Tiny Variants In Genes May Dictate Severity of Coronavirus

Scientists are tracking small differences in DNA to explain why the disease has different effects. An anonymous reader shares a report from The Guardian: Key developments include research which indicates that interferon -- a molecular messenger that stimulates immune defenses against invading viruses -- may play a vital role in defending the body. Scientists have found that rare mutations in some people may leave them unable to make adequate supplies of the interferon they need to trigger effect...
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16 Ways To Unwind Before The Election

Getty Images AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH As every news outlet and everyone on social media and everywhere else has said since the crack of dawn, today is the day before election day. I’m sure many of us are feeling the same way, as in, nauseous and terrified and all the things you’d feel on, like, whatever the opposite of Christmas Eve would be. (There’s probably a very long, very specific German word for this.) This is stressful enough without the added nightmare that is the coronavirus ...
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Intel Contemplates Outsourcing Advanced Production, Upending Oregon's Central Role

According to The Oregonian, Intel is "openly flirting with the notion of moving leading-edge production from Oregon to Asia and hiring one of its top rivals to make Intel's most advanced chips." The decision is likely in January. From the report: It's a momentous choice that follows a string of manufacturing setbacks at the Ronler Acres campus near Hillsboro Stadium, failures that have cost Intel its cherished leadership in semiconductor technology -- perhaps forever. Outsourcing wouldn't shutte...
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Gillmor Gang: Shaken Not Stirred

With one day to go to the election, our thoughts are with those who look forward to talking about something else. Difficult as it might be to imagine, there must be other things to work on. One thing that comes to mind is the impact of the virus on how we manage our days and nights in a digital environment. Mobile devices have already propelled much of the change, but the pandemic has accelerated the move to a hybrid distributed lifestyle. The election has mandated our attention to the politi...
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Indonesian logistics platform Logisly raises $6 million Series A to digitize truck shipments

Indonesia’s logistics industry is very fragmented, with several large providers operating alongside thousands of smaller companies. This means shippers often have to work with a variety of carriers, driving up costs and making supply chains harder to manage. Logisly, a Jakarta-based startup that describes itself as a “B2B tech-enabled logistics platform,” announced today it has raised $6 million in Series A funding to help streamline logistics in Indonesia. The round was led by Monk’s Hill Ventu...
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Dan Kohn, Executive Director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Has Died

Dan Kohn, leader of the Linux Foundation's Public Health (LFPH) initiative and former executive director at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), has passed away of complications from colon cancer. Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin wrote yesterday (via LFPH): Dan played a special role at the Linux Foundation. He helped establish the organization that we are today and oversaw the fastest growing open source community in history, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Dan was ...
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Apple TV Needs the PS5 and Xbox Series X

Apple TV will be available on the next-gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles at launch. This is a big deal. Read more...
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Walmart Ends Contract With Robotics Company, Opts For Human Workers Instead

According to The Wall Street Journal, Walmart has cut ties with Bossa Nova Robotics, opting for human workers instead. CNBC reports: A Walmart spokesperson told the Journal that about 500 robots were in Walmart's more than 4,700 stores when the contract ended. According to the Journal's report, Walmart has come up with simple and cost-effective ways to manage the products on its shelves with the help of its workers rather than using the robots. The report said Walmart U.S. Chief Executive John F...
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Twilio Wraps $3.2 Billion Purchase of Segment After Warp-Speed Courtship

Three weeks after announcing the $3.2 billion deal, TechCrunch is reporting that Twilio has officially acquired communications API company Segment. From the report: While we can't know for sure, the speed with which the deal closed could suggest that it was in the works longer than we had known, and when we began hearing rumors of the acquisition, it could have already been signed, sealed and delivered. In addition, the fact that Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson and Segment CEO Peter Reinhardt knew one an...
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Planning For Uncertainty As A Leader

2020 has taught the world the importance of contingency planning and how our response to a crisis can make a huge difference. As a budding entrepreneur, you should understand that crises will come and go but your leadership determines whether your business venture will survive the onslaught. Leveraging the chaos. Disruption is one of the most effective ways to enter an industry and rise rapidly to the top. It is a tactic that has often been employed in the digital era but not always effect...
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GitHub Warns Users Reposting YouTube-DL They Could Be Banned

