Students Have To Jump Through Absurd Hoops To Use Exam Monitoring Software

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: Last month, as students at Wilfrid Laurier University, in Ontario, Canada, began studying for their midterm exams, many of them had to memorize not just the content on their tests, but a complex set of instructions for how to take them. The school has a student body of nearly 18,500 undergraduates, and is one of many universities that have increasingly turned to exam proctoring software to catch supposed cheaters. It has a contract with Respo...
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A wave of change for Southeast Asia’s internet economy

Over the past five years, Southeast Asia’s internet economy has experienced tremendous growth and change. But what we’ve seen in 2020 marks the biggest shift yet, as the e-Conomy SEA 2020 report from Google, Temasek and Bain & Company shows.The report—At Full Velocity: Resilient and Racing Ahead—outlines how Southeast Asians navigating the coronavirus pandemic are using the internet in more ways and on a larger scale than ever before. Since the beginning of the year, 40 million people in Southea...
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Hong Kong insurtech startup Coherent gets $14 million Series A led by Cathay Innovation

Based in Hong Kong, Coherent helps insurance providers go digital. With their services more relevant than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic, the startup announced it has raised $14 million in new funding. The Series A round, led by Cathay Innovation with participation from Franklin Templeton, will be used to grow Coherent’s client base in Asia, including insurers who want to add more digital services to their usual sales processes because of the pandemic. Founded in 2018, Coherent’s platform,...
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Despite global headwinds, Chinese hardware startups remain to take on the world

Bill Zhang lowered himself into lunges on a squishy mat as he explained to me the benefits of the full-body training suit he was wearing. We were in his small, modest office in Xili, a university area in Shenzhen that’s also home to many hardware makers. The connected muscle stimulator attached to the suit, called Balanx, is designed to bring so-called electronic muscle stimulation, which is said to help improve metabolism and burn fat. “We are not really aiming at Chinese consumers at this p...
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The race to be China’s top fintech platform: Ant vs Tencent

As Ant Group seizes the world’s attention with its record initial public offering, which was abruptly called off by Beijing, investors and analysts are revisiting Tencent’s fintech interests, recognized as Ant’s archrival in China. It’s somewhat complicated to do this, not least because they are sprawled across a number of Tencent properties and, unlike Ant, don’t go by a single brand or operational structure — at least, not one that is obvious to the outside world. However, when you tease ou...
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Sacramento PE Teacher Hosts Live Online Classes Amid Distance Learning

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Elon Musk’s Boring Company is setting up operations in Austin

Elon Musk’s tunneling and transportation startup The Boring Company is eyeing Austin for its next project based on several new job postings. The Boring Company, which last year landed a deal to construct and operate a “people mover” for the Las Vegas Convention Center, tweeted Monday that is was hiring in Austin. Engineering, accountant and business development positions are listed on its website, the type of jobs that suggest that The Boring Company sees enough opportunity in Austin to set up m...
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Tragic: Gun Manufacturers Temporarily Worth Slightly Less Due to Lack of Civil War

The November 2020 elections failed to culminate in the nightmare, worst-case scenario many onlookers feared, which is generally good news if you don’t happen to be a firearms manufacturer. Read more...
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Apple Suspends Supplier For Using Illegal Student Labor In China

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Apple has reprimanded one of its largest manufacturers after a Financial Times investigation found that thousands of student interns had worked overtime to assemble iPhones, in breach of Chinese law. After being contacted by the FT, Apple said it had stopped giving "new business" to Pegatron, its second-largest iPhone assembler after Foxconn. However, workers there said the factory was still manufacturing new products ahead of the holidays. ...
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Daily Crunch: Reviewing the biggest and smallest new iPhones

We review the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the iPhone 12 mini, Zoom settles with the FTC and Pfizer announces promising results for its COVID-19 vaccine trial. This is your Daily Crunch for November 9, 2020. The big story: Reviewing the biggest and smallest new iPhones TechCrunch Editor in Chief Matthew Panzarino tackled both extremes of the new iPhone 12 lineup today, publishing reviews of the Pro Max and the mini. It sounds like he’s impressed with both of them. The iPhone 12 Pro Max, he writes, ha...
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Photo Depicts Alleged AirTag Keychain

