What Biden's Victory Means For Net Neutrality - and for Ajit Pai

"A victory by Joe Biden in the Nov. 3 election could usher in an abrupt change in the nation's telecommunications policy, restoring so-called net neutrality regulation," Bloomberg recently reported: Biden hasn't talked much about the FCC during the campaign, but his party's platform is specific. It calls for restoring net neutrality rules put in place under then-President Barack Obama when Biden served as vice president and taking a harder line on telecommunications mergers... If Biden wins, th...
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Older Android Phones Will Be Cut Off From a Large Chunk of the Web in 2021

If you’re doomscrolling through your newsfeeds on an older Android phone, it might be time for an upgrade. One of the world’s top certificate authorities warns that phones running versions of Android prior to 7.1.1 Nougat will be cut off from large portions of the secure web starting in 2021, Android Police reported…Read more...
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42% of Amazon's Reviews Might Be 'Unreliable'

Long-time Slashdot reader AmiMoJo quotes Bloomberg: Fake reviews on Inc. during the pandemic have reached levels typically seen during the holiday shopping season. About 42% of 720 million Amazon reviews assessed by the monitoring service Fakespot Inc. from March through September were unreliable, up from about 36% for the same period last year. The rise in fake reviews corresponded with the stampede online of millions of virus-avoiding shoppers. "We've only seen those kinds of numb...
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Common iPhone 11 problems and how to fix them

Owners of Apple's iPhone 11 series have reported a variety of issues over time. Here are a few problems we've found and some suggestions on how to solve them.
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Cyberattackers Now Also Make Linux Versions of Their Ransomware

"Security firm Kaspersky said Friday that it discovered a Linux version of the RansomEXX ransomware," reports ZDNet, "marking the first time a major Windows ransomware strain has been ported to Linux to aid in targeted intrusions." RansomEXX is a relatively new ransomware strain that was first spotted earlier this year in June. The ransomware has been used in attacks against the Texas Department of Transportation, Konica Minolta, U.S. government contractor Tyler Technologies, Montreal's public ...
Tags: Tech, Kaspersky, Brazil, Zdnet, Emsisoft, Texas Department of Transportation Konica Minolta, Tyler Technologies Montreal, Mespinoza Pysa

Former Astronaut Wins US Senate Seat Once Held By Republican John McCain

"Mark Kelly will soon be the fourth NASA astronaut to serve in the U.S. Congress," writes People magazine. DevNull127 shares their report: In a tweet posted Wednesday, he said he was "deeply honored" to have been elected and to serve in the seat once held by the late Sen. John McCain. A retired U.S. Navy captain and astronaut, Kelly has flown in four space missions, including the final mission of Space Shuttle Endeavour in 2011. He is married to former Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, wa...
Tags: Congress, Navy, Tech, Joe Biden, Nasa, International Space Station, House Of Representatives, Arizona, US Senate, John Mccain, Scott Kelly, Kamala Harris, Mark, Kelly, Scott, U S Congress

EFF Argues RIAA is 'Abusing DMCA' to Take Down YouTube-DL

While the RIAA has objected to a tool for downloading online videos, EFF senior activist Elliot Harmon responds with this question. "Who died and put them in charge of YouTube?" He asks the question in a new video "explainer" on the controversy, and argues in a new piece at that the youtube-dl tool "doesn't infringe on any RIAA copyrights." RIAA's argument relies on a different section of the DMCA, Section 1201. DMCA 1201 says that it's illegal to bypass a digital lock in order to acc...
Tags: Tech, European Union, United States, Eff, EC, Riaa, Wipo, Harmon, Information Society, Elliot Harmon

Human Capital: The gig economy in a post-Prop 22 world

Welcome back to Human Capital and congrats on making it through one of the hardest weeks of the longest year. Now that the Associated Press has called the election in favor of Joe Biden, it should be good news for DEI practitioners, who expressed some worry they’d be out of a job if Trump was allowed to continue on his path of destruction. Meanwhile, over in California, the Uber and Lyft -backed gig worker ballot measure, Prop 22, passed. We’ll get into what that all means and the implicati...
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Uber and Lyft Will Push For More Laws Classifying Drivers as Independent Contractors

