cars come with a learning curve. Find out how to decipher all the specifications in my "How It Works" column at the National Post ( [Author: Jil McIntosh]
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IEET Fellows Published in Inaugural Issues of AI and Ethics

The initial publication of the interdisciplinary journal *AI and Ethics* is now available here.  It includes twelve articles on such issues as moral agency, climate, and regulation, and the authors include IEET fellows Kevin LaGrandeur and Wendell Wallach. [Author: [email protected] (IEET)]
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'World's Fastest Electrodes' Triple the Density of Lithium Batteries

French company Nawa technologies says it's already in production on a new electrode design that can radically boost the performance of existing and future battery chemistries, delivering up to 3x the energy density, 10x the power, vastly faster charging and battery lifespans up to five times as long. NewAtlas reports: Nawa is already known for its work in the ultracapacitor market, and the company has announced that the same high-tech electrodes it uses on those ultracapacitors can be adapted fo...
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Alternative Ways to Invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoins, like other cryptocurrencies, are digital assets that work as a medium of exchange just like money, except they are all online. Sure, money can be online but bitcoin and other cryptos are far less tangible, and there is no actual underlying material asset. There is no promise to pay the barer x amount of money, and there is nothing physical at all about the asset. This did not stop Bitcoin from absolutely taking the world by storm in 2016, and being hailed by some of the most prominent...
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Short story: The Garden Gambit

It was the second time he was sitting in her garden, and again her AI snake was looking at him from over her shoulder.The first time he had not thought about the intelligence he knew far exceeded the snake’s own hardware, about the obviously engineered subliminal harmonics of the garden, or about the way the woman seemed to smile and nod at something the snake had softly hissed to her like a joke or a command. The first time he just listened to the offer and refused it with pride. “Mathematical...
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Supreme Court takes on Google vs. Oracle: The biggest software development case ever

More than a decade in the marking the Supreme Court may finally decide if application programming interfaces (APIs) can be copyrighted. If the court decides they are, everything you know about making programs will change for the worse.
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AT&T Offloading DirecTV Could Be a 'Fire Sale' As Company Weighs Low Bids

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: AT&T is reportedly moving ahead with its plan to sell DirecTV despite receiving bids that value the satellite division at less than one-third of the price AT&T paid for it. AT&T bought DirecTV for $49 billion in 2015 and has lost seven million TV subscribers in the last two years. In late August, news broke that AT&T is trying to sell DirecTV to private-equity investors and that a deal could come in at less than $20 billion. The New York Pos...
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Lanturn, a Singaporean tech-enabled corporate services provider, raises $3 million seed round

Running a small to medium-sized business means a small staff needs to juggle a plethora of tasks, like bookkeeping, tax records and regulatory filings. Singaporean startup Lanturn streamlines their workload with a combination of corporate services and an internal platform that helps automate administrative work. Lanturn announced today that it has raised a $3 million seed round led by East Ventures and CoCoon Ignite Ventures. Spun out from Zave, a Singaporean management app (and another startup ...
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US Explores Curbs On Ant Group, Tencent Payment Systems

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: The Trump administration is exploring restrictions on billionaire Jack Ma's Ant Group as well as Tencent Holdings Ltd. over concerns that their digital payment platforms threaten U.S. national security, according to people familiar with the matter, a move that risks infuriating China and disrupting what could be the world's largest initial public offering. Debate over how and whether to restrict Ant Group's and Tencent's payment systems has acc...
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Facebook announces plan to stop political ads after 3 November

The policy change is intended to ‘reduce opportunities for confusion or abuse’ and did not give a timeline for advertising to returnFacebook has announced significant changes to its advertising and misinformation policies, saying it will stop running political ads in the United States after polls close on 3 November for an undetermined period of time.The changes, announced on Wednesday, come in an effort to “protect the integrity” of the upcoming election “by fighting foreign interference, misin...
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Qualcomm To Launch Its Own Premium Snapdragon Branded Phones

According to Taiwanese publication DigiTimes, Qualcomm is planning to launch new premium smartphones under its own brand name. It's reportedly partnering with ASUS to manufacture and distribute the devices globally. HotHardware reports: It would appear that Qualcomm's intent is to showcase ultra-premium experiences for Snapdragon Android phones in the market. This would in effect be a "super phone" of sorts that is designed by and powered by Qualcomm, but manufactured by ASUS. It would likely be...
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Electric Shocks To the Tongue Can Quiet Chronic Ringing Ears