Rumors have suggested Apple's upcoming AirTags Bluetooth item trackers will come with various accessories to allow them to be attached to items, and now an alleged AirTag keychain has surfaced on Twitter. Leaker Fudge (@choco_bit) shared what might be an AirTag carrying accessory in a Saddle Brown color. A patent for an 'AirTag' accessory As Fudge points out, the design of the ring is similar to what's been seen in an AirTag patent, but it is something that's easy to fake and therefore th...
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Microsoft: Make 11-Year-Olds 'Future Ready' With Minecraft Python Hour of Code

theodp writes: The upcoming "Hack the Classroom: STEM Edition," Microsoft explains, "is a [3-day] free virtual event series designed for K-12 educators, parents, and guardians. The sessions will feature resources and tutorials to help educators support students in learning future-ready skills. These lessons can be easily incorporated into classroom curriculum while preparing for this year's Hour of Code event -- a global effort to teach and demystify coding, during Computer Science Education Wee...
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Deals: AirPods Pro Available for New Low Price of $194 at Amazon (mac rumors)

Amazon this week is discounting Apple's AirPods Pro to the notable low price of $194.00, down from $249.00. This is now the lowest price that we've tracked so far on the AirPods Pro, slightly beating Woot's previous sale price of $195 earlier in the month. Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Amazon. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running. The AirPods Pro launched in 2019 with a look similar to the original Ai...
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McDonald's To Launch a Plant-Based Burger: The McPlant

According to USA Today, McDonald's has developed a new plant-based platform dubbed McPlant that will debut in markets around the world early next year. From the report: "McPlant is crafted exclusively for McDonald's, by McDonald's," Ian Borden, McDonald's international president, said at the investor meeting. "In the future, McPlant could extend across a line of plant-based products including burgers, chicken substitutes and breakfast sandwiches." The plant-based and chicken sandwich announcemen...
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Sony prepares to enter the drone game with Airpeak

Sony has announced that it is entering the drone market with a new brand called Airpeak, though the specifics of the drone itself are left something of a mystery. It plans to launch the project next spring. The barebones announcement says only that Sony has been inspired by the “recent proliferation” of drones and the changes they have caused in both the industrial and creative sectors. Airpeak will focus on multiple industries as well, though it has its work cut out for it if it intends to g...
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Google’s Nest Audio may or may not have a home theater trick up its sleeves

Assuming it wasn’t scrapped ahead of launch
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Gillmor Gang: Check, Please

When we recorded this Gillmor Gang, it was Day Four post election, or midweek in counting the late incoming mail and other provisional ballots. We were largely convinced of the Biden victory, but that nagging doubt instilled in us by 2016 still pervaded the Zoom session. Saturday’s street party felt more like it, and the sheer joy of Kamala Harris’s historic ascendancy was palpable. As we sit yet another day later, the perception that Trump will never concede is matched by the equal feeling t...
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All Slingbox devices will stop working in two years

Back before just about every major TV network built a streaming app of their own, watching live TV on your smartphone was… tricky. One of the first relatively simple options was the Slingbox. You’d set it up between your cable box and your TV, plug it into your network, and bam: you’re streaming live TV, from your TV, wherever you might be. You could even control it as if you were actually there, thanks to a spiderweb of IR transmitters you’d wire up in your entertainment center to act as your e...
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Beyond Meat earnings miss big on declining food service and consumer demand

Beyond Meat’s partnership with McDonald’s to develop the McPlant burger wasn’t enough to keep shares from collapsing after the company posted third-quarter earnings that fell far below analysts’ expectations. The big miss sent shares tumbling nearly 29% in after markets closed Monday after reporting it generated $94.4 million in revenues and a loss of 28 cents per share vs the $132.8 million in revenue and 5 cents per share loss that analysts had expected. “Our financial results reflect a qua...
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Scientists Find a New Way To Search for Habitable Exoplanets

An anonymous reader shares a report: Earthlings are lucky to live near a relatively stable Sun, which has enabled life on our planet to emerge and thrive over the past four billion years. While many worlds in our galaxy might contain the right ingredients to support life, though, a lot of them could be stuck with a more volatile star that prevents them from becoming -- or remaining -- habitable. To get a better grip on which types of star systems might be most likely to host aliens, a pair of sc...
Tags: Tech, New York University, Dimitra Atri, NYUAD, Abu Dhabi NYUAD Center, Monthly Notices of Royal Astronomical Society, Shane Carberry Mogan

Apple Gets FCC Approval for MagSafe Duo Wireless Charger

Apple today received FCC approval for its MagSafe Duo Wireless Charger accessory, which means it could be launching in the near future. An imminent release also makes sense given that ‌MagSafe‌ Duo reviews went live today. The FCC filing covers a "two coil charger" with a model number of A2458. The filing includes images, user manuals, and RF exposure reports. Apple announced the ‌MagSafe‌ Duo at its October event that saw the unveiling of the iPhone 12 lineup and the new ‌MagSafe‌ accesso...
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Twitter may slow down users’ ability to ‘like’ tweets containing misinformation