An anonymous reader quotes a report from TorrentFreak: On October 23, 2020, the RIAA decided on action to stunt the growth and potentially the entire future of popular YouTube-ripping tool YouTube-DL. The music industry group filed a copyright complaint with code repository Github, demanding that the project be taken down for breaching the anti-circumvention provisions of the DMCA. While this was never likely to be well received by the hoards of people who support the software, the response was ...
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New Windows Zero-Day

Google’s Project Zero has discovered and published a buffer overflow vulnerability in the Windows Kernel Cryptography Driver. The exploit doesn’t affect the cryptography, but allows attackers to escalate system privileges: Attackers were combining an exploit for it with a separate one targeting a recently fixed flaw in Chrome. The former allowed the latter to escape a security sandbox so the latter could execute code on vulnerable machines. The vulnerability is being exploited in the wild, altho...
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Is Antitrust Just a Quaint Notion in the Digital Age?

Given the US Department of Justice's new antitrust complaint against Google, is it time to revisit what defines a market monopoly in the internet era? asks James Heskett. [Author: by James Heskett]
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Walmart reportedly ends contract with inventory robotics startup Bossa Nova

Robotics and automation startups have seen a strong uptick in interest over the course of the pandemic. And it’s easy to see which companies have a newfound interest in automating their workforce amid a seemingly endless virus-driven shutdown. But Walmart, which has long promised to take an increasing focus on such technology, has reportedly pulled the plug on one of its highest-profile partnerships. The mega-retailer has ended a contract with Bossa Nova Robotics, according to new reportin...
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SiFive Unveils Plan For Linux PCs With RISC-V Processors

SiFive today announced it is creating a platform for Linux-based personal computers based on RISC-V processors. VentureBeat reports: Assuming customers adopt the processors and use them in PCs, the move might be part of a plan to create Linux-based PCs that use royalty-free processors. This could be seen as a challenge to computers based on designs from Intel, Advanced Micro Devices, Apple, or Arm, but giants of the industry don't have to cower just yet. The San Mateo, California-based company u...
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Daily Crunch: Apple announces its next big event

Apple is closing out the year with another big event, Twitter details its plans to fight election-related misinformation and WeWork employees used an embarrassingly insecure printer password. This is your Daily Crunch for November 2, 2020. The big story: Apple announces its next big event Yes, almost everyone’s attention is locked onto tomorrow’s U.S. presidential election, but Apple is giving us an excuse to look beyond November 4 — it’s holding another big event, themed “One More Thing,” on...
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48 fun and unique gifts that teens actually want to receive

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. JBL Teens can be a daunting demographic to buy for — they're often the first to forecast the next "Big Thing" but also don't have the expendable income to buy everything they'd like to have.To help lessen the stress of shopping for them, I've rounded up 40+ solid gifts they'll love to receive.After more ideas and inspiration? Check out all Insider Reviews gift guides here. Sign up for Insider Revie...
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Tech Startups Say New Pay Rules for H-1B Visas Are Unaffordable

New rules from the Trump administration restricting skilled foreign workers are unnerving U.S. startup hubs, as founders and investors say the limitations will hamstring their ability to recruit top-tier talent to grow their businesses [Editor's note: the link may be paywalled; free syndicated source]. From a report: The changes to the H-1B visa program announced in October will make qualifying for the work visas much tougher and compel employers to pay foreign workers drastically higher wages. ...
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Apple to reveal ARM-based Macs at ‘One More Thing’ event on November 10

It’s been a busy few months for Apple, despite the ongoing pandemic. After hosting virtual events for new iPads and then new iPhones, the company today announced it will be hosting a “One More Thing” event on November 10 at 10:00AM PST. “One more thing” is an iconic phrase for Apple, often used by Steve Jobs when announcing an important or surprise new product. This time around, we know at least some of what to expect: Apple‘s first Macs built on its own ARM-based processors. The Macs will share...
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Pandora Update Adds HomePod Support

