United Kingdom Has 1,000+ AI Cameras Checking for Adequate Social Distancing

It was divulged that various cities across the United Kingdom contain “sensors” able to detect the distance between people captured by the devices, which then determine if they are adequately adhering to the ever invasive social distancing rules. While the sensors were made by Vivacity with the intent to monitor the flow of traffic and […]
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Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K. Footage Shows Off the Hulu Show’s Oddball Humor

Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K. Footage Show Off the Upcoming Show’s Oddball Humor We’ve finally received our first look at the upcoming series, Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K. and it actually looks quite brilliant. The footage for the stop motion animated comedy show was unveiled during a panel at New York Comic Con, which you can watch below! Along with the sneak peek, co-creator was on hand to discuss the show’s premise: “He is going to have to close up shop until a tech company – a Silicon Valley, kind of Googl...
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How to Make your Documents Read-only in Google Drive

The files in your Google Drive are private by default and only the owner has initial permissions to view, edit or delete their files. If you choose to share a file with other people, you can decide whether others have read-only access to your files or if they are allowed to edit and comment on your files.You can always remove external collaborators from your documents to prevent them from editing your files but how do you prevent yourself (the owner) from accidentally editing your own files in G...
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Should Colleges Do Admissions Without Standardized Tests?

America's not-for-profit College Board is a membership organization of 6,000 educational institutions that creates and administers tests used by college admissions offices. But it "operates as a near monopoly" with tests "which have a stranglehold on their organization under serious strain, run by an elitist, tone-deaf chief executive," according to a new article shared by long-term Slashdot reader theodp: The College Board's core product, the SAT, has set the standard fo...
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China grants consular access to two Canadians detained for two years

Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig were arrested for alleged espionage after Canada held Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou for extradition to USChina has granted consular access to two Canadians detained in the country for the first time since January as the diplomatic standoff between the two nations continued.The Canadian government said on Saturday that Dominic Barton, Canada’s ambassador to China, was granted virtual consular access to Michael Spavor on Friday and virtual consular access to Micha...
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How Robots, Some Autonomous, Are Helping Our Response to COVID-19

"To fight a disease that thrives on human contact, robots have increasingly taken the place of vulnerable humans," writes Slashdot reader the_newsbeagle: Sentry robots have performed screenings and patrolled streets, looking for lockdown violators. Avatars have allowed family members to visit loved ones in senior homes and enabled graduating students to walk across the stage. In hospitals, germ zappers have blasted UV-C light through hospital rooms, while doctor assistant bots have checked on p...
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Google's Concept for Its Massive San Jose Campus Actually Looks Kinda Neat (gizmodo)

Google isn’t exactly a name you associate with urban planning, but newly released renders for its San Jose campus are... pleasantly surprising. Unlike the typical closed-off tech campuses, the Downtown West project looks like an open plan neighborhood that’s actually part of the city itself. Read more... [Author: Victoria Song]
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Google Pixel 5 unboxing and hands-on: The premium Pixel for 2020

The Pixel 5 is Google's flagship for the year, offering some premium features over the Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a 5G.
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One Solar/Wind Energy Company Is Now More Valuable Than Exxon Mobil

The world's biggest provider of wind and solar energy is now more valuable than the giant oil company Exxon Mobil, "once the largest public company on Earth," reports Bloomberg: NextEra ended Wednesday with market value of $145 billion, topping Exxon's $142 billion... NextEra has emerged as the world's most valuable utility, largely by betting big on renewables, especially wind. Exxon has seen its fortunes shift in the other direction as electric vehicles become more widespread and the fight ag...
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Apple's promise to be carbon neutral by 2030 | Lisa Jackson and Liz Ogbu

Under the leadership of Lisa Jackson, Apple's environment and social VP and former head of the EPA, the company is already carbon neutral within their own corporate and retail boundaries. By 2030, Apple hopes to extend carbon neutrality to their supply chain and consumers. In conversation with urbanist and spatial justice activist Liz Ogbu, Jackson shares thoughts on leadership, tech, the environment and building a green economy. [Author: [email protected] (TED)]
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Redditor Alleges His New Tesla's Roof 'Fell Off On The Highway'

The source for this story is a post on Reddit, which Jalopnik argues "was corroborated with this remarkable video of Tesla's new Instant, Unplanned Convertible feature." I know we've covered Tesla's chronic quality control issues here before, and I realize that among hardcore Tesla-stans this may feel like we're picking on Tesla unfairly but in our defense, Tesla really does have some terrible quality issues. Sometimes we get a really dramatic and baffling issue, like this one where the fucking...
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Your Local Apple Store Has a New Mission: Ship Products Directly to Customers

