Razer's Latest Wireless Earbuds Add Noise Cancelling and Keep the Incredible Bass

Earlier this year, Razer, a brand synonymous with gaming accessories, proved its hardware isn’t just for gamers when it introduced its Opus wireless headphones that offered a Sony-like experience for just $200. As a follow-up, the company is updating its Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds with a new Pro version that…Read more...
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YC-backed LemonBox raises $2.5M bringing vitamins to Chinese millennials

Like many overseas Chinese, Derek Weng gets shopping requests from his family and friends whenever he returns to China. Some of the most wanted imported products are maternity items, cosmetics, and vitamin supplements. Many in China still uphold the belief that “imported products are better.” The demand gave Weng a business idea. In 2018, he founded LemonBox to sell American health supplements to Chinese millennials like himself via online channels. The company soon attracted seed funding fro...
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Time magazine names teenage inventor its first 'kid of the year'

Gitanjali Rao has used technology to address contaminated drinking water, opioid addiction and cyberbullying A 15-year-old scientist and inventor has been named as Time magazine’s first “kid of the year”.Gitanjali Rao, from Denver, Colorado, has invented new technologies across a range of fields, including a device that can identify lead in drinking water, and an app and Chrome extension that uses artificial intelligence to detect cyberbullying. Continue reading...
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More Than 500,000 Full Electric Cars Sold So Far This Year In Europe

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: Carmakers have sold more than 500,000 battery electric cars in Europe during 2020, a milestone in the automotive industry's move away from fossil fuels. Sales of all plug-in cars, including hybrids, have surpassed 1m during the year in the UK and the largest 17 European markets, according to data collated by Schmidt Automotive Research. During the whole of last year only 354,000 battery electric sales were recorded across the region. In th...
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Pardon the Intrusion #32: When an exploit becomes a work of art

Subscribe to this bi-weekly newsletter here! Welcome to the latest edition of Pardon The Intrusion, TNW’s bi-weekly newsletter in which we explore the wild world of security. Google Project Zero‘s elite team of bug hunters needs no introduction. The white-hat hackers have been adept at finding flaws in Android and iOS, but this impressive new disclosure from Ian Beer beats everything that came before it. Beer spent six months of his lockdown single-handedly devising a method to remotely hijack i...
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The post Stealing Our Content appeared first on We have a thief stealing our content and causing us to suffer with Google because of duplicate content. Just wanted to know if it doesn’t stop and they don’t delete our content immediately from their site there will be a lawsuit. you are being put on notice. This is not a joke. We are very serious!!!
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Pfizer Halves Covid-19 Vaccine Shipments For 2020 Due To Supply-Chain Problems

"The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Pfizer is planning to cut their shipment of Covid-19 vaccines for 2020 in half due to supply-chain problems," writes Slashdot reader phalse phace. Axios (non-paywalled source) reports: The U.K. government has ordered 40 million doses of Pfizer-BioNTech's vaccine -- enough to inoculate some 20 million people. The companies now expect to ship 50 million vaccines by the end of 2020, per WSJ. "Based on current projections we expect to produce globally up to...
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Health tech venture firm OTV closes new $170 million fund and expands into Asia

OTV (formerly known as Olive Tree Ventures), an Israeli venture capital firm that focuses on digital health tech, announced it has closed a new fund totaling $170 million. The firm also launched a new office in Shanghai, China to spearhead its growth in the Asia Pacific region. OTV currently has a total of 11 companies in its portfolio. This year, it led rounds in telehealth platforms TytoCare and Lemonaid Health, and its other investments include genomic machine learning platform Emedgene; m...
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Top AI ethics researcher says Google fired her; company denies it

A top Google scientist on ethical artificial intelligence says she was fired after criticizing the company's diversity efforts, a claim...
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Labor watchdog accuses Google of illegally firing staff in union-busting push – as AI ethics guru is pushed out

Web giant could be dragged in front of a judge to justify its actions Google unlawfully spied on and interrogated staff to prevent them from organizing a union, and fired two employees in the process, it is claimed.…
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Google Fires AI Ethics Co-Lead Timnit Gebru