Prior to the launch of the HomePod mini, Pandora today updated its app designed for iOS devices to add in HomePod integration. ‌HomePod‌ support for Pandora was a feature that Apple promised would come in software updates this fall, right alongside iOS 14. With the Pandora ‌HomePod‌ integration, ‌HomePod‌ owners (and future ‌HomePod mini‌ owners) can ask Siri to play content directly from Pandora as an alternative to Apple Music. Prior to ‌iOS 14‌, ‌HomePod‌ was designed to work only with ‌Ap...
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The best speaker deals — save $50 on the Bose SoundLink II portable speaker

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Amazon Speakers with good performance can be pricey, but they often go on sale.We've compiled all the best speaker deals for November 2020.We'll update this list regularly with new deals as they're announced.Right now, the Bose SoundLink II Portable Bluetooth Speaker is on sale for $79 — that's $50 off its retail price.Great speakers can make listening to music far more enjoyable — and speakers hav...
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Hands-On With Apple's iPhone 12 MagSafe Wallet Attachment

Alongside the MagSafe cases and the ‌MagSafe‌ Charger that Apple introduced with the iPhone 12, there's also a Leather Wallet that has magnets at the back so it can attach right to an iPhone as an add-on accessory. Leather Wallets became available for purchase over the weekend, so we picked one up to see if it's a worthwhile alternative to a traditional wallet. Subscribe to the MacRumors YouTube channel for more videos. Design wise, the $59 ‌iPhone‌ Leather Wallet comes in a soft Europea...
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Apple Workplace Drama Severance Adds Christopher Walken to Cast

Apple workplace drama Severance adds Christopher Walken to cast Just a few days after adding two-time Golden Globe nominee John Turturro (The Night Of) to its cast, Apple TV’s workplace drama Severance has rounded out its ensemble roster with the addition of Oscar winner Christopher Walken (The War With Grandpa), according to The Hollywood Reporter. RELATED: Severance: John Turturro Joins Apple’s New Drama Series PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone ...
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South Park Creators Have New Political Satire Series With AI-Generated Deepfakes

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Register: Trey Parker and Matt Stone, best known for their cartoon South Park, have created a new comedy deepfake series called Sassy Justice. The star of the show, Fred Sassy, is a local news reporter from Cheyenne, Wyoming, with the face of US President Donald Trump. Other notable characters include, erm, "Dialysis King" Mark Zuckerberg. Politicians like former vice president Al Gore and White House family members Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared ...
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AWS launches its next-gen GPU instances

AWS today announced the launch of its newest GPU-equipped instances. Dubbed P4, these new instances are launching a decade after AWS launched its first set of Cluster GPU instances. This new generation is powered by Intel Cascade Lake processors and eight of NVIDIA’s A100 Tensor Core GPUs. These instances, AWS promises, offer up to 2.5x the deep learning performance of the previous generation — and training a comparable model should be about 60% cheaper with these new instances. Image Credits:...
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PayPal’s earnings don’t excite Wall Street, but bring good news for consumer fintech

PayPal’s stock is down in after-hours trading after reporting third-quarter earnings that beat expectations. It’s not immediately clear why PayPal is losing ground, although it could stem from retail investor having higher expectations than what analysts estimated for the high-flying company. Despite failing to delight the investing public, it’s possible to see continued strength for the broader fintech industry in its results. PayPal reported revenues of $5.46 billion and adjusted earnings p...
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Chime, Brokermint partner for a ‘deep technical integration’

Chime said its pursuit of a Brokermint integration stemmed from customer requests and the desire for a single "lead-to-cash" solution.
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In the Russian novel I’m reading, there’s a reminiscence of a squalid house in Kazan (around the time of the First World War) in which part of the description is “на окне в столовой стоял пенэкспеллер” [on the dining room window stood penexpeller]. The last word was obviously not Russian, and it wasn’t in any of my dictionaries, but Google came to my aid (how did people figure these things out before the internet?) — it’s Pain Expeller, a nostrum from the late 19th and early 20th century. You ...
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Big Tech draws record revenue, harsh criticism with election ads

Google and Facebook struggle to set and enforce clear guidelines.
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