How Powerful Forces Collaborated to Peddle Misinformation about the Origins of the Coronavirus

There's "an overwhelming body of evidence" for scientists' belief that the coronavirus originated in an animal before making the leap to humans, reports the New York Times. (Alternate URL here.) They add that U.S. intelligence agencies also "have not found any proof" for a fringe theory it somehow leaked from a lab. Yet as recently as September, a Hong Kong researcher was appearing on Fox News "making the unsubstantiated claim to millions that the coronavirus was a bio-weapon manufactured by C...
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Help for Asia’s change-making nonprofit leaders

As someone who came to Google from the nonprofit world, I understand how challenging it can be for nonprofit organizations to find the right resources and talent to tackle some of the world's complex challenges. COVID-19 doesn't make it easier. So in June this year, granted $600,000 to Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, helping them launch a six-month capacity-building program for 28 nonprofits from Singapore, Indonesia and India. The Changemaker Journey program has two main goals. Fi...
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Best early Black Friday deals offer price cuts on iPad Air 4, iPad Pro

Positioned to be hot sellers this holiday season, popular retailers are already slashing prices on Apple's iPad, iPad Air and iPad Pro...
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Mass-Produced, Librem 5 Linux Smartphone Begins Shipping to Customers

This week Purism began shipping its mass-produced Librem 5 phone to customers, according to announcement from the company: The Librem 5 is a one-of-a-kind general-purpose computer in a phone form-factor that Purism has designed and built from scratch following a successful crowdfunding campaign that raised over $2.2 million. Both the hardware and software design is focused on respecting the end user's freedom and giving them control over their privacy and security. The Librem 5 doesn't run An...
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Apple Provides Instructions to Fix macOS Reinstallation Errors on M1 Macs

Shortly after the launch of Apple's new M1 Macs, we saw reports that attempts to restore and reinstall macOS on those machines right away could result in an installation error that would leave your Mac non-functional. Specifically, the error message would read: "An error occurred preparing the update. Failed to personalize the software update. Please try again." Over the weekend, Apple posted detailed instructions for users experiencing this issue. Specifically it seems the issue arises i...
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Twitter's Launch of Fleets: Lag, Some Crashes, Bugs, Skepticism and Cat Pics

CNET reports on Twitter's rocky rollout of "fleets" which disappear after 24 hours: In a blog post, Twitter said global tests of the feature indicated the tool helped people feel more comfortable joining public conversations on the service. "Those new to Twitter found Fleets to be an easier way to share what's on their mind," the company said. "Because they disappear from view after a day, Fleets helped people feel more comfortable sharing personal and casual thoughts, opinions and feelings." ...
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Apple Watch Series 6 w / GPS mulai $ 329,98 Dikirim di Amazon (Biasanya $ 400 +)

Sekarang waktu terbaik untuk menilai produk Apple! Kunjungi Amazon atau di mana mereka menawarkan Apple Watches Series 6 w / GPS tertentu untuk mereka harga terendah yang pernah ada ! Apple Watch terbaru menyertakan kemampuan GPS, layar retina selalu aktif yang 2,5x lebih terang saat di luar ruangan, dan wajah yang dapat disesuaikan.Brought to you by: Frugal Focus
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"A mamlish memento"/"A less mamlish memento."

It's a podcast in 2 forms!  Topics: "A transgender writer dies, 2 Latin words, a little Shakespeare, a Bible story about Hell, a NYT spelling game, the bad word 'nappy,' the mysterious word 'mamlish,' what’s new in Pompeii, the desire for a crisply clear election result, and the love of a soft misty morning."  The first form — "A mamlish memento" — has music! 3 full-length songs. But you can only listen to this on Spotify — here. Consider subscribing!  The second form has the music left ...
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The Audacious Plan to Launch a Solar-Powered Rocket Into Interstellar Space