Scientists have shown shocking the tongue -- combined with a carefully designed sound program -- can reduce symptoms of tinnitus, not just while patients are being treated, but up to 1 year later. Science Magazine reports: In the team's experiment, 326 people with tinnitus sat for up to 1 hour at a time with a small plastic paddle on their tongue. Tiny electrodes in the paddle delivered an electrical current designed to broadly excite the brain, getting activity going through a number of interco...
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The biggest advertising accounts to watch

Hi! Welcome to the Insider Advertising daily for October 8. I'm Lauren Johnson, a senior advertising reporter at Business Insider. Subscribe here to get this newsletter in your inbox every weekday. Send me feedback or tips at [email protected]'s news: The biggest advertising accounts agencies are watching, Narrative's Series A pitch deck, and inside the marketing of gummy vitamins. T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert Robyn Beck /AFP/Getty Images The top advertising accounts age...
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Trump's Department of Labor Is Targeting Microsoft for Pledging to Hire More Black Managers

Trump’s Department of Labor has opened an investigation into whether Microsoft violated federal law by promising to hire more Black and African American managers and leaders, ABC News reported on Wednesday.Read more...
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Daily Crunch: Big tech responds to antitrust report

The major tech platforms push back against the House antitrust report, Google Assistant gets a “guest” mode and we interview a freshly minted Nobel laureate. This is your Daily Crunch for October 7, 2020. The big story: Big tech responds to antitrust report The House Judiciary Committee released its tech antitrust report late yesterday, concluding that the big tech platforms should face additional regulation. Recommendations include creating new separations to prevent dominant platforms from ...
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Bringing micromobility to Africa

When you look at maps of micromobility across the world, it appears there’s not a ton of activity throughout Africa. Well, that’s because there’s not, Gura Ride founder and CEO Tony Adesina said at TC Sessions: Mobility. In Africa, there are “very few” micromobility operators, Adesina said. “Almost non-existent.” That’s why launching bike and scooter share in Africa, and specifically Rwanda was strategic, he said. In Kigali, there are many bike lanes and cycling is quite popular in Rwanda, Adesi...
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Facebook Widens Ban On Political Ads As Alarm Rises Over Election

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The New York Times: On Wednesday, Facebook said it would take more preventive measures to keep political candidates from using it to manipulate the election's outcome and its aftermath. The company now plans to prohibit all political and issue-based advertising after the polls close on Nov. 3 for an undetermined length of time. And it said it would place notifications at the top of the News Feed notifying people that no winner had been decided until a vic...
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Meet the XB-1: A Prototype For a Modern Supersonic Passenger Jet

On Wednesday, Boom Supersonic unveiled the XB-1, a prototype aircraft for the company's planned commercial supersonic airplane. Ars Technica reports: The rollout marks the handoff from the design, development, and build phase to testing, said Blake Scholl, Boom founder and chief executive. After undergoing a series of ground tests, the 21-meter-long aircraft will begin a flight test campaign in the third quarter of 2021 at Mojave Air and Space Port, Scholl said. "We'll be supersonic by the end o...
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PS5 Teardown Video Confirms Faster Wi-Fi and USB Ports Than Xbox Series X

Sony's recently-released PS5 teardown video gives us a closer look at the PS5, and confirms that the speed of the console's Wi-Fi antenna and USB ports are faster than those available in the Xbox Series X. GamesRadar+ reports: As spotted by VG247, the teardown confirms a few new hardware details about PS5. For starters, we know the console's Wi-Fi antenna supports the new Wi-Fi 6 standard, which allows for a new maximum speed of 9.6 Gbps -- more than twice the 3.5 Gbps ceiling for Wi-Fi 5. This ...
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Why Is It So Hard to Make a Beautiful Smartwatch Band?