The global coronavirus pandemic has put a new emphasis on buying online, and Apple has taken notice. Days before the company is expected to announce its new iPhone 12 lineup, as well as many other cool things, it will apparently begin to use its network of nearly 300 Apple Stores to ship products directly to customers.Read more...
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Apple Strudel

My cheater apple strudel is made by wrapping an overflowing spiced apple filling with flaky puff pastry. I finish it off with an outrageous sweet apple glaze. Eat this pastry warm right out of the oven as a special fall brunch or snack on it all day long like I do! Ingredients There’s no skimping on the ingredients in this recipe. I pack the strudel with so much filling that it’s almost bursting!Read the full article here
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Venture capital gets less diverse in 2020

Welcome back to The TechCrunch Exchange, a weekly startups-and-markets newsletter. It’s broadly based on the daily column that appears on Extra Crunch , but free, and made for your weekend reading. You can subscribe here. First, a big congrats on making it through the week. If you live in the United States, you just endured one of the wildest news weeks ever. Rapid-fire headlines and nigh-panic have been our lot since last Friday when the president announced he was COVID-19 positive. We’re...
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After Six Years of Development, Amazon Kills Its Game 'Crucible' Within Five Months

"It's the end of a rocky journey..." writes the Verge. After six years of developing the free first-person shooter game Crucible, Amazon launched the game in May, yanked it into closed beta in July, and then 14 weeks later cancelled the game altogether. Ars Technica reports: This followed the game's formal delisting from Steam in July, which followed painfully low concurrent player counts (as low as 200) that made it difficult for players to successfully matchmake with each other. Though the ga...
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Study of 11,000 Kids Links Cannabis Use During Pregnancy To Child Behavioral Change

Slashdot reader omfglearntoplay shared this article from Science Alert: A cross-sectional analysis of 11,489 children, 655 of whom were exposed to THC in the womb, has found cannabis use during pregnancy is tied to a small elevation in psychotic-like behaviours later in life. These include aggression towards others, as well as attention and social problems... the relationship stood even when other confounding factors, such as genetic predispositions, were considered. Whether or not this link ...
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The best laptop deals we expect on Amazon Prime Day 2020 from Apple, Dell, Lenovo, and more

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Amazon Amazon Prime Day brings some of the best deals on laptops on an annual basis – this year set back a bit for obvious reasons. In recent years, Prime Day laptop deals have rivaled those on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and this year's event is no exception, especially given how close it is to both. This year, however, could be somewhat different from years past when it comes to laptop deals, ...
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Public investors stay in love with tech, as Root and Affirm file to IPO

Editor’s note: Get this free weekly recap of TechCrunch news that any startup can use by email every Saturday morning (7 a.m. PT). Subscribe here. Why are there so many tech IPOs right now? Startups are finding that they can get higher valuations from public markets than private ones these days, because so many public investors want to put serious money in tech. Also, the lure of the future, the benevolence of the Fed, the retail investor boom, the sheer number of unicorns that have been waiting...
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New Python 3.9 'Brings Significant Changes' To Language Features

This week's release of Python 3.9 "brings forward significant changes to both the features of the language and to how the language is developed," writes InfoWorld — starting with a new yearly release schedule and performance-boosting parser improvements: - Python makes it easy to manipulate common data types, and Python 3.9 extends this ease with new features for strings and dictionaries. For strings, there are new methods to remove prefixes and suffixes, operations that have long required a lot...
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America's FBI Warns of Security Risks in Using Hotel Wi-Fi

"Most users don't seem to realize the severity of the risks they're subjecting themselves to while using hotel Wi-Fi networks," writes Windows Report, noting that America's FBI "issued a Public Service Announcement concerning the risks of using hotel Wi-Fi networks while teleworking." Apparently, more and more U.S. hotels started advertising room reservations during the daytime for those who seek a distraction-free environment. This comes as a blessing for teleworkers who can't seem to focus on...
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5 Android apps you shouldn't miss this week - Android Apps Weekly

The 349th Android Apps Weekly is out! This week is a big, heaping dose of Google news along with some other apps news too!
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Fake Campaign Mail Masquerades as Bernie Sanders Endorsement for Uber/Lyft Ballot Measure