Ars Technica glimpsed a possible future at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory: a solar simulator "that can shine with the intensity of 20 Suns..." "They think it could be the key to interstellar exploration." "It's really easy for someone to dismiss the idea and say, 'On the back of an envelope, it looks great, but if you actually build it, you're never going to get those theoretical numbers,'" says Benkoski, a materials scientist at the Applied Physics Laboratory and the ...
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Inside BuzzFeed and HuffPost's tie-up

Hi! Welcome to the Insider Advertising daily for November 23. I'm Lauren Johnson, a senior advertising reporter at Business Insider. Subscribe here to get this newsletter in your inbox every weekday. Send me feedback or tips at [email protected]'s news: Inside BuzzFeed and HuffPost's tie-up, Bain & Co.'s bet on marketing, and Sports Illustrated-branded CBD cream. UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage takes part in a BuzzFeed News and Facebook live EU referendum debate o...
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TV Bits: ‘Peanuts’ Holiday Specials, New ‘Saved by the Bell’ Theme, ‘Uno’ Game Show, Snoop Dogg’s ‘Oakandia’,

In this edition of TV Bits, here are some of the small screen stories we’ve got: Peanuts holiday specials will air on TV after all The Movie Show is coming to Syfy to send-up YouTube review shows Rapper Lil Yachty did the new Saved by the Bell theme song A director from the original run of Dexter is returning for the revival Kelsey Grammer and Alec Baldwin have a new series together The card game Uno is somehow getting a game show Snoop Dogg and Vince Vaughn have a new animated series called O...
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To Explain Away Dark Matter, Gravity Would Have To Be Really Weird

To discard the theory of dark matter, "you'll need to replace it with something even more bizarre: a force of gravity that, at some distances, pulls massive objects together and, at other distances, pushes them apart." That's how Science magazine describes a new study, adding that "The analysis underscores how hard it is to explain away dark matter" — even though "after decades of trying, physicists haven't spotted particles of dark matter floating around." [T]o do away with dark matter, theori...
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Memory vs. Disk vs. CPU: How 35 Years Has Changed the Trade-Offs

Long-time Slashdot reader 00_NOP is a software engineer (with a PhD in real-time computing) re-visits a historic research paper on the financial trade-offs between disk space (then costing about $20,000 per kilobyte) and (volatile) memory (costing about $5 per kilobyte): Thirty-five years ago that report for Tandem computers concluded that the cost balance between memory, disk and CPU on big iron favoured holding items in memory if they were needed every five minutes and using five bytes to sav...
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The Google Home Max is half off for Black Friday this year

Google’s smart speakers and displays have steadily improved over the years, and luckily for us, a few of them are on sale for Black...
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Original Content podcast: ‘The Crown’ introduces its Princess Diana

“The Crown,” Netflix’s lavish historical drama about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, has returned for a fourth season that focuses on Elizabeth’s relationship with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and on Prince Charles’ troubled marriage to Diana, Princess of Wales. We’ve had conflicting opinions about the show’s past seasons, and the new season hasn’t exactly settled those disagreements, as we explain on the latest episode of the Original Content podcast. Anthony and (especially) Jordan re...
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Is Bitcoin's Growth Driven By Speculative Investors?

"Bitcoin is now trading near $18,000, up almost 100% in six months," notes Bloomberg columnist Lionel Laurent, "and it's flirting with an all-time high reached in 2017 (which, given it was followed by an ugly crash, faithful Bitcoiners would rather forget)..." . But what exacty does that mean? He challenges the notion that Bitcoin is the new wealth-protecting investment like gold, asking "is this really being driven by people seeking protection from a more uncertain world...?" If anything, B...
Tags: Tech, Bloomberg, Crypto, North America, Square Inc, Treasuries, Ray Dalio, PayPal Holdings Inc, Kansas City Fed, Chainalysis, Lionel Laurent, COVID

The best early Target Black Friday 2020 deals — including discounts on Google Nest, Fitbit, and more