A couple of weeks ago, on a camping trip with a friend, I was describing my newfound obsession with wearing my smartwatch to track things—namely, about how it’d been the primary driver in helping me overcome my quarantine workout slump. But as she glanced at the thick band on my Apple Watch Series 6, she mentioned…Read more...
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Google Accounts Get Security Boost With New Critical Alerts System

Google on Wednesday unveiled a pair of online products designed to better protect the security and privacy of Google users' information. From a report: The company said it will soon introduce a redesigned critical alert to warn Google Account users when a serious security threat is detected, such as a suspected hack. Unlike alerts that arrive in your email or on your phone, the new alert will automatically be displayed in the Google app you're using. To provide an additional layer of reassurance...
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Apple Maps 'Look Around' Feature Now Available in Phoenix, Arizona

Apple recently expanded its "Look Around" feature in Apple Maps to Phoenix, Arizona, providing 3D street-level imagery that's similar to Google's Street View. Look Around is a feature that was first introduced in iOS 13, but it was limited to a handful of cities at launch. Apple has been working to expand it, and it can now be used in 14 regions around the world, including San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Houston, London, New York, and Oahu, with a full list available on...
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Five Useful Features We'd Like to See Added to iPadOS

Apple with iOS 14 introduced major updates that include a revamped Home Screen with support for widgets, updated widget designs, an App Library for organizing apps, a Translate app, changes to Messages, an overhauled version of Safari, and tons more. Many of these features also came to iPadOS 14, the companion update to ‌iOS 14‌ that's designed for iPads, but several key features were left out. Subscribe to the MacRumors YouTube channel for more videos. In addition, there are also some o...
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Apple is expected to release a larger iPhone 12 Pro on October 13 — here's everything we know about Apple's next high-end iPhones so far

The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max Hollis Johnson/Business Insider Apple is expected to release four new iPhones this year, including two models expected to be called the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.While some features will be consistent across all models — like 5G support and OLED displays — others are expected to be exclusive to the Pro phones.Such features may include a triple-lens camera and refreshed design that resembles the iPad Pro.Visit Business Insider's homepage for ...
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Apple is expected to release a larger iPhone 12 Pro on October 13 — here's everything we know about Apple's next high-end iPhones so far

Apple's iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max are expected to come with larger displays, a Lidar sensor for augmented reality, and a new design.
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All Google Pixel phones have wireless charging, if you use the right accessory — here's what you should know

Google Pixel phones can be charged wirelessly, though the process is different depending on which version you have. Google The Google Pixel 3, 4, and 5 have wireless charging built-in, but if you have an older version, there are still ways to charge your phone wirelessly.  The Pixel 3 was the first model to include a wireless charging feature, with the charging base sold separately. If you have the original Google Pixel or Pixel 2, you can buy and use a compatible receiver to give your pho...
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Apple Arcade violates the same App Store policies that are keeping Xbox Game Pass and Google Stadia off of iOS, says former App Store leader

Apple CEO Tim Cook. AP Apple's iPhone and iPad App Store doesn't allow subscription-based gaming services like Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass and Google's Stadia.  The reason, according to former Apple App Store director Phil Shoemaker, is because "apps that compete against Apple’s services have a track record of problems getting through the App Store’s review process," a new House antitrust report said.  Shoemaker pointed to Apple Arcade, Apple's subscription-based gaming service, as a primar...
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Facebook: Trump can’t recruit ‘army’ of poll watchers under new voter intimidation rules

In a blog post Wednesday, Facebook said it will no longer allow content that encourages poll watching that uses “militarized” language or intends to “intimidate, exert control, or display power over election officials or voters.” Facebook credited the update to its platform rules to civil rights experts who it worked with to create the policy. Facebook Vice President of Content Policy Monika Bickert elaborated on the new rules in a call with reporters, noting that wording would prohibit posts...
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Startups joining SK Telecom’s accelerator include AI-driven mapping and vision for delivery robots

We don’t often cover telecom technology startups, but it’s periodically worth checking in to see what’s happening in that space. We can get a good indication from the latest cohort to emerge from an accelerator associated with South Korea’s largest wireless carrier, SK Telecom. This group of startups will join the Telecom Infra Project accelerator in South Korea, which is part of a global program of telecoms specialist centers, and run in partnership with SK Telecom. The cohort includes a...
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After ten years, the Google vs Oracle API copyright mega-battle finally hit the Supreme Court – and we listened in

Don’t worry, it’s only the future of software development at stake Special report The decade-long mega-battle between two of the world’s largest corporations, which will decide the future of software development, began its final showdown this morning.…
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