"Uber helped wage a $200 million war in California to keep drivers as contractors," notes the Washington Post — successfully funding a ballot proposition that overrides a high-stakes 2019 law which insisted drivers be considered employees. "But now that the ballot measure has passed, the company says its work isn't done..." The ride-hailing giant's CEO said Thursday that Uber is looking to expand the model to other states, joining an executive from rival Lyft who said something similar earli...
Tags: Lyft, Uber, Post, California, Washington Post, Tech, Dara Khosrowshahi

Great Titles Make Great Posts

Here is how one blog post author feels about titles: After agonizing over creating perfect, thorough, compelling content, it’s so easy to forget the blog title until the very last minute. We’ve all been there, and we should all be ashamed. So she feels blog titles are important and gives some helpful suggestions on how they should be constructed. I do not believe she goes far enough. A much better way of approaching titles is to regard the title as the very first item to be create...
Tags: Google, Writing, Marketing, Isaac Newton

MagSafe Duo Charger Showcased in New Hands-On Video

Apple last month introduced the MagSafe Duo Charger, which features a foldable design with a built-in MagSafe Charger and Apple Watch charging puck. A new video recently shared on YouTube goes hands-on with the accessory. The video showcases the accessory being used to charge an iPhone 12 and Apple Watch. Similar to the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock, the Apple Watch charging puck can be pushed up to allow the watch to be docked on its side, enabling Nightstand mode. The MagSafe Duo has th...
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Here comes the next IPO wave

This is The TechCrunch Exchange, a newsletter that goes out on Saturdays, based on the column of the same name. You can sign up for the email here. Are you tired? I am. What a week. But, if you kept your eyes off American politics and instead focused on the stock market, this was not a week of stress at all. It was a celebration. Yes, the election appears to be influencing stocks, with investors delighted at what could be a divided government. Their bet is that with different parties in control ...
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Patti Smith & Fred “Sonic” Smith Perform a Stripped-Down, Beautiful Version of “People Have the Power” It’s fitting for the day, even though it was recorded long ago (1990). The footage above features Patti Smith and her departed husband Fred “Sonic” Smith performing a stripped-down, acoustic version of her classic “People Have the Power.” A rare recording of Smith and Sonic performing together, this is a little treasure. Savor the moment. People have the power The power to dream, to rule To wrestle the world from fools It’s decreed: the people ...
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Australia trials new technology to intercept mystery seeds sent in the mail

In world-first, agriculture department uses high-resolution X-ray machine to detect presence of seedsThe Australian agriculture department is undertaking a world-first trial of new technology aimed at detecting seeds sent in the mail after 228 reports of Australians receiving mysterious seed packets from overseas.People in Australia and a number of other countries, including the US, UK, New Zealand and Canada, began reporting packets of seeds they had not ordered in mid-July. Continue reading...
Tags: Technology, Australia, Australia news, Canada, Agriculture, US UK New Zealand

Lenovo Canada Black Friday Sneak Peek: Save up to 70% off!

Lenovo Canada has a great Black Friday Sneak Peek available now, where you can save up to 69% off + an extra 5% – 15% off great deals on PCs, Accessories & Tech! Weekend Sale: Weekend Sale! Get an EXTRA 10% Off IdeaCentre Desktops! Use code GIFTIDEA (11/06-11/08) Days of Doorbusters: Daily Doorbusters! Up to $1300 Off PCs, Starting at $549! While Supplies last (11/03-11/15) Days of Doorbusters! Up to 69% Off PCs, Deals on Top Tech & More! (11/03-11/15) Get an Extra 10% Off Most IdeaPad & Fle...
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The gig economy, cannabis and car data are tech-election winners in 2020

Editor’s note: Get this free weekly recap of TechCrunch news that any startup can use by email every Saturday morning (7 a.m. PT). Subscribe here. The US is settling in for some new form of national gridlock, but state and local propositions are busy defining how technology businesses will be allowed to work (legally) in the US. Policies on topics as broad as customer usage and employment or as narrow as a drug chemical got the vote across the country. The results provide a blueprint for what yo...
Tags: Apple, Startups, TC, Facebook, Lyft, Uber, Florida, UK, California, China, Massachusetts, US, Tech, Cnn, United States, SEC