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Target; Gilbert Espinoza/Business Insider Target is a major player every Black Friday, bringing excellent deals to compete with other large retailers like Amazon and Walmart.The sales are already rolling in, so we've highlighted the best early Black Friday 2020 deals below.We've also answered any questions you might have below, including when the sales start, how to hold your place in line from hom...
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Venturing to UCLA campus to see art, architecture (but not botanic garden)

I didn’t go to UCLA. But on a recent Sunday, I went there. By car, that is. A self-guided tour of a portion of the campus is in the book “Walking L.A.,” which I’ve been using for picturesque sightseeing around the city. “UCLA is one of the most well-known campuses in the state’s famed University of California system,” writes author Erin Mahoney Harris. Her route, she says, takes in “innovative artwork, classically beautiful architecture and a lovely botanical garden that has evolved over several...
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WhiteHat Jr’s founder files $2.6M defamation suit against critic

Karan Bajaj, an Indian entrepreneur who teaches meditation and in his recent book invites others to live a life away from the noise, is going after the most vocal critic of his startup. Bajaj, founder of coding platform aimed at kids WhiteHat Jr, has filed a defamation case against Pradeep Poonia, an engineer who has publicly criticized the firm for its marketing tactics, the quality of the courses on the platform, and aggressive takedowns of such feedback. In the lawsuit — in which Bajaj is see...
Tags: Asia, India, Tech, Edtech, Bajaj, Byju's, Whitehat Jr, Karan Bajaj, Pradeep Poonia, Poonia

Byju’s-owned Indian startup WhiteHat Jr sues critics

Karan Bajaj, an Indian entrepreneur who teaches meditation and in his recent book invites others to live a life away from the noise, is going after the most vocal critics of his startup. Bajaj, founder of coding platform WhiteHat Jr, has filed a defamation case against Pradeep Poonia, an engineer who has publicly criticized the firm for its marketing tactics, the quality of the courses on the platform, and aggressive takedowns of such feedback. On Monday, WhiteHat Jr, filed a similar case agains...
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What Is the Best Strategy to Deploy a COVID-19 Vaccine?

Mathematicians are playing a key role in fighting the pandemic by modeling different scenarios for a vaccine rollout.
Tags: Tech

Rumor Claims iOS 15 to Drop Support for iPhone 6s and Original iPhone SE

Apple will drop support for the iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, and ‌iPhone‌ 6s Plus in next year's release of iOS 15, according to a rumor shared today by Israeli site The Verifier. If the rumor is accurate, that would mean iOS 15 will be compatible with the following Apple devices: 2021 ‌iPhone‌ series iPhone 12 Pro Max ‌iPhone 12 Pro‌ iPhone 12 mini ‌iPhone 12‌ iPhone 11 ‌iPhone 11‌ Pro iPhone 11 Pro Max iPhone XS ‌iPhone XS‌ Max iPhone XR ‌iPhone‌ X ‌iPhone‌ 8 ‌iPhone‌ 8 Plus ‌iPhone...
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US Postal Service Announces a Nationwide Digital 'Operation Santa'

For 108 years Americans have helped their postal service perform "Operation Santa." But this year's program will be fully digital and nationwide, reports CNN: The program allows children and families to write letters to Santa, which will then be processed and shared online beginning on December 4 at Once the letters are live, anyone in the U.S. can go online and adopt a letter, and help make a child or family's holiday wishes come true. Companies also can help adopt lett...
Tags: Tech, Cnn, US Postal Service, Usps, Santa, U S Postal Service, Frum, Operation Santa, Kim Frum, USPS Operation Santa, Nationwide Digital Operation Santa, New York City Frum

Guest Post: Gina Baynham

    I first came upon Corey‘s blog in 2007 accidentally as I sat in my kitchen in Australia helping my 7-year-old daughter to research a school project. The link Google brought me to was a story about gold bead necklaces  traditionally gifted to young girls in Marseille to mark special occasions as they grew up. I was captivated. For a brief moment I was unaware of my messy kitchen, the pile of laundry waiting to be done,  and young kids running around asking me to do things for them. I came b...
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Lenovo Canada Black Friday Sale Pricing Live now: Save up to 70% off ThinkPad Laptops!

