How to play Google Stadia on your phone, computer, or TV

There are several ways to play Google Stadia. Crystal Cox/Photographer You can play Stadia on an Android phone, a computer with Google Chrome, or a TV with a Chromecast Ultra installed. To play Stadia on your mobile device, you'll need to install the Stadia app, which is free to download. Stadia can be played directly from your Chrome browser on a computer, no installation required. Mobile devices and computers support a variety of controllers, but to play Stadia on a TV with a Chromecast ...
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Battery Prices Have Fallen 88 Percent Over the Last Decade

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: The average cost of a lithium-ion battery pack fell to $137 per kWh in 2020, according to a new industry survey from BloombergNEF. That's an inflation-adjusted decline of 13 percent since 2019. The latest figures continue the astonishing progress in battery technology over the last decade, with pack prices declining 88 percent since 2010. Large, affordable batteries will be essential to weaning the global economy off fossil fuels. Lithium-io...
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What is Etsy? Everything you need to know before buying or selling on the handmade and vintage e-commerce platform for independent creators

Etsy offers independent business owners interested in crafting and vintage collections an online marketplace. Ekaterina Rabchanyuk/Getty Images Etsy is an online marketplace where independent crafters, artists, and collectors can sell vintage, handmade, or custom-made jewelry, clothing, home décor, art, toys, and more.  Etsy offers a wide variety of shipping options and accepts various payment methods, including credit and debit cards, Etsy gift cards, Apple or Google Pay.  Etsy competes w...
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Tech Giants Will Block Kazakhstan's Web Surveillance Efforts Again

Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla have teamed up to block the Kazakhstan government's attempts to force its citizens to install a "national security certificate" on every internet-capable device in the country. "That government-issued root certificate would allow authorities to keep tabs on people's online traffic, essentially becoming a back door to access citizens' data," reports Engadget. From the report: In its announcement, Mozilla said it was recently informed that ISPs in Kazakhstan ha...
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5 ways to fix Wi-Fi authentication problems on an Android when your device won't connect to the internet

There are several ways you can troubleshoot an Android device that's experiencing Wi-Fi authentication issues. Crystal Cox/Business Insider A quick fix to Wi-Fi authentication problems on Android is to toggle airplane mode on and off, or "forget" the Wi-Fi network and reconnect to it.  You might sometimes encounter an authentication error while trying to connect to Wi-Fi with your Android device even if it's a network you have used before and your password is correct.  Here are the mos...
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How much is BritBox? A cost breakdown for the British streaming service

A BritBox subscription gives you access to a wide range of British entertainment. Robin Gentry / EyeEm/Getty Images BritBox's monthly subscription is £5.99 in the UK and $6.99 in the US. BritBox is a streaming service that hosts many of the UK's most popular shows. If you have an Apple TV or Amazon Prime account, you can add BritBox on those apps. Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. BritBox is British TV's answer to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. A ...
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How to watch Chadwick Boseman's final role in 'Ma Rainey's Black Bottom' on Netflix

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. David Lee/Netflix "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" debuted on Netflix on December 18 after a short run in theaters.The film features Chadwick Boseman's final performance; the actor, best known for his role in "Black Panther," died of colon cancer on August 28."Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" also stars Oscar winner Viola Davis in the titular role, with Denzel Washington producing.Netflix starts at $9 per month...
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How to Turn Off 5G to Save Your iPhone 12 Battery

The entire iPhone 12 lineup is capable of connecting to lightning fast 5G networks, which is great news for when those networks are actually lightning fast. But tapping into those gigabit speeds requires a sacrifice: battery life. But Apple baked a Smart Data Mode setting into new iPhones to give you more control over…Read more...
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Apparently Microsoft Wants to Design Its Own ARM Chips

Seems like Microsoft isn’t going to sit back and let Apple take all the glory with its new M1 processor. According to The Verge (via Bloomberg News), Microsoft is reportedly designing its own ARM processor for its Azure cloud servers and possibly even a future Surface device.Read more...
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Comparison: AirPods Max vs Sony XM4, Sennheiser Momentum and Bose NC 700