A Biden Victory Positions America For a 180-Degree Turn On Climate Change

"Joe Biden, the projected winner of the U.S. presidency, will move to restore dozens of environmental safeguards President Donald Trump abolished," reports the Washington Post, "and launch the boldest climate change plan of any president in history." destinyland shares their report: While some of Biden's most sweeping programs will encounter stiff resistance from Senate Republicans and conservative attorneys general, the United States is poised to make a 180-degree turn on climate change and...
Tags: Congress, Washington Post, Senate, Tech, Georgia, Joe Biden, United States, Maine, Treasury, Biden, Donald Trump, Trump, Sen Angus King, Biden Victory Positions America, Transportation State

WCAG Compliance: Why Every Site Must Be Web Accessible

Perhaps you’re a website owner who runs a successful online business; in that case, every person accessing your site must find it easy to use on many types of devices. This is important and becomes a necessity as the variety of tablets and mobile devices increases, but so does the user base. Smart mobile devices are becoming accessible globally, and site owners must find a way to meet all their visitors’ needs. That’s why we must discuss the concept of “website accessibility.” To give you...
Tags: Google, News, Advertising, Netflix, Ada, WCAG, ADA Reasons

Election-Related Misinformation on Social Media Still 'Readily Viewable' - If It's In Spanish

NBC reports that social media crackdowns on disinformation have been less consistent if the content isn't in English. One example? "Facebook and YouTube have taken steps to remove QAnon content in English from their platforms, but experts warn there is still a vast amount in Spanish." The misleading, false and conspiratorial claims that are circulating in Spanish about the outcome of the election are readily viewable on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, despite policies from all three companies pr...
Tags: Facebook, Nbc, Youtube, Nbc News, Tech, Joseph, Facebook Twitter, ALEX JOSEPH, Flavia Colangelo, GQR a Democratic

How Ex-Facebook Data Experts Spent $75 Million On Targeted Anti-Trump Ads

The night before America's election, Fast Company reported: On the internet, we're subject to hidden A/B tests all the time, but this one was also part of a political weapon: a multimillion-dollar tool kit built by a team of Facebook vets, data nerds, and computational social scientists determined to defeat Donald Trump. The goal is to use microtargeted ads, follow-up surveys, and an unparalleled data set to win over key electorates in a few critical states: the low-education voters who unexpec...
Tags: Facebook, America, Tech, Reid Hoffman, PAC, Donald Trump, Michael Moritz, Securities And Exchange Commission, Clinton, Trump, Barnes, Chris Cox, Robert Mueller, Acronym, James Barnes, Wall Street Journal Facebook

Apple Launches 'iPhone 12 Studio' for Mixing and Matching MagSafe Cases and Wallets

Apple today launched a new iPhone 12 Studio page, accessible on the web on mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad. The page allows you to customize iPhone 12 models with various MagSafe cases and wallets to see how the color combinations look. After loading the page, the first step is to choose the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, or iPhone 12 Pro Max. Then, you can scroll down to personalize the iPhone by choosing a color for the device, choosing a MagSafe case and color, and choos...
Tags: Apple, Featured, Magsafe, Iphone 12

Joe Biden wins the 2020 US presidential election

Following a tense week of vote tallying, Joe Biden won the state of Pennsylvania and vaulted ahead in the race to become the next president of the United States. Biden’s win in the critical state put him over the threshold of 270 electoral votes, cutting off all avenues for his opponent. Biden prevailed by flipping key states that went to Trump in 2016, including Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Trump again won in Florida and Ohio, but in the end was unable to chart a path to an electoral v...
Tags: Florida, California, Senate, White House, US, Tech, Georgia, Joe Biden, Pennsylvania, United States, Ohio, Biden, Kamala Harris, Trump, HARRIS, Democratic Senate

#iPhone12Studio Gets New Twitter Hashflag, May Indicate New Apple Store Feature [Update: Now Available]