Twitter is working to expand the use of its “misinformation” labels on misleading tweets. The company has developed a new feature, not yet live, that would pop up a “misleading information” label when a user tries to “Like” a tweet that’s been labeled as misinformation. The feature was discovered by reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong in the Twitter app code. She confirms the addition doesn’t prevent a user from continuing to “Like” the tweet, however — it just slows you down. A similar warnin...
Tags: Social, TC, Twitter, Social Media, Tech, Trump, Wong, Jane Manchun Wong

Uber has its highest close since IPO

Uber shares surged 7.38% to close at $48.18 following news that a vaccine candidate is 90% effective at preventing COVID-19, and could start coming to market in a matter of months. The announcement by drugmakers Pfizer and BioNTech sparked widespread optimism and helped boost shares across industries that have been weakened by the COVID-19 pandemic, including services like ride-hailing. Uber’s share pop is notable beyond this one-day vaccine-news boost. This is the highest close for Uber sinc...
Tags: Transportation, Uber, California, Ipo, Tech, Automotive, Pfizer, Uber Lyft

Philips Hue is discontinuing integration with Nest products, but only temporarily

Google and branding have a complicated relationship. The company has never been especially good at sticking with a single direction,...
Tags: Google, Philips Hue

Four Frequent iPhone Problems – What You Can Do About Them

Close your eyes and imagine, a beautiful landscape sits before you. The colors are vibrant and crisp. The lighting angles are just right. It’s the absolutely perfect time to take a picture. You reach for your phone and take it out of your pocket. Your battery is on 1%, just about dead. You run to plug it into your portable battery charger, and your device does nothing to respond. You slightly panic as your phone is mission critical, even when on a hike with nature’s beauty, perhaps a curse word ...
Tags: Apple, Sales, Tech, Tech Reboot

Hands-On With Apple's Intercom Feature for HomePod and HomePod Mini

With the iOS 14.2 update and the HomePod 14.2 software, Apple enabled full functionality for Intercom, a new feature that was introduced alongside the HomePod mini. Intercom is now fully functional and works across all of your devices, and we thought we'd test it out so MacRumors readers can see just how it works. Subscribe to the MacRumors YouTube channel for more videos. Intercom, as the name suggests, is designed to let you use your devices as an Intercom platform to communicate with ...
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NASA partners with SpaceX, Rocket Lab, Blue Origin and others for test flights and research

NASA has announced 20 new partnerships with commercial space outfits, among them collaborations with SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Rocket Lab. While no money will change hands, NASA will dedicate millions in personnel and other support to these test launches and developing technologies. The partnerships are NASA’s Announcement of Collaboration Opportunity selections for 2020. These agreements are unlike the SBIR or NIAC programs in that NASA doesn’t just send some money out and say “let us know ho...
Tags: Space, Spacex, Science, America, Tech, Nasa, Robotics, Aerospace, Blue Origin, Langley, Armstrong, NIAC, SBIR, Rocket Lab, Tim Ellis, SpaceX Blue Origin

Adobe acquires marketing workflow startup Workfront for $1.5B

Adobe just announced that it is acquiring marketing workflow management startup Workfront for $1.5 billion. Bloomberg first reported the sale would be happening earlier today. Workfront was founded back in 2001, making it a bit long in tooth for a private company that has raised $375 million, according to Crunchbase. (It’s worth noting that $280 million of that was secondary money raised last year.) The acquisition gives Adobe more online marketing tooling to fit into its Experience Cloud. Th...
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Indian logistics startup Xpressbees raises $110 million

Xpressbees, an Indian logistics firm that works with several e-commerce firms in the country, said on Monday it has raised $110 million in a new financing round as online shopping booms in the world’s second largest internet market. The Pune-headquartered startup’s Series E financing round was led by private equity firms Investcorp, Norwest Venture Partners and Gaja Capital, the five-year-old startup said. Xpressbees, which concluded its Series D round three years ago, has raised $175.8 mi...
Tags: Amazon, Asia, India, Softbank, Funding, Tech, Walmart, Xiaomi, Logistics, New Delhi, Flipkart, Amazon India, Shah, Delhivery, Norwest Venture Partners, Investcorp

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt Has Applied To Become a Citizen of Cyprus

The former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, is finalizing a plan to become a citizen of the island of Cyprus, Recode has learned, becoming one of the highest-profile Americans to take advantage of one of the world's most controversial "passport-for-sale" programs. From the report: Schmidt, one of America's wealthiest people, and his family have won approval to become citizens of the Mediterranean nation, according to a previously unreported notice in a Cypriot publication in October. While it is not...
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