Lenovo Canada great Black Friday Sale Pricing Live now, More deals than ever before! Save up to 70% off Black Friday deals in PCs and electronics. Doorbusters start on Wednesday, November 25, 2020, at 9:00 PM Black Friday Week Doorbusters Black Friday Starts Now! Up to $1200 Off PCs, Starting at $398.99! While Supplies Last  (11/16-11/22) Early Black Friday! Up to 70% Off PCs, Deals on Top Tech & More! (11/16-11/22) Get $180 off 14″ Yoga C740 Laptop with i5, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Now $999.99! Us...
Tags: Shopping, Canada, Nvidia, Lenovo, Blackfriday, Canadian Daily Deals, Lenovo Canada, Lenovo Canada Black, EXTRAFIVE, Black Friday 2020, PM Black Friday Week Doorbusters Black, BFHOTDEAL

US Congress Passes an IoT Security Bill 'That Doesn't Totally Suck'

Shotgun (Slashdot reader #30,919) shared these thoughts from The Register: Every now and again the U.S. Congress manages to do its job and yesterday was one of those days: the Senate passed a new IoT cybersecurity piece of legislation that the House also approved, and it will now move to the President's desk. As we noted back in March when the IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act was introduced, the law bill is actually pretty good: it asks America's National Institute of Standards and Technolog...
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How Firefox Boosted Its JavaScript Performance

InfoWorld reports: Firefox users can expect improved JavaScript performance in the Firefox 83 browser, with the Warp update to the SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine enabled by default. Also called WarpBuilder, Warp improves responsiveness and memory usage and speeds up page loads by making changes to JiT (just-in-time) compilers... Warp has been shown to be faster than Ion, SpiderMonkey's previous optimizing JiT, including a 20 percent improvement on Google Docs load time. Other JavaScript-intens...
Tags: Firefox, Tech, Netflix, Mozilla, Reddit, InfoWorld, Warp, WarpBuilder Warp, Ion SpiderMonkey, IonMonkey JiT Mozilla

How to forge partnerships: This backstory of Facebook and Microsoft partnership will help you get deeper perspective

A few days after I joined as head of biz dev at Facebook in 2006, MySpace announced a partnership w/Google worth $1B. I sent an internal email suggesting we pursue a similar deal and Zuck gave me a hunting license. Here’s how I signed the biggest deal of my career with Microsoft: Microsoft had been left at the alter with MySpace. They bid more than Google for the right to run banner ads, but MySpace was owned by NewsCorp and Rupert liked Google better. Ballmer was reportedly very upset abo...
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Elon Musk Claims Full Recovery From Covid-19, Analyst Upgrades Tesla's Stock Forecast

Slashdot reader Charlotte Web quote The Street: Tesla CEO Elon Musk says that he has "fully" recovered from his bout with a mild fever or cold about a week after he took to Twitter to say he tested positive for coronavirus... [T]his week, Musk took a more reliable PCR test that he said showed "unequivocal" evidence that he had Covid... On Wednesday, Morgan Stanley raised Tesla to overweight for the first time in more than three years, predicting that the electric carmaker is on the verge of a...
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SoulCycle's top instructors had sex with clients, 'fat-shamed' coworkers, and used homophobic and racist language, insiders say

Hello everyone! Welcome to this weekly roundup of Business Insider stories from co-Editor in Chief Matt Turner. Subscribe here to get this newsletter in your inbox every Sunday.Read on for more on SoulCycle's top instructors mistreating staff, Moderna's research revolution, and Google CEO Sundar Pichai's leadership shift. Bryan R. Smith/Getty; BFA; Olivia Atherton; Skye Gould/Business Insider Hello!We now have two promising coronavirus vaccines, with Moderna's promising results this week...
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