At $550, the AirPods Max are quite a bit more expensive than noise cancelling headphones from other companies like Sony and Bose, many of which are highly rated. In our latest YouTube video, we compared the ‌AirPods Max‌ to the Sony WH-1000XM4s, the Bose NC Headphones 700, and the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless to see if they're worth the premium price tag. Subscribe to the MacRumors YouTube channel for more videos. All three of the competing headphones are available at $350 retail, but of...
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Extra Crunch roundup: ‘Nightmare’ security breach, Poshmark’s IPO, crypto boom, more

The rest of the world may be slowing down as we prepare for Christmas and the new year, but we are not taking our foot off the gas. Alex Wilhelm keeps a close watch on the public markets in his column The Exchange, but this week, he branched out to look at some of the metrics underpinning soaring cryptocurrency prices and turned his gaze on StockX, the consumer reseller marketplace that just raised $275 million in a Series E that values the company at approximately $2.8 billion. “Selling a tenth...
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DOJ Case Against Google Likely Won't Go To Trial Until Late 2023, Judge Says

The Justice Department's antitrust lawsuit against Google likely won't go to trial until late 2023, Judge Amit Mehta said at a status hearing on Friday. Both parties agreed that seemed like a likely timeline and the judge set September 12, 2023, as a tentative date to start the trial. CNBC reports: The proposed timeline shows just how long Google (and likely Facebook) will be fighting antitrust challenges from the U.S. government. Google now faces three lawsuits from different groups of states a...
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Microsoft: 2021 Is the Year Passwords Die

Usama Jawad writes via Neowin: has been a proponent of passwordless technology for quite some time, saying that it wants traditional and unsafe passwords to die. To that end, it has invested in various solutions over the past few years such as Windows Hello, Microsoft Authenticator, FIDO2 security keys, and a palm vein authentication system, among other things. Now, the company has highlighted the strides it made to kill off passwords in 2020, and has stated that it plans to make them a thing of...
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YouTube Email Alerts - Monitor Videos around your favorite Topics

The Google Alerts service makes it easy for you to monitor brand mentions and your favorite topics on the Internet. Just specify one or more keywords and Google will send an email notification when new web pages matching your search keywords are found on the web.The YouTube Email Alerts service is similar to Google Alerts but instead of scanning the whole worldwide web, it limits the searches to videos uploaded on the YouTube website. It then sends automatic email notifications when new videos a...
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FDA authorizes Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine, as expected after an independent panel commissioned by the administration recommended its approval earlier this week. This is the second vaccine now authorized for use in the U.S. under EUA, after the Pfizer -BioNTech vaccine was approved last week. Moderna’s vaccine could begin being administered to Americans by “Monday or Tuesday” next week, according to Dr. Anthony Fau...
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Facebook Hits Back at Apple With Second Critical Newspaper Ad (slashdot)

Facebook is stepping up its campaign against Apple's privacy changes with a second full-page newspaper ad today. This new ad claims Apple's iOS 14 privacy changes "will change the internet as we know it," and force websites and blogs "to start charging you subscription fees" or add in-app purchases due to a lack of personalized ads. From a report: It follows a similar full-page newspaper ad in the The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and the Washington Post yesterday. Apple is planning to ma...
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Google is offering it’s US employees weekly COVID-19 tests for free

The offer crashed Google’s internal website.
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Report: Google offers employees free weekly COVID-19 testing

It was so popular, Google's internal sign-up site crashed.
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Apple's Fitness+ is an engaging service for Apple users, but you should try before you buy

Apple's Fitness+ workout service is finally streaming. It's $9.99 per month (or $79.99 a year) for up to five family members, though you can take advantage of a free month trial. I spent a week testing to see how Fitness+ stacks up to other workout services.
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A TPM Union Is Born

It started with some whispers of solidarity among the editorial staff, the rapid-succession hiring of a few fresh faces to several junior positions — one of whom (me, Summer) had gone through a vicious round of layoffs at her old newsroom shortly after the 2016 presidential election — and a spreadsheet started by a few on the editorial team who were on board with turning TPM into a union shop. The broad movement within the digital media industry was sparked five years ago when Gawker Media or...
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Daily Crunch: Amy Klobuchar discusses Amazon Halo concerns