Timnit Gebru, one of the best-known AI researchers today and co-lead of an AI ethics team at Google, said she was fired Wednesday for sending an email to "non-management employees that is inconsistent with the expectations of a Google manager." VentureBeat reports: She said Google AI employees who report to her were emailed and told that she accepted her resignation when she did not offer her resignation. According to Casey Newton's Platformer, who reportedly obtained a copy, Gebru sent the emai...
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A Prominent AI Ethics Researcher Says Google Fired Her

Timnit Gebru is a leader among those examining the societal impacts of the technology. She had also criticized the company's diversity efforts.
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China's Chang'e 5 Probe Lifts Off From Moon Carrying Lunar Samples

China's Chang'e spacecraft has lifted off from Oceanus Procellarum at 10:10 EST Thursday, carrying with it the first fresh lunar samples since 1976. reports: Six minutes later, the ascent spacecraft achieved lunar orbit, marking a huge milestone in the Chang'e 5 mission to return lunar samples to Earth. The ascent vehicle's job now is to meet up with the Chang'e 5 orbiter while still circling the moon, and then transfer its precious cargo to a return capsule for the journey home. That ...
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Daily Crunch: Google fires co-lead of its Ethical AI team

Google fires a leading researcher, Stripe launches a new banking service and WarnerMedia shakes up the theatrical business model. This is your Daily Crunch for December 3, 2020. The big story: Google fires co-lead of its Ethical AI team Timnit Gebru, a leading researcher in the field of ethics and artificial intelligence, tweeted last night that Google fired her in response to a message she sent to an internal email list. Casey Newton obtained the email in question, in which Gebru expressed...
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Feds Claim the Patriot Act Allowed Them to Log Visitors to Websites

Letters produced by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and obtained by the New York Times show that the U.S. government has interpreted Section 215 of the Patriot Act as giving it the power to monitor who visits certain websites and when, with minimal oversight.Read more...
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WH’s AI EO is BS

An executive order was just issued from the White House regarding “the Use of Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence in Government.” Leaving aside the meritless presumption of the government’s own trustworthiness and that it is the software that has trust issues, the order is almost entirely hot air. The EO is like others in that it is limited to what a president can peremptorily force federal agencies to do — and that really isn’t very much, practically speaking. This one “directs Federal agencies...
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Joe White MBE appointed new UK Consul-General in SF, with new Technology Envoy role

Joe White MBE — a general partner of Entrepreneur First, a Greylock-backed early-stage deep tech fund — is leaving after being appointed as Her Majesty’s Consul-General, San Francisco, and Technology Envoy to the United States in a new, combined and powerful, role for the U.K. government. One of the key figures from the last two decades of the tech industry in the U.K., most recently White has been co-chair of GBx, a curated network of British entrepreneurs; a non-executive director for the U.K....
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YouTube to Warn Users About to Post Potentially Offensive Comments

YouTube released features to make its comments section less toxic and provided details on an upcoming voluntary survey that will help it determine which communities creators belong to and ensure that those creators and communities are being treated fairly by its systems. The Google-owned video site will test a new filter in YouTube Studio for...
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RentSyst – Upgrade Business with Cloud Car Rental Software

What do you need to successfully run your car rental business? We’ve surfed the web and found quite a bunch of recommendations, starting from improving online presence and ending with building a brand. Well, we don’t mind improving and building, but will it really help if your business workflow leaves a lot to be desired? You can spend a fortune on creating a super-cool website and have specially trained people glued to social media, but what use is it if you cannot assign your vehicles correctl...
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Google Researcher Says She Was Fired Over Paper Highlighting Bias in A.I

Timnit Gebru, one of the few Black women in her field, had voiced exasperation over the company’s response to efforts to increase...
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Google Set To Win EU Approval For Fitbit Takeover Next Week

According to Bloomberg, Google is set to win conditional European Union approval for its $2.1 billion takeover of Fitbit this month. From the report: The deal could be approved as soon as next week after national competition authorities give their opinion, said the people who asked not to be named because the procedure isn't public. The EU usually consults the so-called advisory committee on mergers days before it issues approval. Google announced its plans to buy Fitbit in November 2019, noting...
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US Broadband Speeds Jumped 90% In 2020. But No, It Had Nothing To Do With Net Neutrality.