California's elections include grass roots propositions that change the law directly while bypassing legislators. Uber, Lyft, and Uber-owned Postmates (as well as DoorDash and Instacart) have spent $185 million — the most ever spent — pushing a proposition that would keep ride-hail and delivery drivers as independent contractors, reports SFGate. "If it passes...gig corporations won't have to contribute to Social Security, Medicare or unemployment insurance. They won't have to offer paid sick lea...
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SCOTT GALLOWAY: Tesla is the story stock of the decade, and Robinhood is the fuel

Tesla CEO Elon Musk dances onstage during a delivery event for Tesla China-made Model 3 cars in Shanghai. Reuters Scott Galloway is a bestselling author and professor of marketing at NYU Stern. The following is his recent blog post and video, republished with permission. It originally ran on his blog, "No Mercy / No Malice." Galloway says today's financial crisis is partially due to a widespread, imperfect belief that the market always goes up. This optimism causes an asset bubble — when p...
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2021 Indian Challenger Limited [Model Overview]

Touring Redefined: The 2021 Indian Challenger Limited Contents Model Overview Specifications Features Photos Videos Links The 2021 Indian Challenger Limited is one of the most impressive models in the 2021 Indian line-up. It features a selection of advanced riding aids, impressive ride ergonomics, and all the bells and whistles that you’d expect from a top-of-the-line touring motorcycle. At the heart of the Challenger Limited you’ll find the Indian PowerPlus liquid-cooled engine. It’s a...
Tags: Apple, Fox, Motorcycles, Harley Davidson, Brembo, 2021, Cruiser, Indian Motorcycle, V-twin, Metzeler, Challenger Limited, Notfp, Bosch IMU, 1000cc, Indian Challenger Limited, Piston Radial Caliper Brakes Rear Single

LinkedIn Spec Ad Tackles Unconscious Bias Problem

Short description:  LinkedIn exposes the hidden unconscious bias in the industry by developing a unique captcha. Tagline:  It's not about who you choose, but the reason you choose. CREDITS Project Name: Unconscious Bias CaptchaClient: LinkedIn   Creatives: Shadab Wajih, Tudor CucuRecognition:Awarded Gold Medal, Golden Awards of Montreux 2019Awarded Bronze, Young Glory 2018Awarded Merit, ADC Germany 2019Shortlisted, D&AD Impact, 2019Finalist, The Drum Chip Shop Award, 202...
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Politicians still don't understand the tech companies they're supposed to keep in check. That's a problem.

Mandel Ngan/AFP/Pool/Getty Images Big Tech companies have never controlled more of our lives. But, we don't have many politicians who understand the intricacies and nuances of technology to properly hold the industry accountable.  Recent hearings in the UK and Australia show just how incompetent politicians are at understanding technology.  Part of the issue is pride and part is due to generational differences. Regardless, we need politicians who can ask the right questions and create int...
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What Happens When Researchers Give Thousands of Dollars to Homeless People?

CNN reports on "The New Leaf Project," an initiative in which the University of British Columbia partnered with a Vancouver-based charity called Foundations for Social Change: Researchers gave 50 recently homeless people a lump sum of 7,500 Canadian dollars (nearly $5,700). They followed the cash recipients' life over 12-18 months and compared their outcomes to that of a control group who didn't receive the payment. The preliminary findings, which will be peer-reviewed next year, show that: -...
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[Review] Joe Rocket Canada Whistler Adventure Boots

The Whistler Adventure Boots Are Here I’ve been wearing a pair of SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots for three years and appreciate them for all the reasons outlined in the review we did of them years ago. They set the footwear protection and comfort benchmark for me at this point and rank among the best adventure boots available on the market. But what do you do if you can’t afford to pay $600 for your motorcycle boots that will only see action for 3 or 4 months of the year? The answer is to look...
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Apple’s new iPhone poised on threshold of 5G era

News, analysis and comment from the Financial Times, the worldʼs leading global business publication
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Report: Google Plans to Relinquish Control of Open-Source Project Knative

"Google LLC is reportedly planning to relinquish direct control over its open-source Knative project to a five-seat steering committee that will have rules to prevent any single organization from having more than two seats," reports SiliconANGLE. "The plan is designed to stymie criticism that Google is secretly planning to retain control over key open-source projects it has developed, according to a report today on the tech news website The Protocol." Knative is an open-source project first d...
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