The hashtag #iphone12studio has gained a new hashflag from Apple. The hashflag may indicate that a new Apple Watch-style studio is on its way for the iPhone 12, but it is not yet known exactly what it will be used to promote. The new hashflag, first highlighted by Twitter account @hashflagsio, is the first to be used by Apple for something other than an event. Apple launched its logo hashflag for its upcoming Apple event this week, and the company has also launched similar logo hashflags for ...
Tags: Apple, Twitter, Apple Store, Iphone 12, Apple Watch Studio, iPhone 12 Pro

#iPhone12Studio Gets New Twitter Hashflag, May Indicate New Apple Store Feature

The hashtag #iphone12studio has gained a new hashflag from Apple. The hashflag may indicate that a new Apple Watch-style studio is on its way for the iPhone 12, but it is not yet known exactly what it will be used to promote. The new hashflag, first highlighted by Twitter account @hashflagsio, is the first to be used by Apple for something other than an event. Apple launched its logo hashflag for its upcoming Apple event this week, and the company has also launched similar logo hashflags for ...
Tags: Apple, Twitter, Iphone 12, Apple Watch Studio, iPhone 12 Pro

Best Black Friday Drone Deals 2020: DJI, Holy Stone, Parrot

Whether you're planning to shoot aerial footage or just have some fun with friends or family, you'll find great Black Friday drone deals.
Tags: Deals, Trends, Drones, Emerging Tech, Drone Deals, Black Friday 2020, Cyber Monday 2020

Boeing's 737 Max: Carrying Passengers Again In December?

"Boeing's much-maligned 737 Max jet could be cleared to fly again in just a few weeks," reports SFGate, adding that one U.S. airline plans to carry passengers "as early as December." Although the Federal Aviation Administration has not disclosed a public timeline for the Max's return to service, approval to lift the grounding could come as early as mid-November, according to Reuters. Boeing executives said they expect to gain FAA recertification before the end of the year. The company will also...
Tags: New York, US, Tech, Canada, Miami, Faa, Boeing, Laguardia Airport, Federal Aviation Administration, Max, American Airlines, Reuters Boeing, European Union Aviation Safety Agency

If You Want an Enforceable Online Contract, You Better Keep a Good Chain of Evidence–Snow v. Eventbrite

Eventbrite wanted to send a lawsuit to arbitration, so it invoked the arbitration clause in its TOS. But did the plaintiffs assent to Eventbrite’s TOS? The court says no. What went wrong? Eventbrite has three online venues: its desktop website, a separate mobile website, and its mobile app. Each venue has two relevant pages, the signup page and the purchase page. This means Eventbrite needs to lay the evidentiary foundation for 6 different TOS formation processes. Because each of the 6 screens a...
Tags: Apple, Facebook, Law, Eventbrite, Licensing/Contracts, Evidence/Discovery, Eventbrite Inc

These blaze-battling bots are the future of firefighting

Firefighting is one of the rare jobs that we're happy to hand over to machines. Here's a look at the most advanced firefighting bots in the biz.
Tags: Trends, Features, Drones, Robots

Defeating Trump, Joe Biden Declared Winner of US Presidential Election

"BIDEN WINS" declares the all-caps headline at And the headline at NBC News reads "JOE BIDEN DEFEATS DONALD TRUMP TO WIN THE WHITE HOUSE, NBC NEWS PROJECTS." NBC News reports: Joe Biden became president-elect Saturday after winning the pivotal state of Pennsylvania, NBC News projected. The former vice president amassed 273 Electoral College votes after winning Pennsylvania's 20 electors, according to NBC News, surpassing the 270 needed to win the White House and defeat President ...
Tags: White House, Nbc News, US, America, Tech, Joe Biden, Cnn, Pennsylvania, Biden, Trump, Electoral College, White House NBC News, Donald Trump Biden, Trump Joe Biden

Defeating Trump, Joe Biden Declared Winner of US Presidential Elections

"BIDEN WINS" declares the all-caps headline at And the headline at NBC News reads "JOE BIDEN DEFEATS DONALD TRUMP TO WIN THE WHITE HOUSE, NBC NEWS PROJECTS." Read more of this story at Slashdot.
Tags: Nbc News, US, Tech, Joe Biden, Cnn, Biden, White House NBC News, Trump Joe Biden

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