An anonymous reader shares a report from Techdirt: Last last week, a report out of the UK topped the trending news items at Hacker News. The report found that U.S. broadband speeds -- historically the poster child for mediocrity -- jumped roughly 90% during the COVID-19 lockdowns. The improvements weren't consistent geographically, and the report was quick to note that by and large, the U.S. remains relatively mediocre when it comes to broadband speeds (in large part due to limited competition):...
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Gift Guide: Games on every platform to get you through the long, COVID winter

Welcome to TechCrunch’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide! Need help with gift ideas? We’re here to help! We’ll be rolling out gift guides from now through the end of December. You can find our other guides right here. It’s a great time to be a gamer — I mean, what else is there to do? And with the prospect of a long winter and lonely holiday season ahead of us, here’s a list of games on all the major platforms that you can really sink your teeth — and a few dozen hours — into. Buying for a gamer and have...
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Drone Footage Shows the Shocking Collapse of the Arecibo Observatory

Iwastheone shares a report from The Verge: Today, the National Science Foundation (NSF) released shocking footage of the collapse of the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. The video, captured on December 1st, shows the moment when support cables snapped, causing the massive 900-ton structure suspended above Arecibo to fall onto the observatory's iconic 1,000-foot-wide dish. The videos of the collapse were captured by a camera located in Arecibo's Operations Control Center, as well as from a d...
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‘Earth at Night in Color’ Exclusive Clip: “Refuge in the Darkness” Shows Brown Bears After Dark

Earth at Night in Color is not your average nature docuseries. The new Apple TV+ show uses special cameras and a unique editing process to capture crystal-clear footage of animals at night. Normally when shows want to do this sort of thing they rely on night vision, but the Earth at Night in Color process has bright, clear footage that would be pitch-black in other circumstances. Below, check out an Earth at Night in Color exclusive clip featuring some brown bears waking up for the evening. ...
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Family Sharing for App Store Subscriptions Now Available

iPhone and iPad users who share apps with their families through Apple's Family Sharing feature can now share subscription apps as well. In the App Store settings under "Subscriptions," there's a "Share New Subscriptions" setting that appears to be enabled automatically, allowing subscription apps to be shared among family members. The new option is available on the current release version of iOS, iOS 14.2. Apple announced subscription sharing options as part of iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and macOS ...
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Warner Bros. movies are coming to HBO Max

Hi! Welcome to the Insider Advertising daily for December 4. I'm Lauren Johnson, a senior advertising reporter at Business Insider. Subscribe here to get this newsletter in your inbox every weekday. Send me feedback or tips at [email protected]'s news: Warner Bros. deals a blow to movie theaters, the hottest adtech companies of 2020, and how Ben Thompson built email newsletter Stratechery. Warner Bros. In a major blow to US theaters, Warner Bros. announces that all o...
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US Used Patriot Act To Gather Logs of Website Visitors

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The New York Times: The government has interpreted a high-profile provision of the Patriot Act as empowering F.B.I. national security investigators to collect logs showing who has visited particular web pages, documents show. But the government stops short of using that law to collect the keywords people submit to internet search engines because it considers such terms to be content that requires a warrant to gather, according to letters produced by the O...
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Google Maps' new “Community Feed” is like a social network for food

There's also a new bookmarks tab and a new Street View capture mode.
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Hands-On With Apple's New MagSafe Duo Charger for iPhone 12 and Apple Watch

Apple on Tuesday finally released the MagSafe Duo Charger, which is a $129 charger that combines an iPhone 12 MagSafe charger with an Apple Watch charging puck. Subscribe to the MacRumors YouTube channel for more videos. We picked up one of the new ‌MagSafe‌ Duo chargers to see if it's worth Apple's super high asking price. Apple first introduced the ‌MagSafe‌ Duo alongside the new ‌iPhone 12‌ models in October, but until its surprise release on Tuesday, there was no word on when it wou...
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