We interview the senior senator from Minnesota about fitness trackers, Sony pulls “Cyberpunk 2077” from the PlayStation Store and Indian delivery startup Zomato raises a massive round. This is your Daily Crunch for December 18, 2020. The big story: Amy Klobuchar discusses Amazon Halo concerns Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar recently wrote an open letter to Alex Azar of the Department of Health and Human Services, in which she discussed Amazon’s Halo fitness tracker and expressed concern th...
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Fujifilm and IBM Set World Record With 580TB Magnetic Tapes

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Mark Lantz, Manager of Advanced Tape Technologies at IBM Research, explains how researchers at IBM and Fujifilm brought together more than 15 years of work to set a new world record in tape storage. What they achieved is an areal density of 317Gbpsi (gigabits per square inch), which translates to a single tape capable of storing 580 terabytes of data. In order to achieve such a high areal density, the research team had to develop a brand new ta...
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Online learning is growing faster than ever - we compared 4 of the top platforms to help you decide which one makes sense for you

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Alyssa Powell/Business Insider The rise of online learning platforms is democratizing education by allowing people to learn pretty much anything from home. However, there are countless types of online classes and platforms to choose from, which can be overwhelming.To make it easier, we compared and broke down the differences between four of the most popular online learning platforms: Udemy, LinkedI...
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The DOJ's Antitrust Suit Against Google Is Probably On Hold Until 2023

We finally have an idea of when the DOJ’s antitrust suit against Google will actually head to trial, and it’s... going to be a bit of a wait. Read more...
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Apple Closing Los Angeles Stores as Virus Cases Rise in Southern California

Apple is temporarily closing its retail locations in the Los Angeles area due to a rising number of COVID-19 cases in Southern California, reports Bloomberg. This is the first time in several months that stores in Los Angeles have been closed. Apple has several major retail locations in the area, including stores at The Grove and Beverly Center shopping centers. Two stores in Los Angeles are closed today, and 11 additional stores are closing on Saturday. There is no word on when the stores wi...
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Apple Temporarily Closes All California Stores as Virus Cases Rise [Updated]

Apple is temporarily closing its retail locations in the Los Angeles area due to a rising number of COVID-19 cases in Southern California, reports Bloomberg. Update - Dec. 19: Apple has extended the closures to all stores in California indefinitely. This is the first time in several months that stores in Los Angeles have been closed. Apple has several major retail locations in the area, including stores at The Grove and Beverly Center shopping centers. Two stores in Los Angeles are closed tod...
Tags: Apple, California, Los Angeles, Apple Store, Apple Retail, Southern California, San Francisco Bay Area, The Grove, Beverly Center, COVID, COVID-19 Coronavirus, Apple Temporarily Closes All California Stores, Bloomberg Update

Orbital refueling and manufacturing go from theory to reality in 2021

The idea of satellites and other spacecraft being able to refuel, repair, or even add new capabilities while in orbit has generally seemed like a “nice in theory” one, but as leaders from Maxar, Astroscale, and Orbit Fab explained at TC Sessions: Space, 2021 will be the year that theory becomes reality — or at the very least, realistic. Once they go up, satellites are generally considered fixed assets that only depreciate, become obsolete, or reach the end of their fuel supply and inevitably ...
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Animated timeline shows how Silicon Valley became a $2.8 trillion neighborhood

Silicon Valley is a name that is synonymous with the technology industry, but when and how did this small area of California become the center of the tech world?   The area's transformation happened gradually, over a period of more than 100 years. Here's how. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Silicon Valley is an almost $3 trillion neighborhood thanks to companies like Apple, Google, and Tesla. But it wasn't always this way.In the late 1800s, San Francisco's port helped make...
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Gift Guide: Our favorite headphones of 2020

Welcome to TechCrunch’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide! Need help with gift ideas? We’re here to help! We’ll be rolling out gift guides from now through the end of December. You can find our other guides right here. Headphones! They make a pretty solid gift any year, but they’re an even better option when so many of us are stuck at home. It’s hard to think (much less get anything done) when the background track of your life is a cacophony of conference calls and Zoom school. We spent a lot of time with...
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